Getting Diarrhea Stain Out Of Light Colored Carpet

by Shannon


I have a problem. My husband's 87 year old grandmother visited and got a stomach virus. She got sick in my son's room. I have tried: Nature's Miracle, Borax, and baking soda and cannot get the stain from diarrhea out of our light carpet. Do you have any suggestions?

Taylor's Answer:

First of all, I hope your husband's grandmother is feeling better.

Now, let's see if we can get that diarrhea stain out of your carpet.

I have written some step by step instructions for diarrhea stain removal here, which may be of use.

Now, for some "TMI," also known as "too much information" about removing diarrhea stains.

The stain removal technique for getting out the stain depends, to a certain extent, on what was in the diarrhea. Yuck, I know.

So, I doubt you will be able to pinpoint with certainty what "made" the diarrhea, so instead we make some assumptions, and try a couple of different techniques, one at a time, for stain removal to get rid of the major types of "body stains."

Looking at your list of what you've tried, I don't see that you have tried hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. Both of these would be at the top of my list of stain removers to try, and both would be applied with an eye dropper.

Remember that before applying to the stained area apply a small amount in an inconspicuous area to make sure the stain removers will not harm your carpet.

(For example, if you have a wool carpet DO NOT use ammonia, because ammonia dissolves wool.)

You may also be seeing the residue of a protein stain, and an enzymatic detergent may help remove this stain, but it will really foam in your carpet and is likely to attract dirt if not thoroughly rinsed out, so that would be a last resort.

I hope this helps!

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now what?
by: Carolyn Wheeler

I unfortunately got diarrhea on the bathroom carpet and it sunk right in -- now what?

Yellow spots palm size
by: Anonymous

Could ironing make these spots appear?

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