Pollen Stain Removal Tips For All Kinds Of Surfaces

by Taylor

During the summer you may need some tips for pollen stain removal if you love to putter around the garden with flowers, or you get a beautiful bouquet from your sweetie.

Below I've collected tips from around the web, including video tips, and also from readers, sharing their tips for removing pollen from various surfaces, including both clothing and carpet.

Of course, there are lots of ways for cleaning this sticky stuff up, and I know I haven't shared all the possibilities yet. You can share your tips for removing pollen stains here.

In addition, here is my article on how to remove a pollen stain from clothing, upholstery and carpet.

I hope these tips help you out, so you can enjoy those beautiful flowers without fear of stains and messes in your home.

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Tips For Pollen Stain Removal From Carpet

Here is a video which gives tips for pollen stain removal from carpet.

This video demonstrates removal of the pollen stain with sticky tape, which is exactly what Stain-Removal-101.com also recommends for removing a pollen stain.

I like this video for two reasons.

First, I like it because it demonstrates the process for using sticky tape to remove as much pollen as possible from the carpet. (This will also work on upholstery and clothing, by the way.)

Second, I like the video because it shows what happens when you try to wet the pollen stain with a stain removal solution before actually removing as much pollen as possible from the carpet -- a ground in stain which is almost impossible to remove.

I hope this video has helped you get rid of your pollen stains, so you can sit back and enjoy your flowers without fear!

Photo by peasap

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Try Cleaning Pollen With The Vacuum Cleaner!

by SR101 Reader

I received this tip from an SR101 reader for cleaning pollen off objects, when it first appears.

SR101 Reader says:

The first thing to do, ASAP, is to switch on the vacuum and place the hose end on the pollen.

Sometimes all the pollen will come away, but if your item is damp (e.g. a T shirt on a hot day) it won't all come away, so other methods may need to be used.

However, on dry fabric or carpet I've found the vacuum works well.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your pollen stain removal tip. Sometimes the most obvious things work well.

I think the key with this tip is to use the suction from the vacuum hose. You don't want to run the roller brushes over the area, because this could just grind the pollen into the fabric more. Instead, just plain suction to remove it works best.

Has anyone else used this tip successfully for removing pollen stains? In addition, do you have some tips of your own to share? If so, please tell me how you remove pollen stains here.

Photo by WordRidden

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How To Remove Lily Pollen From Kitchen Bench Top

by Sue Green

Sue says:

I used soapy wire wool to remove pollen from a white (!) composite granite style bench top.

It came off in an instant.:)

Taylor says:

Thanks for this quick tip Sue.

I would caution everyone that while steel wool may work wonders for removing stains from hard surfaces you should always try it first in an inconspicuous area first, because it may cause scratching and dulling on some surfaces.

I'd love to hear from others who've tried to get pollen off counters and other hard surfaces to share how you've done it.

You can share your tips for removing countertop stains here, or read other tips that have already been submitted.

Photo courtesy of jellaluna

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Removing Lilly Pollen Stains From Clothing With A Freezer

Lilly pollen stains can be some of the worst to try to remove because the pollen falls off so easily, and is so brightly colored.

You can get the stains either from brushing against the flower or if the flower arrangement accidentally falls over, for example.

Below is method for removing lilly pollen for clothing, which is to place the clothing in the freezer for a couple of hours before trying to remove it.

She then suggests using an old toothbrush to brush off the pollen, but I think using tape to pick up the pollen grains is still a better bet, because it is less likely to grind the pollen into the fabric.

Of course, when it is cold that is less likely to happen, which is why she suggests freezing the clothing first, before attempting to brush any pollen off.

I'd love to hear from others sharing how putting the clothing in the freezer works for you for removing the pollen.

In addition, tell us how using a laundry pretreater and Oxiclean works for you for removing the stain left behind by the pollen, which is what she suggests.

As you can see I've gathered quite a collection of tips here for removing these stains, but there are always more methods possible for pollen stain removal.

You can share your own tip here.

Photo by Paul Stevenson

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Comments for Removing Lilly Pollen Stains From Clothing With A Freezer

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From Stainless Steel Sink
by: Oma

If pollen is wet in the stainless steel sink, wipe dry with paper towel. Rub with paper towel moistened with methylated spirits. Finish with detergent and nylon scourer.

Removing Pollen From Hard Surfaces
by: Shaniah

Pour Dawn Ultra on the surface and rub in with old rag. Takes the stain off of colored or white hard surfaces.

Lily stain on paint lacquer
by: Bev Kaiser

When lily leaves dropped off a stem in a vase onto the brand new Lacquer painted counter top, I dumbly wiped it quickly with a damp cloth which as I now find out simply spreads the colour.

How do I get the yellow stain from the white lacquer/painted counter top. This was sprayed on commercially.

Lily pollen left a yellow stain on my t-shirt
by: Sheila Crawley

I brushed against a Lily and the brown seed has left a yellow stain on my white t-shirt. I have used Vanish, lemon juice, and vinegar, but it hasn't moved a bit.

Pollen on oak table
by: Anonymous

I gave up trying to rid my outdoor dining area wood table of pollen stains. Then we were power washing the floor and I decided "why not?" It cleaned years of pollen and dirt stains off in minutes with just water. Table looked like new! Worth a try!

Removing lily pollen
by: Anonymous

Could someone please tell me how to remove lily pollen from the silicon that is at the base of my tiles in the kitchen?

by: Anonymous

How do I remove from mastic around the window!

Like dissolves like
by: Dan

I just tossed everything in our cleaning cabinet at some thick pollen stains on a painted shelf and finally remembered the old adage of, "like dissolves like." Since the caked pollen felt a bit waxy, I figured oil might do the trick. To my delight, some plain old vegetable oil broke it up instantly! There's still some faint yellow in the white painted shelf, but it's way better than before and we can live with it until we get around to repainting.

Hair Spray Rocks!
by: Anonymous

Hair spray helped us take off massive stains from white enamel washing machine top. Two large lily bouquets took us for a ride. Whew!!

Hair spray
by: Gill

I used hair spray. Just spray on, leave for a few seconds and wipe with kitchen towel. You may need to do it a couple of times but it does not scratch or dull the bench.

Graffiti remover
by: Anonymous

Graffiti remover. Leave for a few mins wipe off. Really stubborn Oxalic acid will remove stains from nearly everything but can be difficult to buy. Check out your local boat yard, cleans salt stains from wood. Alternatively check out marble works. Its used to polish marble.

lily stamen stain removal
by: Maryann

I have a light blue 100 percent cotton shirt with lily stamen stains. What to do?

stains on carpet
by: Heather

Bright yellow/orange stains left on my carpet as the lillies dropped their flowers. Tried 1001 and plain water, just made it worse. Help??

Pollen on oak dining table?
by: Cath

My oak dining table is my pride and joy (or was!) until lily pollen landed on the surface. Whilst wiping the table down with a damp cloth I inadvertently wiped the pollen, causing hideous yellow/orange staining! What should I do?

how to remove from Corian sink?
by: Anonymous

How can Lilly pollen be removed from a Corian sink?

Vase of pollen laden flowers spilt onto carpet
by: John C

I am well aware the technique for removing dry pollen stains from carpets. However I knocked over a vase of lillies that stained a cream coloured carpet, washing the pollen into the fibres and the water was mopped up leaving yellow stains. I am looking for advice on how to get the yellow stains out of the carpet.

Lily pollen stain fingernail question
by: Jane

Can the lily pollen stain the fingernail so that it has to grow off?

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