Gain Fabric Softener Review: Original Scent With FreshLock Is Gross

by Pam

Pam has shared her Gain fabric softener review, of the original scent, with me.

Pam says:

P&G has changed the scent of the Gain Original Fabric softener...It's disgusting. Smells like kids candy or something offensive.

None of us like it and have started trying new brands.

I called P&G and they said they haven't changed a thing and NO ONE has complained. This is simply not true and they are losing customers because of the new smell.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your review of this product Pam.

I know many readers have complained about the change in scent of Gain detergent itself, which has Freshlock, but this is the first I heard about this "Freshlock" change also making the scent of the liquid fabric softener different as well, although I would guess it would, come to think about it.

I'd love to hear from even more readers who use any of the scents of Gain fabric softener sharing their opinions and experiences with it. You can share your review here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted, including for the dryer sheets and scent booster products.

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Gain Liquid Fabric Softener Review: Island Fresh Scent With Freshlock

by SR101 Reader

Here's another review of a different scent of Gain softener, from an SR101 reader.

SR101 Reader says:

I used to absolutely love this scent before they changed to the Freshlock.

I knew there was a difference, and still had an older bottle of it left without the freshlock, and you can definately tell a difference.

The one with the freshlock smells like bubble gum. I won't use it anymore. Why did you change it? Especially now that you have seen how so many users are displeased, and have stopped using it?

Almost turns me away from Proctor & Gamble period!

I would resume buying this product again if you go back.

Is it cheaper for you to make it like this or something Disgusting!!!!

Taylor says:

Thanks for providing your review of this product. As you can see from the review above you're definitely not the first person to conclude the addition of "freshlock" ruined the smell of many Gain products.

There is also another page on the site discussing how freshlock also changed, for the worse, the scent of Gain's detergents as well.

Please note that I am not in any way associated with Gain or Procter & Gamble, so I cannot answer why they've decided to change the formula.

If you're looking for a new fabric softener, I would suggest reading fabric softener reviews from readers here (scroll down the page to after the information on how to use it) to see if you can find something others have enjoyed. Good luck, and hope the reviews from other readers help you out.

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Comments for Gain Liquid Fabric Softener Review: Island Fresh Scent With Freshlock

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I use the softener and dryer sheets
by: Crystal

I use the Gain original liquid fabric softener and the Gain original fabric sheets and they work great together. I get the great smell I want and I don't have to buy the expensive Gain washing detergent with it. Instead I buy an off brand detergent, because I use the Gain fabric softener my clothes smell Gain fresh.

by: Anonymous

The smell of Gain Detergent and Gain Softener is so strong it irritates my nose and makes me nauseated.

I us PUREX clothes smells fresh and no allergies or nausea...

Thought I was developing asthma
by: Cyndi

I tried Gain dryer sheets when I was drying my linens and bedding. For days after I had a dry, scratchy throat and my chest was very tight and I found it very hard to breath. My nose was very stuffy and my eyes itched like crazy. I was convinced I was developing allergies as well as asthma. I also noticed that when I walked into the laundry room my symptoms worsened. I immediately threw the dryer sheets outside in the trash bin and rewashed all my bedding TWICE and used no dryer sheets or fabric softener to dry them. My symptoms disappeared overnight!! The culprit was GAIN. The smell is so overpowering that I cannot walk down the laundry detergent aisle without suffering.

Island Fresh stinks
by: Tony

Gain Island Fresh fabric softener makes my clothes stink. The laundry detergent Island Fresh is great. WHAT HAPPENED?

new scent terrible
by: Kelly

The scent of your new Gain fabric softener has a terrible smell. Bring back the old one. I will now have to go find a new one as I cannot stand the smell of this one.

original scent liquid softener scent
by: Anonymous

Have they changed the scent on the softener too? It is not the same anymore and gives me a headache! I can not use many perfumes, soaps, etc. due to the scent making me ill. The liquid softener WAS perfect!

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