Baby Wipes Clean Everything!

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"Baby wipes clean everything!"

That's what a reader, Pam, said to me a while back, and I thought, huh, is that true? Well, she herself gave me a lot of examples, and then I became intrigued.

Over time more and more readers shared with me how they use these versatile and cheap cleaning products, explaining how despite not having babies anymore they still regularly buy these wipes by the case!

So over time I began to collect all these uses that readers told me about, and now as you can see I've got over 20 listed.

It seems only right to start with the uses Pam told me about, since she started this whole idea in my mind, and then scroll down to see even more ideas you can use beginning today. I feel confident that there will be at least one you hadn't thought about before!

Pam's Baby Wipe Uses:

1. Clean spit up off the carpet.

2. Keep a box in the car for faces, hands, spots on clothes, wipe the dash while waiting for kids.

3. Keep handy for messy projects, finger paint, glue drips.

4. Noses......

5. Quick wipes of the high chair, wipe down the bib.

6. Dog's butt.

7. Add to lunch boxes for before and after clean up.

8. In the bathroom for personal care, and for little sprinkles.

Baby Wipes {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing all these uses for baby wipes Pam.

I would love for even more people to tell me how they uses these versatile products. You can share your uses here, or read others that I have already gathered from other readers throughout the site below.

20+ uses for baby wipes for #cleaning and more around your home {on Stain Removal 101} #CleaningTips #CleaningHacksuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Use As Makeup Remover Wipes: Cheaper & Work Just As Well

Cher says:

I use them to take off my make up when I'm lazy. They are much cheaper then face wipes and work just as well. Got the tip from a make up artist!

Courtney B. says:

Instead of spending extra on make up wipes, just use baby wipes!! Takes all of your make up right off!!

Mascara, eyeliner, foundation/powder, etc. I hope this tip becomes useful to everyone if you don't already know lol.

Brigette says:

I use baby wipes on a daily basis. One thing I use them for is make up removal, especially mascara. Works like a charm and much cheaper than the wipes made for make up removal!

Tracey says:

Cheaper and work just as well if not better then cosmetic wipes.

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Clean Leather With Baby Wipes

Cathy says:

I use them for cleaning my leather sofa and chairs.

Teeka says:

I use them to clean my white leather lounge. I have found they work better then most actual leather cleaners.

Leather cleaner and stain remover reviews

Charlotte says:

I use them to clean our leather couch and recliner. Just wipe them down!

Taylor says:

This suggestion is a tried and true one! Even Martha Stewart suggests it for cleaning leather (as you can see at the video on this site at the link).

Get more leather cleaning and stain removal tips here.

leather stain removal and cleaning tips

Photo courtesy of Jim Larrison

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Cleaning & Dusting Your Baseboards

Sharon says:

I use them to clean edges of baseboards, especially in the bathroom!

Also, although I no longer have small kids around all the time, I keep them in my car AND made a point of putting some in my son's 18-wheeler. At first, he thought I was just being-"silly mom", but now he makes sure he keeps plenty with him.

Nicole says:

I use them to dust furniture and baseboards.

Taylor says:

Get more tips for how to clean baseboards here.

How to clean baseboards

Photo courtesy of gemteck1

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Clean Up All The Parts Of Your Bathroom With Ease

Michelle says:

I use them to clean the bathroom, including the counters and sink. Works great.

Jennie says:

I wipe the bathroom floors and toilet while the kids are taking a bath.

Leigh says:

I clean the shower glass with baby wipes.

Staci says:

I clean the toilet seats with them!

Get more tips for cleaning the bathroom here.

tips for cleaning the bathroom

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Wipe Down Fast Food & Other Restaurant Tables

Colleen says:

Wipe down fast food tables where your toddler is almost guaranteed to dump their French fries.

Loretta says:

I keep them in my purse for whatever we need. I am thankful to have them when we eat out.

There is always something sticky on a table. So it's nice to have something to immediately wipe it off.

Photo courtesy of cdsessums

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Clean Off Your Dashboard, Steering Wheel, Cup Holders & More In Car Interior

Dee says:

I clean the dashboard in my car and the interior.

Colleen says:

I wipe the dash board, cup holders, and leather seats down when I'm stuck in traffic.

Wendy says:

I also use them for the grimy stuff on the steering wheel. You don't realize how nasty it is until you use a baby wipe on it. Lol.

Carolyn says:

If you are stuck in your car waiting- they are great for wiping the dash down and cleaning out the console and cup holders!

Emilie says:

I use baby wipes to wipe down the dash, radio, steering wheel, around the cup holders. Sometimes even just while sitting at a stop light.

Mary Ann says:

I clean the upholstery in my van with them. They are great at getting the arm rest!

Car upholstery cleaning and stain removal tips

Photo courtesy of Bryn Pinzgauer

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Removing Fresh Spills And Stains From Clothes, Upholstery And Carpet

Bernadette says:

I use them to remove fresh stains from clothes, upholstery and carpet.

Valerie says:

Use them for cleaning food spots off clothes when in the car.

Sarah says:

They get spots out of the carpet when the kids drop food, etc.

Colleen says:

I use them to spot clean carpet.

Most recently, the other night when my 8 year old woke me in the middle of the night to let me know she was sick.

She was so sad that she didn't get to the bathroom in time. Baby wipes to the rescue!

And the are gentle enough to not bleach the carpet.

Michelle says:

If you clean up spills with them they will keep your carpet from staining.

A to Z stain removal guide

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Wiping Off Shoes That Are Muddy Or Dirty

Deneene says:

I clean my sneakers with them.

Cyndi says:

I never stopped buying them and my youngest is 16. I use them for a quick wipe down on my shoes.

Lee Anne says:

Cleaning football/rugby boots.

Niamh says:

Great for cleaning trainers and football boots!

Dallas4lyfe says:

Clean scuff marks and general dirt off of leather tennis shoes. Makes my white tennis shoes look like new and leaves no marks on the shoes.

SR101 Reader says:

I use baby wipes to clean sneakers. They get the white parts really white!

Taylor says:

You can get more tips for cleaning shoes.

tips for cleaning shoes

Photo courtesy of stevendepolo

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Wipe Off Grimy Surfaces You Encounter In Public

Shelley says:

I use them to wipe off my grocery cart, and debit card machine.

I always have them in my truck, car and purse cause you just never know when you'll need one!

Mia says:

I put a little bleach in them and carry on vacations to clean nasty bathrooms for the kids.

Photo courtesy of JeepersMedia

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Cleaning Walls Of General Grime & Drawings

Jessica says:

Good for cleaning the walls that just have built up grime on them or when moving into a house to wipe down as you don't know what the last person has put on the walls.

Jennifer says:

Takes off pencil and crayon on walls.

Eva-Ley says:

Ballpoint pen marks on walls disappear with a little help from baby wipes!

Taylor says:

You can get more tips for cleaning walls here.

tips for cleaning walls

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Wipe Away Deodorant, Make Up & Spray Tanner From Clothes

by Amber

I used to work at a high end clothing store. Sensitive unscented baby wipes were the only thing we were ever allowed to use on the clothing.

We were able to remove all sorts of things with just a baby wipe including make up, deodorant, spray on tanner, etc.

We sold a lot of black clothes and pleather but baby wipes didn't damage the color nor aggravate our high profile client's skin. Win-win!

Taylor says:

You can get even more ideas for ways to remove deodorant marks from clothes here.

Deodorant remover ideas {products and DIY methods}

Photo courtesy of Bev Sykes

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Clean Dirty CDs And DVDs

Samantha says:

We use the baby wipes to clean the fingerprints from our 3 year old son off the DVDs and CDs.

It also helps to clean the dust from them from sitting before being listened to or watched.

Photo courtesy of john_a_ward, from Flickr CC

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Clean Your Hands In A Pinch When Running Water Not Around

Catherine says:

I keep them in my drawer at work. They are great just to clean my hands.

Becky says:

I keep them in the car for cleaning my hands after thrift store shopping. Better than ordinary wipes and cheaper!

Photo courtesy of Håkan Dahlström

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Wipe Off Dog Paws After They've Been Outdoors

Bev says:

They sit by my backdoor and I wipe my dogs' paws when they come in after a yucky muddy day.

Mud stain removal guide

Photo courtesy of RyanCarr

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Clean Old Marks From Dry Erase Boards

Rebecca says:

They are great for cleaning dry erase boards, like when the marker gets a little too dried on!

Photo courtesy of Sadie Hernandez

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Mop And Spot Clean Hard Floors

Michele says:

I mop my floor with them!

SR101 Reader says:

I wipe up drips and small spills from while I'm cooking or someone's eating something on our kitchen floor with them. That way I don't have to mop quite as often!

Photo courtesy of michale

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Wipe Noses When A Tissue Is Just Too Harsh

Yvonne says:

Wipe noses when they are sore.

Photo courtesy of

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Wipe Up Drips & Messes When Painting While Paint Still Wet

Karen says:

When we were painting the interior of our almost ready new house we still did not have water so for clean up and little goofs we used baby wipes, as that was all we had. Worked wonderfully. Have them on hand for minor clean-ups now always.

Denise says:

I use them when I'm painting to wipe away drips on carpet, hardwood, and trim.

paint stain removal tips

Photo courtesy of Robert S. Donovan, from Flickr CC

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Use To Apply Temporary Tattoos

Maricela says:

My 5yo son uses them to put on his tattoos.

Photo courtesy of Tim Pierce

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I Use Baby Wipes For Emergency Clean-Ups In Car & On The Go

by Dannette

Dannette says:

I carry baby wipes in my car and toiletry bag in a ziplock bag for emergency clean-ups.

I add a little warm water when I place them in the bag and they actually stay wet enough to use.

Keeping water bottles in the car can also help to moisten them if they are dry.

You don't have to throw them away if you just add a little water when you need them.

Baby Wipes {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks Dannette for these tips.

So, how do you use baby wipes for less-obvious uses. You can share your own uses here and I'll add the best ones to the site.

10+ alternate uses for baby wipes around your home

In addition, you can check out even more cleaning tips and tricks here for all over your home.

100's of cleaning tips, from A to Z

Photo courtesy of mitchell3417

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Comments for I Use Baby Wipes For Emergency Clean-Ups In Car & On The Go

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use for everything
by: Kathy

I use them for everything... in the toilet, dusting furniture, cleaning the toilets, wiping the vanities, wiping up spills on the tiles, grimy faces/hands, cleaning the car, everything! They are fantastic!!!

flushable wipes for dog accidents
by: Bonnie

I keep flushable wipes handy for the dogs. Any accidents not only get cleaned up but the whole package can be flushed away.

in garden
by: Jo

I use them when I am working in the garden.

can't live without them
by: Marybeth

I always make sure we have two tubs in the house full, plus I carry them in my bag when we go someplace, and my kid is 6!!! Cant live without baby wipes.

I keep several tubs too
by: Marie

I always keep several tubs too. Two in my house for quick clean ups and always one in my car for us and cleaning the console/dash. They even get out chocolate from clothes!

generic or store brand work just as well!
by: Amanda

Love, love, love baby wipes!! I use them to dust, remove make up, clean up hands (when a sink and soap isn't near by), clean up small spills, etc.. I use the Parents Choice ones from Wal Mart. They're inexpensive and work a lot better than some of the name brand baby wipes.

leather sofas
by: Stephanie

Cleaning leather sofas.

no kids in diapers, still buy them
by: Melissa

My kids have been out of diapers for almost over 6 years.... I still buy them in bulk at Costco.

dirty dog butt
by: Carolyn

To clean the dog's bottom! No dirty dog butt in my house!!

lots and lots of uses
by: Christine

Make-up removal, quick underarm refresher, holding the gas pump and wiping gas spills, wiping doggie paws and bum, wiping soles of shoes, wiping hands when putting on make-up, cleaning sliding window/door tracks, wiping off the bird and hummingbird feeders, wiping hairs and spots off bathroom floor between cleaning, cleaning car cup holders and those bits on the dashboard, wiping out the reusable grocery bags, wiping hands after shopping, wiping kids face and hands when picking up from school, less irritating than Cottonelle for the bum but not flushable, and 100 more! How did I live without these? I buy a nice white container then replace them with Costco Kirkland wipes which are much nicer.

chalk hair color
by: Jennifer

They are great at getting chalk hair color out of kids' hair.

buy generics, use in Huggies containers
by: Kayla

I like Target's brand Up & Up unscented baby wipes. They are really good for the money. I use them to wash my face and for a lot of cleaning and dusting. I like using Huggies containers to store them in (of course use the Huggies wipes up, too). I keep waiting for them to come out with new containers that will fit better with my decor. I don't need any with Winnie-the-Pooh!

craft room cleaning tasks
by: Sam

I use them in the craft room for cleaning stamps, wiping down my craft mat, good for wiping off that bit of paint off a painting that didn't quite work out right, also a handy tool with resist techniques.

by: Cheryl

Use them at my hospital to clean computers, lab equipment,...

many things
by: Sherri

I clean sinks, tables, chairs, counters, glasses, ipad, hands, trays, spills on the floor.....many things.

fix painting mistakes
by: Rebecca

I used them to fix painting mistakes on the woodwork.

use when caulking
by: Dan

I use them when caulking to make my bead prettier or clean up any mess.

couple uses
by: Kristen

I discovered they can be used to remove permanent marker from skin, and gum from wood floors.

crayon from jeans
by: Mary

They removed crayon from brand new jeans! Like it was never even there!

where I keep them
by: Roy

Keep some in the garage workspace, motorcycle side pockets, and with camping equipment.

cleaning up spills and spot cleaning floors
by: Samantha

You can also use baby wipes to clean up small spills that haven't been cleaned up and have dried. Or for spot cleaning on a hardwood or laminate floor.

Cleaning glass
by: Anonymous

They work wonders on cleaning glasses. Found that out after all kinds of baby food was sneezed on them.

School uses
by: Anonymous

I use then in the classroom for washing hands when bathrooms are scarce. Instant cleaning available for busy teachers and kids. Teacher desk, shelves, and any surface that is a germ hot spot, do not forget the door knobs.

Use in the bathroom
by: Ann

I keep a tub in both bathrooms in my house. Not just for babies. I use them to clean my own self after I use the restroom!

On the plane
by: Debbie

I use wipes when I'm on the plane to clean the drop down tray.

Clean purse linings
by: Jess

Baby wipes are amazing for cleaning out handbags. They remove the water marks common on the sateen lining in coach bags.

Crayons marks
by: Anonymous

I used them to clean up crayon from wallpaper.

Art and craft, cleaning furniture, cleaning smart phone
by: Nat

Great for cleaning up art and craft projects. I made a handprint-on-canvas for the grandparents for Christmas. The first few goes were very messy, wiped the paint off and started again.

Good for cleaning dust and dog hair off fabric couches.

Also great for cleaning my phone after sticky hands have gotten hold of it, or if we've been to the doctor, park or somewhere else. It's guaranteed to get dirty and germy.

Stairs,furniture, counters, chandeliers.....
by: Chrisco

I use them for everything, including my hardwood and painted basement stairs. In two minutes they're dusted and shiny! For light fixtures they are better than water or polish-soaked rags and really clean well. They're the best way to dust/clean your entire house when someone is dropping by! One container, 30 minutes & done!

Great for camping
by: Wych

They are great for face,neck and underarms etc., if you are away camping, or at festivals and there either isn't a shower or its gross!

4-H project
by: Cora

My kids show many different animals in 4-H. Baby wipes work wonders for last minuet spot clean jobs on just about any species. Wipe nostrils, manure spots (ones that you only see of course four minuets before the class), wipe the fine layer of dust that gathers on the animals while waiting for your class. Dog poop left by dog before their class. Works great for a last minuet boot shine, great cleaner for saddles, bridles or halters that have gotten dusty while waiting for your class. Great for wiping off dust on cowboy hats. I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of other things we use them for but this is a start.

School uses
by: Kindergarten teacher

I keep baby wipes next to the Kleenex boxes for hands after blowing noses. Saves the students from always using the sink, especially during cold and flu season.

Helps with lymphedema
by: Anonymous

I use baby wipes with some Apple Cider Vinegar added to them to help keep the folds of skin from my lymphedema clean. I have Lymphedema in my legs and stomach.

Electronic screens
by: Brenda

I like to use them to wipe down the computer screen and the TV screen. I also use them to dust. I clean the babies toys with them too.

Light swtich covers
by: Anonymous

They get the light switch and the cover clean fast. I don't have to worry about moisture getting in the electric works.

Bloody noses
by: Anonymous

My youngest gets a lot of bloody noses. Baby wipes are great at getting blood out of almost anything, especially carpet!

by: Anonymous

Fantastic for festivals for a wet wipe shower and keeping hands clean also for taking off make-up. Never be without them even if you do not have a baby.

Flushable wipes
by: Anonymous

Flush-able aren't flush able. They will clog up the sewer system and septic guys aren't happy with them either. Save yourself a lot of money and just toss them all in the trash.

Hair dye
by: Anonymous

I use them to remove hair dye from face.

Switch plates
by: Anonymous

I use baby wipes to clean the switch plates.

by: Doris

I use them to wipe off the phone, my computer and my desk.

Must carry
by: Graeme Glover

Baby wipes are really needed to carry all the time because you never know when you will need them. It's much better to carry them every time when the baby is with you. I too agree that keeping water bottle in car is also necessary. I am also having the same habit to carry all necessary baby items that may needed while on trips. Well, thanks Dannette for sharing it. God bless you & your baby.

Permanent marker
by: Lorraine

My son is ten and I have used baby wipes for cleaning everything. Him, doorknobs, the wall area around the light switch, the table after meals, the handle on the fridge and cabinets,permanent marker, crayon, pen, pencil on the wall or table etc. Everything!

Hair dye
by: Anonymous

I use them to remove hair dye from face and neck around hairline.

Airports and airplanes
by: Marissa

I bring a package of baby wipes when I travel via planes. Wipe the seats from headrest to arm rest and use in the airplane bathrooms. Always good to bring baby wipes during travels to different countries.

by: Anonymous

They are perfect for cleaning mini blinds! They are the perfect thickness and just the right wetness without being too wet.

In the bathroom
by: Anna

I use baby wipes for personal hygiene when I go to the bathroom. They work better than toilet paper.

And I don't have kids!
by: Patti from Cincinnati

I use them for wiping clean the micro suede sofa, to get spots out of carpeting, clean the headliner of the car when a full can of Diet Coke exploded from high temperatures, remove scuff marks off of my heels, remove makeup, remove labels, clean the console, ect.

Switch plates
by: Sue

In addition to other uses mentioned I use them for cleaning the switch plates.

Feet and face paint
by: Sofia

I also use them to clean dirty feet before I go to bed and to wash face painting, while painting and to wash it all out.

Bathroom cleaning
by: Anonymous

I use them also to clean around the bathroom sink, in and around toilet rim, seat, and lid.

Key boards and telephones
by: Elizabeth George

I use wet wipes to clean the key boards and telephones.

To disinfect
by: Anonymous

For toilet and floor I use disinfectant wipes like Lysol. As long as I'm cleaning I want to sanitize at the same time.

Works Great for Caulk Cleanup and PLEASE DON'T FLUSH!
by: Anonymous

I agree that using them to help clean up caulk on your hands, equipment, walls, etc. works GREAT!

Also, I can't stress enough how important it is not to flush any kind of wipe down the toilet. It wreaks havoc on sanitary sewer systems and septic systems. Just please throw them in the trash (even if it's says they're flushable).

Baby wipes do work!!
by: Natalie

I can testify to this!

A few years ago we had a function at my home. The morning I was busy preparing and someone opened a pack of corn curls and the dust got all over the white table cloth! The problem is, if you try to dust it off, it tends to "stick" to the fabric. I couldn't take off the cloth to wash it with guests arriving soon. I didn't know what to do! Then I thought, let me try baby wipes, the result was totally amazing! No one could tell that the tablecloth was dirty!!

Now I make sure that I always have baby wipes available!

Clean kids hair
by: Nupur

Sometimes when kids are not well and want to avoid shower I give them good cleanup with wet wipe -- their face, neck area, hands and their hair. After that their hair looks like they had shampoo. Brilliant. Other than that very handy when you do house painting. Make up remover, crayon remover, kids dirty hands on wall, any mark on clothes, just use wipes. I can go on and on. They are brilliant. Clean kids feet before going to bed.

Hot Flashes
by: Pam, Ireland

I keep a pack of baby wipes in the fridge for when I get a hot flash! They're very cooling.

Clean rubber stamps
by: Geraldine

Use baby wipes to clean rubber stamps and keep them conditioned. Less expensive than buying rubber stamp cleaner in small bottles.

clean hands after going to gun range
by: Anonymous

I use them to wipe my hands after I've been to the gun range. It helps get off the gun powder from shooting.

toddler seats on supermarket trolleys
by: Izza

Use baby wipes to clean the toddler seats on supermarket trolleys. I think its the least clean part of the trolley.

pine pitch
by: Jackie

Removes pine pitch from cars without damaging the paint.

removing grease
by: Shannon

I use them after working on car, great for removing grease!!

Shoe scuff
by: Esther Bailey

Baby wipes work great to clean off your tennis shoes or other shoes that might have dirt or scuffs on them. I've been using them for years.

spot cleaning a microfiber couch
by: Marimuppet

I have a Micro-fiber sofa, need I say more?! Baby Wipes are THE BEST for spot cleaning! I can't praise them enough. For any really dirty spot, like the arms from greasy hands, I'll saturate the wipe with alcohol and just rub away all the dirt and grease!!

I use them for make-up removal, wiping electronics, my phone, stains on clothing, the list really is endless! I like Aldi's Lullibies- they're cheap too.

Baby wipes takes off marker ink, too.
by: Teacher Janet

I am a teacher and we use markers on our white boards. When erasing the blue/black comes off on your hands. By the time it is the end of the class you now have the blue/black scary hands. The students laugh at me. I use baby wipes to clean my hands, believe it or not they get clean.

The other thing is refilling the markers. What a mess that can be. Baby wipes to the rescue. It will clean up any mess and it is the only thing I have found that will clean your hands of the blue/black marker ink.

I always carry a pack in my bag to classes. You never know what to expect to have to clean up.

Not just for babies!
by: Anonymous

When I had to do the "clean out" for a colonoscopy gentle baby wipes saved me!

bird droppings off car's exterior paint
by: Christina

I attended a car care seminar a few years ago at my dealership. They talked about the way that bird droppings can damage exterior paint. They recommended using baby wipes to remove them because the wipes would not damage the paint or the topcoat. "What's safe for your baby is safe for your 'baby'", lol. I've tried it and it works really well. Saves you the cost of an exterior car wash in a pinch.

Safe for pets
by: Linda Austin

My vet told me baby wipes were safe to use on dogs. I use it on my dog. I also have some in my car for when I don't have a damp rag.

rubber stamps cleaning
by: Anonymous

Clean off ink from rubber stamps

I add additional cleaners to mine
by: Brandy

I use baby wipes for cleaning. I add vinegar, bleach, or Dr. Bronners for general cleaning. I also have one in my work bag, along with my latex gloves and face masks. I bought 2 Huggies designer containers, one for kitchen the other for bathroom, but any liquid cleaner you love just add 1/4-1/2 cup to soak wipes all the way through. Ready to use! Plus I have one for personal use. All containers have are a different color so I don't get confused. I order multi-packs/cases of wipes via Amazon! (affiliate) Deep discounts! I use the unscented ones. HAPPY CLEANING!!!

cleaning shoes
by: Anonymous

They are great for cleaning dirt and mud off your sneakers.

makeup remover
by: Betty Berry

I have used the baby wipes for years for removing makeup.

removed latex paint from hands, plus more
by: Anonymous

I painted my floor with latex paint and this took off all the paint I got all over including my hands. I used Pampers.

When my husband gets oil from the garage on on his hands I give him a wipe. I also use them for dusting and cleaning leather chairs. They are good for a lot of things.

Dog has allergies so I use unscented wipes
by: Sandra

My vet said it was okay to use baby wipes on my dog who has allergies. She frequently develops small, red blister-like spots on her stomach. I use unscented baby wipes to gently wipe her stomach to help with the irritation caused by the spots.

Window Sills
by: RC

I have white vinyl windows. Baby wipes are the best yet for cleaning the window sills and tracks!! Go! Try it now!

Blackberry juice from faces and hands
by: Tania

We went blackberrying in the hedgerows with our nephew and his three littles. The baby wipes remove blackberry juice from hands and faces like magic!

Don't Flush them Down
by: Anonymous

Wipes do a brilliant job but all wipes, including so called flushable wipes, take forever to completely disintegrate and they should never be flushed down the loo. They can block drains, not just house drains but also main drains in cities. They combine with fat, form huge balls and eventually cause complete blockages. They float around the oceans, wash up on beaches and have been found in the stomachs of sea life. So please, think of the environment and DON'T FLUSH THEM DOWN.

Use this for just about anything.
by: Anonymous

Use this for just about anything. I use on carpet stains, bedspreads & comforters, lamp shades, and more.

Most importantly, do not try to swipe...just blot and use paper towels to remove the stain as this blots up the water from baby wipes.

It’s a no brainer; why spend crazy money on products that claim to remove stains.

Ash Wednesday
by: Anonymous

I am a minister, and after applying ashes on Ash Wednesday to parishioners’ foreheads I use baby wipes to clean my hands. In the past had a bowl with warm water, dish soap, and a towel!

Clean your baseboards
by: Anonymous

Just use baby wipes to clean your baseboards! Easy. Can do a whole hallway with 6 or less.

Use them for almost everything!
by: marimuppet

Kirkland are my favorite because they are lint free. They're great for the craft room- cleaning ink off stamps, wiping away glue, paints, markers, dusting off the sewing machines, sticky messes in the kitchen, electronics, make-up, etc. Oh baby too -:) I should have stock in Kirkland.

Let Your Kids Clean With Them!
by: Michelle

I get kids to wipe skirting boards and window sills.

quick pet bath
by: Britt

The fragrance free sensitive ones are great for a quick pet bath.

wipe dog faces and ears
by: Phyllis

I wipe my three cocker spaniels faces and ears with them.

Clean ink from skin
by: Annie

Cleaning biro or texta from a 2yo's skin!

formula spots leaked on carpet
by: Kelsey

I have a baby who unintentionally leaves little milk spots on the carpet (from a leaking bottle). Sometimes, by the time I notice them, they are dried and have already attracted dirt, leaving my carpet black polka dotted! Baby wipes are my lifesaver! Just take a wipe, rub the spot, and VOILA, gone!

clean off wet paint
by: Rebecca

I use them to clean wet paint off the trim when I paint.

Always pack when camping
by: Marla Sells

I never go camping without them. Quick clean up for everything.

Hand Rail
by: Nola M.

I always use them to wipe down the hand railings going up and down the stairs. Surprising how dirty they can get!!!!

remove stickers from stuff
by: Anonymous

I use baby wipes to remove sticky labels off the bottom of shoes and various household objects. Gets the sticky residue off in no time at all without leaving that horrible white stuff behind!

Bug removal
by: Anonymous

We use them to wipe bugs off the windshield and other areas of our vehicles.

Clean stencils
by: Jeri

Wipe stencils of ink or paint right after use - no buildup.

For bathing
by: Mildred

When my son was in Iraq I sent baby wipes in a zip lock bag. He said he used them a lot, especially bathing. Sometimes that was all he had, sand was everywhere.

Beach Cleanup
by: Pat Lavender

We discovered a use by accident while at the beach several years ago. There were tar balls (or sticky oil patches), in the sand. Needless to say, the substance got all over our feet and the kids beach toys. We were trying to figure out what to do when I spied our baby wipes (even though my kids were well past the baby stage). They took the black gunk right off!!

We also use them now to help remove beach sand!

get sticky adhesive glue off skin
by: Cindy

I never stopped buying them. Buy in bulk from Costco or BJs. Here is one nobody said: get sticky adhesive glue off. Any type of patch glue on your skin like from cigarette patches, medical patches, etc. Also not to be gross but just as you use it to clean baby down there, a kid all ages/adult can use for #2, to make sure all is clean. BUT don't flush them. Put in waste basket or you will mess up your cesspool. You should never put any form of wipe in toilet in case you didn't know.

To blow my nose
by: Joyce

When I have to blow my nose I like the wipes because I can get my nose area cleaner, especially when I have a lot of "slime" coming out. It helps out the kids as well, because they tend not know how to properly blow their nose.

Handy Feminine Sanitation
by: Grace Licayan Rojo

Every now and then I have baby wipes in my bag to sanitize myself after urinating and it prevent foul odor all day and you need not to use panty shield anymore that causes irritation. Thank you for the baby wipes.

I always keep them in the bathroom
by: Theresa

I keep a box of the baby wipes beside my bathroom sink to take off my makeup. They do an awesome job and even remove my water-resistant mascara (I don't know if it'd take off water-proof or not, probably not, would be my guess). Sometimes I add my facial cleanser to the little tissue too, works great both ways!

I also use them to clean myself up after nasty bathroom visits on the john. Works as well for an adult as for a baby!

There are so many convenient uses for them in the bathroom that I never let myself run out! They are great for little wipe-downs of the sink and basin, in between the big cleans!

Fan blade cleaner
by: Pamela Carr

Wiping dust off ceiling fans.

Truck Drivers
by: Angela

I know truck drivers who use them for everything from cleaning up when a shower isn't possible (and that's fairly often) to cleaning grease off their hands (works better than soap and water on that sticky grease from the 5th wheel) to cleaning the inside of the truck, to wiping the dog's paws after a muddy walk to just about anything else. They're a necessity for my truck driver.

I also use them for cleaning the bathroom and removing makeup. I use coconut oil first to soften the heaviest mascara and eyeliner, then wipe away with a baby wipe. It's gentler on delicate skin around the eyes and the wipe gets it all off. No raccoon eyes after your shower!

Wipe off Cleansing Cream
by: Mary

I used to use wash cloths to wipe off my makeup after using a cleansing cream. My white cloths just got dingy and would not come clean; I used white cloths so I could bleach them, but they never got white again.

Then it struck me -- why not use baby wipes. Now I can wipe off my cleansing cream and toss away the baby wipe. I can even rinse the wipe, give myself a second cream cleanse and wipe again and then toss. They are perfect for this!

paper craft uses
by: Julie

Cleans clear and wood stamps very well. Also Cricut cutting mats, removes the tiny paper fibers and extends the life of the mat.

Teaching little ones to clean
by: Barbara

I used them with young children to help me clean. They are ready to go and I'd have my littles wipe counters, baseboards, doorknobs, almost any wiping jobs. They are so useful that I still keep them on hand even though my youngest is 14!

Shoes and window sills
by: Anonymous

Freshen up the inside of your shoes using a baby wipe.

Baby wipes are also perfect for freshening up your feet on a hot day or while traveling.

Use a few baby wipes to remove bird feces on window sills, then take the used wipes and bury deeply next to your rose bushes. It will serve as a mulch. Now of course you go and wash your hands . . .

Pepper spray accidents
by: Lynnr

My ex husband was a police officer and I worked in an emergency room. Accidents do happen with pepper spray or kids get hold of something they shouldn't. Don't rinse it but use baby wipes to clean off the oil contained which is what stings. Hopefully no one needs this tip!

Store baby wipes up side down
by: Barbara

I always store baby wipes and any other wipes upside down as this keeps the top ones moist.

Keep with art supplies
by: Kathryn Rayner

My mixed media art instructor keeps them on every table. We use them to wipe our hands, keep our workspace tidy, even to remove "oops" spills from artwork in progress.

In between brass polishing
by: Anonymous

If you have anything brass you can use baby wipes in between times prolonging your Brasso polishing sessions.

Clothes stains
by: Vicki

Baby wipes are great to have on hand if something gets on your clothes while you're out. They have gotten out coffee, blood, ketchup and several other things for me. I, specifically, have always used Huggies.

carpet cleaner
by: Sally

If the kids get anything on the carpet the baby wipe gets it out.

I've even used them to wipe stains out of the kids clothes when they're eating. It cleans my leather sofa too!!

Clean up after pumping fuel
by: Pam Newton

I keep a packet in my car so I can clean my hands after filling my ute up with diesel.

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