Crayon Removal Stain Tip - Use WD-40 To Remove Crayon Stains

by Taylor

A good way to remove a crayon stain and marks from a variety of surfaces is to use WD-40.

Normally you think of WD-40 as the substance you spray onto the door so it stops squeaking.

However, WD-40 has many uses around the home which really surprised me when I first started learning about it.

One of the really cool things it does is helps remove crayon from all kinds of surfaces in your home, including:What you do is spray a small amount of it onto the crayon stain, and then rub the stain away.

If you are using it on any type of fibers, such as clothing, upholstery or carpet, you will need to spray on the WD-40 and then also work some liquid dishwashing detergent into the crayon stain, to remove both the crayon and the WD-40.

You may also need to do this on hard surfaces, such as walls.

After the crayon stain is removed you should get plain cold water and a new white cloth and sponge the area to remove the cleaning solution, and then blot dry, being careful with both upholstery and carpet to only get the area as wet as needed to remove the stain.

With hard surfaces, after you have removed the crayon stain with the WD-40 the area will be slick, so you will need to clean up and wipe away the WD-40, especially on floors so you don't slip.

Obviously, as with all stain removal products you should check to make sure WD-40 will not harm your surface by testing in an inconspicuous area prior to spraying it on the crayon stain.

You can get even more ideas for ways to use WD-40 around your home here.

10 WD-40 uses around your home

Otherwise, scroll down for more tips!

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WD-40 Worked To Remove Melted Crayon From Car Upholstery

by Leslie

Leslie says:

My daughter got a crayon stuck between her car seat and the regular seat.

It gets to over 100 degrees where I live, so you can imagine how badly it melted and absorbed into the upholstery.

With a little work, the red crayon came right out of the gray seat using WD-40. You'd never know it was there.

Taylor says:

Wow Leslie, I'm glad you got it out. I would have been freaked out when I saw that mess though.

You can check out even more car upholstery cleaning tips here or share your own.

Further, here's even more tips for removing crayon marks from various items in your home.

Photo courtesy of RCabanilla

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Use washing soda instead
by: Rachel

Washing soda works better, and doesn't leave grease stains. :)

Black crayon
by: Anonymous

Can someone please tell me how to get black crayon out of clothes??!! Please help!

response re question about black crayon
by: Taylor

The method above, using WD40, does generally work on clothing. In addition, here's my full list of tips on removing these stains from all types of surfaces.

got red melted crayon off lots of clothes . . . here's how I did it
by: Tabitha

I got red crayon in the dryer, somehow, and now the clothes got stained in the dryer. There were red stains on lots of items. After reading your articles I wanted to say thanks. The red dried on crayon came off. I used 2 Tide Pods, 1 cup baking soda and Oxi stick stain treater. I washed in hot water and off it came!! So grateful!!! Thanks a million!!

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