Remove Jam Stains From Carpet - Video And Tips

Oops, I dropped the jam jar!

Oops, I dropped the jam jar!

Below is a video for how to remove jam stains from carpet.

First of all, I like this video because it gives very good hands on examples of carpet stain removal techniques, such as blotting and how to scrape away excess jam from the carpet's surface with a blunt knife.

It basically suggests the same type of stain removal methods as for jam stain removal from carpet.

It suggests to first try a gentle detergent solution, or if that does not work, an alkaline solution of ammonia diluted with water.

One thing it mentions in the video is that if you use an alkaline stain remover, such as ammonia, on your carpet then after the stain is removed, and before you rinse out the stain removing solution, you must neutralize the alkaline solution.

Chemistry 101 says you neutralize an alkaline with an acid, and the video suggests diluting white vinegar in water, since vinegar is acidic, to neutralize the ammonia solution.

Then, after you neutralize it suggests rinsing away both the ammonia and vinegar solutions from the carpet.

So was this video helpful to you for learning how to remove jam stains? Please comment below.

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