Tide With A Touch of Downy Review - Smells Just Like Mom's Laundry Did

by Robert
(San Antonio Texas)

Tide With A Touch Of Downy, Lavender Scent

Tide With A Touch Of Downy, Lavender Scent

Robert has shared his review of Tide with a touch of Downy detergent.

Robert says:

I am a big fan of my clothes smelling good and feeling soft. This is why I use Tide plus a Touch of Downy. For the longest time I had been using just the plain old Tide and was very happy to do so, it was what my mom had used for years so I figured it is what I should use. I just never could get the same smell in my clothes though or get it to feel as soft as mom’s.

I always wondered if it was my washer or if I was doing something wrong. Why could I not get my clothes to smell and feel as soft as when she did it?

I would ask my mom and she was pretty simple with her answer. She would tell me she used Tide. Well considering I knew that I didn’t get very much out of her response.

One day when I was visiting her I saw her putting her clothes up on the clothes line outside and then it hit me. She hangs them out to dry. Well as much as I liked how clean her clothes came out I didn’t have the time to hang dry my clothes nor did I really want to spend time doing it. I was pretty much ready to give up on having clean clothes like moms.

I don’t think she would want me to bring it over to her place to do it for me; it’s a bummer that growing up means moms stop doing your laundry.

One day while at the local super market
I was standing in front of the detergents thinking to myself, do I dare try something new? I looked at other brands but didn’t want to give up on Tide so I looked at all the various Tide products and stopped at Tide plus a Touch of Downy. I decided what the heck and took it home; I think it was the lavender one.

After my first load came out I was in heaven.

I won’t ever buy anything else again! It took me right back home to when my clothes were soft and smelled great. I now get the same great feel and smell my mom does but with half the effort. My mother may never stop hanging her clothes up but now I can have clothes just a wonderful.

Taylor says:

Robert, thanks for sharing your Tide with a touch of Downy review. It is good to have a nice childhood memory like that.

So, does anyone else have a laundry detergent they love, perhaps that they have used since childhood that you want to review?

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In addition, I've been told that the lavender Tide with downy is a good replacement for the discontinued Tide Vanilla and Lavender scented detergent. This woman both Tide with the added Downy along with Downy vanilla and lavender dryer sheets.

In addition, you can share any other laundry detergent reviews here, to share what you believe is the best laundry detergent.

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