Remove Grease From Carpet With Shaving Cream (And Motor Oil Stains Too!)

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Here's how to remove grease from carpet with something you most likely already have in your home, shaving cream.

I recently got this question from a reader, Jamie, and she asked: "Do you know how to get out grease stains from carpet? My (now ex-) roommate ruined the carpets."

Here's the photo she submitted showing the mess that roommate left behind.

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My answer to this question -- shaving cream!

How did I find out about this miracle cure? A video (now long lost on the Internet), plus lots of readers have told me how well the tip works (see below for some of the comments they've sent in!)

I ended up with black motor oil on my carpet from a trolley when I was moving in.

I was told by an old mechanic to put shaving cream and lightly rub all over the stain with your fingers, leave for 30 seconds then flood with warm water before blotting off. Then, when finished put something absorbent on it with some books or bricks on top and leave for an hour or two.

This tip worked wonders for me!

Since then I've heard from many people who've used this tip with success (you'll see some of the things they've said below).

I believe this tip works because of the soap within the shaving cream, along with other grease cutters, which helps remove the oil stain from the carpet.

I would caution, however, to only use a old-school type of shaving cream, such as original Barbasol because these more classic creams don't contain lots of additives to them.

For instance, the newer creams may be gentler for your skin, but they contain conditioners and moisturizers, like aloe and other ingredients which themselves could stain your carpet or leave a greasy film on it. Therefore, don't use a moisturizing shaving cream (nor any type of shaving gel) on carpet stains.

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Top photo courtesy of katerha

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Grease Removal Stain Tip For Carpet - Use Shaving Cream

Try Shaving Cream For Grease Stain Removal From Carpet

Try Shaving Cream For Grease Stain Removal From Carpet

Here's the video I was talking about above.

It suggests to use shaving cream to get out motor oil and grease stains in your carpet too.

Specifically, it says to put shaving cream on the stained area of the carpet, and then use an old toothbrush to gently rub the shaving cream into the stain.

Afterward, when the stain is removed, it says to wipe up the shaving cream with a damp cloth.

I'd love to hear from anyone else who has tried this technique, to share how it has worked for them. Did it work for you as well as it did for the reader above?

In addition, here is the advice from the A-Z Stain Removal Guide for oil and grease stain removal.

Photo by juhansonin

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Help! How Do I Remove These Carpet Grease Stains?

by Danielle

Danielle sent me in these photos, and asked, "It feels like oil, any ideas to get it out?"

I sent her this response.

Oh, that's hard! I've had several people that have had great success with this home remedy of shaving cream for grease stains in their carpet.

uses and reviews of Lestoil cleaner
However this looks pretty hard core. I suggest trying the shaving cream in a small area to see if it will work. If not, you may want to call a professional.

Another idea might be Lestoil. Technically this stuff is supposed to be used on laundry, and isn't meant for carpet, so use with caution and know you're not using it as intended.

But in general Lestoil is one of the best ways to remove grease and oil stains from almost anything. Make sure to click my review and uses of Lestoil page for more information.

Lestoil Stain Remover & Cleaner {Referral Links}

Good luck, and let me know if these things actually work or not for you. Just whatever you choose to do, try to do a small area at a time to see if it will work -- smearing it around may make it worse looking than it is now, and if possible test in an inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn't harm things worse.

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Shaving Cream Worked Really Fast On The Stain For Me!

by Shirley

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Shirley used the tips above to work on her grease stain, and then wrote in with her results, as I requested above.

Shirley says:

I used the shaving cream (Barbosal with soothing aloe), a toothbrush and a clean hand towel.

I sprayed the shaving cream onto the grease stain and used the toothbrush to scrub it. I used a circular motion.

When I could see the grease was gone (a minute or less) I used the hand towel to wipe up the shaving cream.

I plucked just a bit at the carpet and it looks as good as new!! I am impressed. I have tried other things and the results weren't as good. GREAT IDEA.

Taylor says:

Great to hear Shirley! Thanks for sharing your results with me.

I am glad it worked OK for you to use the version of the shaving cream with aloe, but again I would caution to be better safe than sorry, and not use the ones with these additional additives. However, maybe I'm just being extra cautious!

Nonetheless, glad it worked out so well for you!

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Comments for Shaving Cream Worked Really Fast On The Stain For Me!

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Black oil (?) stain on beige carpet
by: Jane Denny

My office chair has leaked a black (oil?) stain on our beige carpet. We're moving soon, and I'd love to get my deposit back. Can you help me??

How can I remove grease from gas grill on carpet?
by: Mary

The dog brought the brush used to clean the grates on the gas grill in the house and dropped it on the white portion of my floral carpet. The carpet is not wool. I vacuumed up all I could and don't know what to do next. It's an area rug only 1 month old and it's a thick carpet. I know if I don't get out all of the cleaner it will attract more dirt. HELP!

Airline baggage handler's greasy handprints on new luggage
by: Joy

Airline baggage handler got greasy handprints and smears all over my new luggage. Luggage color is teal so the grease is very obvious. I am afraid of bleaching the luggage material (I think it is nylon) if I do not use the correct product and method. I would really appreciate advice for this specific situation.

Wool carpet?
by: Anonymous

Can anyone tell me if they have used shaving cream on a wool carpet? I'm scared of making it worse!

glad I found your post
by: Anonymous

Just used the shaving cream method, amazing results. So glad I found your post.

I was a skeptic
by: Christine

My husband tracked frame grease up our cream colored stairs one day. I was so upset because I really didn't think that was going to come out. I tried the shaving cream. My store had Barbesol and I got the original formula. I'm amazed. I took the carpet shampooer to the steps after I used the shaving cream and they look like brand new carpet again!!!

by: Anonymous

My son tracked in thick grease from our garage and walked through the whole house. Found a travel size my husband had, tried this and am blown away! It's all gone. I was doubtful at first but am a believer!

Worked on garage carpet
by: Anonymous

Made a mess on my garage carpet while replacing axle seals. Greasy handprints, oil spills, parts outlined I grease. All gone. Covered all the marks in shaving cream ( from the dollar tree) Scrubbed with a stiff brush, used my carpet cleaner and viola the oil stains are all gone.

Worked like a charm for me
by: Lily left the valley

I have a vintage wool area rug that was handed down to me, and recently had a small grease spot mar it when I was taking a broken office chair apart and wasn't mindful of the pneumatic lift grease on the leg support.

This solution worked like a charm. Thank you very much.

I think it's worth noting that the pattern on this rug has very bright colors, and there is no change to them after the cleaning. Since it's an area rug, there's no real way to spot check on it, so that was a concern I had no matter what method I used.

If it matters to anyone, I did use the actual barbasol brand, as that's what my spouse uses for shaving anyhoo. I didn't use a toothbrush, I simply rubbed it in well with my fingers since there wasn't much concern about spreading what little grease was there after wiping off the surface grease with a paper towel first.

Best remedy for a grease mark
by: Anonymous

Thank you for posting this brilliant degrease remedy. This has cleaned the grease off my carpet so successfully. I'm seriously grateful.

Using Shaving Cream to Clean
by: Leigh Ann

Shaving cream has to be one of my all time favorites for removing stains. I've used it on white canvas tennis shoes as well as to remove dirty and sweat stains from my girls' fabric headbands and my husband's caps. It works like a charm every time.

life saver
by: Elaine

Thank you so much for this tip. We just moved into a brand new house with really light carpets. Somehow a bottom cap fell off our computer chair during the move and black grease the size of a quarter dripped onto the carpet. I almost died! But your tip got every bit of it out. What a relief. Thanks again.

Great Tip
by: Anonymous

In five minutes I was able to remove several black grease marks on my carpet that have been there for years. Now they are completely gone. Not even a trace left. Amazing! Thanks

by: JT

I'm a Felix Unger type.

I had a workman here yesterday and discovered some very strange spots where he had been working. I said - oh well - I'll use Resolve - no problem. WRONG. It did nothing.

I tried Ajax Dishwashing Liquid (removes grease from dishes really great). The stains got a bit lighter - but were definitely there.

I was frantic because (to me) it looked bad.

Then I logged onto your site.

After checking Gillette's ingredients against Barbasol (they were the same) - I went to work.

VOILA...and within 5 minutes ... it's back to normal.

Thank you soooo much for this great tip! A carpet lifesaver.

Shaving foam
by: Alan

It worked, thanks for the great tip, even impressed my disbelieving wife.

Everyone needs this helpful tip for stain removal
by: Jeanne Brooks

Thank you so much for this helpful tip on using shaving cream for the removal of grease on carpets.

I used Aveeno shaving gel which worked amazingly well, as it is fragrance free. I have chemical sensitivities and all the other shaving creams are scented. Just for kicks used this and was amazed it took the grease stains out.

Such a great tip and so easy, again many thanks! And the fact that you don't need CHEMICALS that are literally killing us as they are in everything.

by: Reg Byrne

Just used Gillette shaving foam to remove Molybdenum based grease from my carpet. Worked almost instantly. "Fantastic Tip"

Shaving cream to the rescue for e-cigarette stains
by: Indyess

I tried the Barbesol shaving cream, which I purchased at the Dollar Tree. I used it on spots of E-cigarette "juice" that had dripped there almost a year earlier. Each spot had worked as little dirt magnets... They were filthy! I applied the shaving cream to the spots, working it in to the fiber of the carpet with an old tooth brush. I waited for about five minutes, and then I wiped off the excess shaving cream with a damp cloth. The spots were gone! Can't wait to see the carpet in the daylight!

Coconut oil works too!
by: Anonymous

I didn't have any old school shaving cream, so I thought natural. We used water, coconut oil, and a toothbrush and voila! It was like magic on car grease/oil tracked in from the garage onto my ivory carpet.

Black grease spot on carpet
by: Anonymous

It's working on my plain carpet. I didn't know what it was at first and just tried to clean it and it spread, the shaving foam has worked well. Thank you.

It worked!
by: cathy g

Thank you for posting this stain removal secret. I had grease streaks on my off white carpet and used the Barbasol aloe shaving cream and a tooth brush and a damp towel. The grease came up within seconds. I should have taken a before pic. Thanks again.

worked for me!
by: Jennifer

We had something like ball bearing grease in our brand new house on the carpet. This really worked!!! I was so excited! Thank you!

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