Biz Stain Remover Review - Used It For 25 Years

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Below I've gathered up quite a few Biz stain remover reviews and uses.

This is a product that has been around for quite a while, but for at least a while was beginning to be hard to find in stores.

Biz stain remover reviews and uses for laundry, stain removal and cleaning, including discussion of what stains it works best on and comparisons of the powder versus the liquid versions {on Stain Removal 101} #BizStainRemover #StainRemover #LaundryProductsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest
Fortunately, it appears to now be easier to find again, which is something I know a lot of people are thankful for, because it works so very well.

Biz has both an oxygen bleach component and an enzyme component to it, so it is designed to remove lots of different types of stains.

That's one of the reasons the product is so powerful. You can throw a scoop, or a cup, into your wash to help remove general stains while the clothes are washing, but in addition, it can be used as presoak.

Presoaking is one of my favorite stain removal techniques, because it's so easy and effective, and Biz is one of the favorite presoaking products of many people!

I've got lots of reviews, so here's one to start us out, and then you can scroll down for even more.

Michelle says:

For 25 years I have used Biz. It is the only product I have ever had luck with.

With 4 boys and 1 girl I sure had a lot of grime. I would soak the item for a week if need be. No problem, even if the item had gone through the dryer.

Now that my children are grown I now use Biz on the clothing for an 85 year old man that I care for. I guess Biz stain remover works for babies all the way through seniors. Yea Biz!

Taylor says:

Thanks Michelle for your Biz review.

I've got even more reviews below. If you'd like to share your own you can share your review here, and I'll add the best ones to the site.

Further, you can also share your laundry stain removers review here, of any other brand, telling me which ones you love (or hate) and why.

Biz Stain Remover {Referral Links}

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Biz Is The Best Whitener Ever!

Biz stain remover reviews and uses for laundry, stain removal and cleaning, including discussion of what stains it works best on and comparisons of the powder versus the liquid versions {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

C.J. says:

I've used Biz for decades, but have occasionally tried other products. I always come back to Biz simply because it's the best stain removing and whitening/brightening additive ever.

I don't want to use detergent with boosters pre-added because I don't want to use it on anything but white and light colored fabrics. The simple solution for keeping my laundry looking new is Biz.

Love it, wouldn't be without it. It's getting harder to find in stores, however.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your opinion C.J. You are right, it is becoming hard to find in some stores. That's too bad, since it seems to work so well!

I'm curious, which do you use, the powder or the liquid? What about others? Which kind of Biz do you like to use? I'd love it if even more people shared their review and uses for this product with me.

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The Liquid And Powder BIZ Are A Big Help With The Laundry

by Clarice

I like using the liquid BIZ as a pretreater, especially on greasy food and perspiration stains, and then adding a regular amount to my wash.

I actually keep some liquid BIZ in a separate pretreater bottle (former dishwashing container) so I don't waste it by pouring it on stains from the cap.

I also use the powder form for soaking certain types of stains like grass, blood, fruit juice, soft drinks, ice cream, and yogurt stains.

This truly is the season for most of these types of stains, so it does not take much time for me to gather enough clothes to soak a full load!

Nothing is really inexpensive, i.e. soap, water, electric, etc. so I try to be as efficient as possible.

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Biz And Oxiclean Presoak - Miracle Stain Remover

Everyone is looking for that miracle stain remover that will remove most, if not all, stains from your clothing.

Lucy from An Ordinary Mom has shared her vote for miracle stain remover -- liquid Biz and Oxiclean as a presoak.

The blog post has now disappeared, but here is a quick summary:

Here is what works for me – a mixture of liquid Biz and Oxi Clean poured on the stain and then left to soak in cold water.
What she does is spread a layer of liquid Biz on the stained area, and then sprinkle Oxiclean all over the Biz. She then puts the article of clothing in cold water to soak, generally overnight.

If the stain does not come out just from soaking she then adds more Biz and Oxiclean and scrubs at the stained area with an old toothbrush.

Using this method she says she has gotten out the following types of stains:
I would love to hear from you all in the comments to say whether you have had luck using this combination as a stain remover.

You can also share your own stain removal tip here, or review a stain remover here.

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Biz Cleaned My Hardwood Floor Mop Head When Nothing Else Would

by SR101 Reader

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An SR101 shared this great cleaning tip, and great review of Biz all in one. She shared how she finally got her terry cloth hardwood floor mop head clean for the first time!

SR101 reader says:

I have a terrycloth mop head that is used to clean hardwood floors.

The white terrycloth is practically black with dust afterwards (I'm still mystified how there is so much dust and dirt on my floors--do I live in the Sahara?).

I've tried everything to get it out: bleach, OxyClean packs, Simple Green, 20 Mule Team Borax, all with minimal success. A mottled gray is the best I could get.

I saw a bottle of Biz liquid in the grocery store one day, way down on the bottom shelf, just one bottle, all by itself. I decided what the heck, at worst, I'm out $6.99.

It took 4 washes to get all that disgusting stuff out, but it's really white again and I'm not throwing out the mop heads every few months because bleach has ruined the elastic.

I never thought I would write a love letter to laundry products, but color me a convert to Biz!

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing how well Biz worked for you for cleaning your mop heads.

Just think, if it works this well on these disgusting cloths how well it can work on the rest of your clothes too!

What great ways do you use Biz? Did you know I've named it one of my "best in class" stain removers, for enzymatic stain removers?

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BIZ Powder Is Great On Old Stains

by Karen

New packaging for BIZ powder

New packaging for BIZ powder

Karen says:

When you have to wash an over the road truck driver's clothes you have a challenge of getting out dirt and stains that are up to 2 weeks old.

I soak all of the clothes in BIZ before washing.

It is great in removing coffee, blood, various food stains, perspiration, and grime. I would hate to be without my BIZ!

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Terrific For Getting Out Grass & Sweat Stains

by Mary

My son is doing landscaping work for the summer.

All of his clothes are stained with grass, dirt, sweat, and who knows what else.

One thing for sure, too many stains to use a spray pretreater on!

I presoak all of his work clothes in BIZ, at least over night.

Then I wash with BIZ and either ERA or Wisk detergent.

Once my son returns to school the laundry won't be as great a task, but I will still be using this product for laundering his white shirts.

I have yet to find a product as good when it comes to laundering white shirts, both as a whitener and stain remover.

I don't know what I would do without my BIZ.

Photo courtesy of osseous

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BIZ Is Also Great For Cleaning Bath Tubs And Sinks

by Lisa

Lisa says:

It is hard to believe that BIZ is not just a terrific stain fighter and whitener for the laundry, but also works miracles in cleaning bath tubs and sinks.

While I knew that BIZ could be used for cleaning tasks other than laundry, it wasn't until recently that I tried it in the bathroom.

It is the best product I have ever used for the dreaded chore of cleaning the bathrooms!

I never thought I would find a product that would take care of all of my laundry problems, especially my frequently stained uniforms, as well as making my bath tubs and sinks look like new.

Taylor says:

Thanks Lisa for sharing these additional uses for this product. If any of you use it to clean other areas of your house, be sure to tell me!

You can read even more bathtub cleaning tips here, or share your own.

Further, I'd love to hear even more bathroom cleaner reviews for this product, or any other.

Photo courtesy of coolmathteacher

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BIZ Works Wonders On Bargain Clothes From Thrift Store

by Liz

I have picked up some real bargains at the thrift store on clothes for the kids.

For the prices I paid it was well worth the shot to soak them to remove stains that others gave up on, or never tried very hard to remove.

I would guess that most of the stains were from juice, soft drinks, etc.

Most of the time the stains were completely removed after a long soaking (overnight). BIZ has saved me a lot of money.

I also like to use it as a boost to loads of white laundry, especially white shirts. Hope they never stop making BIZ!

Photo courtesy of USAG-Humphreys

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Where Can I Buy Biz Stain Fighter Online?

by Faithful Biz User

Faithful Biz User's Question:

I have used Biz Stain Fighter for 25 years. I cannot find it for sale anymore. I live in Redding, California. Can you help?

Taylor's Answer:

I feel your pain. I have been searching for a good online source for Biz for my readers for quite a while now. It is an awesome stain fighter, isn't it?

Biz, if you are listening, please expand your online offerings so everyone can find it!

I also still see Biz Stain Fighter in stores in my area, such as at my Walmart, but I know that means nothing to you since we don't live in the same state.

If anyone else has other ideas for this reader, or knows of other online resources for purchasing Biz, please tell me!

***Update 1: A reader shared where she typically finds Biz in her area. She says:
I have trouble finding it at some places, but Target almost always has the Biz that I like.
In addition, another reader, Wanda stated:
I use a lot of BIZ and wanted to note that I found an 80 ounce size at K Mart for $7.99, which is much cheaper than buying the 30 ounce box for around $5. I immediately bought 2 boxes. I never knew it came in a larger size. This is awesome!

Another reader, Nancy, also agrees K-Mart is a great place to find this product. She says:
I normally do not shop at K Mart, but I did this past weekend and they had the large box for $7.99, and yes this is a terrific deal! I bought 3 boxes.

BIZ is my favorite pre soaker for laundry stains, which include blood, grass, perspiration, baby formula, baby food, etc, etc.

I also add a scoop to every load of white shirts, as it not only removes stains, but is a terrific whitener.

***Update 2: It looks like Biz has listened, and now you can find it more easily online. Here's some of the places you can find it:

Biz Stain Remover {Referral Links}

So, does anyone else have any laundry questions to ask? If you do, you can submit your laundry questions here, and I'll try to answer it for you.

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Grass And Blood Stain Removal - Presoaking Tough Stains

At the blog Celebrate Everyday Sandra explains how she, as a mom of boys, gets rid of all those "spring stains" like blood and grass.

Her method is presoaking, and it is a good one. Many readers here on this site have recommended it too (here's how some readers are presoaking laundry stains away).

Presoaking is an effective way to get rid of protein stains like blood, and to break down the organic compounds in grass stains.

Sandra recommends Biz stain remover for presoaking. Do you like a different presoaker or have you enjoyed using Biz too?

Please share what stains you've removed with Biz here, or read more information about this product.

In addition, you can share your own tip for how to remove grass stains here, or how to remove blood stains here, along with reading other tips already submitted.

You can also share your laundry stain removers reviews here, or read even more reviews already submitted.

Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

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Comments for Grass And Blood Stain Removal - Presoaking Tough Stains

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Is there a difference between liquid and powder versions?
by: Anonymous

Is there a difference from the liquid and the powder form? I tried using the liquid when soaking my grandchildren's clothes overnight and most of the stains are still there. I heard that using Biz and equal amounts of Dawn detergent would work. I also read that the powder has some form of sodium in it. Please help. Thank you.

response re difference between liquid and powder
by: Taylor

This is a pretty unscientific response, since it is just based on my observations from trying both the liquid and powder versions. I tend to like the powder better, and also find it works better. If I am going to presoak I consistently use the powder, while if I am coating a stain like to pretreat it, then I will use the liquid version. If I personally had to choose only to buy one, I would go with the powder. I don't know why, but I think it works better. What about others? Have you found the same or not?

I am so glad I found this! Helps now that I have an HE machine
by: Anonymous

It seems with HE washers I can't get all clothes clean smelling all the time. Work out clothing tends to sour in spite of long wash cycles. I put a 1/2 cup of BIZ with my regular HE detergent today and there is no odor at all. I love this stuff! I used the "color safe" kind though.

BIZ Cleaned Up The Camp Laundry
by: Sara

To make a long story short, my son just got home from camp and brought back a mound of stained, dirty, and smelly clothes. By soaking and washing with BIZ I have been able to get just about everything clean and smelling fresh. Just to name a few stains, grass, mud, ketchup, and perspiration.

Biz Powder Is Good For Laundry, Bath Tubs, And Showers
by: Sonya

I found out about this product when I started working in a bakery where I wear white uniforms and encounter stains like chocolate, jelly, etc. One of my co workers suggested it as a whitener and stain remover. I pretreat stains with Shout daily and then presoak for about an hour before washing. I also throw in my white T shirts I wear for exercising in at the gym to whiten and remove perspiration. It works great. I also tried it for cleaning the bath tub and showers and found it to be much easier and effective to use Biz than any other traditional cleansers.

BIZ Powder Is Better For Soaking Than The Liquid Form
by: Anonymous

I always use the powder for presoaking. Grass and blood stains should always be presoaked to eliminate multiple attempts by washing. When it comes to blood stains I also will apply some hydrogen peroxide to the stains and then rinse out as much of the stain as possible, then presoak overnight with the powder. It works well. The powder is especially best for soaking protein type stains which include grass, blood, and baby formula. If you have kids, BIZ is a necessity.

Biz Powder Is Super on Old and New Stains
by: Tammy

I use Biz to tackle dirt and stains on construction uniforms that are also 1 to 2 weeks old. These are must soak items. In addition it is great at getting out baby food and formula stains, either as a booster to the wash for new stains or as a presoak for older stains. If the stains are fresh I apply a paste of Biz and just toss it in the wash, otherwise I do a soak.

It is also terrific at removing the odors associated with all of my laundry noted above.

Love the liquid
by: Judy

Amazon has liquid BIZ. Have not been able to find locally. Can't use powder easily in my front loading washer. I do use BIZ powder for soaking in a bucket when necessary.

Stain removers
by: Anonymous

I have always used Fels Naptha for stains, although the stain might not be taken care of until I had a whole load of laundry to do. This was not working for me. Three weeks ago I started to immediately treat the spot with Palmolive. I didn't use water, just the dish soap. It waited until I had a full load. I was pleased the stain came out with Tide and a handful of Biz. Easy Peasy!πŸ˜‰

Love Biz!
by: Anonymous

I finally had a baby daughter after first having two sons. I kept most of her baby clothes because I just couldn't part with them. I had them all tucked in a big plastic storage box for almost 30 years. Last year, my daughter had her first baby, a little girl. I took all of those baby clothes, including a christening dress, and soaked them in warm water and BIZ. (Some soaked for quite a while ;) !!) After they looked as good as new, I gave them to my daughter for a shower gift along with a sentimental note. She LOVED it :) !

by: Anonymous

Has anyone tried this on automobile upholstery?

Best Presoak For Sports Laundry & Work Uniforms
by: Joann

I have kids who play sports so I know about the problems of removing blood, grass, mud, and perspiration stains. I presoak all of these messes with BIZ. I also work at a daycare and have my own laundry issues to deal with, e.g. formula, spit ups, baby food, and even some medicine stains like cough syrup. Here again I use BIZ to presoak these stains. I don't worry too much about the laundry because I can depend on BIZ to remove just about any stain. In my opinion the powder form works best for soaking and I avoid the use of hot water whenever there are protein stains like blood or formula in the mix. Most garments require warm water anyway, so hot could cause fading as well.

Biz is the bomb!
by: Francoise

I recently took out of storage one of my favorite summer dresses, a Morrocan White Linen Dress. It had severely yellowed over the last 3 years. I pretreated it with Biz, soaked overnight and the next day it was beautiful because of Biz, sparkling white. I literally danced around my kitchen. $350.00 dollar dress saved!!! Thanks ever so much for a great product!!!! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ

Best Ever.
by: Ellen Greene

I have been soaking my stained clothes and fabric items in Biz Pre-Soak since I was 11. That was in 1970. This stuff is amazing. BEST thing to remove blood stains.

Stopped buying product, way too expensive!!
by: Pam Wallace

I have been using Biz for over 30 years and absolutely ❀️ the job it does on the laundry. But since they have made the bottle half the size and kept the price the same, I will no longer use this product.

You have lost a long time customer.

by: LAD

I am able to find Biz most often at Walmart. When Walmart doesn’t have it, Amazon has always seemed to have it when I need it.

I’ve been using it for over 35 years and have found it’s always the best for things that Oxiclean can’t even get out.

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