Target Up & Up Dryer Sheets Review: No Scent Added

by Taylor

In my never ending quest to try all the brands of scent free dryer sheets I recently have been using the store brand from Target, Up & Up's fabric softener sheets.

As usual I bought the unscented version, since I both prefer no scent and also because of allergies in our family.

Further, as usual, the store brand version is generally cheaper (at least when no coupons are used) than the name brand standard for hypoallergenic dryer sheets, which is Bounce Free. That is always a big plus, especially with a tight budget like our family has.

I noted that Target not only had scent free dryer sheets, but also several other scent free laundry supplies, including detergent and liquid fabric softener, although currently those were out of stock at the store I want to. I applaud Target for thinking of customers who don't like scent when choosing the products they make for their store brand! Although it is easier for find hypoallergenic generic products now than it used to be, it is still not as easy as I believe it should be.

I have now used about 30 of the sheets, so I feel like I've got enough information to decide what I think of them, and as much as I want to like this brand I just don't, at least as much as some of the other generics I've used.

These sheets feel a bit rougher, but that really isn't such a bad thing, but I think it indicates they just don't have as much softener added into them as others.

Whereas, I could use the Walmart dryer sheets two times, normally, before all of the softener was used, with the Up & Up brand I can only use them once before they're used up. That means Target's version ultimately cost twice as much!

Other than that issue, they work pretty well, so I will definitely finish up the box and if I was in a pinch I'd get them again. They don't have a scent and seem to reduce static cling as well as the other brands I've tried.

Overall, my assessment is that these sheets are perfectly adequate, but since I've found others that work a bit better, and cost about the same, I think I'll stick with them instead, especially since for me Walmart is a more convenient store to get to, since it is closer to my home.

My overall grade for this product is a B.

You can click here to read dryer sheets reviews and information from myself and other readers, or to share your own reviews as well. I'd especially love to hear from people who've used scented versions of store brands, since I cannot use them myself and have to rely on others opinions of them.

Further, if you're specifically looking for scent free laundry products, check out the hypoallergenic laundry products page, which lists the most commonly available products along with reviews of them, when I have them.

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