Bounce Dryer Bar Review - Doesn't Seem To Last As Long As Promised

by Jessica
(Wilmington, Delaware)

Jessica has shared her Bounce dryer bar review, in the Outdoor Fresh scent.

Jessica says:

I recently purchased the new Bounce dryer bar because like the people in the commercials sometimes I'm so busy I forget to use a dryer sheet.

It's super easy to put in, just a quick one step installation and it says on the box that it's suppose to last four months, but I don't really think that is the case.

I've been using the same one for about 2 months now and at first it was great! It worked just like a dryer sheet, and had a great fresh scent and left my clothes nice and static free.

However, lately I'm thinking it might be too good to be true. I'm only 2 months in and already the "fresh scent" isn't there like it used to be so I've had to resort to using the regular Bounce dryer sheets that I love along with the bar which completely defeats the purpose of the bar.

I think from now on I'm going to stick to the sheets. The dryer bar was a nice idea but not a perfect execution.

Taylor says:

Thanks Jessica for your review of the dryer bar.

You didn't mention how many loads of wash you do each week. It strikes me that Bounce's estimate of how long the bar should last is probably based on some average amount of loads they think people do in a certain time period, and actual results would vary wildly because not everyone is average.

I would love to hear from others to say how many loads of laundry you dry each week, and approximately how long your Bound dryer bar has lasted, so we can get a better idea of how long it might last for someone else.

You can share your reviews here of the Bounce dryer bar, telling me what you love (or don't) about it.

Just a helpful hint Bounce, if you're listening, tell people on the packaging how many loads the bar will last, not the time period it will last, since I bet a lot of people have been disappointed with this issue!

***UPDATE*** I actually asked some of my Household Management 101 Facebook fans about their experiences with the dryer bar, and got 30 comments. Click the link
to find out what they said, which was really interesting.

Some of the highlights included that many people with large families, who do lots of laundry in a week, find the bar does not last as long as advertised. One woman actually called Bounce's customer service and was told the month estimates were based on 5-6 loads per week of laundry, so if you do more than that know the bar won't last as long for you as advertised.

In addition, there were some people who did not like that the bar collected hair, lint and fuzz from the clothing on and around its holder.

***Update: I actually found a picture of this problem from Blossom Bay, posted on, which you can see below. Yuck is right!***

bounce dryer bar with hair and lint covering it

Another con of the bar which I found alarming was that several people complained that the whole bar broke or crumbled for them. Apparently the Bounce dryer bar is quite fragile, and if it gets hit by something hard and heavy while drying, or even jostled around before it is even installed, it can break.

There were also complaints that the bar holder was very difficult to remove if you decided not to use it anymore. Several suggested products for removing the adhesive residue, including orange essential oil and Windex multi-surface grease cutter.

On the pro side, many complimented the convenience of the bar, for those who forget to put the dryer sheets in when drying the clothes.

Further, the flaw I had identified in the Bounce dryer bar, which included not being able to pick and choose what items you want to use it on had a solution presented. It was suggested to pop the bar out for particular loads (not the whole holder, just the bar itself), which I was told was not too difficult to do.

***Another update: I've gotten another comment from a reader, also sharing that she didn't think the bar lasted as long as promised, because it fell off. She says:
I have not had a lot of success with the dryer bar.

It does not last 2 months in my dryer before it falls off. I have never used the entire bar, due to this problem. I like the idea but needs to be improved to stay on for 2 months.

You can read even more reviews from other readers below.

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I Love This Dryer Bar And Haven't Had Problems

by SR101 Reader

I really like this product and have used it for quite awhile now.

I have found that it lasts longer than expected, but I probably only do 3 loads of wash a week.

It has never fallen off or left streaks on my wash.

The wash smells clean and fresh every time.

I also don't have problems with lint or hair sticking to it.

I think that may be from putting too many clothes in the dryer but not sure.

I recommended it to my mother and she is using it now.

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Bounce Bar Won't Stick!! - Help Me!

by Niyla

Niyla asked me this question about her Bounce bar, sharing her problem with it sticking in her dryer.

Niyla asks:

I followed the simple directions of cleaning/wiping the drum with alcohol, removed the adhesive, and applied the holder to the drum. After about 4-6 loads of clothes, I noticed the holder and bar were mixed in my clothes. I repeated the steps, and they fell off again.

Is there anything else I can use to make it stick????

Taylor's answer:

Once you've used the adhesive on the back of the Bounce bar's base once, it cannot be reused. That is why, unfortunately, the holder fell off the second time you reinstalled it, it just didn't have enough sticky left.

However, when it comes to the first time you tried to install it, who knows what happened.

Here is the official video from Bounce sharing how to install the bar the first time, which should in theory be the most complete and accurate instructions.

***Update: Non-helpfully the company removed the video from You Tube, so I've taken out the link. Stinks though, because it was helpful. ***End Update

Since you cannot use the same adhesive again for your dryer, you will need to purchase a new holder. I would not suggest trying a do it yourself adhesive to attach the bar, because you don't want to ruin your dryer with it, and you also don't want the adhesive you choose to do something adverse to your clothes, or to react negatively to heat and be potentially dangerous.

Instead of buying a new holder though, since that is an expensive option, I would suggest calling the company's customer service. Bounce is owned by Procter & Gamble, and they generally have pretty good customer service. If I were you I'd ask for a coupon for a free product, so you could try again to install the holder into your dryer.

At the same time I'd quiz the customer service rep about installation while you have them on the phone, so the next time you try it you have some additional tricks up your sleeve so the bar doesn't detach again.

I've answered Niyla's question as part of my series of laundry questions on this site. You can ask your own questions, or read other questions and answers already published too.

Ask your laundry questions here

***Update: I got this comment from a reader, Daniel, expressing frustration with installation of this product as well. He said:
I did everything by the directions and had no luck keeping it in place. I am a single father of two on a fixed income and thought it was a great way to spread an already tight budget but I wasn't pleased with the results at all. So in the future I will be wiser when it comes to something that sounds like a great idea.
Photo by _rockinfree, from Flickr CC

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Bounce Bar Was Hard To Remove! I Won't Be Using It Again

by Suzanne
(Hawthorne, FL)

Suzanne has written in with her experiences with this product, in particular with what happened when she decided not to use it anymore.

Suzanne says:

The Bounce dryer bar was just "Okay".

Now I'm removing it from the dryer and as expected, it wasn't easy. It took some of the paint off of the inside of my brand new dryer.

I ran the dryer for 5 minutes as suggested but it wouldn't come off. Another 3 minutes and then it came off with a lot of effort with the plastic spatula.

Never again. I'm going back to my dryer sheets. Much easier and not as expensive to use.

Taylor says:

Thanks Suzanne for sharing your experience when taking off the Bounce bar.

I was afraid that this would be a problem, and I see it to be a major disadvantage to the bar versus sheets.

Here is the official video from Bounce sharing how "easy" it is to remove the bar, with instructions for removal. ***Update: The company also removed this video, which is completely unhelpful, but because of that I've removed the video link. ***End Update

I would love to hear from other people to say whether Suzanne's experience is typical or not. Have you had trouble removing the bar, or has it been easier for you?

Jenny B says:

I found a video online and it said to use a spatula to help remove it.

After that it's suppose to be an easy clean with a warm cloth but it wasn't for me. Good luck.

Rebecca says:

The sticky part of the bar (that sticks to the drum) peeled the paint off the dryer drum. So I stick to sheets.

Therefore, that is another case of the bar peeling the paint off the dryer drum that I've heard of. If you have had a similar experience, please tell me about it.

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Bounce Dryer Bar Left Sticky Adhesive Behind When Tried To Remove It

by Jacelyn

Jacelyn has shared her experiences with the fresh linen scented version of this product.

Jacelyn says:

The product worked 'ok' but I preferred the liquid softener.

When I attempted to remove the dryer bar holder I found it is impossible to get the sticky residue off the wall of my dryer. I followed the directions but the residue still remains, rendering my $600 dryer useless!!!

I'm now on my way to Home Depot to find 'Goo Gone' in the hopes I will be able to remove the sticky adhesive left behind. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience Jacelyn, but I am sorry it didn't remove easily for you.

I actually received a similar complaint above about this problem from another reader. I do think Goo Gone may work for you, or another adhesive removal product like it to get rid of the sticky residue. If you try it and have a chance I would love for you to update me on how it worked, so I can know if I should keep recommending this remedy or not to other readers.

Goo Gone {Referral Links}

I would love to hear from even more readers who've used this product, sharing their reviews and experiences with it, good or bad. You can share your review here, or tell me how you removed the sticky adhesive from your dryer.

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I Used WD-40 To Remove Sticky Residue Bounce Bar Left Behind

by SR101 Reader

This SR101 reader has expressed a common problem with the Bounce bar, since it must be stuck to the inside of your dryer drum, and therefore if you decide not to use it anymore you've got to take steps to remove it and deal with the consequences of doing so.

SR101 Reader says:

I found that the dryer bar did not work as well as the sheets.

When I tried to remove the holder it left a LOT of sticky residue.

I removed this by scraping off what I could with my fingernails and then used WD-40 to removed the residue.

After using WD-40, I washed the area thoroughly and dried it before use.

Janie says:

I'd like to thank the person that suggested the WD40.

Of course I had to clean that product off my dryer drum when I used it, but it cleaned that gunk off my drum. Thank you.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your tip on how to remove the adhesives from this bar from your dryer drum.

I know lots of other people have had trouble with this, and although some methods have already been suggested, it is always great to hear even more ways that worked for people!

Has anyone else had to remove the adhesive from the dryer bar from your dryer drum? I'd love to hear how you did it too, so share your tips here.

In addition, you can read more adhesive removal product reviews here, or share your own.

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Holder Left Adhesive Residue On My Clothes

by Don
(Austin, TX)

Don says:

My previous experience with this product was OK, but I still prefer individual sheets.

I live in an apartment with a rented dryer in which the previous user had installed the "Bounce bar."

The holder has left adhesive residue on my clothes and I am now attempting to eradicate the darn thing - stay away in my opinion - once you use it, you're literally stuck!

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear you're getting sticky stuff on your clothes.

It can be a pain to get rid of all that stuff from your clothes. Here's how I got rid of sticker residue from some clothing in my home.

In addition, you can find more suggestions of adhesive removal products that might work at the link (or share some suggestions of your own!).

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I Have Trouble Finding The Refills In Stores

by Hchamberlain

Hchamberlain says:

I am unable to find the Bounce bar replacement, and therefore I often have to buy the one with the holder to get the bar.

In addition, after a few loads are dried my bar looks like I swept the floor with it.

I'm considering going back to liquid softener as I am able to buy it without going to several stores.

Taylor says:

That would be a problem if you can't find the refills, since there is no point in buying a whole new holder each time.

Do remember that another possibility is to buy the refills online, such as through the links at the top and bottom of the page.

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It Was A Pain To Remove Adhesive From The Bounce Dryer Bar From My Dryer

by SR101 Reader

A reader shared her experience with removing the adhesive from the dryer bar from her dryer.

SR101 Reader says:

I didn't like the bar. It didn't soften near as well as the sheets. So, I tried to remove the whole thing.

The adhesive just wouldn't come off. I tried goo-b-gone and others. I finally got most of it.

I thought it was enough, but it left a nasty spot in the drum. I dried some clothes and they were ruined with bits of leftover adhesive stuck to them.

I tried heating up the dryer and using goo-b-gone again. This time I think it's really gone, but what a hassle! I'm swearing off all Bounce products now!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with me, but I'm sorry it was so bad.

I'm glad the Goo Gone worked finally. It is interesting that it also helped to heat up the dryer some for removing the adhesives.

Thanks so much for sharing what worked for you. I would also suggest using Goo Gone or another product to try to remove the adhesive that got on your clothing. You can read how I removed sticker residue from my family's clothes here. Granted, once it goes through the dryer it is harder to remove adhesives, but I think it's worth a try for you if the clothes are ruined anyway. Perhaps you can salvage some of them.

Has anyone else needed to use a product to help remove the adhesives from your dryer when removing the Bounce bar? If so, please share what adhesive removal products worked for you here.

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Comments for It Was A Pain To Remove Adhesive From The Bounce Dryer Bar From My Dryer

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by: Anonymous

Why not leave the holder in place and not risk the damage to the drum?

Why try to remove it?
by: Taylor

This is a response to the question posed above by anonymous. My personal opinion is that you would want to remove the holder if you decide not to use the bar because it is just one more thing which might snag your clothes while they're drying, so why keep it there? Plus, the company says it should come off easily so why doesn't it for some people? What are others thoughts on this matter though?

tore my blouse
by: Clara

The tab on the dryer bar tore one of my blouses as the dryer drum was spinning.

I have not been able to remove the bar from my dryer. In fact, the same tab that tore my blouse later snapped off when I tried to remove the bar, leaving a sharp edge that will probably tear more clothes before I'm able to remove the bar.

I think this product should be recalled as it damages dryers and clothing.

Likely Saved Dryer and Possibly My Life
by: Tom

Thanks for this post and the WD-40 suggestion! As a guy who frequently sees nothing wrong with using a large cannon to remove a small fly I'm sure I'd have used something disastrous, probably messing up the inside of my wife's new dryer beyond repair.

Instead, I used a nylon pan scraper (the square plastic gadget that you use on non-stick pans instead of steel wool) to pop the holder out. Then, using your tip, used a cloth dampened with WD-40 to scrub out the residue. I advise against spraying the stuff into your dryer. Then a wad of damp paper towels with Dawn to remove the WD-40 and another damp handful to remove the Dawn.

Dryer's fine, and now I'm just wondering, "What fool thought they had a good idea when Bounce made this product?"

Not a fan of the dryer bar
by: Jordan

I found it easy to remove the dryer bar backing with an oyster shelling knife. That curve on the front works great for prying that bad boy out. As for the adhesive residue: lots of Goo Gone, scraping, and elbow grease. Back to my homemade stuff!

removal of bar
by: Anonymous

I am thinking after reading all this I am just going to leave the stupid thing in there. Wish I had read this before I put it in. I guess no harm in just leaving it? Better than all the sticky goop and peeling paint or grease from WD40.

I love the dryer bar. Hard to find refills.
by: Anonymous

I love it! I have used them for months and months and had no problem. I have even removed them with no problem. I ran my dryer on high for about 10 minutes and while it was still hot I pulled it right off and wiped it with a hot wet rag and no sticky residue. I am currently having a hard time finding refills anywhere though.

Dryer bar issue - cuts/tears in my panties!
by: Anonymous

I am ready to remove my Bounce dryer bar and probably won't have another. I loved the convenience as I often forgot to use dryer sheets. The problem I've had is finding cuts/tears in my panties! They appear in odd places that are NOT where they could be caused by normal wear. I think they are getting trapped on part of the dryer bar holder.

Love the product - but can't find refills
by: Marlene

I agree with other customers who LOVE this product. It works great, and I can use one bar for up to 5 months. I only do 4 loads of laundry per week. You can imagine my disappointment when I shopped for a bar replacement pack and could not find it on the store shelves. What's going on?

I realize the product doesn't work for everyone, but for those of us who LOVE it, why can't we buy it?

PLEASE put this product back in the stores. I will NOT use dryer sheets.

Thanks for listening.
Marlene - age 61

love the dryer bar
by: Barb

I love the dryer bar. I've never had it fall off or break up. Please do not quit making this product. Everything about the dryer bar has been great for me.

Loved the Gain bar - bring it back!
by: Anonymous

I loved my Gain dryer bar, never had any problems.

Please bring it back.

Love the Bar
by: JD

I am surprised after reading all the complaints. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I have been using the bar for a couple of years now. ( I think, I know longer than a year.) I have not had it come loose, tear clothes, or crumble or break apart. I have noticed a bit of lint gets caught on it, but that is to be expected. (Lint gets on my clothes sometimes too.)

Overall the bars do the job and I am not picking up dryer sheets from all over the house. I am a guy and so my idea of ironing is throwing it in the dryer for about 15 minutes. I do laundry about twice a week and they are very large loads. With my use, the three-month bars have lasted around two months from new down to the word replace.

I for one am very disappointed to see the bars go. I refuse to go back to dryer sheets. So, I guess a bit of static and a lack of fresh smelling clothes is my new way of life.

I love the bar - but can't find it in stores
by: Marie

I have been using the bar since it came out. I did notice at the begin the length of time but I was doing laundry for 4 people, 2 of which were teens, and the smell kind of went away, but I wiped it down with a warm cloth it cleans it and also brings back the smell, now that my girls are young adults it seems to last longer than the time it states but that's because were not doing so much laundry. No offense to the sheets but I find them a pain and it clings to everything and sometimes the smell is very strong. My problem is I can't find any anywhere I have looked in grocery stores, pharmacies, even Canadian Tire. The shelves are empty. I would like to stock up.

mine works great!
by: Anonymous

I have had mine for 6 months and it is still working great! Some things I think have helped us are: we don't put our dryer on the highest heat (not good for your clothes anyway), we do about 3 loads a week and we pull out our nicer clothes about halfway through the dryer run and hang them up to finish drying.

Love it
by: Kss

I have been using the dryer bar for a least a couple years! No problems at all! I love it! Now the problem is finding refills! I've gone to Walmart, Jewel, Costco, and everywhere else, but no luck in finding them! Finally on Amazon I could order a bunch! I do laundry at least once a day!

Love this product
by: Abbie Layne

I've used it for months and love it. No problems what so ever. Why take a product off the shelf if a few people have troubles? If you don't like it, then dont use it. So many more people have had no problems. Please bring it back.

Bring back the bar
by: Anonymous

I have been using the Bounce bar for 4 years and have only replaced it once! Granted, I only do 4 loads a week, but that is still a good long time! It lasts much longer than advertised. I also have never had a problem with the bar coming out of the holder. I don't think it ever really had a scent and I don't care about that. I use it to help with the static in my clothes, especially in winter. If I want scent, I use crystals in my washer. The bar for me is so convenient compared to sheets and cheaper. I don't use liquid fabric softener too often so the bar was a fantastic option. What i don't understand is why, what is on the market for sale sells for almost 10x more than when it was on the market? $45.00 for one bar? Really? What is that justification? Please, bring the bar back!!

Great product
by: Anonymous

Never, ever, had an issue. The best and easiest product to use. Why is it that if something works great it disappears with a lame excuse? Maybe consumers were not at the store constantly purchasing the item because, depending on the amount of wash you did this bar lasted a long time. HATE dryer sheets and not a fan of the liquid either. Come clean BOUNCE manufacturers, you were not making enough profit!!!

by: David

There's only two of us in the house so we only do 2-4 loads of laundry a week. We have a large capacity and high efficiency equipment. Just started looking for a replacement bar after 8 months of use. Totally disappointed they have been discontinued. This bar worked perfectly!

Disappointing that I can't find
by: LaCresa

I'm very disappointed that I can't find the dryer bar anywhere so I am fixing to order a lot of them from amazon. I have been using the bounce dryer bar for years. I LOVE it. I have had no problems with it braking or crumbling and I can dry up to 5 loads a day. 3 loads are heavy jeans. When my bar would get a build up I just take it out and scrape it with a knife. The only time it gets yucky is when I dry jeans. Its not hard to scrape, and I will never go back to dryer sheets. I do wish the dryer bar came in an April fresh downy scent. Thanks for staying on the internet Bounce dryer bar, because now I can get you back in my dryer.

by: Denise

Have looked everywhere for refills. I love these!
So I checked one of my favorite places,Amazon, OMG $160 for that $5 bar. Guess I'll keep using dryer sheets.

Dryer bars were wonderful
by: Anonymous

I love the dryer bars. I had no problems and it lasted longer than stated and I think I do an average amount of loads. They were the best thing since sliced bread. I'm sure going to miss them.

don't punish those who love it by discontinuing it
by: Anonymous

Why is something discontinued because some can't remove the holder, what about us that love it? Why do they have to remove it anyway? Take just the bar out. I use it in 2 dryers home, and vacation home, and love it, never a problem. Maybe those with the problem is doing something wrong/different than everyone else not having a problem. Simple solution, don't like it don't use it! Don't punish us that love it.

Love this product
by: Anonymous

I work in a salon and when I put my towels in the dryer I would rather use the fabric softener bar than anything else. It stays stuck great to my dryer, the removal tabs are very helpful in removing the old and putting the new one in its place, they have never fallen off. They have never left streaks on my clothes and/or my towels or anything else, they have never collected the lint. This is the best product as far as I can tell out there. Very disappointed that I can't find them anywhere.

I miss the dryer bar
by: Anonymous

I miss the dryer bar!! I really hope that they come back! No problems ever. If they don't like them DO NOT USE!

Please bring them back!
by: Selena Lutz

I love the bounce bar. Had no problem putting it in the dryer, no problem changing the bar out for new one, and never has mine broke apart. Hundreds of people may not like them but what about the hundreds of us that do? I think it is a wonderful product, please bring it back.

I can't fit it anywhere now, help!
by: Gayle

I love this product to death!!! I'm out and I cannot find it anywhere, I mean ANYWHERE!!! Help!!!

My daughter and I love them
by: Blinda Wilcox

I loved the bar better than dealing with sheets. I can't find the bar in my local grocery store. Did Bounce stop making them? Will be very sad if did. All I see is bad reports on it but must be more people like me love them. I know my daughter love them as well.

I miss them, but them back on the shelves
by: Teresa

I love the bounce dryer bars. I never had a problem with them. They lasted as said on package. Please put them back on the shelves, I miss them. I prefer them over dryer sheets. They are AWESOME!!!

don't have to use for every load
by: Jim Roberts

As I write this in Mar 2016 I can’t find the refills. They used to be at my local grocery store, Woodman’s, or at Walmart. I don’t know if they’ve been discontinued. You DO NOT have to use this with every load. All softeners are basically wax. So, I never use it with my athletic clothes or towels that I want to absorb moisture. If you have the bar, just click it out of the holder to dry these. I have had had zero problems with the holder snagging clothes or causing any problems at all. So, if you are unhappy with the bar, leave the holder in the dryer for eternity. Make it easy on yourself.

Goo Gone works
by: Stella

I am one of the former customers of Bounce's bar fabric softener. I was not disappointed in the performance of the product: It worked for me, that is, until they stopped making it available. Once I finally got the holder out of my dryer drum, it left a residue.

I am pleased to report that Goo Gone spray gel worked great on getting up the gunk. I just scrubbed with a paper towel until all the residue was gone. Then, I used some Windex to clean the Goo Gone residue from the dryer.

Back to dryer sheets for me.

Love it!
by: Anonymous

I have used the Bounce dryer bar from the beginning of its availability. on two different dryers! I have had NONE of the problems listed in other comments--on either dryer. There are only two of us in my household so some people will have more laundry than I; but I do 10-12 loads per week and this bar lasts for over a YEAR!!!

However, we have not been able to find it anywhere now!!!! My search will begin on the internet!

Any way to bring it back?
by: Anonymous

My entire family uses the dryer bars that we bought years ago and now need replacements. I'm very bummed these are no longer available. This was a great product. Is there any way to bring it back?

Bounce Dryer Bar leaves a waxy build up
by: Gloria K.

For the first time in my life I washed feather pillows. Previously I had always dry cleaned them. The pillows require a long drying period on high heat. I had just but in a Bounce Dryer Bar and to my surprise the Bounce left a waxy build up inside the dryer. The build up is the same colour as the bar and is not the colour of the white interior. I can take my fingernail and scrape the waxy layer off. However, I need a solution for the entire inside of the dryer. HELP!!!

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