Removing Berry Stains From Clothing - Video And Instructions

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Below is a video which provides 4 home remedies for removing berry stains from clothing.

What I like about this video is that it gives methods for removing fresh stains, old stains, and even a method of last resort if nothing else works.

Before the video here is a brief summary of the tips provided:

Boiling Water Method

Step 1: Rinse stain with cold running water.

Step 2: Stretch stained clothing over a heat proof bowl and secure it with a rubber band.

Step 3: Pour boiling water (carefully -- you don't want to burn yourself!) over the stained area, at a height of 2-3 feet.

Step 4: Repeat as necessary until the stain is gone.

Step 5: Launder as usual.

***UPDATE - I've found several more tips, including here and here which suggest this boiling water technique for removing berry stains, so I definitely believe it is a good one! In fact, if you scroll down this page you'll see another one from a reader who had great results with this technique.***

Use Lemon Juice

Step 1: Rinse stain with cold running water.

Step 2: Soak spotted area with lemon juice and let sit for 30 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse again, with cold running water.

Step 4: Launder as usual.

Note: This method, I think, is not very effective unless the stain is light and/or very fresh.

But if you try it and it works great, please contact me and tell me of your success, so I can reassess my beliefs on this one.

***UPDATE*** One reader did actually update me about how lemon juice worked for her, and it has helped me reassess my opinion of lemon juice as a berry stain remover. You can read her story about how she got out blackberry stains with lemon juice by scrolling
down this page.***End Update

Glycerin Method For Old Stains

I like that a suggestion was made for how to remove old stains caused by berries, because sometimes you just can't treat a stain quickly, or you didn't even know about it.

Don't you just hate it when your kids throw something in to be washed without informing you of the big stain?

If that happens with berry stains you can loosen up the stain, according to the video, with a solution of equal parts glycerin and luke warm water.

Let the stained clothing soak in that solution for an hour or so, and then treat with additional berry stain removal techniques.

Last Resort Method: Denatured Alcohol

Finally, I like this video because it gives a realistic look at stain removal, especially in regard to berries, because sometimes they just seem impossible to get out.

In that situation, as a last resort, you can try dabbing the spot with denatured alcohol (also known as methylated spirits).

The reason this is a tip of last resort is that denatured alcohol can adversely effect some fabrics, especially in regard to color fastness.

Therefore, before using denatured alcohol as a stain remover you should spot check on an inconspicuous place on the garment, to make sure it will not harm the fabric.

Denatured Alcohol {Referral Links}

Here's The Video For More Details

I hope you found that video useful.

Check out my A-Z Guide for more tips on how to remove specific berry stains, including, but not limited to:Do you have a stain removal tip to share? If so share your tip here, I'd love to hear it!

In addition, scroll down to see what other readers have suggested for removing berry stains, including some responses about how these remedies mentioned already worked for them.

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Get Out Blackberry Stains With Lemon Juice

by Amy

Hi - I visited your site looking for advice on removing blackberry juice stains. My husband was making blackberry jam this evening, and got several splatters of hot blackberry juice on his light green, cotton shirt.

I didn't have any liquid laundry detergent, hydrogen peroxide, or color-safe bleach on hand, so I went the lemon juice route.

You mentioned you didn't have personal experience with this method and would like to hear the results if anyone tried it. Great news! It worked!

By the time I noticed the splatters, some of the stains were up to 3 hours old. There were at least 20 individual stains - most the size of a pencil eraser. I was pretty sure this wasn't going to end well.

First, I ran cold water through each stain. Then I laid the shirt out on our kitchen table and put several drops of lemon juice on each splatter mark. For the bigger stains, I squeezed the bottle briefly to create a stream of juice.

As I was about to walk away to let it set, I noticed one dime-size splatter mark I'd missed completely, hiding in the fold of a cuff. I did not run cold water through this spot, but I did squirt it liberally with lemon juice.

When the timer went off at the 30 minute mark, I was on the phone and whispered to my husband to rinse the juice out of the shirt. I expected him to just leave it on the bathroom counter after the rinse, but instead, he tossed it in the dryer! Unfortunately, I didn't discover this until an hour later.

My original plan had been to rinse out the juice in the sink and run the shirt through the washer; then, IF the stains came out, I would put it in the dryer - but not before. I thought for sure I would find several baked-in blackberry stains all over that shirt.

Instead, there was just one, very faint purple stain - the dime-size mark I didn't run cold water through before applying lemon juice!

In summary, a cold water rinse is clearly important, and lemon juice is simply incredible!!! I couldn't believe my results. I checked the shirt over in good light, and with the exception of the one aforementioned mark, I could not find any sign the shirt had been accosted by hot blackberry juice. Yay!

Lemon juice is my new best friend! Such a simple solution. Love it. Thanks for the recommendation.

Taylor says:

Wow, Amy! Thanks for sharing your great results with me.

I love lemon juice too! In fact, I have a whole article about uses of lemon juice for cleaning and stain removal. I'm going to have to add this use too!

I love it when you can find a natural stain remover that works well, because it is better for the environment, your health, and generally also your wallet.

Too bad your husband threw it in the dryer, because you're right that it is much more difficult to remove stains once they have been heat set in the dryer. Fortunately the spot is not in a very noticeable area.

***Update: Another reader tried this exact tip, and it worked great for her as well. Here's what she told me:
Amazing result!

I had some blackberry stains on my sweater after blackberry picking today.

Washing them with cold water + dish detergent didn't work so I tried to find some stain removal tips online.

It just happened that I had half a lemon sitting in my fridge so I dripped a few drops of lemon juice on the stains and voila! - the stains disappear instantly.

Thank you so much for this tip!
***End Update

So, does anyone else have any great stain removal stories to share? You can submit your own stain removal tips here, and if you used a specific stain remover with success, you can share your stain remover reviews here.

In addition, you can share your own tips and uses for lemon juice here.

Photo by steve_lodefink

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Presoaking Berry Stains With BIZ Works Wonders

by SR101 Reader

I am very familiar with these types of stains. I always presoak them in BIZ powder. It works miracles.

BIZ stain fighter reviews
The sooner you can soak the clothes the better, but I have also gotten out old stains (including grass, tomato sauce, blood, etc.) with BIZ, just soaking a bit longer.

I also use BIZ to keep summer white slacks really white, as well as stain free. I think if it were not for BIZ I probably would not own a pair of white slacks!

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Boiling Water Worked Great For My Raspberry Stain!

by Kelly

I got this comment from Kelly on Pinterest (follow me please!) when she read a similar boiling water tip as the one above on this page about removing fruit juice stains.

Kelly says:

Boiling water works!!

I removed a set in raspberry stain perfectly. :)

I did pour vinegar over the stain as well before pouring water unto the clothing, and the stain is history!!!

So happy I found this, I'm sure I'm going to need this time and time again!

Taylor says:

Glad it worked for you Kelly!

Does anyone else have tips for removing any type of berry spot or stain on clothing or elsewhere? If so, I'd love to hear it, and you can share your tips here, or read even more already submitted.

4 home remedies for removing berry stains from clothes {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Boiling Water Worked Great For My Raspberry Stain!

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Blueberry stains
by: Flo

Your trick of using boiling water worked wonderfully well to remove a blueberry stain on a shirt that means a lot to me. Many thanks!

boiling water method worked!
by: Caroline

Hi. Just wanted to say the boiling water method worked for me! I didn't expect it to, and was amazed at how quickly it did. Many thanks for the advice.

color fabric?
by: Anonymous

Blueberry sauce from a cheesecake fell in my husbands lap. I am concerned about ruining his dress trousers. Are these methods safe for dark colored slacks?

re question about dark colored slacks
by: Taylor

I always suggest caution on anything you really don't want to ruin, especially expensive clothes. You need to look at the tag and see if they are even washable. If they're dry clean only I wouldn't suggest any of these methods since they're for washable fabric. Whatever you try, do it first in an inconspicuous area, such as a hem as a test, to make sure it will neither shrink nor fade the slacks before proceeding.

dried on stain
by: Chrisanne

I didn't know my shirt got berry juice on it until after it was washed and dried. Now how do I get this out of my shirt?

response re stain that went through dryer
by: Taylor

Chrisanne, I hate it when that happens, don't you? You don't even realize there was a problem until you've pulled something out of the dryer and are folding it. This is very common, unfortunately. When items are really stained and the spot is set in my number one suggestion is to try presoaking. It was actually mentioned above in the article, and I would suggest either Biz or Oxiclean and a long, long soak, perhaps overnight or even for 24 hours. You may also want to try scrubbing lightly with an old toothbrush after you've presoaked and see if that also loosens the stain. Good luck!

lemon juice worked for me, thanks for the tip!
by: Eric

I just had some great success with that treatment for removing blackberry stains from a shirt using lemon juice. Now, in my case, I had initially put Dawn detergent on it, but I knew that's really good for grease, but not so much for other kinds of stains. So I looked up your web site. I had lemon juice in the refrigerator, and it removed it very well. The stain was fresh. This was done perhaps within 10 minutes of its happening, when my baby touched the sleeve of my shirt when his hand was covered with blackberry juice.

Boiling water worked like a charm
by: Simeon

I stained a new linen shirt with raspberry. The stain was dry when I noticed it and about 3 hrs passed before the treatment. I was reading about using vinegar and detergent to clean it and was about to try it when I found here the information about the boiling water. I put the spot over a pot and secured it with elastic band. Boiled 1qt of water, but less than a half was sufficient. Not even a slight trace of where the stain was remained. Thank you very much for sharing the information.

boiling water works
by: Anonymous

Hi! I also want to say that boiling water worked well on the mulberry stain. Thanks a lot.

boiling water
by: Anonymous

The boiling water on berry (bird dropping) stains was effective, not 100% but helped.

just removed blueberry stains using vinegar and boiling water
by: Anonymous

After 2 great Easter masses, getting in the car I accidentally tipped over a cup of fruit. Well, blackberries and blueberries went everywhere on the bottom of my dress. I immediately started googling for help and found your site along with a few others. I sent my boyfriend (who was thankfully in another car) to get me some cheap white vinegar while I rushed home to strip down so I could cold water wash my dress. (I had to throw some Dial soap on it, too, to see if my usual trick would work. The Dial made some of the small stains a bit better, but the heavy duty stains just laughed at the Dial).

So I doused in cold water then doused the stains in white vinegar, scrubbing with a sponge while my hot water got ready. I then poured the steaming boiling water over my dress. Poof--- immediately no more stains!!!! It was amazing. I'm now washing the dress just to make sure I got all of the stains away.

So there you go---cold water rinse, white vinegar, and boiling water on the back end. Worked like a charm!!!

agree, boiling water for raspberry stains
by: Laurie

We tried the cold running water and lemon juice on a fresh raspberry stain - it didn't work.

Then we went with cold running water and boiling water. Only took one try - voila! No more stain.

Note: our bowl was too big for a rubber band so I just tied a shoelace around it, and put the bowl in the sink.

Thank you for the tip!

Boiling water saved the day
by: Andre Deelefs

Stuck in a hotel room with only soap, shaving cream, toothpaste and shampoo. Google sent me to your site. I did have a kettle in the room and tonight's dessert topping stain came out after just half a cup of boiling water. Hard to believe something that simple worked magic.

Lemon juice solution
by: Anonymous

Wow, lemon juice removed blackberry stains like magic! Many thanks 😊

Washed & dried blueberry stain
by: Jean

Had a beautiful yellow broadcloth shirt that had already gone through the washer, dryer and was being ironed before I noticed the blueberry stain from yesterday's smoothies. UGH!!! I rubberbanded it to a coffee cup and ran hot water from a Keurig coffee maker through it. One 10 oz cup later and the stain disappeared! Thanks so much for the advice.

Hot water
by: Heidi

I had a white linen type shirt that had a small berry stain on it that got washed and dried. It was very faint but just enough to barely see. I tried the boiling water technique. I stretched it over a coffee mug and poured boiling water over it and it took the stain out even though it has been set for sometime now! Great tip thanks so much.

How to get out of colored clothes?
by: Kathy

How to get out berry stains out of colored clothes?

You saved my best hot weather pants
by: Maryanne

I was coming home from the co-op this afternoon and found that some berries had figured out a way to attack my favorite blend slacks which are so important for hot steamy days. I found my hands covered with red stains too. I have no idea how I manage and was so depressed. I popped open my laptop when I got home and found your boiling water suggestion and was amazed that it worked! Thanks.

Boiling water!!
by: MLG

Boiling water worked like a miracle on blueberry stain. I had scrubbed and soaped and chemicaled to death!! Poured boiling water through as on your video and poof!! Gone with first drops of water!!!!

This actually worked really well
by: Anonymous

Hot water worked like a charm on a yellow t-shirt with fresh blueberry stains. Thanks heaps!

Hydrogen peroxide for berry stains
by: Virginia Chapson

I pour enough h202 on the berry stain to wet it thoroughly. Wait 20 minutes then rinse with cool water.

Sometimes I soak a cotton square in h202 and place it over the stain for 15 minutes. If the stain is still there, soak a clean cotton square with more h202 and lay on the stain, until the stain is gone, then rinse with cold water.

by: Anonymous

Pure ammonia, rinse with water after.

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