Brasso Polish Review: Started Using In Military And Haven't Stopped Since

by Tom

Tom shared his Brasso polish review.

Tom says:

This is the brass cleaner that I have used for many years.

I started using it when I was in the military to polish the shoulder insignias on my dress uniform. I use it now in my home to clean and polish the brass door handles.

It is very effective and it is the product that I know.

What I do is coat the item to be shined with the polish. I will do small circles with a rag as I apply it to the item.

I generally like to use and old white tee shirt so I can observe how much dirt and build up is coming off. The white tee shirt will turn black in the area I am scrubbing with.

I then allow it to dry before wiping it off.

The door handle or the insignia will be shiny once all the polish is wiped off.

Brasso can be found in most grocery stores in the cleaning aisle.

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Taylor says:

Thanks Tom for sharing your review of this product.

As you can see I've got some additional reviews of it below, but I'm always looking for more! I would love if even more readers shared their tips for cleaning brass here, or shared their reviews for various cleaning and polishing products for this metal.

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This Housekeeper Loves Brasso

by Jess

I use Brasso Polish and I love it! I refuse to even use any other kind of brass cleaner because I just do not think it will stand up to the job.

I am a housekeeper, and I have to be familiar with all types of cleaning products. One thing I pay attention to is keeping things shiny.

I started using this product on the brass knick knacks and decorations around the homes I clean, including large brass decorative pots and vases.

The things I polish start out as just flat brass surfaces, and then this polish makes them as shiny as a mirror.

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Brasso Cleaner & Polish Is The Best I've Found So Far

by Deb

Brasso brass cleaner is the best I have found so far. My brass items seem to just come alive when I use it.

Items made from this metal are hard to keep dust free but with this product they just seem to stay beautiful longer. They look brand new, like I just brought them home from the store.

I had a party and everyone asked me where I bought my lamps from, of course I showed them right away what I used and they were all very impressed.

It is very easy to use, and so I recommend this polish to anyone.

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Brasso Metal Polish Can Be Used For Several Metals, Not Just Brass

by Gene

Gene says:

I first encountered Brasso in Marine Corps Boot Camp in 1961, using it to clean brass belt buckles. It was the only brass cleaner available in the PX.

After getting out of the Marine Corps I discovered that it also worked well to clean chrome car bumpers and wheels.

Because this product worked so well, I kept it around the house for cleaning various metals.

My wife inheirited a set of Faberwear copper bottom pots and pans which had been used on a gas range. The bottoms were burned black. It was a challenge, but, Brasso cleaned them well.

The main drawbacks for using this product is its odor and the physical labor involved. It is ammonia based, and I don't like the odor of ammonia.

It also requires a considerable amount of rubbing.

I found that attaching a buffing wheel to my cordless drill reduces the rubbing time a great deal. The buffing wheel on the drill and this metal polish combined produces a high shine in very little time.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing how you've used this product for cleaning and polishing other metals.

You can share your own tips for cleaning copper here, and for cleaning chrome here.

Finally, I would love to receive even more reviews of this metal polish, so if you've used it for any reason please share your experiences with me here. You can also share your reviews of any other brass polish or cleaner you may have used, or read other reviews which have already been submitted.

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Comments for Brasso Metal Polish Can Be Used For Several Metals, Not Just Brass

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cost prohibitive
by: Anonymous

Trouble just is that Brasso has become ridiculously expensive!

The Brasso of today does not work
by: Helen Sanderson

The old Brasso smelt very strong and metallic. Today's Brasso has been modified and has little odour and it is almost impossible to give a shine to my brass kettle. I have been polishing the kettle with the old Brasso for more than 60 years and it worked marvelously. Just recently I ran out of the old stuff and replaced it with probably the environmentally friendly version. It puts a sticky coating on the kettle which is almost impossible to rub off and the shine is inferior. Bring back the old Brasso!

New Brasso does not work
by: Anonymous

After 50 years of using Brasso I’m disappointed that the new formula does not even come close to shining my belt buckles the way original Brasso did. I can’t even imagine the weekend passes I’d have missed had I had to use this new stuff while serving in the military. It’s no longer worth buying. Sad…

Cock Of The Cleanup - my homemade recipe
by: Benjamin U. Evans

I actually learned this because I was told that ketchup was used as an alternative cleaner of brass if you submerge the item in the ketchup and bring it to a boil. Well that sounded like a lot of trouble, so I figured if I just put warm ketchup on it and use a little bit of elbow grease it should do the same thing. Makes sense, doesn't it? I went to the fridge and what do you know, no ketchup. So I improvised. To try it out I grabbed a little lemon juice, I didn't have any white vinegar, so I grabbed the jar of jalapenos and drained them and to substitute ketchup I grabbed sarachi hot sauce, the stuff with the rooster on. I mixed all this together and added salt, VOILA, BRASSO CAN'T TOUCH THIS STUFF. Simply rub a little bit on with a toothbrush or something similar, let sit for a little while, wipe off then rinse. You'll have to wear shades if your doing it outside on a sunny day!!! :D!!

Oh yeah, I might suggest wearing gloves while using this method!!! Or at least washing your hands before using the bathroom!!! I found out the hard way!! :-(

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