Sad About The Suds: Original Gain Scent No Longer The Same

by Pat Koelln

Taylor's Introduction:

I think the most often sent in Gain laundry detergent review I receive here at Stain Removal 101 is complaints about the new, and "improved" scent of Original Gain, which is often referred to as "Freshlock."

People are VERY loyal to their original Gain scent, it seems, and since Procter & Gamble messed with it many people have revolted, lamented, complained, and even switched to a different detergent.

I used to have these reviews spread throughout the rest of the reviews, but they became so common I decided to group them together to let everyone commiserate in the same place at the same time.

If you're sad about the new scent, read on to find people who feel just the same, and be sure to add your two cents and opinions by clicking here! Now, here's the first review.

Pat says:

I have been using Gain powder and liquid soap for years. I do not like the new scent that they have changed of the Original Gain powder and liquid.

Whatever formula they have started using has totally destroyed the distinctive scent of the original Gain. Why would you want your product to smell like every other product on the market and worse, it reminds me of those cherry scented free standing bathroom air fresheners.

If they wanted to change the formula why didn't they create another scent instead of tampering with the original scent, which was sublimely subtle?

I have stopped purchasing the product which makes me very sad. There was nothing else that was better than the original Gain on the market.

I would think they would have the same reaction to this new scent as what happened with Coca Cola when they changed their original formula-They did bring back their original.

Taylor says:

Thanks Pat for sharing your opinions. You are definitely not the first person to share that the new formula's scent has changed from the way it used to smell.

I am curious, for those who have used both the old and new versions of Gain, what do more of you think of the scent now? Some people continue to like it without complaint, but for others, like Pat, the change in scents is a deal breaker. You can share your own reviews and thoughts here, or read even more reviews already submitted.

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Gain Liquid Original Scent Review - Don't Like Smell Left On Clothing

by Jenee
(Topeka, KS)

Jenee has provided her Gain liquid original scent review.

Jenee says:

I used the Original Gain liquid formula a few months ago. It was reasonably priced and that was attractive for me to try it.

While the detergent does remove stains, and get your clothes clean it leaves behind a very strange odor.

While in the bottle the detergent has a lovely "spring" scent. However, after the clothes have been washed and dried that "spring" scent more closely resembles urine.

I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out what in the world the offensive odor was before finally realizing that it was the clothing that I had just washed.

I could not get the smell to go away and finally ended up having to rewash everything in a different laundry detergent. If you can get past the odor the laundry detergent did leave the clothing soft, which is a plus.

But because of the strange odor problem I will definitely not be buying the Gain laundry detergent again.

Taylor says:

Jenee, thanks for your review.

I definitely wouldn't like the smell of a detergent either if, to me, it smelled liked urine. Yuck.

It is interesting that you don't like the scent, because I have received so many reviews from people who really love it.

Interestingly though, Gain just recently added something called "Freshlock" to its scents. Many people have since complained that it changed the smell, and they no longer like it anymore.

Has anyone else noticed this issue? If you have used Gain for a long time, and now notice a difference in the scent, good or bad, since they have introduced Freshlock please tell me about it.

You can share your Gain laundry detergent reviews here, or read others already submitted.

In addition you can share your laundry detergent review here, for any other brand, telling what you do or don't like about it, and why.

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Gain With Freshlock Stinks

by Lois

Lois says:

I have been a Gain laundry detergent user for upwards of 15 or more years. It has seen us through three children (two of whom were preemies and we used Gain on their very delicate bedding and clothing while they were in the NICU).

I have always loved the way Gain smelled - and back when I first started purchasing Gain, there was only one scent, which I have stuck by since it is my favorite.

Along comes new "Freshlock" to lock in the fresh smell. Well, personally, I find the locked in smell to be of sour grape gum that children love to chew. Ugh.

This has not been an improvement by any means on the wonderful, fresh smell Gain used to have.

And it is not limited to the original scent of Gain. It applies to all the new "flavors" and it is found in both powder and liquid.

I know. I've tried most of them. It is AWFUL.

I have had to go searching store shelves high and low for bottles and boxes without Freshlock.

Suffice to say, I have enough laundry detergent for the next year or so, as I buy the detergent whenever I see it WITHOUT Freshlock.

But I've also been searching high and low for a new laundry soap that will clean as well as Gain and leave a fresh scent. The closest I've come is Cheer, which isn't quite as nice, but it may have to do once I've used the last of my precious non-Freshlock Gain.

Just my opinion, I'm sure others love the smell, but why do manufacturers have to "improve" what is already working, and working well??

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Gain's Scent Is Not The Same With The Concentrated Formula

by Shawn
(Fruitland Park, Florida)

Shawn sent in this review of Gain laundry detergent.

Shawn says:

I have been using Gain for many many years. Then, all of a sudden, it comes out with this concentrated formula and it smells terrible.

Something they did to formulate this concentrated formula has made it become one of the worst smelling laundry detergents out there. Nothing about it is the same. I have stopped using it. Sad day.........

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your Gain laundry detergent review Shawn, but I'm sorry you've been disappointed.

It can happen when there are formula changes that the scent will also change. I am assuming when you discuss the more concentrated version you mean the powdered version, but if you don't, please clarify if you have time. Many people have not been happy with the recent changes to Gain powder.

Has anyone else noticed a change in Gain's scent along with any new formulations?

Please share your own reviews and experiences with this detergent here.

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New Gain Original with FreshLock STINKS!!!!

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 reader has shared their opinion of the new Gain with Freshlock.

SR101 Reader says:

I've used Gain Original laundry detergent for many years because of the WONDERFUL SMELL it leaves in my clothes. Now they've added something they say is to extend the scent in your laundry, & it has entirely CHANGED THE SMELL TO SOMETHING AWFUL!!!

I might note that I recently took my cotton turtlenecks out of the drawer where they've been stored since last winter. They had been washed with the old Gain original and they still had that wonderful smell.

It seems that Gain has fixed something that wasn't broken. What a disappointment. The new product's smell was so offensive that I threw it out & am in the process of trying other detergents. None have come close to the wonderful scent of the Original Gain before they "improved" it.

Taylor says:

You aren't the first person to complain about this problem, unfortunately.

Has anyone else noticed a different, good or bad, with the new scent? You can share your own review or opinions here.

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My Two Cents Worth On New Gain With Freshlock

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

Here is my two cents worth on Gain. They are catering to a concept that their "freshlock" scent will remain on your clothing for weeks. Folks, that is not normal!

I firmly believe that whatever they have put in their detergent to remain on your clothing for weeks shouldn't be touching your skin, much less you inhaling it!

I love the "old school" scent, but not the freshlock.

I've switched to Tide, but I'm not thrilled with their product either. The original Tide's formula has changed as well as the April Fresh Downy (now that stinks too--like bug spray!).

Marketing is tricky! They are like everyone else trying to make more for their money; therefore, interfering with a good product.

They are adding cheaper ingredients, downsizing it and making it look like it is Ultra when fillers are added (passing on the cost to us). Very disheartening!

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That Wonderful Smell From Original Gain Is GONE

by Doris Leonard
(Monson, Ma Hampden)

Doris shared her opinion with me about the new scent of Gain's "Original" scent laundry detergent.

Doris says:

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE take out whatever changed that wonderful smell Gain used to have.

I've been seriously thinking of changing my detergent. If it stays like it is I WILL change. I am looking at other detergents now.

Taylor says:

Doris, you are definitely not the only person who has noticed this change in their formula, but it has been so long now since Gain changed I doubt they will be changing back.

In addition, Doris, please note that I am an independent website not affiliated with this detergent brand, so although I've published your opinion on the web it hasn't gone as a customer complaint directly to Gain. Just wanted to make sure you understood that. :)

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I Cannot Tolerate The New Original Gain

by LeeAnne

I used Gain for 20+ years and always loved it.

My son would visit from college and be so happy that his clothes smelled nice after being laundered at home (and it was the Gain).

I have tried the new Original Scent and absolutely cannot tolerate the smell. I have had to re-wash clothes in an unscented detergent to try and was the stink of the new Gain out of my blouses.

It is so strong and so unpleasant!

Why oh why do companies discontinue popular products?

I now use Amway detergent but would swap back to the old Gain in a heartbeat if it were available.

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Terrible Change To Gain Original Scent Liquid HE

by Pete

I picked up a new bottle in December of the Original Scent Liquid HE.

I just used it the other day and I was shocked by the change to this time tested fresh scent. It now smells like a cheap fruity air freshener as compared to it's old beautful scent I've used for 10 years or more.

I have enough left of an older bottle to compare and there is no contest. I notice the older bottle says "Original Fresh" the new one just says "Original".

It may clean just as well but the scent even on clean clothes just doesn't work for me. It's like I'm wearing somene else's clothes!!

I also notice the new one has a milky color to the green, the old one was just pure green transparent. I wonder what is in that milky soup?

Anyway GAIN, I liked you for so long. Now to find a new friend, not owned by P & G who obviously don't care about their customers.

Taylor says:

Hi Pete, thanks so much for sharing your Gain laundry detergent review, and how the scent has changed.

You're definitely not the first person to complain to me about the scent. I'm not sure whey Gain changed, but many people don't like the new version. Sometimes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

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The Fresh Scent Of Gain Needs To Be Changed Back

by WendyJRL

I wondered if maybe I had lost my sense of smell (not

I have used Gain for 20+ years and I knew that something was different and less appealing about my Gain detergent lately (I use the powder-more for your money in my opinion).

I would get many compliments on the fresh "clean" scent at work and when even simply walking thru the store.

CHANGE IT BACK!!!...why "fix" something that wasn't broken to begin with??

I miss the clean scent and am venturing out to find a new "fresh & clean" detergent.

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The Original Smell Of Gain Liquid Is Gone

by SR101 Reader

I've been using liquid Gain for years because it smelled so good--------but not anymore. Where did the smell go?

I sure am very disappointed. I just switched to another brand, but if you bring that great smell back, I will switch right back. PLEASE bring it back!!!!!!

Gain is a great product and I really would rather use it than any other brand.

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The New Formula Stinks

by Leona
(Montreal, QC)

I used to love Gain. This new formula stinks.

The clothes smell moldy.

Right now I am wearing a top that I had washed last week with this detergent and I am gagging.

I don't know whether I'd be able to make it to the end of the day. Usually, a fragrance only lasts for 1 to 2 hours but this seems to last forever.

I called P&G to complain and I was told that it might be batch that got exposed during shipment.

From the online reviews I've read so far, I seriously doubt this as being the case.

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Yuk - Now The Smell Gives Me A Headache

by Barby

I have always liked the scent of Original Gain because it didn't have the sweet children's candy smell of most detergents and fabric softeners.

It used to smell like had a very pleasant woodsy smell.

The new scent gives me a headache.

If it works....dont' fix it!

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I Want The Original Original Gain Back!!!

by Cheryl
(Springfield, Ohio)

I was a loyal user of Gain before they changed the scent.

I loved the smell and it lasted forever.

I would wash my clothes at the end of the season, pack them in a tote, and when I opened the tote up again the great smell would hit me and it was as if I just took them out of the dryer, mmmmmmm good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I no longer use this brand because it just does not smell good.

Please bring back the original original scent as a option and I will return as a loyal user again.

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"New" Original Scent .... NOT

by Kate

I kept buying what was referred to as "original scent" because I always loved it.

Each time I did I was disappointed and thought they must have labeled it wrong.

I will NOT be using it again.

This new, supposedly original, scent is revolting to me.

It smells like old flowers.

The OLD smell was fresh and clean.

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Disappointed With The "New" Original Scent

by Kay
(Louisville, KY)

I loved, loved, loved Gain laundry detergent and was a loyal customer for years.

I wouldn't even think of buying another brand.

I would find myself at work just sniffing my shirt because I loved the scent so much.

I loved doing laundry just because of that wonderful scent. It was like nothing else on the market - not flowery, not fruity, just indescribably fresh.

But when Gain changed their "Original" scent, they lost me as a customer.

This is not the original scent!

And whatever it is, I do not like it.

I will not purchase it again unless they come to their senses and bring back the true "Original" scent that so many of us loved and dearly miss.

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I've Switched Now Since It Stinks!

by SR101 Reader

I too have switched after the scent of "original" Gain changed.

I did write to them but they didn't offer any explanation, only a coupon.

How can they change something and call it original?

The same thing has happened with Wisk, which I absolutely can't stand anymore.

My husband is allergic to Tide, so I'm looking for a new favorite....

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The Odor Is So Strong I Can Almost Taste It!

by Kaye
(Victoria BC Canada)

This detergent is horrible. The odor of it is so strong that it literally made me feel ill the day I used it for my laundry and spending $3.50 per load, I just decided to put up with the smell.

I will be giving the huge container of the liquid Gain away just to get rid of it.

Must be really awful for those who are allergic to artificial scents. I am sitting here typing and my nose is still picking up the smell of Gain on my clothes. Yuk!

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Gain Original Scent Liquid: Now It Smells Like Cherry Pez!

by Sue
(Woodstock, VT)

Sue says:

I have been using Gain liquid original scent for many, many years and have never so much as considered using a different laundry detergent...until recently.

You have changed something in the formula and the wonderful, clean scent is gone!

My clean laundry is now left with a strong lingering, sweet smell of cherry Pez! WHY did you change the scent?

I have one giant container to use and I'm afraid that I'll be searching for a different laundry detergent for the first time in 30 years! Please bring back the original scent!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with the most recent formulation of Gain Sue.

As you may be aware I am not in any way affiliated with this detergent brand, and therefore I cannot personally do anything to change this reformulation.

You aren't the first, however, to make this complaint to me. There are MANY people not happy with the new scent. I believe Gain themselves had had lots of complaints about it too. So many, in fact, that I noted recently on their FAQ page on the website the following question and answer:
Q: The scent in this product has changed and I don't like it.

A: We want your nose to be happy. Take a sniff of one of our other 11 great scents and let your nose decide if a different scent is right for you.
Based on this answer I am guessing they are not going to be changing the scent back anytime soon. Instead, they're just hoping you'll try another scent.

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If you're interested in a whole new brand, make sure to check out the laundry detergent reviews section of this website, where I've provided information and reviews of the top brands, that can help you choose the best detergent for you.

What is the best laundry detergent? Reviews from A - M

Good luck, and hope you find a new scented detergent that you enjoy!

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Comments for Gain Original Scent Liquid: Now It Smells Like Cherry Pez!

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Not happy it has changed its original smell!!!
by: Anonymous

I too am really upset Gain has changed its wonderful original scent!!! And because they have I will no longer buy their product.....of any kind.

I miss the OLD smell
by: Alice

Nothing was better than the way the old Gain smelled. I was totally loyal to it.

The new smell is so bad and terrible.

I wish they would go back to the old formula!!!! OR at least offer it in addition.

There was nothing else like it.

I have been using for 10 years, but no more
by: Robert

What happened to the original scent? After 10 years of using Gain, I noticed a change about a year ago. I will not use the original scent anymore. Why did they change it?

New smell
by: Anonymous

I can't stand the locked in smell of what they call original. It smells like dirty smelly feet.

Whatever the strange odor they put in it is in several other products, including Dawn dish detergent and lots of other products.

How do we get them to stop using this stinking stuff?

Will be so glad to rid my house and clothes of this horrible smell. What a waste of money.

weaker scent
by: Vanessa Holloway

I use to be able to smell Gain in my clothes for days. People would compliment the clean smell of my clothes. Not only has the scent changed, it's a lot weaker. Please bring back the old smell.

how is it original if its not THE original?
by: Dan

I was a faithful Gain user and recommended it to everyone. People used to say that I smelled "hospital fresh". Now, Gain has changed their "original" formula and it smell nothing like the REAL original. Not only does it not smell the same but I think that the new version might be the cause of a rash that I've been getting. I'm going to be changing my brand, but I wish that the REAL ORIGINAL Gain would come back.

liquid no longer smells great!
by: Vickie LaLonde

I switched after years of using Tide to Gain Original Liquid Detergent just because of the lovely scent it left on my clothes for $10.00/2.95 liter. Now, I notice they are selling Gain odor boosters/beads to add to your wash cycle, more money! That's probably why they took the lovely scent out of their Gain detergent, so you would buy the Odor Booster Beads. Makes me angry so I will switch! Shame on them too! What did they think, no one would notice. Very poor marketing strategy because people will switch and they will lose.

Stinks Bad!
by: Jan

I couldn't believe something happened to Gain. I have used it for years. I thought it was my washer not cleaning good, so I cleaned it twice in a week. The HE washers are know at times to smell. I told my husband something was wrong with the washer, my clothes smelled worse coming out of the washer than when they went in. Finally out of desperation I smelled the soap and couldn't believe the smell -- it smelled rotten! The main reason I used the soap is the smell. People have always commented on my laundry, they will not now! and I will not be using it, and I will miss it!

None of the new Gain scents are good
by: Janice

I do not like any of the new Gain scents. The only reason I ever switched to the "old" Original Gain was the scent. I never thought it cleaned any better than what I used previously.

When my son went to Space Camp several people commented on how good his clothes smelled...these were teenagers! When he went off to college he said it sure was nice when he washed clothes he had the smell of home in every load. When he could no longer find it he was as upset as me!

The reason some people don't seem to notice a difference in old and new is scent is not important to them.

I stocked up at all the closeout stores when I realized it was going to be discontinued and I still have one bottle left....I am probably so conservative with it it will be ruined before I ever use it all.

I do like Oxydol powder in an Oh so Good Scent....very hard to find. The liquid is occasionally found but the powder is a real find when you can.

This smells very clean like my Grandmother's wash....not like a beach, a mountain, or fruit.

I guess I don't understand why people prefer their clothes to smell like this instead of clean and fresh. The more fruity the more pungent and if your clothes sit a few days before wearing they stink.

I really hate for anything to change that I like. I agree with one other poster -- why didn't they add a scent or two and keep the Original instead of getting rid of it and calling a new scent Original? It is almost untruthful.

The first box I brought home I kept wondering why the car didn't smell wonderful. I used the box thinking it would grow on me but it didn't.

I have noticed that even if you find a scent you can tolerate you can never find it again. There are so many scents one store can't carry them all.

I have sent many emails to the company begging for a return to clean original scent to no avail.

I have finally switched to a detergent that I can buy at Walmart or Big Lots called Ariel. It has a nice clean scent ....the main language on the bag is Spanish which leads me to believe it is a Mexican brand and it is distributed by Proctor and Gamble.

If you have any influence please ask Original Gain to be reinstated! Thank you.

Tide did the same thing
by: John W

I know this thread is about Gain, but Tide has changed too. I've always used Tide. Got used to the scent when I was a kid. Last week we bought Original scent Liquid and I can't stand the smell of my clothes now. I called Tide customer service and they said they changed it in July and that if I wanted original scent I'd have to buy Mountain scent instead. WHY?

They have lost me as a consumer
by: Donna Henn

I have been a Gain user for over 20 years. I would not buy anything else. The "original" scent would stay on your clothes for months. You could wash your fall/winter clothes, hang them or store then until the next fall/winter season and get them out and they would still smell just like they had been freshly washed. Not now, the Freshlock stinks and you can't smell anything on your clothes the next day after you wash them.

I don't understand if something is not broken why companies must feel they need to "fix" it.

They have lost me as a consumer. So sad, so very, very sad.

How do I get the Gain smell out?
by: Anonymous

Has anyone figured out how to get this horrible smell out of clothes? I put in a friends pair of shorts with my laundry and everything stinks like Gain. I've washed the clothes 6 times now trying Oxyclean, vinegar, All Free and Clear, and baking soda. The clothes still smell of Gain. I currently have tossed the laundry onto the lawn. How do I remove the scent from my clothes?

How do you get rid of the awful smell?
by: Estate Executor

I am in the middle of liquidating my mother's estate and OMG! My throat is burning. My nose is running. My stomach is rolling.

I have washed and rewashed the guilty items that made it into my house but it won't come out. I have a super powered air filter running full time in the room where most of the items are stored but the smell is seeping into my furniture.

How do you get it out? It's ruining my home.

Gain response re removing the scent from clothing
by: Anonymous

I wrote an email and they were responsive, which was very surprising. They get points for customer service. Still no magic method of removing the scent. Here is their response:

"We appreciate you reporting your experience to us. Our products and packages are thoroughly evaluated to be safe when used as directed. Additionally, we maintain an ongoing safety monitoring program to assure the highest standards of safety and quality. Please be assured I'm sharing your comments with our Health and Safety Division. Meanwhile, please hold on to the package and any remaining product for two weeks in the event our Health and Safety Division needs to retrieve them. For answers to medical questions, we recommend you speak with your doctor who will be able to give you the best advice.

To remove the scent off the clothes, re-wash item 2 to 3 times in the hottest water safe for the fabric. You could try an unscented detergent. The scent should not last through 2 to 3 washes.

...try our Tide Free and Gentle detergent to help get the scent out of your clothes...

Thanks for writing.

Gain Team"

smells like cheap aftershave
by: Rita

Should never have changed the original scent to that nasty "fresh" scent. Way too strong and smells like cheap aftershave.

The original had a nice subtle scent that lasted in sheets stored over the summer for winter use. I have stopped ALL Gain products because of this stupid move by the "Gain Team" which probably consist of 20 somethings that have never done laundry a day in their lives.

They changed the label to say original scent which is an out and out lie. Keep the original and make 20 different scents that would be the smart move. Look what Coke did with getting rid of the original. They sure brought that back fast.

I will never use Gain products again unless the original "original scent" is brought back.

by: Anonymous

This is the most disgusting smell. I can't get the smell out of my nose!!!

Disgusting odor
by: Anonymous

I cannot get the odor out of my nose or furniture it touched!!! Help, it's making me sick. Disgusting...

It makes our clothes smell musty!!
by: Tina

I am so happy I stumbled across this website!! I thought something was wrong with ME!! I am not a mom but hope I can submit my review too. I've been very loyal to Gain liquid laundry detergent and Gain dryer sheets and have used both together forever. But lately I noticed our clothes smell musty. That is the best word I can think of to describe the smell. I can especially smell it when I wash something and let it air dry, like my husbands carhart knit caps he wears to work in the winter. They STINK!! I've also noticed lately when I grab a pajama top out of my dresser it smells terrible. So yesterday I printed off a coupon for Tide and bought some. Even with the coupon I spent 2.00 more than what I used to for Gain. I hate spending more, but if it will keep our clothes from stinking I have to. I had no idea Gain changed it's scent/formula but after reading some of these reviews, I know it's not just me and feel better!!! I am anxious to try Tide since I've not bought it (or any other laundry detergent) in years. The first thing I am going to do is wash one of his caps and let it air dry, then see how it smells!!!!

Glad It's Not Just Me That Noticed
by: Anonymous

I loved the smell of Gain and used the Gain Flings or liquid in the bottle and the dryer sheet, but recently have been searching for the source of the "sour milk" smell in my bedroom, on my bedding, when I'm sitting on the couch, when I'm cuddling my grandchild, etc. I finally determined that is everything I've washed in the new Gain Flings. Everything smells like baby throw up and seems to get worse as the days pass. I will no longer use Gain.

Gain is too strong!
by: Anonymous

My grandmother used to use Gain; it always smelled so fresh. Now the smell is so pungent I don't use it anymore. Please bring back the Gain of old!

It stinks!
by: Kenny

Unless you are mopping the Elephant House with it, why would anyone want such a strong stink on their clothes and in their home? It took weeks and loads of rewashing with Tide to get the Gain Stink out of everything. Damn, this stench kept me up at night!

YES it's a sour dairy odour!
by: Nigel

I loved GAIN as well. Recently while soaking some hand-washing I left the articles sitting over night. Next day I smelled a sour milk smell. It was coming from bucket of wash. Another time I washed laundry @ girlfriend's and used a Tide product w/ Febreze in it, took one sweater out to dry flat; sweater reeked of this cheesy similar odour! The remainder of this wash went into the dryer, and those articles had less of the offending malodour. However, I am "blessed" w/a very keen sense of smell, it is unmistakably the same as the "original" GAIN. I suspect this is a Febreze additive which goes by the FRESHLOCK moniker. Very sad indeed they would ruin this old school favourite. Another scent of GAIN I quite liked was Sunshine fresh with bleach: (powder) very similar to the original original, w/ a bit of citrus. Really still had a cedar undernote. They discontinued this several yrs. back. ALL of them reek now. Flings are the worst as they fade to that milk gone off, or fromage foot funk!

Gain liquid with lift and lock
by: Pete Bonell

We have been using Gain for some time and just recently noticed this $%#@ smell. I feel that it has affected my sense of taste. (No I don't drink it!) The bedding, clothes, everything that is washed stinks and won't improve with plain water washing. These clothes have been thrown out. We have switched to Purex liquid and hope for improvement.

so sad it now stinks
by: Amanda Moore

It smells like some kind of gases mixed with something else, so sad, I have used for years.

Bring back the one and only Gain scent
by: Susan

I don't understand why Gain changed its wonderful scent it once had. What is the purpose? If many people, including me, thought the original smell was great, and it is selling, why change it!! I am so disappointed in this company!!!!!

Leaves a bad odor.
by: Kaylee

We have used Gain Original Scent detergent and fabric softener for years. It now leaves a bad scent on everything and when we use towels for showers/baths,the damp towels smell horrible afterwards. We will switch to another company's detergent since I finally figured out it is the Gain, not our washing machine or water that is causing this problem.

It does stink
by: Charlotte

So glad I finally did a search on this and got this page. For months I thought my laundry was just getting worse and ruined. Being a Gain fan for over 20 years, I never thought that it was the Gain that had changed, thought I was doing something wrong. I wear a lot of synthetic blends and they started not coming out fresh. Thought the fabric was holding funk. Switched to Tide with bleach alternative for my clothes, but since my son's clothes were cotton, kept using Gain on his things and linens. Towels didn't smell clean neither did my sins clothes. Stopped and used Tide bleach for everything. Now have a fresh smell. Gain smells like old dried urine in baby clothes now to me. Eww.

Other brands as well
by: Anonymous

It is other brands as well. When they added stain guard it messed it up. If you take the cap off and smell from the bottle you get the rancid smell. The problem is also tide,cheer,and others. I'm trying Era now, not as bad. Try to find original without all the other junk in it.

Has always smelled bad
by: Anonymous

My daughter-in-law washes her clothes in Gain and always has. I can't stand the smell. Makes me want to throw up. When they stay over night I have to wash everything; even the quilts and mattress cover. When I go out in public I get a whiff of some people who use that horrible soap--sickening. Please at least cut down on how much perfume you use in production.

All the new laundry product odors are horrid
by: Anonymous

Just writing to say that all the new laundry odors are horrid and bond permanently to clothing. All the clothes worn are terrible for people with sensitivities. These chemicals added to laundry products are very unhealthy to everyone. Stop using these terrible products. There are natural products out there that don't pollute the environment and cause breathing problems for many people.

GAIN Changed the formula !!! :(
by: Mad at Gain

I am glad I found this forum. I thought I was crazy. I am taking container back to store for refund. I am upset. I had finally found a good detergent and Gain changed the smell of the Original. Now there is little scent and it is bad too.

it has definitely changed
by: E Florida

I used it for the first time end of last year and was ecstatic. Low and behold they DEFINITELY changed the formula. I would know because I did not do my laundry again till June and bought Gain again looking forward to the nice LONG lasting smell -- all GONE! So I post on, and they delete, but they did leave one persons up, and left a lame company response saying it was outside too long -- not! I found this site because of all the complaints. They must have found a cheaper ingredient or want people to switch to more expensive flings or something.

should have stuck with what worked
by: Anonymous

Washing with this is just horrible. Yes, clothes come out clean but it leaves such a horrible lingering odor. Bad move, should have stuck to the original.

What is that smell?
by: Tara

I used to love Gain until they changed the scent. It took me a while to figure out where the funky smell was coming from. Several of my co-workers also use it and it makes the entire office smell bad. People are coughing and sneezing all day but no one wants to tell the other that their clothes smell bad. It is so awful! I've had to wash my clothes several times to get the smell out! Even if P&G went back to the original scent, I'm done!

I smell like a porta potty!!!
by: Jennifer Harrison

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I started using Gain years ago when I heard a young girl at a summer camp swoon over a cute lifeguard, saying, "He smells like Gain!". I told him what she said and he laughed and said, "That is actually what I use!". I thought, I wanna smell like that. Fresh and clean. So I switched and my whole family loved it. Then one day they "improved" it. Why??? Suddenly everywhere I went I could smell those porta potty fresheners that smell faintly of cheap cherry chapstick and chemicals. Gross! It is a smell that I will always associate with covering up worse smells - NOT clean things. I have not bought Gain since. It's been 2 years, and I am still trying to get the smell out of a few of my clothes.

now leaves a bad odor
by: Kay

We have used Gain Original Scent detergent & fabric softener for years. It now leaves a bad scent on everything and when we used towels, the wet towels smell horrible. We will switch to another company's detergent since I finally figured out it is the Gain, not our washing machine or water that is causing this problem.

not original anymore
by: Jeremy

I was a loyal Gain Original buyer for years and everyone loved the smell of my clothes. Not anymore. The product is awful now, it smells nothing like the Original. As a matter of fact, it doesn't smell like anything.

New version sucks
by: Brian

Why mess with something that was so good? I agree with the other reviews. Why not add the new Gain as an option instead of replacing what was perfect? If it ain't broke, don't fix it! If I can't get the old Gain I will have to switch, and that sucks because I have been buying Gain for over 15 years.

hate the new smell
by: Anonymous

I don't know what happened to Gain but the new smell is bothersome. I can't put my finger on it but it doesn't smell fresh and clean. I am also getting hives/itching from it.

Sickening odor
by: Lynne

We have used Gain for years, so we recently bought Gain Original HE with lift and lock. The odor in the curtains we washed was so sickening. They had been washed in Gain many times before.

They had to be removed from the room and then to the garage because my husband couldn't stand them in the basement until they could be rewashed in something else. We had to go buy another product to wash them in. This change is definitely not good. I loved the old Gain.

not buying anymore
by: Anna Parke

I have purchased Gain Original since it was introduced. Loved the fragrance during the wash and on clothes and linens afterward. But now it smells like sulfur when the water exits the machine. I am no longer buying GAIN. The commercial regarding the lasting fragrance is no longer valid.

what happened?
by: Debbie

What has happened to Gain's scent? It is almost a strong chemical smell to me! Going to have to find something else. Gives me a headache!

why did they change it?
by: Anonymous

If the makers of Gain do not bring back the original scent I will no longer buy it. Why in the world would they change it!

Musty Smell from Original Scent
by: Anonymous

I am so incredibly frustrated over the effect the GAIN laundry soap is having on our clothes. Every single load is coming out smelling like mold and mildew. No matter what I do, the clothes have a strong moldy odor. Maybe a more natural/mild laundry soap product would solve the problem. But as of now, I am completely disappointed and frustrated about this product. I would NEVER use again.

I can't stand the smell!
by: Kathy

I have always loved the smell of original scent Gain. For years I have used the original scent laundry detergent, dish soap and the all purpose cleaner with the scent of Gain. A few months ago I opened the box of laundry detergent and did not like what I smelled. I liked it even less when I smelled it on my clothes! I am so disappointed in this change. You had a huge following all because of your awesome smell and then you go and change it! And no doubt you spent thousands of dollars to do so. Well, in my opinion (and apparently a lot of others' opinions) it was a big mistake. If it ain't broke ... Don't fix it! Now I have been forced to change detergents which I really did not want to do. Please change it back!! I can't stand the smell :(

unpleasant after odor
by: Pat

Gain liquid original with fresh lock leaves an unpleasant after odor. Took me awhile to discover why my clean laundry smelled bad. Old urine? Petroleum odor? Won't buy Gain again.

problem with liquid, powder, tabs and even the dryer sheets and fabric softener
by: Disappointed customer

Original scent GAIN liquid, powder and tablets, and your dryer sheets and fabric softener, doesn't have the fresh scent that it has for years!! You have changed something! I noticed this during the summer and thought it would get better, well that hasn't happened and I don't believe it will!! CHANGE IT BACK PLEASE!! I have spoken to other long time users and they have the same complaint, you are only kidding yourself!!!

I want then old version back
by: Laura Sloop

I can't even count how many years I have been using GAIN. I used it for ONE reason, the wonderful SMELL!!! Now it doesn't smell the same. In fact, it doesn't even smell anywhere CLOSE!!! Please bring back the REAL Original Scent. I am currently using a different laundry detergent.

New lack of smell
by: Anonymous

I always bought Gain because of the stronger smell. It lasted a long time. It was a smell that was so good, I started buying other products with Gain such as dish soap, Febreeze, dryer sheets, etc. Now, it just smells like every other detergent out there. No point in only using Gain anymore. I have 4 kids and do a lot of laundry. I'm just disappointed.

Perhaps it's just a way to get us to buy the extras to add for smell. But hey, I can buy cheaper detergent and add the extras.

Not a fan
by: Karen

I MISS the ORIGINAL strong scent of Gain! I too have stopped purchasing Gain. The original scent of old is sorely missed. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!

by: Debra L Chermer

I switched to Gain and since smelled something odd on my clothing. My boss just asked "what stinks", so I know it's not in my head. This is very embarrassing!!!! It smells moldy. Ycch! I want my money back.

Bad smelling - like urine
by: Anonymous

Agree with another reviewer that it smells like urine. I noticed a weird smell in my house and thought my dog had started soiling the rugs??? But after opening a bag of sheets I had laundered and stored (two weeks), I discover the urine smell was in the fresh sheets. Disturbing discovery. I then realized the smell was in all the clothes washed in that detergent. My closest and dresser drawers smelled the same. No way the dog got in there. I tested the theory further by storing the unused detergent in a small closet in the garage. Left it there for a couple of weeks, solved that mystery, closet smelled like urine. I tossed it and am now looking for a new detergent.

GAIN received an F from the Environmental Working Group for Safety
by: Anonymous

All: As someone who is chemically sensitive to synthetic fragrance, I am pleading with you to research the number of toxic chemicals found in Gain and switch to a safe laundry detergent. It would greatly benefit you and your family's health, as well as all the folks that are struggling with these long lasting fragrance chemicals. Dr. Anne Steinmann has done extensive and excellent research on fragrance chemicals if you'd like to check out her website. Thank you for anything you can do to help.

Unhappy with Gain
by: Anonymous

I've used Gain for years, and my clothes smelled great!! Now, I use almost twice the amount recommended and my clothes don't smell like anything nice. Just not smelly or dirty. Going to go back to Tide. Even the scent beads that worked so great at first, now have to use twice what it says to use. Very disappointed!

Moving on!
by: E&N Chicago

The makers of Gain are not being truthful when they say "a batch must have been exposed during shipping". My wife and I have noticed the change in the scent over a year. Companies often make changes to their products to reduce cost for them. That scent was the key of that product, and without it, we must spend our money elsewhere.

stinks now
by: Kim

I hate the smell of original Gain. I thought I was going crazy so I did some research and saw that I wasn't the only one. Gain, you have messed up a good thing. I feel like it smells like wet sand.

Nasty smell
by: Anonymous

For a few months I'm plagued with some strange weird smell on my clothes. It's a sweet piss smell and at first I thought it had to be the washer or dryer or HELL even the water heater. I took all my laundry to the laundry mat. Nope, smell still there after three weeks at the laundry mat. The only thing it can be is the detergent. I'm done with Gain. I'm going to try Purex.

I'll have to throw some clothes away. I've tried hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to get the residue smell out and it still becomes a problem once my body heat warms up the fabric. It's nasty!

Old Gain😀/New Gain😁😭😩
by: Towel Guy

I've been asking my wife why the towels don't smell good like they used to. It's very apparent to me that things aren't as they were in the fragrance department. She has even bought the Gain "fragrance enhancer" add in stuff. Maybe it helps a little, but really not in the ball park of what Gain has traditionally been. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." If they don't fix it we'll be on a quest for something more pleasing than the disappointing product Gain has devolved into.

by: Anonymous

I have been using Gain for years!! Always love the freshness and smell until recently. I thought I was losing my mind. I hate the smell of my house when you walk in, my clothes, my towels bedsheets etc. I thought for a split second I could be expecting again because something smelt soooo bad. Happy to find out it was the laundry detergent. I have a lot of work to do but know I don’t have to live with this smell anymore. No more Gain in this house ever again.

Horrible smell
by: Sheila

Tried the Gain original scent and it is horrible and smells like a dirty toilet and old pee. I tried re-washing with vinegar and the scent is still there. I can smell it in my washer also and ran it twice empty with vinegar once and baking soda the next. Still can smell the urine smell. Yuck!!!!

Something has changed recently!
by: Anonymous

I have been using your liquid detergent original scent for EVER ... and lately something is different ... it doesn't smell the same!!! I don't like it! And the other thing is, the smell doesn't stay in the clothes ... but that isn't a bad thing since it isn't the same. Disappointed. I guess you will go the way of pine-sol and chase me to a different cleaner altogether???!!

too strong scent
by: Anonymous

All gain products are too strong. Every time someone walks past me with the smell of Gain I get a headache. Why do laundry products have to smell? They just need to clean your clothes, not over power you with smell. Please remove all scents from your products.

scent offensive
by: Anonymous

I have used Gain for a number of years and found the scent very pleasant. I recently purchased a large container at Costco and found the scent offensive. Very offensive. I can't sleep on sheets washed in this scent and have had to rewash pretty much everything to try to remove this smell.

Bring the original scent back
by: Chris

Is the original scent really gone? The new scent smells like cherry or strawberry. This is so disappointing. Time to look for another detergent. Gain just lost a loyal customer.

What was Gained is now Lost
by: CMM

I have faithfully used only Gain Original detergent for the past 20 years, to the point where I knew if I used a laundry item washed in another detergent, because without fail my skin would break out in a reaction.

For the past 3 months or so, I have been puzzled as to what is the horrendous stale lemon bathroom cleanser type odor that was on my clothing everytime I pulled an article out of a drawer. Why were my dresser drawers harboring such an offensive scent? I wouldn't notice the scent fresh out the dryer, but only once the clothes had been folded and put away. I checked the label on my detergent bottle several times, believing I erroneously picked up another scent, but lo and behold it always said "Original".

Now thanks to this site I see that the genius of the Freshlock is the culprit. I will not be able to give these folks another penny of my money and will have to begin a search for a new detergent. I am sad because I know this will be a lengthy and costly process due to my sensitive skin.

Thank you, but no thank you, Gain.

by: sara

smells like cover up of old cheap perfume instead of clean clothes. will not buy again after years of using product.

why change?

by: Dennis Kerr

The last few days I’ve noticed a distinct chemical overwhelming scent.

It’s over the top of scents. Our bath towels, dish cloths, and clothing. I feel I have been to the point of being poisoned.

The overpowering new scent with AROMA BOOST needs to be tested about possible cross contamination to PEOPLE.

Anyway Gain with Aroma Boost is outta here.

So, that's the urine smell.
by: Anonymous

When I was growing, we used to visit a woman whose dog urinated in the house. The whole house smelled like old urine. Yesterday, I came across that smell in my house. Our dogs are well housebroken, so I was baffled and blamed it on a new cleaning product. Today, I smell it again and the washing machine is running. Oddly enough, I was thrilled to see that someone else on here thinks that Gain smells like urine, and I am not nuts.

How do you get the SMELL OUT???
by: MB

We were staying with some friends for a week and my wife washed our clothes using their laundry detergent before we returned home. When we unpacked our bags we could smell the very odd odor coming from all the clothes she had washed in Gain. We immediately rewashed the clothes but with no results. I have washed these shirts and undershirts 4 times already and they still stink. I can't stand to wear them. How do you get that smell out?

New smells stinks
by: Justin

I only used gain until they changed the scent. Now I don't use it at all. Please being back the original ceder smelling scent!

by: Eva

New Original Gain STINKS. TOO PERFUMY. Smells like perfume that overpowers you. I get a headache with the new stronger aroma. Please bring back the old scent. I will be changing brands most likely.

Bring back original Gain scent!
by: Bella

For years I loved the original Gain scent. At some point in the past 7 years they have updated it, and it now smells like every other fake fresh tide style detergent. Such a loss!!! I have not purchased it in 6 years because of the smell. Please bring back the original scent!!!!

by: Sherry

The only reason I EVER bought Gain was because of the REAL ORIGINAL SCENT - in the 70's. If I'm going to use a detergent that smells like any other detergent, I may as well get a less expensive brand. And, it is NOT the original scent. So, stop marketing it as such. If you ever bring back the REAL ORIGINAL SCENT, I will gladly start buying it again - regardless of the price.

makes clothes smell sour
by: Cristina

I used to love Gain original scent but now it leaves clothes smelling sour. I first noticed it when I would go to my moms house and I would smell a sour smell in her clothes and sheets. I thought it was her washer. I finally bought Gain original and washed a load at my house and immediately recognized the same awful smell. I gave the bottle to my neighbor that same day. I wish the scent hadn't changed from what it was. I will never buy it again.

Which is worst sulphur or GAIN?
by: Hattie Hudson

I had to put perfume on my sheets just to go to sleep. The new Gain is horrid. My 4yr old granddaughter doesn't want to help with the laundry anymore cause it stinks, no joke! We will be buying Tide for the family for the first time in 3yrs. We can't afford to keep buying 3 different fabric softeners to drown out the smell of the Gain, sorry.

Smells toxic
by: Anonymous

I am unable to sleep when I visit relatives who use gain detergent. The lingering smell makes it difficult to get to sleep in pillowcases and sheets washed in this stuff.

Just not the same......
by: Allyson Trionfo

I used to love the fresh scent of Gain....was a smell like no other detergent and the smell would stay in the clothes forever. I do not know why they messed with the scent when the original used to be wonderful, I am talking years ago. So I have switched over to another detergent because I don't want to pay a lot for something that just does not have that same fresh scent as it did years ago. I know I am not the only one that feels that way. Come on guy's bring back the old original scent, it was a scent all it's own.

Wrong/Bad Smell
by: Mama J

I loved Gain initially, not only because it worked but also
because the smell was the best on the market. It has
declined appreciably and frankly doesn't last as long. This
applied to both the original detergent and the liquid softener.

I suspect they know this. Why else would they come up with
the Fireworks? Why buy extra stuff? Just go back to the original formulations.

Besides which, the Fireworks aren't really very strong. So I
use a different detergent that is environmentally better and have switch my softener to something else.

I should add: I just found out that softener coats an oil that keeps towels less fluffy and certainly less absorbant. That is definitely that should be mentioned oftener.

Nasty smell
by: Anonymous

I agree with the one comment. I wash and dry my clothes and they smell nasty. At first I thought I wasn't drying them well enough, nope not that! As soon as this container is empty, I will choose something else.

Very disappointed with the new smell of detergent
by: Isabel Talarico

I had stopped using Gain liquid detergent because it was getting to expensive for me to buy. So I have been buying detergent from the dollar store, which hardly cleaned my clothes. So after many years I can afford Gain now. I bought a large Gain, HE liquid detergent, which cost me almost $20.00 dollars.

Boy what a disappointment, Gain stinks now , it smells very chemically and harsh. I guess I'll have to use it I bought it, but I hate it. Please make it a nice fresh scent again, please.

My families clean and fresh smelling clothes is very important to me and the family. Please change it soon, very soon.

New scent - hate it
by: Anonymous

I have used gain original for years but no more. I hate the new smell.

does not smell as good as it used to
by: Ken

They have changed the scent of original GAIN!!

I just can't stand the odor now. I have had to rewash three (3) loads of clothes because my closet smelled awful.

Proctor and Gamble denied the formula had changed when I contacted.

Smelled like skunk spray!
by: Caryl

I've been a long time user of Gain powder, which is getting more and more difficult to find. The last time I bought it was over a year ago, and they were discontinuing it in that store. The price was crazy low, so I bought all they had.

Fast forward to last month. I ran out of my powder. I purchased the new Gain Passion Fruit scent, which was wonderful, but also hard to find.

My last marketing trip 6 Sept 17, I settled for Gain HE Original scent liquid. Living out in the open countryside, far from stores, I purchased two bottles. I ran my first load with it yesterday morning. I had my husband toss it in the dryer when it was done. When the dryer was done, I opened it to fold the load. The smell was like a skunk had crawled in the machine and died.

I immediately pulled the load from the dryer and tossed it back into the wash. Another cap of Gain liquid, and push to start.

When that load was done, I opened the machine and EWWWWW, wet skunk! This time I ran it AGAIN, another lid of Gain, PLUS a load of odor remover which we keep on hand for critter encounters and deer scent remover. When it was done, the load still smelled terrible!

Thinking it might be the machine, I ran a cleaning cycle with machine cleaner (even though I JUST did it 5 days ago) and checked the filter, nope nothing.

I am now running the load for the FOURTH time to get the smell out, using TIDE. Am crossing my fingers.

New gain smells like cat liter to me... so disappointing
by: Dee

I have used and loved gain for years. I did not know they had changed the original scent until a few loads in and I noticed my clothes smelled like cat liter (before being used lol). I googled and noticed they had changed the original scent. Highly disappointed and shopping for a new detergent. 😒

It's broken, now you have to fix it!
by: Mag

Why would you change the formula of such an amazing product? At first, I thought something was accidentally tossed in the laundry, so I rewashed it to no avail. It was only then, when I pulled out another blanket from the closet and there it was, the amazing irresistible smell of the old original unchanged formula of Gain liquid I loved. I knew then they changed the formula! Please, bring the original formula back! You ruined a fantastic product. I loved the original formula! It always smelled fresh and irresistible. Very disappointed now. You broke it! Now you must fix it!

Please bring back the "original" original scent
by: Leanne Smith

I have been using the original scent Gain for years, probably at least the last 15 years. My husband picked up the latest jug of detergent on the weekend and I immediately noticed the new scent. I checked the packaging, thinking my husband had grabbed the wrong jug. But no, it was the original product. Every load I started, my hatred of the new scent increased. Thankfully, I had a container of Gain pods that I was able to use in the mean time. I will try another jug, and if it has this new horrible smell, I will have to change brands. I don't want to do that. I'm a a creature of habit. The same detergent, the same fabric sheets, the same loaf of bread and butter. Please consider going back to the original, original scent and don't make this old creature of habit find something new to love.

Wish it smelled like the original Gain
by: Anonymous

I have been searching for years to find Gain in the original scent. It was the best. I didn’t like any of the new fragrances. Best i’ve found is Woolite for Darks. Your company is crazy to not have that first fragrance. It was great.

Gain not gain anymore
by: Billy Moore

I have used liquid original gain for several years now, it does a good job cleaning but the main reason is the way your clothes smell afterwards even when they have hung in the closet for a few weeks, but for a few months now I noticed the clothes don't smell good anymore ,I hate that they decided to change what wasn't broken, time to shop around for a new detergent

Original Scent stinks
by: Anonymous

The "original" gain isn't the the original anymore. They have messed up the scent, and it stinks. Yes I'm talking wakes you up in the middle of your sleep because the sheets stink kind of odor.

Time to change detergents. Simple.

Gain change WHYYYY???!
by: Anonymous

I've been using the gain original liguid detergent for years and years, recently I noticed a change in film being left on my clothes as well as a very distinct change in the scent. I am so disappointed but so happy to know that there are others who have noticed and feel the same way about the product. I will be switching to another detergent as I feel that this is now not the detergent for me and my family anymore.

Gain liquid with new smell STINKS
by: Paul Holland

It makes me itch also.

Bad smell of new Gain liquid HE "original" detergent
by: Suma

I loved the smell of "original" Gain Laundry detergent, used it for years. I buy them at Costco. The most recent one I bought looks the same but the clothes have bad smell after wash & dry. It smells like the "lavender" scented dish washing detergent that has a nasty smell. I am so disappointed.

Boo to the new 'original' scent
by: Nancy

We have used Gain for years, loving the wonderful fresh scent. The new scent is not only different, it is suffocating and chemical in nature. Our recent detergent purchase was for a different brand. Bring back the scent we love.

Oh, bring back, bring back my original Gain scent to me
by: Sue

As a nurse one always wants to smell their best. I noticed one nurse who's clothes always smelled really nice. She used Gain and the rinse on her clothes. I started using it also. My husband even noticed a difference. Gain also repelled smells from getting into your clothes. But then, things changed. There was no longer than nice clean smell and getting into a messy situation while cleaning a patient up, the smell would linger.

I had to switch brands and now use Downey Protect and Refresh. The smell is not as good but at least I smell like a nurse.

What happened to my favorite Laundry soap? It stinks.
by: Anonymous

I have been a loyal customer of Gain laundry soap - the original as well as Island fresh for many years. It's a staple in our family .

Out of habit I continued to purchase it knowing that something was off. The original sent as well as the Island fresh scent has obviously changed.

I’ve tried everything. The laundry soap, the fabric softener, the fabric sheets, etc. etc. No matter how much I put in it comes out smelling completely different than the original scents.

We detest the new scent.

My husband used to joke with me saying that he constantly has people sniffing him saying wow you smell good and he always told them well "my wife does my laundry" lol. He asked me recently if I had changed laundry detergent and fabric softener. I told him unfortunately no, but now I am.

Sorry again, but I will no longer purchase Gain.

Quick question: Don't you find it a little bit dishonest to keep the word "Original" on the label?

New Original scent SUCKS
by: Constance

New Original scent SUCKS!!!!! Moving on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Original scent SUCKS!!!!! Moving on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Original scent SUCKS!!!!! Moving on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Original scent SUCKS!!!!! Moving on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Original scent SUCKS!!!!! Moving on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Original scent SUCKS!!!!! Moving on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Original scent SUCKS!!!!! Moving on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Original scent SUCKS!!!!! Moving on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Original scent SUCKS!!!!! Moving on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Original scent SUCKS!!!!! Moving on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Original scent SUCKS!!!!! Moving on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Original scent SUCKS!!!!! Moving on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more
by: Judy

I used to smell up several rooms with the scent of Gain and it was just wonderful to walk down the hallway and smell it! Then I noticed it stopped smelling....I tried different stuff of Gain but it was just I went back to Tide which is better cleaner anyway.

Then I noticed they had a bottle that said "Original Scent" so I bought it... to my total disappointment. There is barely a scent to it and it is nothing special. I want to be able to smell my laundry for the longest and it still smell good.....
They have Nothing to Offer me anymore!

Back to Tide

Smells like feet
by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh, I thought it was just my laundry or even my washer!! The smell is so embarrassing, it does smell like smelly feet after you wash and dry the clothes and i cant get the smell out. Thank you for posting all the comments and confirming the dirty smelly feet smell...i'm not crazy after all!

New scent is horrible
by: Edie

After I was a content customer of Gain for years without issues, they change the formula or whatever. Now the laundry is ok for a few days after it comes out of the dryer. Once the washed laundry is stored in the closet a few weeks, a quite disgusting stink develops, which seems to soak into all other cloth items, overpowering with its nauseating odor. Wondering where that stink originates, I washed everything in the closet. Same thing repeated after a few weeks. The common denominator was Gain. I changed to another brand, again washed everything - problem solved. In my opinion, Gain has joined the ranks of undesirable landfill scents and will no longer be allowed to cause me more work.

New scent is foul
by: Anonymous

I have used Gain for over 10 years and the past year or so have noticed an unpleasant smell to my laundry. I thought maybe it was my water and finally decided to check online and see there seems to be a new formula. I have bought my last bottle. The new scent is repellant.

Put the Gain smell BACK!!
by: Erma Rohrer

My grandkids told their mom that they wanted the laundry to "smell like granny's" Where did the Gain smell go!!! Please put it back.

Gain should no longer use "Original" with their laundry soap
by: DJ

I agree, I can't stand the new scent. I've been a gain user for years and have tried all their scents but preferred the original over the rest. I've used it for so long I thought it was my machine that wasn't getting the soap out with their horrible new scent but I have a great washer and the washer is only 6 months old. I even do a double rinse on all my loads but still can't get their new extra added scent out of my clothes. I don't wear perfume but if I did I wouldn't want my laundry detergent to over power the scent. Judging from the reviews, people like this new scent, (maybe they are new gain users and aren't familiar with the actual original scent) so I doubt if the company will change it back. Therefore they will lose a customer. I'm changing brands.

by: Catawba

I thought it was just me for a while !!

The last bottle of gain we bought the scent was so strong I could literally TASTE it, I dont want to taste it! I dont have a super sensitive nose Im a smoker but geez it was ridiculously strong even for me and I couldn't stand it!!

We have also been loyal to gain scents in Glad garbage bags, the good smell is gone from the bags as well. We just bought a box and I brought a bag up to the bedroom. For most of the day I couldn't figure out what the weird sickly sweet smell was. It was also strong enough to wake my boyfriend up two or three times through the night. In the morning he asked what I did different and what smelled so sickly.... They are supposed to be lemon or citrus, there is nothing citrus or lemon about this smell.

I am sooo bummed I have to say good bye to 2 of my favorite gain scented products!!

I hope they come to their senses and change the formulas back!!

I hate Gain detergent now
by: Renee

I totally agree with Jenee. Gain laundry detergent has a urine smell now. It smells like something perfume-y trying to cover up an old urine odor. Imagine working with about a dozen people who use Gain. I'm so tired of that old pee smell. When Gain's smell changed, I switched to Tide. I never will buy Gain again unless they get rid of that stinky odor.

make it like it was before
by: Kay

I had for many years used the powdered Gain Original Scent which left my clothes with a nice fresh smell. Now, there is no smell at all so when I take my just washed clothes out of the dryer, there is no smell. I want a clean and fresh fragrance to my just washed clothes. Why did the scent change? Put it back like it was years ago, so my clothes will smell like they are freshly washed.

it overpowers everything now
by: Anonymous

I’m changing from using original gain after using for over ten years. Everybody always comment on the smell of our clean clothes. I have a laundry fabric softener that I used with the original gain. I’ll be changing from Gain. It over powers everything.

by: Anonymous

I've used powdered Gain for 20+ years. Loved it. It's the only detergent that gets Georgia red clay stains out! Now it smells like used kitty litter! Disgusting! And sad.

Hate this new formula!
by: Anonymous

I have been a loyal user of this product, but, as noted, the company changed the formula! WHY??! The clothes in my closet that I previously washed with the old formula still smell lovely, while the ones that I JUST WASHED with the new formula smell awful! :( AND I'm am stuck with the largest size possible, as it came from a 'Club' store! I am sad that I will not be able to keep using this product. Switching brands!!

Oh my gosh happened to Gain
by: Amy

Had to replace my washer, 3 full laundry baskets of clothes to wash. My sister inlaw had been here to visit and bought a bag of Gain washer pods. She left the remainder of the bag to me. So I washed, dried, put away clothes then I started to smell this horrible odor. I pulled out a pair of pajamas and smelled them, I almost gagged from the scent. My husband has been sneezing his head off. Needless to say I have pulled 3 loads of laundry even socks and underwear and am rewashing it all. What a waste of money, water, and my time. Will never use this product again even if they change it back.

New Gain with aroma boost stinks
by: Bob from Wisconsin

I have used original Gain powder for decades. I am very sensitive to perfumes and never had an issue with the old product. I washed one load in the original with aroma boost and have had a sore throat ever since. I would switch back in a minute if they returned to the old formula.

I wouldn't wish this sensitivity on anyone. Recently with all of the perfumed candles and plug in room fresheners it is very difficult to go anywhere. Why do corporations find it necessary to try and out do each other in this area.

Yup it stinks
by: Anonymous

I thought I was losing it until I saw this website. Even the air freshener now smells like toilet bowl cleaner. Sorry, I can’t use Gain products anymore until the real original scent returns. Trust me I loved the smell of Gain original.

I want the 15+year old original Gain back!!!
by: Anonymous

I used to use Gain original years ago- kinda had a lemon lime clean smell. My mom in law used it. There was nothing like it. It just smelled fresh and not perfumy. Somewhat strong smell, but not overwhelmingly overpowering. I used to get compliments and I would just enjoy smelling it after laundering. Then the formula changed to Gain fresh wash. It was just way too strong- like cheap artificial stinky cologne smell. Used Arm and Hammer ever since. It smells clean and fresh but not like bad cologne. Bring back the original formula from the 90’s!!! I’ll buy it in bulk!!

Smells like throw up
by: Nelly

I use to use Gain and we switched it up for a while, we recently switched back to Gain with the fresh lock and holy cow. I had my clean clothes in laundry basket and I thought my son got sick and puked in them they smelled horrible, rewashed them. Then I noticed clothes I was getting out of the drawer and putting on my son smelled like vomit. What the heck! Bleached and washed out my washing machine and started over, then realized it was the Gain after washing another load of clothes smelling them fresh out of the dryer. I threw the rest of the box out and every now and then I run into some clothes that haven’t been rewashed and get the foul odor of vomit. Thought I was crazy but I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed it smells horrible now.

Saddened by the changes to Gain original.
by: Anonymous

I have been using Gain for years and years and loved it! I always bought the original 40loads. The clothes smelled fresh and clean. My laundry center always smelled clean and fresh as well. I'm so disappointed in the changes they have made. The clothes do not have a fresh and clean smell to them, they have an odd odor. Sadly I won't waste my money on a product I've loved for years!

by: Anonymous

Gain is gross! I used to love it years ago, when it just had a clean fresh scent. Now it smells of mildew & cheap fruit. I can smell it on people that use this detergent from several feet away. I pass people in the store, public transportation & other places and it stands out. It's very offensive smelling, and I just don't understand why anyone would want to smell like this. I reminds me of cheap & fruity body spray that 13 year old girls apply too much of. When the neighbor down the street 4 houses away is doing laundry, the whole neighborhood stinks. They've ruined what was once a decent product.

bring the original original back!
by: Anonymous

The original as y’all call it is not the same as it was years ago and I will never use y'alls detergent ever again unless the Original Original comes back!!!! It was the best smelling stuff and y’all keep trying this scent and that scent when y’all already had the best on the market!!! Bring the Old Original back.

Disappointed long time customer
by: Anonymous

I am so disappointed with the new smell of Gain. I have used Gain for many years, The Original Scent. My children and I always received compliment how good our clothes smelled. When I finish this box of powder Gain I will not purchase again. I hope you will consider going back to the Original Scent that you had for many years. Maybe I will try the Cheer detergent the comment above mentioned. Thank you.

Hate the New Scent
by: RJT

Why did you change the original scent? Original scent was the reason I used Gain. There was nothing better or more comforting than to get into bed with fresh washed sheets that smelled like the old original scent Gain. The new changed original scent STINKS! Please bring back the old original scent.

Terrible change to scent of Gain
by: Anonymous

Please go back to the old scent. This new scent has a spoiled, tangy smell and it is not fresh. I will be looking for a new detergent. I have used Gain for thirty plus years. I thought I was going crazy and just googled to find out if I was and low and behold they did change the scent.

Terrible Smell
by: Mrs Tree

I have been trying to figure out what was that terrible smell stuck in my nostrils. I thought and was convinced it was the coronavirus affecting my nostrils. But I have discovered that it’s the Gain detergent smell that won’t leave. I rewashed my clothes and it makes me very nauseous and sick feeling. It’s in my sheets and clothes and I gotta rewash everything to remove smell. I am not pleased because I ordered a very large container from Sams.

I do not like the change
by: Debbie

I thought I just started smelling like an old lady who did not bathe, then I realized my sheets and favorite robe smelled the same way! I do not like the change!

Gain detergent- STINKS
by: Anonymous

The smell of Gain detergent is so STRONG and SOOO horrible, it gives me a violent headache so bad, that if someone is wearing clothes that have been laundered in GAIN, I can get a headache from being around them in as little as 3 minutes; the headache is so bad that it makes me nauseous.

by: Leigh

The new Gain is stinky nostril burning, headache inducing, toxic chemical laden and cheap cologne smelling for sure!!! I really could go on!! I have used the original Gain for 30 plus years and this new scent made me sick with a headache, also burned and itched my skin and it gave me a sore throat! I went walking and my feet and ankles itched horrendously bad from my socks washed in Gain! I had to immediately take my boots off and scratched until I drew blood! If Vamps were around I would have been a goner all because of Gain!! All jokes aside, Please bring the beloved old original scent back because the new smell is not the original scent!!

“Original” Gain Scent Boost is Tragic
by: Christina Ritter

Thank you Proctor and Gamble for ruing the Mona Lisa of detergents. In your attempt to give her a makeover, you just turned her into a strumpet. She now smells like what manufacturers try to do to feminine hygiene products. You turned her into something reminiscent of a nasty truck stop restroom. Thank you. My 30-year love affair with Gain is over.

Why couldn't they leave the product as is?
by: Yvonne

I have used Gain original detergent and fabric softener for years but the "new" original scent change is awful! I know it has changed a few times over the years and I still preferred the very original but I was not too upset with the change. However, now I can't stand the smell, it's like some cheap air freshener and not even close to the previous scent. My husband hates it. Unfortunately I will be switching to another product unless they change it back, how disappointing since I really enjoyed it. Why couldn't they leave the product as is?

new smell is awful
by: Anonymous

The new smell is awful!!! I kept thinking it was my washer but it’s the new scent because I have a brand new washer! The new scent is not fresh and clean.

by: Jude

I couldn't figure out where the terrible smell was coming from in my house and why I was getting a headache all the time, then I did some laundry (my daughter has been doing it) and knew this was the horrid smell that was giving me a headache. I have always detested the smell of lavender and this is what it smells like. Chucking the box in the garbage so I can breathe again.

detergent's toxic
by: Gaye

Why are laundry detergents so toxic? People are having health issues from scents/smells and it is polluting the landfills and water.

the smell of it is so over-powering it makes me sick when other people use it
by: Anonymous

The Gain smell is now causing me asthma attacks and migraines when I'm exposed to people wearing clothing they washed with Gain. I can't use it. Now that the smell of it is so over-powering it makes me sick when other people use it, I can guarantee that I'll NEVER use it.

That’s not the smell of Gain
by: Kathy Benjamin

Gain no longer smells the same nor does your clothes keep the same freshness for a long time. I’ve been using Gain detergent for many years, I would wash and would not wear or use something for many months, my items would still have the smell of Gain, however; that no longer exists. I am so disappointed that the formula has changed. I don’t even see that commercial with the man saying the freshness last for a long time. I am going to switch to another detergent!

thought it was cheap perfurme
by: Nancy G

I thought perhaps my visiting niece had sprayed her cheap perfume everywhere but realized it is a recently purchased bottle of Gain. So disappointed and will be tossing it out and switching to something else.

throwing full bottle away
by: Anonymous

Stinks. Hate the new smell and it makes my husband sneeze. Throwing out a completely full bottle.

Aroma Boost is foul smelling
by: Anonymous

I have used Gain powder and liquid for decades. When I could not buy it locally I would have it shipped to me - long before the days of Amazon. I especially loved the lavender scent. The new "aroma boost" is foul smelling. After being a loyal customer and converting many of my friends to Gain over the years I will begin looking for another product.

by: Michelle Westberg

Why does the fragrance in Gain smell like the odor of stale, lingering cigarette smoke?

I understand that most people love this fragrance but for me it’s actually quite sickening.

Gain original STINKS now. Shame on you for changing the scent.
by: Anonymous

Shame on the company responsible for changing the scent in Gain original. It is awful. It is not anything like the original.

Makes my clean laundry smell moldy!
by: Karen in Jersey

Never used Gain. All the commercials about how great it smells made me super curious. I recently purchased the large canister of pods. Did a load...
what's that smell? Yuk, must be my washing machine (1 year old) dried the load...PEW. Smelled like I left wet clothes in the dryer a couple of days. Have done a couple more loads, and honestly, I can't wear the clothes I just washed. Just awful!

throw it in the trash
by: 68 yr old Female

It makes our clothes and towels STINK. Could not sleep in anything washed with New GAIN. The foul stench is horrible. I will throw the remaining powder in box in trash.

Gain shot themselves in the foot
by: Anonymous

I agree with others. If it isn't broken, don't fix it. But they did. I don't like it. My finance does not like it (and used to like the smell whenever she came over on laundry night as well as on my clothes days later). Major disappointment makers of Gain. Worst part for myself and anyone else who spent the extra dollars for it now have a wasted investment sitting around. I bought both the liquid detergent and fabric softener recently, double whammy. To the makers of Gain: You have also ruined your brand in the eyes and noses of many. Way to go!

Bring back the 1969 fragrance of the real Gain
by: Anonymous

I hope people stop buying this garbage since the company refuse to bring back the classic scent.

Agree - horrible now!
by: Anonymous

I’ve been a Gain user for 15 years and I just had to switch for the first time. The new scent smells AWFUL. It leaves a horrible smell on my clothes. Major bummer.

Something's up.
by: Joan

I've used Gain since it was first introduced. It was powder and smelled so nice. Visitors would want to know what air freshener I used. After raising eight kids and still doing quite a bit of laundry, I've noticed my first loads from a new bottle of original liquid are really fresh at first. Once I get to the middle of the large bottle that seems to disappear. I've tried shaking it before pouring. Somedays my happiness comes from fresh sheets and lately I've been disappointed.

whole family hates the new scent
by: Smalls

I raised my kids on Gain. They loved it, now not one of us like the new scent. My daughter was in college and her friends loved it they all changed to it. That daughter is now finished with college and has a family of her own now. She is turning away from it. WE All HATE THE NEW SCENT OF GAIN.

Sad Original Scent Gone
by: Bette

I had bought another brand of detergent because they were out of Gain at my local store. When I went back to Gain again I immediately could tell that the scent was different than it had been. Someone else in a review likened it to a cherry air freshener and I totally agree. They have dropped the ball on this one. People actually sought out that sent with different products such as floor cleaner, air fresheners, dish soaps. If you had that many different products with that sent being bought why would you think you have to tamper with that original sent? Please Procter & Gamble go back to the old scent. I will not be buying this product again, I do not like the new smell.

I love it!
by: Morgan

Gain is the only laundry detergent I use. I love the smell. I don't know why everyone thinks it stinks!

Gain Originals, over powering new scent
by: Jean Roy

Can't believe the smell of this product. I noticed right away. Have had ongoing headaches, dizzy, sinus issues, itchy skin. I now know the cause. Even re-rinsing 2 more times doesn't get rid of that terrible smell that goes right to my head. Am changing today. Ridiculous when a company has a product that sells, why throw a bunch of crap smell into it? I loved my old Gain but absolutely disgusted with this new crap. A customer for years but no more.

Had to switch to Tide
by: BettyAnn Ashby

I have used original Gain detergent since the 1970s.
I was completely dedicated to Gain. I have switched to Tide since the original scent is no longer available. I don't like Tide much, but I cannot stand Gain anymore. Please please bring our original Gain back!!

New Scent Is Too Strong
by: Anonymous

I've used Gain for years but the new scent is overwhelming. I would never use scented detergents on children's clothing. I am sensitive to chemicals and have now switched to unscented detergents. I would get a headache after smelling Gain. The scent lingers on clothing and is known to give sensitive people a rash or itchy feeling. These harsh chemicals cannot be good for children or adults in the long run!

I would buy the real original every day
by: Mary Elam

You need to bring back the original Gain. This stuff that you guys have put out stinks. It smells like mold after your clothes are dry. I was absolutely in love with the original Gain from the 80s or 90s. I literally smelled this detergent on somebody and went down the aisle of detergent until I found it myself, that's how good it smelled. You guys have totally ruined your product.

I am begging you guys to bring back the original original original Gain. I would buy it every day.

Gain products stink!
by: Catherine Tholl

I stopped using all Gain products, including dryer sheets. The disgusting odor literally made me sick to my stomach on my clean laundry. I've tried all the different scents and there's a problem with all of them. Sorry Gain, after a loyal customer for about 20 years, you've lost me for good.

Horrible odor persists in all clothing and bedding
by: Candace

I've noticed that the odor released from the reformulated "original" persists and becomes something I find truly nauseating. I kept looking for what was smelling up my closet, my bedding, even my hair and realized it was the Gain we purchased. Not at all what I remembered from the original formulation. It's just a disgusting smell that I can't describe. Going to go back to All Free & Clear. Too bad for P&G about this product.

new scent has not gained a new fan!
by: William Trently

The terrible, toxic smell of this product infests my clean clothes no matter how many days worn. Hopefully I will be able to rid them of the odor when I wash the clothes with some other laundry detergent!

smells disgusting
by: Anonymous

I have never used Gain, we bought a spray Mr. Clean and it has Gain smell. I can't stand it, it actually makes me ill, nauseous and gives me a headache. He came home with a laundry detergent and it was Gain, had to rinse the clothes 4 times to get rid of the stench. If someone around me has used Gain I won't be near them for long! Can't believe people like that smell.

smells like grape chewing gum
by: Carol

I HAD used Gain Original scent for more than 20 years. Wouldn't even think of buying anything else. But I gave all I have away because whatever they did to it makes it smell like grape chewing gum! What were they thinking, to change something that was so perfect before? I always looked forward to putting on those fresh smelling clothes! The few times I wore clothes washed in the new Gain Original it gave me a headache! I have found a new detergent, but it's just not the same fresh, not flowery, not fruity smell of Gain Original! PLEASE bring back the TRUE Gain Original scent - I, and I'm sure plenty others, would return to being a loyal Gain customer.

Smells like urine
by: Anonymous

I've been a Tide user, but with all the hype about Gain smelling so good I tried it. It smelled okay while the laundry was running, but after it was dry it smelled like pet urine all over. Maybe it's the new formula, but it is disgusting. I had to re-wash everything because I couldn't stand the smell.

Give me back my original Gain
by: Trenchem

Having used Gain for many, many years, I have stopped purchasing it because our clothes started smelling like stinky socks. I noticed the change when Gain came out with the Fireworks booster. Guess they removed the good scent from the detergent so they could sell the Fireworks. Unfortunately, the booster does not make the clothes smell like the old original did, and we do not like the way clothes smell now.

Please go back to original formula (scent)
by: Mike

I grew up with Gain laundry detergent and my classmates would comment how good my clothes smelled. Today, the (new) scent of Gain is overpowering and smells like artificial candy flavoring which has caused us to switch to Tide. Please go back to the (real) original scent!

smell left behind makes me sick to my stomach
by: Anonymous

I've used Gain for YEARS now but this last purchase of both the detergent and the softener -- the smell left behind makes me sick to my stomach!!! It's awful!! If it ain't broke don't fix it!!

never found any product that smelled as great as the old Gain fragrance
by: Anna McConville

Proctor and Gamble changed the Original Gain scent years ago. Since then, no "new" fragrance has compared to the old fragrance. I used to receive wonderful comments about how great my clothes and bedding smelled. Not any more. I have never found any product that smelled as great as the old Gain fragrance. Too bad. I quit using Gain after the switch in fragrance. If your company could return the old fragrance, I’d buy Gain in a second.

Why Gain, Why?????
by: JBJ

I started using Gain sometime back when I needed a change from the detergent I had been using for over 25 years (they changed too). I had been using Gain scented Swiffer pads and mop wipes, and I loved the scent, and figured why not? So, I was happy as anything until my recent purchase. I cannot stand the new smell - it is like black licorice. Why in the world would you do this, Gain?

Where's my Gain scent?
by: Bump

The only reason I've been loyal for decades to Gain washing powder is their scent. I now use a different product. Cutting quality for profit is cutting out your customers forever.

A sad customer
by: Delena Smith

I still remember the Gain powder smell from the early 1990s. There was nothing like it. I couldn't believe they changed the smell and called it Original! I quit using it and haven't used it hardly at all since. I don't know why companies have to mess with a good thing! It was one of the best smells ever! Makes me sad!

Hate the smell
by: Barbara

I used to love the old scent. It was kind of a cedar smell. The new flowery perfume scent is like everything else. I now use Tide. I wish you did not discontinue the old scent 😕

None of them smell good anymore after washing
by: Anonymous

Whatever they have done to all of their detergents is not good. None of them smell good anymore after washing. Gain people -- that's why you had so many loyal customers!! You lost this one!! I used to love to smell my clothes after they were washed. Now when I smell them it's nothing!! Hardly no scent at all. Why did you have to go mess with something that was already working???!!!

Stinks After Storage
by: Carrie

There's something funky about Gain. I pulled some blankets out of storage (in vacuum sealed bags) and the smell was horrible. I immediately thought it was the plastic and rewashed everything. However, we have since moved and when I grabbed a blanket I washed a few days ago it too had that gross smell. The washing machine in our new place is brand new, and this is definitely the same smell.

New scent is awful
by: Tobin Howard

This new scent sucks, bring back original or I will switch.

Bad scent!
by: Crystal

I have purchased Gain as long as I can remember. I’m going to have to look into other brands. Why has the scent changed? Smells minty. Which is not what I want in my clothes. I’ve always liked the long lasting fresh scent of the original. Please change it back!

now smells like cat litter
by: Anonymous

I have been using Gain FOREVER and am sad to report that I have just switched to Tide. Gain Original scent now smells like cat litter. It's awful and I am so sad!

smell like pee/fish
by: J

You don’t notice the new awful smell at first, but if you begin to sweat or clothes get wet, etc. you will smell like pee/fish. I was fussing at my kids one day when they were playing because they stunk so bad and come to find out it was their clothes!!! I owed them an apology because their sweat unlocked some god awful smell that was highly intensified when they were running around in their bedroom!!! I had to rewash all of their clothes that I just washed. About a week later I went to work and started smelling it again and realized I had washed those jeans with my kids clothes. I was self conscious all day and didn’t want to walk near anyone because you will get random whiffs of the smell with sudden movements!!!

original scent has changed for the worse
by: Mark

It used to be unique. Now it smells like every other product -- cloyingly strong, nose burning. You have lost a customer.

Original gain in 2001
by: Danbet

I am still lamenting the fact that Gain was the absolute best laundry detergent in the year 2000, which was the first original scent. Why on earth that scent was changed to new original scent is unclear. I loved the first original scent and when it was changed to the original scent we now have, all I can smell is soured smelling laundry.

As a result I have been using ERA, as I like the smell of it but don't like it as much as when the real original Gain scent was available in 2000, 2001.

My goodness, to still miss a product from over 20 years ago is a bit weird, but I loved it that much. My clothes and by default my house smelled amazing.

Please bring it back, I will quickly abandon purchasing ERA and switch back. It's good business sense when so many people desire the real original scent vs that current original scent. Just bring it back. What is old is new.

leaves a funky odor
by: Carol

I thought there was something wrong with my washer for a bit.

I have used Gain for approximately 30 years and have always loved the way my laundry smelled. Now I hate it! It leaves a funky odor. My sheets were always so fresh after being hung on the line Now, ugh!

I have 3 of the very large size sitting on a shelf and don’t know what to do with them. I will be changing detergents.

One sad customer!!!!!
by: Ericka

I regret that they changed the scent of Gain. I will stop using it. This smell is disgusting. You've lost me as a customer. If it isn't broke don't fix it. One sad customer!!!!!

formerly had a long lasting scent that lasted for weeks
by: Carol

I began using Gain Original Scent Liquid Laundry Detergent because my new husband loved the smell and had used it for years. Sadly, the scent has been changed and it does not stay on sheets, towels, etc. in the linen closet, nor does it linger on clothing that is worn once and then hung up to wear again. I have tried adding Gain Fabric Softener Sheets to the dryer and the scent still does not last.

Since Tide Pods are said to have a long lasting scent, I will switch to Tide and hope I don't break out in a rash as I always did because my late first husband liked Tide Powdered Laundry Detergent's scent.

I suspect that Gain is trying to sell their new product, Scent Beads, by reducing the fragrance in Original Gain Liquid Laundry Detergent. Sadly, their foolish attempt to add another product to the Gain line is making many consumers switch to another laundry detergent.

No longer smells good
by: Roxann

No longer smells good and now you are making dryer sheets that smell bad too. Fix this please.

Smells Offensive
by: Jo Jo

I had to stop using Gain. It left an offensive, urine type smell or BO smell. I rewashed clothes with another detergent 3 times to get rid of smell. Unfortunately, someone in my family uses it and if they stay over for holidays it funks up my house. A strong smell is not equal to fresh. I changed to another brand.

Where did the scent go...?
by: Lisa

I have used Gain original detergent for years and have recently noticed that the smell is just not as strong as it used to be or as lasting. It makes me wonder, did they dilute the smell so customers would buy the scent boosters they sell now? It still cleans well, but I really liked the stronger scent and I am not willing to buy the scent boosters. I already use the Gain detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets. I am currently in the process of finding a new detergent. Has anyone else noticed the difference?

New scent is repulsive!
by: Kay

I have used and loved Gain since it first came out. The fragrance was like I had dried my wash in the sunshine. The new scent is so strong that even 1 teaspoon of it in with an unscented detergent is overpowering. It no longer smells fresh, but chemically produced and repellant.

If I wanted my clothes to smell like candy, I'd leave it in the pockets
by: Colleen

I don't use Gain myself but I remember when I first smelled someone who had cleaned their clothes with it. I kept accusing my son of eating Sweet Tart candies. His step mom used Gain. I think America's obsession with sugar is the cause.

New "FreshLock" Gain Original Scent
by: Pat

The new "FreshLock" is not just disappointing - it's a total game changer for me.

I've used Gain Original for YEARS and I'm thoroughly disgusted with this change. The new scent is absolutely horrible and it's a toss-up as to which is going to win: my sense of smell or my frugality. Will I be able to stand the change in smell long enough to use up what I've already purchased, before I buy a different detergent? Or will I simply give in and buy something new now and either donate or throw away the Gain I currently have.

I guess I already know that I'll be getting rid of what Gain liquid and powder I currently have, since the new formula is doing a lousy job of removing odors, even when soaking the sheets and clothing overnight! I don't think I can actually live with the smell of the sheets and clothing coming out of the dryer now.

artificial almost sour smell
by: Anonymous

I used to love Gain detergent. I'm not sure when it changed but all I know is when I use Gain now, my clothes have an artificial almost sour smell. It is not my washer, when I use another detergent which is an off-brand, my clothes smell fresh again. What have you done? It was fine before. I am so disappointed.

Please fix it
by: Brenda

I’ve used Gain for years. I’m now trying Tide because my clean clothes don’t have that Gain clean smell anymore, it’s like it’s watered down or something. Please fix it.

overpowering stench of HEAVY perfume
by: Brenda

The pleasant freshness of GAIN is gone! It is left with the overpowering stench of HEAVY perfume, forcing those sensitive to perfumes to find another product! When it gives you a headache to do laundry, you have no choice!

I literally hate the new smell
by: Ellen

Like others I loved the original scent. In fact I would purchase it just because of the scent. But now it smells like cheap car air fresheners mixed with a bubble gum scent and I can't stand it. I'm so mad I purchased it and have another whole giant jug of it left. I have the liquid and the capsules. To me it doesn't matter anymore how well it cleans, I just can't stand the smell of it.

makes your laundry stink
by: Judy

The new Gain stinks and I will quit buying any Gain product, another case of marketing idiots that have too much time on their hands. The whole idea of washing clothes is to not only get them clean but they have to feel and smell clean. We rewashed a load several times because it smelled bad after washing. Then we researched it and found they changed their formula. No more P&G for us.

changed their product and it does NOT smell the same anymore!
by: Tania

I am a loyal buyer of Gain liquid detergent and dryer sheets for more than 15 years, because it has always cleaned my clothes well and it left them with an amazing scent that lasted for weeks.

Over the last few weeks I seemed to have purchased the new "Aromaboost" original scent and the results are disappointing. For the last few days I thought someone had smoked near me and it turns out, it’s the new smell! It smells like an old smoker wore my clothes and then sprayed them with old cologne. Needless to say, it’s terrible!

I now have to get a new detergent and re-wash all of my clothes again. PLEASE CHANGE THE FORMULA BACK TO THE ORIGINAL SCENT! Do NOT change what works, this is truly disappointing. And the funny thing is, Gain already had a lasting scent, and now it doesn’t, so the infamous "Aromaboost" they added DOES NOT WORK.

scent has changed for the worse
by: Anonymous

I have used original scent Gain for years with no problem until now. The scent is extremely strong and unpleasant. Have they changed the formula?

New aromaboost scent is disgusting
by: Renee Smith

My grandmother and mother used Gain. Naturally when I got married I used what was familiar and had worked for years. This new change is disgusting! I hate the way my clothes smell. The first time I thought my hubby had forgotten to put the clothes in the dryer and they became sour. The only reason I haven’t thrown it out is because I hate to waste money. Beside, I always buy extra so I have 3 unopened containers. I have been thinking about cutting my losses and giving it away. I have been setting my clothes to rinse twice. It’s ridiculous but I can’t stand the smell left on my clothes. I won’t buy ever again!

USED to love
by: Bonnell

It doesn't really smell BAD, it just doesn't have that fresh-washed smell AT ALL!! How can Gain still boast in commercials about it's long lasting fresh-washed aroma, when it doesn't even smell that way straight from washer anymore?? Shame on them! I've been using for over 40 years, but that's about to end. Dang it!

by: Gary

Too overpowering. Will not buy this product.

Short Lasting Aroma For Original Formula
by: Doug

Gain Original formula aroma used to last on clothes (especially when they were were stored in a closet or drawer) for many weeks. This chemical feature of this formula was why we purchased this detergent.

Now it has been removed and placed into an add on product called Gain "Flings" that the company markets as to add that original great smell to your clothes.

In my opinion this is nothing more than a new profit revenue stream for Proctor & Gamble. I'm all for making profit, but I believe this is a scam that the company is doing to the public.

If you don't mind paying a much higher price to recover the great aroma that the original product use to have, just ignore my comments.

How is this so popular?!??
by: Nicole

It's been a long time since I have used name brand laundry soap that is not eco-friendly. A friend used Gain on a shirt she borrowed and it took 2 washes to lose the hideous smell of fragrance (even with baking soda and vinegar included in the mix). It is just too much!

Too Strong To Use!!
by: Lee

The original scent smelled fresh and clean, but the new scents are extremely over-powering, to the point where we had to change brands. I can't tell you how much money I've spent trying the other scents, only to either water them down, or give them away! There's a reason that places have a no scent policy put into place, and it's because of brands like Gain, who think that the over-bearing scent is better!! It's not; it's hard on people with breathing issues, and now that most of the people in my building are tolerating the new scents, because they're loyal to the brand, I can't have my windows open on laundry day. Laundry detergent is supposed to clean, not act like a punch in the face for everyone around! I'll never buy this brand again; and don't mistake people not complaining for people liking the new scents, it's just that most people put up with it!

scent is bad
by: Owen

I like the first original scent, it didn't overpower my expensive cologne. I have more class than to want a stinking scent that never goes away like the new gain. I now buy a cheaper less smelly detergent so I can smell my nice cologne. I'm not so stinky and sour that I need the new Gain.

Smells like rancid perfume
by: Dolores

If this message gets to the makers of Gain here I go:

Please change back the original formula to what it was. You did a horrific thing giving it that aroma boost which makes it smell like I said above - rancid.

Change it back or you lose a long time customer and I do tons of laundry. Just imagine everyone else hates it and your business will go down the tubes.

Works fine, hate the smell!
by: Janece

I used to love Gain detergent. Now it leaves my clothes smelling like towels that were left in the wash too long. Almost musty smelling.

It has been years since the scent change…
by: Janice Noce

I don’t know how many years it has been, but I switched to Gain from a detergent that smelled bland, I can’t remember the name. I used Original Fresh laundry detergent for probably 15 years. When my son went to camp one summer a girl followed him around and admitted she loved his smell. It was Gain Fresh. When that son went off to college he wanted to make sure he got the same detergent and fabric softener to duplicate what we used at home. We were both disappointed to bring home a foul smelling laundry detergent with no warning it was changing. I went all over town and bought every bottle and box of Gain Fresh I could get my hands on!! I have tried a lot of detergents since. I have only found a few that are not offensive to me, I don’t particularly like the scents but they are not as bad as others.
One thing that is wrong with your new products is that if you find one that is not too bad and you buy a small size I can never find that scent again. I don’t understand why you quit making the best scent only to make scents a lot of us can’t tolerate. Why did you not keep original Fresh scent and add others? That way everyone would be happy. Did you sell the formula to someone else? At least tell us why you can’t make that scent anymore. Maybe you could do like Bed Bath and Beyond and make it once a year and we could buy enough for a year every year!
I never thought I would leave the laundry detergent I was using years ago but I did because original Fresh Gain smelled so good!

The two laundry detergents I have found I can tolerate are ECO’s Magnolia and Lily (Costco sells it) and Tyler Candle Company Glamorous Wash Diva scent. It is expensive so I add it to unscented or lightly scented ECO’s to make it last longer.

Earlier mentioned son was just home for a few days. He noticed the scent on my kitchen towels. I told him Diva scent. He liked it. That scent even using only enough to scent the clothes lasts a long time and smells a little like original fresh scent Gain.
Please consider a once a year bring back for some of us that love that scent!

I can’t tell you how much I wish original fresh scent Gain had been stronger in scent and that there had been a fabric softener to match!

It stinks
by: Sharron

Once upon a time I loved Gain! We raised 5 kids and honestly could not afford it. We are now empty nesters and I thought I‘d go back to that wonderful Gain smell! NOT! It is awful! It smells fruity, cheap fruity at that! I bought 2 large bottles on sale! I suppose I will not waste it by not using it! But I have never wished for a product to be gone like this one! You just lost a customer!

doesn't smell good at all
by: Tammy Btewdter

It's my first time using Gain original. Never again. Gain original had no exact after you wash and dry your laundry. I'll NEVER purchase gain original EVER AGAIN.

by: Anonymous

I don’t care for the new scent of Gain, it just doesn’t smell as clean as the old scent.

I don’t like the way it smells
by: Anonymous

I used to like the way my clothes would smell after washing them with Gain. Recently I have noticed that it is such a strong order and it’s not very pleasant. The scent is way too strong and I don’t like it. I will be switching to a different laundry soap.

Why call it ORIGINAL if it is NEW?! I HATE IT
by: Anonymous

I used GAIN many years ago, but recently the brand of laundry powder I now use was not available, so I bought what I believed was the ORIGINAL GAIN powder with a nice fresh scent I used to enjoy on laundry day. Imagine my surprise/shock/anger when what I got was a STINKY OVERPOWERING ODOR in the new "ORIGINAL" fragrance model. Why on earth would they call it the ORIGINAL GAIN, if they have changed the formula?

This is dishonesty in advertising and I want my money back. I'm going to have to find a third detergent without a lot of stinky additives/scents, and REWASH my laundry because now all my towels/items washed in this NEW "Original" Gain smell terrible! I only hope I can wash the smell out of my clothes/towels and I want to know how to get a refund for this garbage they are palming off as "ORIGINAL GAIN." It is NOT the original and it is dishonest to claim it is. Very angry about this because I don't have time/energy to waste on dishonest nonsense like this. GAIN should be ashamed of themselves! NEVER AGAIN!

New Scent awful
by: Anonymous

To say the least I find the new scent of Gain terrible compared to the original. Several years ago I did Home Health and the clients used Gain and I loved it! I went out and bought some that day and have always used it. It's like one of those TV Ads when the lady sniffs a clean towel and loves it. I also liked the way it cleaned but not enough to keep using it. So I found a non scent detergent. I'm really confused about the change. WHY ruin a good thing?! Several of my friends have changed too. Maybe they get the message!

No smell
by: Marialice Bunnell

I took out a pair of winter pj's that were put away months ago, still smelling nice and fresh. This new scent doesn't have a lasting smell at all. Very disappointed, might have to switch!!

When was this?
by: Anonymous

I have developed hives and the only thing I can think of is Gain changing its formula or something.

New smell- stinking up my clothes
by: Sheila

No, no no. Don’t know what I’m switching to because I’ve been using Gain for years, but no more!!! Always loved the way it cleaned and how the laundry smelled after washing.

Smells different and NOW BREAKS ME OUT
by: Jenna S

There is NO DOUBT they changed the scent formula on Gain. I have very sensitive skin, and Gain was the only scented laundry detergent I could use (for 35+ years!) with no problems whatsoever. Then, when the scent changed to this sickeningly sweet variation of "original scent", I started breaking out like crazy with allergic dermatitis rashes everywhere my clothing touched my skin. :-( The new stuff is like toxic chemicals mixed with cheap perfume. I had to go to All free and clear and my rashes haven't returned. Way to RUIN my favorite product. I am sooo disappointed.

by: Anonymous

My friends came to spend the weekend with us. The smell was overwhelming when they stepped inside. Why would a company want such an overpowering scent that seeps into furniture, clothing, cars. It is so challenging to shop when the detergent aisle permeates the whole store. Maybe Gain could come up with a non fragrant soap.

don't like the new scent
by: Tim

I don't know what they did, but I do not like the new 'Original Scent.'

nothing works any more
by: Anonymous

I use to love the smell it left on my clothes. I have tried everything but nothing works any more. Even products like Downy fabric softener doesn't have that good smell. I realize that some people have allergies. But many many of us don't.

The smell has changed
by: Diamne

Why did you have to go and change the great smell of the original GAIN? I started to use it back years ago and loved it. Now it actually stinks, why?? Never can leave a good thing alone. The smell is what makes Gain so good, please go back to the old smell, please!!!!

Dirty Butthole new scent
by: Kriss

Wow... At first I thought it was me that was producing this stank but now I know it's the Gain. Yes, my towels, my body, smells like a dirty butthole. I have very good hygiene by the way, but cat litter, the urine, the chemical mixed with the butthole that's it. I Now Present To You... "Gain."

smell has permeated everything in the house
by: Anonymous

We had caregivers living with my parents for five years who used Gain laundry detergent.

My parents passed away two years ago and we are trying to clean out the house. The whole place reeks of Gain laundry detergent. The smell is in (on) everything.

We have tried to air the house out for the whole two years and still can't get rid of the smell. We have gotten rid of all of the linens, clothing, furniture, etc. to no avail, and are now considering repainting the interior in hopes of getting things back to normal.

Are the chemicals used to create the odor toxic or cancer causing?

Even before the freshlock was added...
by: Dalise

OK so I see that you said it was changed in 2011, also-I knew it! And that's why I was going to say that even before the freshlock was added though I've never tried that, it changed and not for the better! Gain always had a distinctive really fresh smell. The original powder and now it's just like any other detergent. The liquid never had that fresh distinctive smell of the original powder. Gain wasn't the detergent that I always used but I used it off and on but not at all now. Although I will try it with the freshlock.

No smell on clothes anymore
by: Wanda Chappell

I don't understand, I have used Gain forever but now, for some reason, there's no smell on my clothes UNLESS -- and this is crazy -- smell is locked into the fibers. It is like a scratch and sniff now. You have to rub or scratch the fabric to release the smell. Just weird. My washing machine is not the problem, it is new.

Stinks! Smells like an oil refinery!
by: Anonymous

I threw it out!

It was not broken!
by: Anonymous

Why do these companies always fix things that are not broken? I'm so mad that Gain does not smell like it used to 30 years ago. The "original" original Gain smelled so good everybody used to compliment me on my laundry. Not anymore. So sad and angry!!! :0(

Worse than Cherry Pez
by: Anonymous

I got a coupon for Gain so I tried a bottle of the detergent and softener. The smell is so strong, even if you just use the softener, that I'm having to rewash everything that I can find having that smell, and some of that was washed weeks, maybe months, ago. It is a lingering stench but when you move or rub your hand against the clothing you're wearing, it smells like a gas station air freshener just sprayed you- lollipops and cigarettes. It has caused my husband and me flare-ups with allergies and asthma and I'm very upset that a company would try out such a formulation prior to testing it first. Seems the status quo now. Plus, other brands are also using scent boosters but I don't want to go through this again so I'm going with off-label unscented products from now on. BTW, prior to the "boosters" I've never had this problem before.

Won't Buy Anymore
by: Anonymous

Why did they change it? The only reason I bought it was for the scent. I don't like their other scents, just the original. I won't buy from them anymore. There are other manufacturers who have better smelling detergent.

Mold smell
by: Melanie

I have used Gain original scent for years. Recently my clothes smell musty and moldy. What happened? Will not be using in the future.

New scent STINKS!
by: Deanna Komp

It's very unfortunate that the new original Gain scent does not smell good at all! The new scent actually stinks and I used to use Gain and it would last forever on my clothes, now nothing when it comes out of wash. So disappointed. Please change back to the old original Gain scent or I will not be purchasing it anymore😪

New scent is not pleasant
by: Andi

New original scent Gain is no longer the pleasant cedar smell, but rather a sweet unpleasant aroma. I changed to again specifically for the scent 15 years ago and have been thrilled every wash, but now I need to find a new brand.

"Original" Scent? No. Stinky New Scent
by: Elise

When a company says it's the original scent, it needs to be the original scent, not the scent plus something added. Same same, only different? Not ok. The new scent absolutely pongs. I'm throwing them out and hunting for a new brand. Don't tell the public it's the same when you've changed it - that's called lying.

I hate the new Gain scent
by: Anonymous

I have used the fabric softener for years and today I’m buying a different one! Why would you change something that was amazing??????

Bad decision to change the scent of Gain
by: Nancy Jenkins

I used to love the smell of Gain. It smelled so fresh and clean, and kept your clothes smelling fresh forever. The new smell doesn’t compare, and it doesn’t last. It’s so disappointing, I have gone back to Tide!!

Why would you change a product scent?
by: Anonymous

Why would you change a product scent? I have used Gain original for as long as I can remember and loved it. Now my clothes stink! I miss the wonderful odor and want it back. Until you bring it back I’m changing laundry detergent.

whole room smelled like concentrated Gain
by: Dry cleaner Lyn

We recently stayed in an air bnb in Ohio. When we got ready to get in bed, I almost thought I wouldn't be able to sleep in there. The whole room smelled like concentrated Gain. In our business we only use free and clear products to protect from allergens in the laundry. Our customers appreciate this. The only scent used in the process is a light lavender scent when odors are present. You would think that Air bnb owners would consider this for their guests. I will be telling the host about this inconvenience.

I think the new scent smells awful and unclean
by: Kristina

New scent of aroma boost in Gain original smells like mildew or clothes that were left in the washer for too long. It smells awful. I had to give away the rest of the Gain I had left and went back to Tide. The person I gave it to didn’t like the new scent and was surprised they changed it. I have hopes they bring back the original scent.

Try Dreft
by: Anonymous

I HATE the smell of Gain. When our family gets together, my kids, nieces, nephews (all around college age and older, living on their own) STINK like a sour smell, like clothes that have been left in the washer too long. But they haven't. Whenever I ask someone wearing sour smelling clothes what laundry detergent they use, it's "GAIN" because it's the cheapest.

Dang it, Gain! Please correct your formula. I wonder if the reason they can't smell the sour odor is a post-COVID nose/smelling disorder - which is a real thing.

My daughter washed a load of clothes for me at her house I happened to leave behind. They smell so bad. I have to soak and re-wash them all. My clothes washed in Dreft do NOT have this stinky sour odor.

I used to like Gain. Not anymore.
by: Theresa Kalman

I grew up using Tide and I used Tide when I got married with kids but as prices continued to raise higher and higher, I started using cheaper brands to see if I could find one that cleaned stains as well as Tide. I tried Gain when it first came out I used it quite often but would still try other brands when on sale and would still go back to my favorite Tide. But when tight on funds I'd buy Gain, Xtra or Arm & Hammer. I like subtle clean smelling scents. My daughter uses Gain now because I bought her it before you changed the scent and she continued to buy it, but one day I thought their clothes really stunk when I hugged my grandchildren. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I just asked what laundry soap did you use and she told me Gain like I always use. I checked to see what kind of dryer sheets she was using and those were Gain too. I tried buying her Bounce dryer sheets because I love its scent but it combined with that Gain smell still didn't make matters better. I finally told her I thought it stunk, and she said it didn't. I said I know I can't handle that strong smell, it's also not just because it's strong smelling it stinks, the smell nauseated me. I have to make my grandsons get down off my lap because I can't deal with the smell. I told my daughter a laundry soap is to leave your clothes clean and fresh with a subtle scent and when I use Downy, Bounce or Snuggle softener sheets it only accents that clean and you just want to breathe in that fresh scent. She thought it was just me and so I decided to check online reviews and show my daughter I'm not crazy, I have a good sense of smell. These companies should know not to mess with a good thing. If you want to introduce a new smell add it to your line but leave the tried and true alone. I used to like Gain. Not anymore.

Stinky clothes and air
by: Linn

Why do you all want to smell like laundry? You pollute the air with Gain and all the other smells. I'm for free and clear.

Residual detergent smell
by: Sammy

A friend washed my workout clothes in Gain. I find Gain to be the most repulsive scent on earth. I have tried everything to get the smell out.

Vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, bleach and it still stinks to high heaven.

Help please!

I don't believe it!!!
by: Anonymous

It's total BS! Gain should have kept their original scent! The new scent is not as good as the OG (original Gain:)

Sour smell despite all Gain products use
by: Anonymous

High end water saving washer and dryer with Gain detergent, fabric softener, scent beads and dryer sheets.

I clean washer tub monthly, and set timer to remove clothes from washer and dryer. Suggested rewashing misses the point of saving water.

I'm at wits end with sour smelling laundry.

Gain leaves a body order smell on your clothes
by: Theresa Ezell

The original Gain with aroma burst leaves clothes smelling like perspiration. I now know why it was on sale. I’m done using this product.

Stinky laundry detergent
by: Dory

Gain is the most horrible smell of laundry soap. Why did they put the chemical in there? I can’t get it out of my clothes. I’ve washed my dog's outfit three times and it’s still in there. I was hanging out with a friend at the hospital. I can smell every person that uses it that walks past me. This soap is horrible and needs to be removed from the show.

Something's fishy
by: Susan G

I noticed the laundry room smelled fishy the other day. It looks like I left a towel to air dry and that was where the smell was coming from. What is Gain using in its detergent to smell fishy after sitting for a little bit?

smells like pee!
by: Anonymous

I cannot stand the smell of Gain or clothes that have been washed in it. They all smell like urine and moldy flowers! It's nauseating to me. I used to love the original Gain so much I'd water it down and use it to freshen everything in a tiny spray bottle. Whatever they have done has ruined it for me. I've since found a new soap I'm obsessed with, it's called narcissist by Buff City Soap Company. While it's a bit more pricey and I get a lot less soap for the money it is definitely worth it. I will never buy Gain again. And before anyone responds there's something wrong with my washing machine, no there is not, I do not have any animals or children that pee on everything and I promptly switch my laundry over. I have friends whose homes I go to that use Gain laundry detergent and I have a hard time just sitting in their home because it smells so badly of urine to me and every time due to the specific urine scent I know it's Gain laundry detergent.

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