Ice Cream Stain Removal From Clothing

Here are some tips for ice cream stain removal. Of course, part of determining how to remove these stains depends on what flavor the ice cream is.

Below I've gathered a couple suggestions and a video showing various methods for removing these stains. There are several ways that can work, so if one method fails just try another.

First, here are some suggestions for using household items for removing ice cream stains:

Below is another suggestion for ice cream stain removal, which includes a video.

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My Method For Different Ice Cream Drips & Spills: Shout Advanced Spray

by Leah

My daughter has been working in an ice cream parlor for the past few months. They serve about 20 different flavors, and she encounters her share of drips and smears on her white uniforms.

When she gets home she pretreats these spots with Shout Advanced spray and hangs them up.

The Shout really breaks down the stains right away, and I believe it makes the difference in removing the them in one washing.

When I do a load of whites I just toss them in, along with Clorox 2 and detergent, usually ERA. They come out really clean and white.

I have used different forms of Shout for a number of years, but find the Advanced to be the best for removing food and grass stains.

Most of the time you can leave it on the garment for several days before washing which really works out well, as now that my kids are older the washer is not being used every day!

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Natural Stain Removal Of Ice Cream Stains From Fabric

When ice cream stains happen, you may not want to reach for harsh chemicals.

If you want to try some natural stain removers for removing ice cream stains you should watch the video below.

It gives some suggestions for removing stains caused by ice cream with such natural ingredients as:

You can also read my article on removing ice cream stains here.

Do you have an even better method for ice cream stain removal? If so, you can share your stain removal tip here.

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UBE (purple ice cream) stain removal?
by: Marsha

The hubby bobbled a melty cone of the wonderful Filipino Ube/Purple Yam ice cream onto his white tux shirt. This is essential for his job, so it's got to come out!

I'm afraid to pre-treat for fear of setting the stain, so can anyone help out with this one? Maybe some of our hawai'ian friends can help?

I think it will be more and more useful to know this information as I saw where this is a possible flavor going to production by a mainstream manufacturer!

Stain on a hand wash only item
by: Olivia

60% cotton
35% polyester
5% spandex

I recently spilled ice cream on a hand wash only top. When I got home I put some Shout on it, and proceeded to wash. When it didn't make it much better I used a small amount of color safe bleach and washed again. Now there's a big white faded stain on the front of this shirt. Is there anyway to fix this disaster?

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