Severe Allergic Reaction To Suavitel Liquid

by Tim Muster
(Madison, IN)

Several readers have experienced allergies to Suavitel fabric softener, and below they've shared their stories.

Tim says:

I broke out in the worst case of hives after my girlfriend washed our clothes and blankets in this product.

I continue to be covered everyday by these hives because we cannot get the softener out of our clothing and blankets.

I am literally covered from head to toe in these hives.

My palms and the bottom of my feet get covered, my face, arms and throat swell really bad.

I've been to the hospital several times for allergy shots (steroids) and have spent over a hundred dollars on medication for this.

We have re-washed everything at least five times to try and get this stuff out. NO LUCK!!!

We're gonna have to throw all of our clothes, sheets and blankets away so I won't continue to break out in these hives. They make me very ill and the medication for them is no better.

Very bad side effects!!! THE WORST CASE OF HIVES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taylor says:

Tim, I'm sorry to hear this. I do hope you feel better soon.

It can be difficult to completely remove the smell and lingering effects of liquid fabric softener from fabrics, because the oils coat everything so thoroughly.

Has anyone else had an allergic reaction from this product? If so, was it the liquid or dryer sheets version, and what scent were you using? You can share your review or experience here.

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Suavitel Fabric Softener Caused Hives And Now I Can't Wash It Out

by Debra

Debra says:

I have a terrible case of hives from this fabric softener and can't get it out of my clothing.

Anyone know what I can do to wash it out?

We have tried rewashing our clothes numerous times and it's not working.

My hives are out of control.

Taylor says:

Debra, sorry to hear about this.

You're not the first person to complain either about an allergic reaction, or to share the difficulties in removing the product's scent from your clothes. (see above)

Unfortunately, the only advice I have is to keep rewashing. I would suggest washing in the hottest water possible, along with a heavy-duty laundry detergent that is tough on grease and oils, perhaps Wisk.

You may even want to let the clothing soak in the hot water for a while.

These softeners are made with oils, which coat the fabric's fibers, and heat is a good way to dissolve such oils, and then have a detergent that grabs it away before it redeposits.

You may also want to try extra rinses.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

I've answered this question as part of the laundry questions section of the site. Come check out what else I've already answered, or ask your own question.

Further, if you've used this fabric softener I'd love to hear how it has worked for you, good or bad. You can share your own review here, or read others that have already been submitted.

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Comments for Suavitel Fabric Softener Caused Hives And Now I Can't Wash It Out

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We are having the same issue with the new Fast Dry Suavitel!
by: Anonymous

We are having the same issue with the New Fast Dry Suavitel. My husband has hives from head to toe and nothing is stopping it. I have washed everything and he is still continuing to break out very bad from head to toe.

made me itch everywhere!
by: Paula

This softener makes me itch everywhere. I do not usually have sensitivity to anything. It took me quite a while to narrow it down by eliminating everything one at a time. I switch around according to what's on sale. I rewashed everything and my skin is calming down. But the hives under my arms and behind my neck are still itching me like crazy. Be careful everyone.

Just plain terrible
by: Anonymous

Same here. This stuff is awful! I've been going through hell because of this stuff. This company should at least put a warning label on this product.

Hives here too
by: Anonymous

I loved the smell of the yellow one and for months I have been struggling on and off again with hives and realizing this is the culprit!

Suavitel Misery
by: Ginny

After using Suavitel liquid softener I have been covered with a rash and bumps. My throat was sore and had trouble swallowing - also my lymph nodes were sore for days. I have never had a reaction to any laundry detergent or softener and have been around for 60 years! I was trying to determine where this condition originated and was shocked that others have had the same reaction. Why is this product on store shelves??

Sunshine Liquid
by: Long Island

I used the liquid sunshine before, never had an issue. Last 3 days after using it a week or so ago I have broken out with a hot itchy rash on upper arms and lower legs.

Not 100% it's this product just yet, but if you're sensitive beware.

Same issue
by: Anonymous

Same, massive allergic reaction to this stuff. Rash everywhere. Will throw this away.

Wash with dish soap
by: Martha

Wash your clothes in Dawn dish soap non-chlorine bleach, it will take out the oils. I use about 2 TBS. PER FULL LOAD.

Huge break out
by: CC

I never knew a fabric softener could damage your skin so back until it happen to me. I am in so much pain and I can't hardly sleep from all the itching and burning of my skin. This has taught me a lesson and I will never use anything other than Downy again. It may smell good but it's very damaging. With all the out breaks they should reconsider making it more hypoallergenic. I'm shocked no one have sued them for this. Hope everyone can overcome this ordeal, it's so painful.

by: Anonymous

After 33 years and no issues with skin allergies I have recently broke out with a rash covering both of my lower arms, after washing my jacket in Suavitel field flowers liquid softener. After some internet research and a new developing rash on my son back we have deduced this product is more than likely the culprit. This is the only product we have recently changed and is the only product both my son and I use. He uses different soap and hair products than I do and our laundry detergent is the same thing we have always used. Either way there seems to be a lot of information to suspect this product isn't safe for public use and I would suggest everyone to contact Colgate-Palmolive and demand an investigation into this product as well as a demand to have this product removed from store shelves. Their number for questions or comments is 1-800-443-0602.

One more point I may want to make is the possibility to use white vinegar in the wash cycle to help remove the softener from your clothes. This is a common practice in removing sour smell and softener from towels. Just research the amount of vinegar per load as I really can't recall. I believe it is a cup for a large load but don't take my word for it. Just use hot water in the load and let the vinegar soak in the wash. Anyway, just a suggestion that might help someone remove this toxic product from there clothes.

P.S. the vinegar should not make your clothes smell bad.

by: Anonymous

My mother's washing my clothes with this detergent and it gives hives me everywhere in my body, from my upper body and down. It itches a lot. Once my mother found out the problem she washed my clothes this time without Suavitel and my hives were gone. Even though my mother has been using this detergent to wash my clothes in the past, I realize I still have spots of hives now and there. My hives were not as big when I first got the allergic reaction. It's best this company just recall on these detergent.

Smells good but BEWARE
by: Nancy

My husband kept breaking out in welts. We narrowed it down to Suavitel Fabric Pearls, distributed by Colgate Palmolive and sold by WalMart. He went online and found many people have had the same reaction. This product is very difficult to remove from clothes, even after washing several times. I am surprised it has not been taken off the market!

nothing helps
by: Deuza

My skin getting too bad, took Benadril, fenergan and nothing helps!

Itching all over my body
by: Laura Cabrera

Suavital makes me itch all over my body. On the bed and on my clothes. I wash it out and I don't itch anymore.

Fields of flowers (liquid)
by: Anonymous

Severe allergic reaction. Started using this liquid fabric softener and started getting rashes, and made my throat almost close up. I wouldn't recommend any one trying this product.

hives all over
by: Marvin

Broke out in hives all over after rinsing clothes and blankets in Suavitel Field Flowers fabric softener.

My child also has hives all over!
by: Anonymous

I couldn't explain why my 5 year old all of a sudden started breaking out in hives all over her body, getting worst by day. I just couldn't figure it out until I finally remembered this was the most recent product used. I checked online for any possible allergic reaction and BAM! Looks like a lot of people are having the same exact reaction. I myself have been itching all over with scattered hives. It smells amazing but it can cause a serious case of itch and hives. NO BUENO! 👎🏼

Horrible product
by: Anonymous

Just got home from the ER. My husband is covered from head to toe with the worse hives ever. Has been suffering for over 3 weeks. Going crazy itching. My son was visiting from Key West and like a good mother washed his clothes before he left. He is also covered from head to toe with the same thing. Product needs to be removed from shelves.

Smells great but buyers beware!
by: Jennifer

I am currently covered in hives with red, swollen, itchy, PAINFUL bumps all over 75% of my body. I have no known allergies and have always had a high tolerance for products. (I am not in the least bit sensitive when it comes to any detergents or specific products.) Suavitel is definitely an exception to this. I am absolutely MISERABLE. I have washed my clothes numerous times and I can not get this stuff out of my clothes! Hot scalding water and dawn dish soap didn't even do the trick. Buyers beware of this awful product!

Still covered with hives
by: Anonymous

My husband is still covered with hives since December 8th. We have spent hundreds of dollars already. Been to ER and dermatologist and another doctor. On different medications. Nothing is working. Have talked to the poison center and also the company. We need some answers.

response re still covered in hives
by: Taylor

I'm so sorry to hear your husband is still having an allergic reaction. Since you've come and commented on this post twice now, at least, I wanted to make sure you're aware that this is a third party website which allows people to review various cleaning and laundry products, among other topics. That means Stain Removal 101 has no affiliation with the company, and if you need to speak with someone from the company you will need to perhaps look on the bottle to find a phone number or website to contact them. Your communications and complaints are not currently going to the company as it appears you may believe.

Avoid this product
by: Lori

My husband bought Suavitel fabric softener since he didn't find our usual softer, after the first use I got hives really bad to the point that I had to go to my Dr. I am on steroids because the reaction was severe. I have to take the medicine for 12 days, my whole body is covered in bumps and itches mainly around my breast. My daughter got it too, but not as bad as I did. AVOID this product at all. Too bad I washed a big amount of clothes including blankets and sheets.

same here
by: Anonymous

Severe folliculitis and rash from every piece of clothing washed with Suavitel.

by: Kerry

I have been itchy for a week couldn't figure it out then it hit me, the fabric softener. The store didn't have the usual kind I use. Then my son woke up from a nap and his whole back has a rash. I hope I can wash it out of our clothes I can't afford to replace everything!

No more
by: Anonymous

I use the stuff for the first time while staying with relatives and I have been itching from head to toe nonstop. I will never use it again. I'm going to have to see a doctor to recommend something. So much itching and burning that I cannot sleep. I've never had a reaction so bad. I can't believe there are so many people having the same problem. I've been taking 50 mg of Benadryl every four hours and that just barely takes the edge off the itching and burning just won't stop.

Pink Fast Dry
by: Anonymous

Fast Dry Suavitel!! Hives everywhere on my 10 year old daughter. Another sleepless night watching her. Don't buy this stuff. It is sad because we decided on this one because it was Pink.

Sick from dryer sheets
by: Anonymous

I have not broken out in a rash or hives, but have had Non-stop runny nose and ongoing for months. Once I stopped using Suavitele dryer sheets and their liquid fabric softener the problem abated. No more cold/runny nose. I thought I had an immune problem but it stopped once I stopped putting Suavitele products in my laundry. I am SO thankful I did not get the hives so many are complaining about. Vinegar in the rinse water has been used for years which gets any remaining detergent out and softens clothing. I'm going back to vinegar. My reason for using Suavitel in the first place? I liked the smell!!! It's strong. Should have been a clue.

Rashes/Hives- Over 300 of Them
by: Anonymous

How I Am Solving This Bad Problem.

My rashes/hives began after using Suavetel Fabric Softener. They are all over my body, where I wear clothes. I have over 300 rashes/hives. Healing took forever. It appears the oils in the fabric softener are the problem. Based on my research, I think I have found a way to slowly stop the rashes/hives and begin healing. To remove the fabric softener oils from clothes, wash your clothes with laundry detergent. Then wash it a second time in a row with a cup or more of white vinegar. This appears to have eliminated the oils. Vinegar will not make your clothes smell. My clothes do not itch now. Stop using the fabric softener too. To eliminate the rashes/hives, I put Hibiclens Antiseptic/Antimicrobial skin cleanser on my rashes/hives. This seems to quickly clean the area, stop the remaining itching and immediately begin the healing.

by: Callie

I used the scent beads and found them to be some of the best smelling on the market. The smell lasted for days! By about 5 days of use I developed severe hives and my throat was closing.
It's been two weeks of benadryl and i"m still struggling.

The worst part has been that we thought this rash was related to my seizure medication and lowered that increasing my seizures.

Finally realized it was this product, and the hives are going away now that ive washed my clothes in hot water and vinegar

Ban it
by: Warning

This stuff needs to be banned or a big warning label placed on the bottle.

I spent 5 weeks of sleepless nights itching with hives head to toe from this stuff.

I have never broke out from anything before in my life before Suavitel.

After 5 trips to the doctor and emergency room having no idea what was causing my severe allergic reaction 24 hours a day, I happened to come across this website and it saved my life.

After reading the comments I asked my wife what fabric softener she uses.

She said that she switched to the brand Suavitel about a month ago because it was much cheaper than Downy.

That's when I realized this stuff was poisoning me.

I am now 2 weeks Suavitel free and after buying new clothes my hives are gone.

Yes, some people have no reaction to Suavitel but it seems if you do it is severe.

Awful stuff
by: Anonymous

Had hives on my legs, but mostly had a severe cough for months before I figured it out. Difficult to find and remove every fabric washed with liquid softener. Was sick with sweats and short of breath. My tongue tingles and I still cough whenever I smell it or am near others who use it. I wish it would disappear.

How to get the allergens out of your clothes from this product
by: Dee

To get this allergen out of your clothes you need to do 3 loads in hot water. The 1st in a cup of white vinegar, 2nd in a cup of baking soda, the 3rd in a cap of detergent without this preservative in it!! Then 2 extra rinses!! I hope this is helpful!! Good luck to all of you!!😊

Field of flowers
by: Anonymous

Broke out in hives for nearly two months before I realized that it was the suavitel light blue bottle. Nothing helped relieve the hives that were around my neck arms legs waist underarms everywhere. Once I stopped using it, the hives subsided. I would only use it to wash my uniforms, so when I got to work after running around for a couple hours I would start to break out. I noticed it would never happen at home because my clothes at home would be in the cleaners or I would wash them by hand as needed for delicates and I didn't use the fabric softener. It took another several weeks to get the fabric softener out of my uniforms. Only did that I stop breaking out all together.

Severe Allergic Reaction
by: Anonymous

Hey I had a Severe Allergic Reaction to the liquid softener as well. I rewashed all of clothes bedding, everything. Used Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin Free of Perfumes & Dyes, to rewash along with baking soda in the wash. All my rash, hives went bye bye!!

Bad reaction
by: Joann

This product in the blue bottle was on clearance at CVS for $1.00. I bought 6 bottles as I have used it once in the past with no problem. I washed all my bed covering including my comforter and used this product in rinse. Within 4 days my husband and I were broken out in rashes mainly on the arms. I finally Re washed in hot water using a little bleach but it was too late. 2 weeks later we are still suffering from this allergic dermatitis and now mine is very painful. I’m wondering what the story is about this product.

This fabric softener made me itch like crazy
by: Chi

My husband bought this thinking we would save money on buying this rather than the tried and true name brand stuff we usually buy. I couldn't figure out what caused it, because we've used the same brand of detergent we always used, but he admitted he switched softeners when my daughter raved about it. It was the worst damn itch I ever had. Sometimes a bargain isn't what it seems.

Vinegar to remove the coating and stop the hives
by: CutieCarey

I had the same complaint of hives after using the blue bottle. I soaked all of my clothes in Vinegar for 24 hours. Before washing, I added 1/2 cup of the powder Oxiclean and washed without anything but vinegar in the fabric softener compartment. Then I washed again with nothing but water. A lot of work but I can wear my clothes again.

Rash / hives
by: Anonymous

This product is horrible ! I have rash and hives all over my body. I’ve just rewashed all my clothes with Arm and Hammer sensitive. The hives started right away. I wasn’t sure what was causing it until I did some research about this product.

never again
by: Anonymous

My lady parts itched and broke out. I went to the doctor and no STDs. Three weeks of discomfort, I realized it was this fabric softener... NEVER AGAIN!

Allergic Reaction
by: Anonymous

Yeah, I also had an allergic reaction to this product. Mine was the Morning Sun Fabric Conditioner.

What a nightmare!
by: Kristine

I've used this for years, but months ago noticed a new scent, Morning Sun. Hubby began complaining of horrible body itching. I began getting horrible itchy, burning places on my abdomen & under the bottom of my bra. I would scratch so hard, I literally bruised myself. It took a steroid cream to make the rash disappear, but came back several times. I didn't make the connection until we began our almost 4 month nightmare of my 7 year being treated for balanitis (his genital area is red, itchy, and inflamed). He has been on 3 types of antifungals (powder, cream, & oral), but the itch keeps coming back. It hit me the other day. The "yeast infection" isn't going away because that's not what it is; it's an allergic reaction to the new fabric softener! He has had 2 episodes of unexplained hives, as well, which now makes sense. I've stopped using it, rewashed all towels/washrags and his underwear, am putting hydrocortisone down there, and giving him benadryl and while he still itches, he has found some relief.

Will not be using it again
by: Jessica

I have used Suavitel before, but this time I broke out in a huge itchy rash all over my chest, back, armpits, belly, groin and tops of my thighs. I had to get put on steroids and double up on my allergy pills, apply ice packs, anti itch lotion, and re-watch everything first in a mixture of vinegar and baking soda...and then with just my usual detergent and no fabric softener. After a week (and a couple missed days of work) it is finally going away. Will NOT be using Suavitel again.

Do Not Use
by: Hazel

I used this and broke out with hives over my entire body they itch and burn. If you drug yourself up you can get some sleep. This is poison. My lips swelled my feet swelled my eyes swelled. It’s only been 4 days, I hope it doesn’t last as long as everyone else’s. How is this still being sold?

taking back for a refund
by: Anonymous

I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Tried your softener and realized what was going on. I am on medication to try to calm down the rash. all over my back arms legs and not getting better. I am taking it back to Sams for a refund. Something is terrible wrong with your product. Wouldn't refer this to anyone.

how I washed it out of my clothes
by: Phil Andrew

The way to get rid of it is to wash your clothes in vinegar and baking soda. And I mean a lot of it. I’ve done the heavy duty cycle on my washer that’s over 2 hours long. Or do whatever the longest one you have on hot. I’ll put up to 4-6 cups of baking soda inside the washer and pour about 1/3 a gallon of vinegar as the detergent. I’ll pour some of it directly on the clothes and then pour the rest in the fabric softener tray and the soap tray.

Do this about 3x and you should be ok. It’s still cheaper than buying new clothes etc.

Once it’s mostly out and you can handle wearing your clothes without an outbreak, then you can use a cup of each and scent free detergent going forward. You should be ok after that.

I’ve got bad asthma and bad allergies and have been doing this for years and it works once I figured out that detergents like Gain, Tide, and Suavitel are poison.

You can also add some tea tree or eucalyptus essential oil drops into your scent free soap down the road to get a pure scent into the fabric.

sneezing and exacerbates asthma
by: Amy Douglas

My mom bought this product and used it. I had a sneezing fit from the scent. And I often sneeze when I am around people in public that use this. I then had an asthma attack due to how strong the smell was. Finally I broke out into a head to toe rash. I used vinegar (neutralize the smell), hot water and dish soap (gets rid of oils) to get it off my clothing, with multiple washes.

suffering from hives
by: Shannon G.

Just three weeks ago I purchased this product and washed my clothes in it, and all of a sudden I'm itching and scratching, breaking out in raised welts and skin turning red and me scratching until I bleed. I had to go to the E.R it's so bad. I'm still suffering from the hives as I speak. Never have I felt so distressed about a situation, but I am pissed to the max.

Field Flowers scent - 7 weeks of misery
by: Eleece

Never in my life have I had a skin rash due to any kind of product. I have an allergy to spore producing trees or plants that make my sniffle and have watery, swollen eyes, that's it. It took me a couple of weeks in pure, itching torture before I narrowed down what was actually causing the problem. By problem I mean an uncontrollable itching rash that eventually developed blisters and bled through my clothes. I am a corporate accountant and have to be held to a professional standard at work. Really hard to do when your hands are down in your clothes rubbing, hitting and eventually scratching. I went through 3 rounds of getting steroid shots and eventually had to get zombie pills to stop scratching and making this monster spread even more. I am feeling better now as of yesterday. Officially 7 weeks of misery.

Sunset Rose red bottle
by: Ari

Hives all over. Just saw the dermatologist an hour ago. Told me to stop using immediately.

by: Karen

I have broken out in hives from this product. Hoping washing without it will cure me. I have washed our sheets and all towels with this product. And I was blaming my new garden!

Rose scent (red bottle)
by: Marcia

I'm not sure if this is what I can blame for the itching rash that covers my body, but the timing of buying the bottle did seem to coincide with the onset of this horrible rash. I'm literally covered head to toe, the itch is sometimes unbearable as well as the rash being terribly unsightly (although the latter is the least of my worries) and I've never had such dry, scaly skin in my life. Can't wait for the appointment with a dermatologist on Friday!

liquid softener, Field of Flowers scent
by: Sheila Jarvis

I too have had a reaction to this product, drove me crazy, I was checking everything. For possible bed bugs, fleas, dog hair, anything. I usually use Bounce, and didn’t have a problem. I purchased a new mattress, thinking something could be wrong with the mattress. Went to the doctor and received steroid pills and shots.

Then I realized maybe it was the fabric softener. Only when I bough new sheets and blankets did the itchy skin start to heal.

Field Flowers scent - itchy everywhere, and hives
by: Anonymous

I have NEVER had an allergic reaction to a product until now. I mistakenly purchased this product at Costco thinking I grabbed Downy and when I noticed later at home I thought, oh well, I am not taking it back so I started using it. I got so itchy everywhere and broke out in hives after one time of use. When I went to clean out the lint screen on my dryer I noticed the lint had what looked like fiber glass particles in it. That is when I realized it was this softener.

face itches like crazy
by: Hector Santiago

I bought this in Home Depot to have my clothes smell after I wash them. Mad choice I made because now my face itches like crazy, and under my eyes I have a little swelling and I'm scratching my face a lot. They should remove this item from the market, period.

allergic reaction to co-worker who uses this product
by: Rosina

I do not use this product. However, a new co-worker of mine does and from the first time I met here, I have been having an allergic reaction to it. When she works near me, my eyes start burning and watering, my skin(especially my scalp) gets itchy. Worst of all is that my throat starts closing and getting very scratchy.

Has this happened to anyone else that you know if?

This stuff is terrible!
by: Katie pin ow

This stuff is terrible! I spent one night at a friends house and woke up with an extremely itchy neck. By the end of the night it spread to my back and stomach. The next morning the hives spread to both arms. These hives are extremely itchy and have been here the last 3 days and are spreading.

whole body itchy
by: Tara Applegate

I used Suavitel with fragrance. Could this cause all over body itching?

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