Tide Plus Febreze Review - Got Rid Of Musty Towel Smell

by Angel

Angel has provided a Tide Plus Febreze review, sharing how it got rid of her musty towel smell.

Angel says:

Tide Seaside Fresh Scent, with Febreze, has been the first liquid detergent I have ever used, and I am pleased 100%.

I have used other detergents in the past and for many years, but my towels still would have an odor to them, as if they were not thoroughly washed.

After receiving a coupon through the mail for this product I decided to give it a try and was only able to find it in liquid form, so I purchased it and I will honestly say this will be the only detergent I will use on my clothes from now on.

The first day that I used it not only did my family complement how great the towels and their clothes smelled, but it put a refreshing aroma through out the house, as well.

I would like to also add that my husband is a mechanic and his uniforms have a great deal of oil stains on them and Tide was able to get them out.

I have been doing laundry and keeping house for many years, and have went through all of the other brands. Tide now is #1 and I will never go back to the others.

Taylor says:

Thanks Angel for your review.

Has anyone else used this detergent, or any other version of Tide laundry detergent and liked or disliked it? If so, you can share your reviews of this brand here, or read other reviews already submitted.

In addition, you can share your laundry detergent reviews here, telling me which detergents you like the best, and why.

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How I Get Rid of Stinky Smells In Sports Equipment With Tide With Febreze

by Crystal @ MakeDinnerEasy

Crystal says:

Taylor, my daughter plays a lot, I mean a lot of volleyball, and her knee-pads can get really stinky.

I thought I would share with you my solution to get rid of this odor.

I combine about 1 tablespoon of Tide with Febreze with about 1 tablespoon of water in the detergent cap and pour this on the inside and outside of each knee-pad and then really rub it in with my fingers.

Then I wash them with additional of this same detergent.

I do dry them partially in the dryer as I'm usually in a hurry but prefer to dry them the rest of the way in the sun.

This is the best method I've tried and really has worked for me.

Just thought I would share!

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing this great tip Crystal!

I know my kids play a lot of sports as well, and yes their equipment can get quite gross if not cleaned properly.

I'm adding this not only here to this detergent page, but also adding it as a great household tip for laundry as well. If anyone else has similar tips for washing or cleaning sports equipment I would love to hear them!

You can share your cleaning tips here, and I'll add them to the site.

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Tide With Febreze Review - Love All The Scents

by Holly
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Holly has provided this review of her favorite laundry detergent, Tide with Febreze.

Holly says:

I love the Tide laundry detergent with Febreze, all of the scents in this collection smell so amazing. I started using this laundry detergent about a year ago and I honestly have not found a detergent that I like better.

Not only does it smell amazing but it leaves your clothes smelling amazing through the wash and dry cycle and they still smell as fresh as ever after hanging in the closet or being in the drawer for a period of time. I love opening my closet door and smelling the sweet scent that this detergent leaves behind.

Furthermore, this detergent is wonderful at removing stains.

I wear a lot of white clothing and everyone knows that white clothes are the hardest to keep clean and each and every time my white loads of laundry come out looking brighter than before they went in.

Also, I have a newborn baby and her clothes get really messy from formula spills and stains. Tide takes the stains right out and even the white clothes don't have the yellow ring around the neck of the outfit.

The Tide with Downy is just as good as the kind with Febreze but since I use dryer sheets I figure I don't need the extra fabric softener in the detergent.

I was using All detergent and it does not compare to the Tide brand. I recommend this detergent to my friends and family.

The price might be a little more than some of the other brands but it really is not all that expensive and it is truly worth paying a little bit more.

Taylor says:

Thanks Holly for sharing your Tide with Febreze review.

What detergent do you like the best?

You can share your own review of this brand here, or read other reviews already submitted.

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Comments for Tide With Febreze Review - Love All The Scents

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Febreze SPORT
by: Anonymous

I love Febreze! My youngest boy plays soccer and his gear has gotten so stinky that I can smell when he comes home from the game. I have ended up replacing his cleats and jerseys so many times just because I can't get the stink out. I'm working with the new Febreze SPORT collection and it's been a lifesaver. It is specifically formulated to find and eliminate sweat odors on shoes, apparel and gear.

It's the best
by: Chef Dave

It's the best. I'm a chef and yes, my clothes get smelly, but everyone says i always smell good! All my clothes smell good even after a week sitting around. It is way worth it.

Love Snuggle, But Febreze Will Kill Me!
by: Anonymous

I can take a bath in Snuggle products with no reaction whatsoever but if I get within 100 feet of anything with Febreze on it, my lungs close up and I start coughing my guts out, even if it is already dried on clothes, even worst if someone is spraying it.

I cannot buy clothes on eBay anymore because the sellers spray it on everything.

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