Purex Detergent Review - Even Gets Out Red Clay And Mud Stains

by Angela
(North Carolina)

Angela has provided this Purex detergent review, of the Mountain Breeze scent, which works great for her family of five.

Angela says:

I have three boys, ages 4 yrs, 3 yrs, and 19 mos. They are hard on their clothes and I like to not stress about them getting the clothes dirty while playing.

I use Ultra Purex Mountain Breeze (or whatever scent) I think it smells good. The scent does not stay with the clothes beyond the washer though.

When I dry the clothes, they don't have the same smell as air dried clothes.

We have had no allergic reactions to this detergent.

As far as stains go, we have red clay/mud here in this part of North Carolina and I have found if I put the muddied clothes in a cold water wash within the same day, the stain comes right out.

Taylor says:

Thanks Angela for your Purex detergent review. Wow, I'm impressed you can get out red clay so easily with Purex, since this can be a very difficult stain to remove.

So, does anyone else use Purex? If so, you can share your own review of this brand here, or read other reviews already submitted.

In addition, you can share other laundry detergent reviews here, of any brand, telling me what you like (or don't), and why.

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Purex Caused An Allergic Reaction For Me

by SR101 Reader

This detergent cleaned my clothes very well.

However, I noticed my eyes were dry and itchy. A week later I developed hives on my face around my eyes. The hives went away and I'm left with dry, stingy, peeling skin where the hives were on my face. It's very uncomfortable.

No other detergent has ever done this to me. I went back to Tide Pods which seem to have even more scent/dyes, but they do not bother me at all.

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Purex Natural Elements Detergent Caused Allergic Reaction

by Russella McDowell
(Tempe, AZ)

Russella says:

I bought this detergent because it was on sale.

I got itchy skin, a runny nose, and itchy eyes once I used it. I also started breaking out in a rash.

I changed to a baby laundry detergent and now experience no problems.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing this quick review with me.

I note that they advertise this as a hypoallergenic detergent but it does not come in unscented varieties, but only with scents. I don't personally consider that to be hypoallergenic, but I guess my definition and theirs is different.

I would love to hear from even more people who've used Purex Natural Elements detergents or other products from this line, such as their fabric softeners.

You can share your review here.

In addition, this is an eco-friendly detergent, and if you're interested in using one I've got a whole list of natural laundry detergent brands currently available, and reviews of them, where applicable that you should check out.

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Purex Laundry Soap Review From Reader

by Sabrina

Sabrina says:

I hate Purex. It doesn't work. I suggest that you don't buy it.

Taylor says:

Sabrina, sorry you don't like this brand of laundry detergent.

I would be interested to hear more about why you don't like it, because that could help others make a better determination of whether they would like it or not.

If you want to add more detail, I would love to hear from you in the comments.

What about any of you? What do you think about Purex laundry soap? Love it or hate it?

You can share your thoughts in the comments, or you can write your own review of Purex laundry detergent here.

In addition, you can share other laundry detergent reviews here, to tell me which one you think is the best.

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Comments for Purex Laundry Soap Review From Reader

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I like it
by: Karen

I have been using Purex for a while. My kids are a little older now so not too many stains to deal with. I like it.

Love this! Very low cost!
by: Amanda

I love Purex. It's only about $3 and lasts me for about 2 months with 4 people living with me. I went through a bunch of different brands before getting this one and I've loved it ever since, plus it works with my front loaders really well.

it's just ok
by: Anonymous

I was using Purex liquid. I would grab whatever scent was available. It was ok but not great on grease stains. My husband grabbed the Kirkland pods and there is no turning back for me. Sorry Purex, Kirkland pods does a much better job. Even better than Tide.

always only Purex because of allergies
by: Debbie

My family has always used Purex. My son has skin allergies so I'm careful of what I use on all of the family washables. That includes towels and sheets. When he went away to school he was all excited that he was using something else that smelled good. When the skin allergies came back he made sure to buy Purex for himself.

If you are allergic to Tide, Use Purex
by: Anonymous

My whole family has a huge allergy to something in Tide. If you are allergic to Tide I highly recommend trying it. Purex Mountain Breeze has worked wonders for me and my family. We no longer have hives or shortness of breath.

It's the best!
by: Linda V.

Purex can't be beat with regular laundry and very good price!

by: Miss Tx

I only buy Purex, it gets my clothes clean and is reasonable price.

Oxi version gave me a rash
by: Anonymous

Just washed sheets and clothes with Purex Oxi 4 daye ago. Major itching and rash from shoulders to ankles. Sad to say I bought a new mattress thinking it was critters from the mattress. Very expensive situation. I never had this itching issue before. Needs to be a warning on the oxi products.

spots on laundry
by: Kelvin

I use Purex green bottle for HE top loading washing machine. Now I'm getting spots on all my clothes from towels, sheets, colored socks & Colored underwear. Looks like bleach spots & not sure if its laundry detergent or machine. Help.

response re spots on laundry
by: Taylor

There are a lot of possible reasons you're getting spots on your laundry, which makes it difficult sometimes to figure out the problem. Some of them are laundry detergent related, some have to do with the machine, others with the water, and even more possibilities as well. Check out this article about washing machine stains for more information and possible problems and solutions.

Great detergent at a great price
by: The Fritz family

I have been using Purex for years. It's usually only about $3 to $4 per bottle and it's always on sale plus there's always coupons so I stock up for a very small price. I use to use the scented version until I had my twins. Now we get Purex free and clear and it works great! I love that it's a good detergent for a good price.

Bad experience
by: LesaH

I had used the basic Purex with no issues and was excited when they came out with the "hypoallergenic" Natural Elements. Both scent offerings smelled amazing BUT after the second day of wearing my neck broke out in a bad rash! I have NEVER had a reaction to any laundry soap, so this took me by surprise. It took about a week to go away after I finally realized it was the detergent causing it and rinsed/re-washed them with a free & clear detergent! About 6 months later I picked up a sheet forgetting it had been washed with the Purex Natural Elements and broke out in hives on my arms after the second night of sleeping with it. Dangerous stuff for people with laundry sensitivities.

Allergies from Tahitian Breeze scent
by: Sue

I used Purex Tahitian breeze scent and my child had a terrible reaction to this product. Please, if you have allergies, don't buy this product. This needs to be off of the shelves in the stores. The worst thing ever to use. I'm having to rewash all of her clothes, towels and bedding. It's a job and a hassle. I had no idea this could happen. I have used Purex brand before, I just used the wrong kind, so please please don't anyone with allergies use this.

wicked smell purex
by: Anonymous

washed the bed with this detergent and it stinks very strong smell. Had to strip the bed and wash with Tide. Also worried the mattress may be ruined. Don't know yet, the washer is still on. This is very annoying.

Great results. Cheaper price
by: Jackie

I’ve also used Purex Action Lift detergent and also use arm and hammer with oxi clean. (which ever is on sale) My husband works construction. An iron worker to be specific, and he always comes home with metal dust, paint dust welding sparks debris etc.... Using either these detergents and (with oxi clean pre soak when it was a really dirty week) hot water settings and max soil settings. Every last particle was washed away! love love LOVE! Also have a front load h.E (High Efficiency) washer. Heard great results with top load hE washers as well. Hope this was helpful.

Didn't get things clean
by: Laundry dad

clothes came out of the wash still dirty and no good scent after they were dry. I'll be switching back to persil when this jug is empty. It was the original dirt lift kind btw.

one big itch
by: Anonymous

I have been one big itch since using this detergent for the last month or so.

Purex leaving non removable spotty marks.
by: Z. S.

I'm getting spots on all my clothes. Purex Ultra Lift Action actually damaged most of my laundry. I couldn't get rid of the spots this Purex made. Bad product!

Purex lavender detergent with crystals
by: Anonymous

Tried this detergent and I have been itching from head to toe. Don’t like it at all, going back to the original Purex detergent. Horrible one.

Scent is too strong.
by: Anonymous

I have asthma and allergies. Used it today and have not quit sniffling since. It’s horrible. Scent is too strong.

Red Itchy Skin
by: Shely Gonzalez

Purex linen & lilies may have given me a red rash, like no other. Bottle says USDA certified bio based product. Do not recommend.

Not impressed
by: Anonymous

Glad to know I'm not the only one having a reaction to this detergent.

I wish I never tried this stuff
by: Anonymous

For 3 months I have spent hundreds of dollars between vets and doctors thinking the rashes on me were somehow flea or scabies related. Medications for myself and my poor cat - lime sulfur baths and all kinds of shots - all in the end to realize it was this Purex detergent that I switched to. I normally use Persil but I thought let’s give Purex a chance- maybe it cleans better. Well. I have broken out for 3 months all over my body, using permethrin products all over my house and body thinking I was infested from the cat. Little did I know I was breaking out from the laundry detergent because once my cat left for a month and stayed at a relatives house- I was still breaking out. I’d break out from my scalp all the way down to my toes. Covering myself in medicated lotions and taking prescription pills to calm the rashes down. I’d break out in hives that look like mosquito bites! Felt something crawling all over me at night, thought fleas or bed bugs.. nope! This stupid detergent destroyed me! Threw it out and never again!!

Purex Detergent with Clorox 2
by: Kathy CS Navarro

I absolutely love the Purex brand, specifically the Purex with the Clorox2. It works wonders on blood stains, ketchup stains etc. I don’t have to use Oxi on my colors. But now it’s getting hard to find in Walmart & Ralphs were we shop. Please bring it back. 85 loads.

Allergic reaction
by: Sally

I was buying the Purex in the white bottle and then I saw the bigger bottle on sale so I grabbed it not thinking that it would break me out. I thought it was a reaction from a steroid I got for my rotator cuff. Nope. It was the detergent. I threw the entire bottle away and washed all of my shirts, bras over with a different detergent.

Major Break out
by: Anonymous

I just started using this brand for a little less than a week. I normally use Tide which I still do but to fight the extra stains in my color clothing. I decided to use this because that’s the brand that my dad said that he used to help his clothes. And just a little over a week my skin has broken out. I had a really really bad allergic reaction to this. I have never had an allergic reaction to anything in my life but the pain is like it’s a burning fire pain, and it itches. I have been taking the Benadryl for the past week and nothing and I mean nothing is helping 😥

Skin breakout using Purex lavender detergent
by: Anonymous

I used the Purex lavender detergent, and my husband started breaking out. He has rash all over his body. It didn't break me out but it definitely made my skin itch a lot. I'm going to discontinue use of this detergent.

Itching from Purex!
by: Anonymous

This laundry detergent is garbage! I have spent a small fortune trying to figure out why I was itching all over and then I realized it was this Purex doing it. I have never had a problem with any other brand! The itch was unbearable. This garbage got thrown out with the other trash! Never again will I buy this product. I had to rewash clothes, towels, sheets. Now I read others have had the same experience.

Allergic reaction with Purex with stain removal
by: Aleah Hughes

I always used Purex Detergent and did not have any allergic reactions. Just recently my hubby bought Purex with stain removal. There is something in this detergent that causes me to itch and now I have bumps all over my arms and feet, particularly my arms. I had to ask my husband to pick up some Benadryl to assist with the itching. Very disappointed but you should know of this.

Amount to use
by: Kathy

You put lines in the caps showing how much to use, however, a person can't see the lines at all. Why can't you make the lines in a color we can see? It is so frustrating!

No problems with Purex new formula
by: Val

I find the new formula (for both top loading and front loading machines) is perfectly acceptable in my older top loading machine. It smells fresh and clean. I wonder if some people put too much soap in their machine? I read that that may cause dirt to be re-deposited. I put just enough that I see some soap bubbles after a gentle agitation. I also don't overload my machine. I have sensitive skin but I had no problems so far with a rash or sneezing. Perhaps the water here in eastern Canada is not too hard or too soft. I will try it on a dark load shortly.

Better than Tide!
by: Theresa Bowen

Purex is an excellent laundry detergent at such an affordable price! I was a Tide user for well over 15 years, until my husband lost his job and we had to tighten our budget. I tried the many different cheaper brands of laundry soaps but none worked nearly as good as Tide until I came across Purex! This stuff is amazing! It’s great on stains, brightens colors, which mostly all of the other cheaper laundry soap made my clothes dingy looking AND it’s great on whites! You can not only see the clean but feel it! It’s also great for sensitive skin. Does not irritate it. Although the line of Purex is all superb, my two faves are Purex with Clorox original scent, it cleans well and it gets tough body odor smell out without just masking the smell, AND Purex naturals, also cleans well, makes your laundered items so very soft, naturally. Purex is great! I would give it 10 stars on reviews if I had the option.

Great clean, great smell
by: Shannon

I have been using Purex for a couple of years now, and I think it is the best lower priced brand around. My clothes always come out clean and smelling nice. Admittedly, Purex isn't necessarily the best for oily stains, but I always pretreat stains with Dawn dish detergent, which works incredibly well.

one of the few I can use
by: Mel Collova

I have had a reaction to detergents since I was born. My mom used oatmeal to bathe me. As an adult I have found Purex and Arm & Hammer to clean properly and not cause a rash. Using other soaps have caused the rash and I have had to rewash many times in my life.

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