Deodorant Remover Reviews & How To Make Your Own

by Taylor

Have you ever heard of a deodorant remover? Basically, these products are a way to remove the excess antiperspirant or deodorant residue that you accidentally got on some of your clothes.

This can, of course, happen either while you're putting the product on, or it could rub off onto your clothing if you put your clothes on too soon, and it hasn't yet completely dried or soaked in yet.

No matter though, these embarrassing white marks and spots, especially on dark clothing, can ruin an otherwise beautiful outfits look and feel.

If you see the stain soon after it happens, and before you head out the door chances are you can remove it relatively easily, using a deodorant stain remover, such as the ones shown below.

Basically, these products remove the residue and marks by rubbing off the deodorant, and they've got some great ones for sale. Plus, I've also collected videos and tips below for how you can make your own version if you'd prefer.

Please note that if you've let the antiperspirant sit for too long on your clothing you've got a whole different problem, since it may have caused a stain which is harder to get out. That's when you need to learn more about removing deodorant stains, such as from the article I've written on this topic.

If you've used any of these products (or made your own) I'd love for you to share your own reviews, experiences and tips with me about them, so I can add them to this page. You can share your deodorant removal tips here, or read even more ideas and tips that have already been submitted.

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Use Gal Pal To Remove Deodorant Stains From Clothing

Gal Pal Deodorant Remover

Gal Pal Deodorant Remover

Gal Pal Garment Deodorant Remover is a product that can be used to remove deodorant stains from your clothing.

Basically, it is a rubber foam pad which is used to wipe the deodorant off your clothing before you leave the house with those embarrassing deodorant marks on your outfit.

You can use it dry or slightly damp. ***UPDATE - I used to think Gal Pal was the only one of these pads on the market, but now I have found out they have some competitors. Below are listed both the original Gal Pal deodorant remover and also similar products from other companies.***

You can see a demonstration of the Gal Pal product in this video clip below, where it was featured on Martha Stewart's show.

Have you used Gal Pal, or one of its competitors products successfully? If so, make sure you share your review with me here, so I can add it to the page.

One reader, Tania, wrote in with her experience with Gal Pal. She said:
I've been using Gal Pal for quite some time and have loved it. In fact, I just took it on a work trip to the tropics and both my roomie and I used it. If you catch the stain quickly you should be able to use it dry, otherwise dampen it slightly and watch the magic happen. I would say it feels like a synthetic sponge. I need to order some more of these!

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A Used Fabric Softener Sheet Wipes These Marks Away

by Sally
(Maryland )

unusual uses for dryer sheets

Sally says:

Just rub a used fabric softener sheet on a fresh deodorant stain to wipe it away.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for the tip Sally!

I've actually received this one a couple times now, which means I feel pretty confident it does actually work.

You can check out even more dryer sheet uses here (and the page even has a video on it which shows this particular tip in action!).

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Get Out Deodorant Stains With Panty Hose And Water

I understand some of you may not want to buy a product to remove deodorant stains, but instead to make your own deodorant remover.

Therefore, the next couple of videos will give you some ideas and tips for how to use common items around your home to use for this purpose.

This first one shows how to do it using panty hose and water (which is optional). You can just use the hosiery, with nothing else, for removal of these marks.

I've also had a reader submit a similar tip to what is above in the video. Kathy said:
A nylon knee high takes it right off! I keep one on my vanity drawer specifically for that purpose!
See below for yet another video giving another idea you can use.

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Quick Deodorant Stain Removal Tip From Clothing

Deodorant stains can be difficult to remove if not detected quickly, because the deodorant's chemicals can start to interact with the dyes in the fabric and change the colors.

However, if you realize that you got it on your clothes quickly it doesn't have to be difficult to remove it.

Sometimes you need to wear those clothes right away too, so the tip below can get those marks off quickly without even having to launder the garment.

Watch the video to learn how to make your own remover using the foam covering on the wire hangers from the dry cleaner.

***Update: In addition to all these common household items that can rub these marks off your clothes, we can also add yet another one now. I've now added a video to the site showing how to use a dryer sheet to remove these marks from clothes. ***End Update

deodorant containers
Remember, if you've either used a product or made your own to help you remove deodorant residue or marks, make sure to tell me about it here, so I can add it to the page.

In addition, if these marks don't seem to just rub away you might have to get a bit more serious about them. In that case check out the article on how to remove deodorant stains from clothes.

Photo by Michael_Lehet

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Comments for Quick Deodorant Stain Removal Tip From Clothing

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baby wipes
by: Patty

I have tried using baby wipes. They work amazing.

Rub the material against itself
by: Anonymous

Simply grab a handful of the material from your shirt and rub it against the mark. It comes out instantly. No need for buying any remover, unless it has sat there all day and stained it. Hasn't happened to me yet.

baby wipes
by: Jennifer

Baby wipes work.

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