Hair Dye Removal Tips For Clothes, Carpet & Other Fibers

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Below I've collected hair dye removal tips for when you accidentally get drips or spills on your clothes, carpet and other fibers.

hair dye stain removal guide
This is, honestly, one of the hardest types of stains to try to remove and I'm not going to lie -- sometimes nothing works.

The key is speed. I mean, lots of speed. Stopping to look up these instructions on the Internet might mean too much time has passed.

So, check out what has been suggested below by other readers and remember them for next time and try again, even if it doesn't work this time. (You can also check out my main page on the subject here.)

There are, almost always even more ways to remove hair color stains than what I've listed below, so if you've got a method that works I'd love to hear from you too. You can share your tips with me here and I'll add the best ones to the page.

Hair dye removal tips and home remedies for clothes, carpet and other fibers {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Cosmetologists Agree: Use Hairspray If Get To It Quickly

by Lindsay

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Lindsay says:

Hair spray removes hair color stain if caught quickly.

hairspray uses
I'm a cosmetologist. If I get splattered with hair dye I don't try to rub it off unless it's a pretty big glob.

Then I spray as fast as I can and spray a good bit.

Let dry, and then wash like normal or if you're really worried put Dawn dish soap directly on it.

Let it soak into the stain while the washer is loading with water.

If the stain didn't come out repeat the dawn dish soap until it does.

And don't dry the clothes until it is out.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for this tip Lindsay! It sounds like you use both the hairspray and dish soap in combination for removal.

There are lots of uses for hairspray for stain removal, as well as uses for dish soap. You've just combined them!

You're also not the only professional to share a similar tip with me. I also got this tip from Cari, who said:
Hairspray! Even in beauty school we'd use it to remove hair dye from our white smocks! It works!

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Remove Hair Dye From Carpet With Hairspray

by Michelle

Michelle says:

Use Aqua Net hair spray (some other brands of hairspray also harsh hairspray) to remove hair dye from carpet.

Don't be shy. Blast the stain with the Aqua Net (the white can works best).

Then immediately blot with the clean area of a towel.

Now, blast it again, and then blot with clean area of towel every time.

The idea is to transfer the hair dye from the carpet to the towel.

Don't rub it in. Blot.

It works great, and fast.

There is no need to wash the hairspray out. It will just dry up, so blot quickly while it's wet.

Hairspray {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks for your tip Michelle.

I would like to note that I would personally think it would be better to try to remove the hair spray from your carpet when you're done, than to leave it there, since it will leave a sticky area behind that can then attract dirt over time.

I would also like to note that if you're going to try hairspray Michelle is right, the cheaper the stuff the better. That is because it contains lots of rubbing alcohol which is the main ingredient that will help lift the spot or drip.

Of course, since it is the main ingredient you might just want to try the same blotting technique using plain rubbing alcohol instead of the hairspray!

You can learn more about my thoughts about using hairspray for cleaning and stain removal, including the pros and cons, as well as more uses for this hair product around your home.

*** Update: I got this as a reader tip obviously, and it works for Michelle, but another reader, Carrie saw the tip on Pinterest and told me in a comment she was going to try it. (I'd love it if you followed me by the way!) I asked her to tell me how it went, and this is what she told me:
It didn't work for me Taylor. It is a 3 week old stain though. I'll try it next time when it's fresh. I have successfully gotten ballpoint ink out of clothing with hairspray before.
That's disappointing Carrie, but I'm glad you told me. Perhaps you're right though, and this works best for fresh stains.

I did want to add this word of caution for everyone though, since I hadn't tried this tip myself. I would love to hear from others sharing if it worked better for new drips and spills! ***End Update

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Stain Removal Hair Dye Ideas For Washable Fabric

The video below gives several ideas about stain removal of hair dye from washable fabrics.

Her ideas in the video include:

Here's the video for full details:

So what has worked for you for removing these spots from fibers? I'd love to hear. You can share your own tips here or read others already submitted, including for other surfaces including your skin or hard surfaces like a sink or counter.

Hair dye removal tips and home remedies for clothes, carpet and other fibers {on Stain Removal 101} #HairDyeRemoval #HairDyeStainRemoval #HairDyeStainsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Photo by Emily Carlin

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Comments for Stain Removal Hair Dye Ideas For Washable Fabric

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Dry Clean - ivory suit jacket
by: Freida

Somehow I got a few very small spots on the sleeve of an ivory suit jacket hanging in my closet. I didn't notice until much later. I guess I should just throw it away but keep thinking I'll find a miracle hair dye spot remover. Since I can't throw it in the washer, any suggestions are appreciated.

Old stain on carpet
by: Anonymous

My daughter spilled hair dye on the carpet then covered it with a throw rug. Here it is a year later and I’m just finding it. Is their any way to remove a very old stain from carpet?

it got on my blue blazer
by: Anonymous

permanent black hair dye got on my blue blazer.

Successfully Removed Dye from Clothes
by: Cosmetologist

I accidently got hair color on my client's white sweater. I sprayed the stain with hairspray and blotted but it didn't come out. I sprayed it again and left it alone. After work, I filled a clean bucket with 1 gallon of cool water and poured in 1 cup of ammonia. I took a 2 cup glass measuring cup, placed the stain area over the top and secured it tightly with a jumbo sized wide rubber band and then placed it in a large plastic mixing bowl. I slowly poured the ammonia mixture on top of the stain until I used up the entire gallon and the stain came out. During that process, periodically I had to pour out some of the mixture in order to keep the sweater from soaking in it. I think the force of pouring it through the fabric helped flush out the stain. Afterwards, I rinsed the top out and laundered it.

lightened, but not gone
by: Jud

Tried hair spray, rubbing alcohol, cream or tarter and lemon juice. Lighten up but not gone.

Hairspray works!
by: Mimi

Thanks for the great tip! It actually worked really well on a comforter that I accidentally transferred a small amount of hair dye too. I had to saturate the stain several times but eventually the stain lifted. Oh Happy Day! Thanks from a very grateful reader!

Milk to remove hair dye out of carpet
by: Anonymous

Milk gets hair dye out of carpets.

response to Rita
by: Taylor

Rita, I would suggest some of the tips above, or you can also check out my hair dye stain removal guide here which has even more suggestions.

it got on my shirt
by: Rita

My hairdresser got hair dye on the cover of my shirt. What will take it out?

how to remove black hair dye from carpet?
by: Yesenia

How do you remove hair dye off carpet? It is the color black and nothing really seems to work.

shaving cream
by: Anonymous

Shaving cream also works on clothing. Just put on stain and soak in hot tap water then wash as usual.

my tip for clothes and towels
by: Avrila

For my money nothing works as well for taking it out of clothes, towels, etc., as "wear/use an old one so a spot or two doesn't matter".

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