How To Remove Self Tanner Stains From Clothes: I Used Oxiclean

by Mary

I've collected several tips for how to remove self-tanner stains from clothes, which can happen quite frequently when you put clothes on too soon after applying, or if some drips or sprays onto fabric while applying it.

The first tip is from a reader, who shared how she got out these stains.

Mary says:

I used a skin tanning lotion on all my extremities thinking it would not bleed onto my clothing.

Hmmm, I wore a lemon colored silk pant suit that was costly and brown spots showed up all over the suit.

I took it to the cleaners, they couldn't restore the suit, so I said, "Oh well, I can't wear it, nothing to lose", so I soaked in Oxiclean overnight and all the stains were gone.

I took it back to the cleaners and had them press it, and low and behold, it was like a brand new silk pant suit.

Also, I have soaked closet yellow clothes in Oxiclean with great results.

Thank you Oxiclean! Great, great product. I can't live without it.

Taylor says:

Oxiclean uses
Thanks so much for your tip Mary.

I wouldn't normally recommend Oxiclean for silk, but since it was ruined anyway that is the kind of situation where you can go ahead and try something without fear.

There are lots of uses for Oxiclean around the home, and I've gathered quite a few if you're interested in seeing else what this stain remover can do.

***Update: I got a quick tip for removing fresh spray on tan stains that I'm adding here:

For Small Fresh Smudges Try Baby Wipes

If you've just recently gotten a spray on tan you know they sometimes smear. If you throw on some clothes and almost immediately notice you've gotten a smudge try baby wipes.

Here more explanation from a reader, Amber, who has had success using baby wipes to wipe away these spots.

I would also love to hear from more people with tips for removing self-tanning lotion stains. You can click here to share your tips and I'll add them to the page.

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Remove Self-Tanning Lotion Stains From Clothes

Self-tanning lotions and spray tans can be a mess on your clothing.

That is because they can leave both a greasy and colored stain at the same time.

Below is a video giving tips for how to remove them, using several different methods.

These include using:

After using one or a combination of these methods, you should wash the clothing as usual, being careful not to dry or iron the item until the stains are completely removed so you do not set the stains.

Do you have a tip? If so, you can share your own method for removing these spots here and I'll add it to the page.

***Update: Here's a comment from a reader:
Love your site, it is so helpful.

Off to try this on my ruined shirt!
***End Update

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how do I remove from a couch?
by: Sandra Winzer

My girlfriend left spray on tan residue on my cream corduroy couch. How do I remove this stain??

spray on tan
by: Ian Kennedy

Help me, spray on tan has come off on my white towels.

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