Unusual Uses Of Milk Around Your Home
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Sure, you know you can drink milk, but there's a lot of unusual uses of milk around your home as well, for stain removal.

With a need to save money more and more people are making their own cleaning products. However, when you are new to making your own products you can feel a bit nervous about which recipes and uses will actually work or not.

This is your chance to share your knowledge if you have a great tip or use for this product, or get some tips of your own to make sure you get the best results possible.

Below are tips for how to use milk for cleaning and stain removal around your home!

Here are the uses that have already been submitted.

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chocolate chips
Remove Chocolate Stain
spilled wine of tablecloth
Removing Red Wine Stains
Removing Ink From Clothing

drop of blood
Remove Blood From Clothing

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unusual uses of milk around your home

I bet you've got a gallon or half gallon of milk in your refrigerator right now, don't you?

The fact that this product is so readily available in so many homes makes it a great for using in various home remedies, because you don't have to run to the store to buy some.

As I've gathered tips up here on the site I've been surprised how many stain removal remedies rely on milk. Typically, you soak various types of stain in the liquid and it loosens and removes the spots.

Of course, as I've also explained, if you use one of these tips and then end up with a stain from the milk check out this guide to removing milk stains here on the site.

So how do you use this stuff around your home? If you've got a tip to share please tell me below, and I'll add it to the site.

What Unusual Ways Do You Use Milk In Your Home?

Making and using your own cleaning products is becoming quite popular, especially with things commonly already in your home. Most people have some milk in their refrigerator right now.

How do you use this product around your home for cleaning or stain removal?

You can also share your recipes for homemade cleaning solutions which feature it here.

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