Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner Review

by Crystal
(Lakewood, CO)

Crystal has provided her Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner review.

Crystal says:

I use this product about once every week on my Black & Decker SteamAdvantage F1060 Steam Iron.

I iron quite a bit. My husband wears nice dress shirts to work daily and likes them pressed perfectly.

There is nothing worse than getting spray starch buildup burned onto the iron. It can and will get onto your clothing when you are ironing.

I do not want to ruin his expensive work shirts, so I started cleaning my iron with Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner to prevent this.

It cleans all the burned up gunk off the bottom of the iron with the least amount of work. I just squirt the iron cleaner out of its tube onto a towel. Then I warm up my iron and iron the towel. When I am done the gooey burn marks are off of my iron and my iron looks like new again.

It is not as expensive as the other brands. I purchase mine off of Amazon.com because I cannot always find it in stores. If you do this I suggest ordering an extra two pack. It is better to not to run out.

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Taylor says:

Thanks Crystal for your Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner review.

After you sent me in this review I looked up this product on Amazon, and noticed it is sold through a couple of different stores. There is a significant difference in price between the stores, but also in regard to shipping.

If you buy this product through Amazon, make sure you consider both the price and the shipping costs, combined, when determining which one is the best deal. I have added a couple of links above which I thought were comparable, but definitely shop around since the prices and availability change over time.

Has anyone else used this, or another iron cleaner, and want to share a review? If so, you can share your iron cleaner review here, telling me what you like, or dislike, about any brand, and why.

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Faultess Hot Iron Cleaner Created Horrible Fumes

by Carol
(Wellington Somerset UK)

Carol shared this short review of this product.

Carol says:

To clean my iron I had to use the whole tube in one go. It just about did the job but the fumes were horrible.

I do not want to keep buying it as it is too expensive. It is cheaper to buy a new iron really.

My iron has a ceramic soleplate by the way.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review Carol. Typically, the tubes of these hot iron cleaners are small, and they are designed to use the whole tube at once.

If you can find a store that sells iron cleaner (I've seen some at Walmart recently) this is typically the best way to go, since they tend to be more expensive online (at least most of the time) than if you go to a store. However, each tube only costs a couple of bucks at most, so it is most likely cheaper to clean your iron instead of replace it, at least if you have a high quality iron such as a Rowenta, for example.

I understand the issue with the fumes though. That can be tough to deal with. Make sure you use whatever iron cleaner you choose in a well ventilated area.

Anyone else got a suggestion for Carol for an product to clean her iron that doesn't have such a harsh smell? You can share your recommendations here, or read other reviews already submitted.

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Faultless Iron Cleaner Review - Saved My Iron After A Girl Scouts Project

by Audrey
(Mount Pleasant, SC)

Audrey has shared her Faultless Iron Cleaner review.

Audrey says:

I have rarely had to use iron cleaners in the past--perhaps every one or two years. However, I needed it after my niece used my iron in her Girl Scout badge work.

I have had my Black & Decker D6000 All-Temp Steam Iron with Stainless-Steel Soleplate for about 5 years and had only cleaned it twice in that time.

However, my niece and two of her friends were working on badges that involved making reusable grocery bags, decorated with an environmental theme. She used cut-outs of trees, animals, etc. and followed Martha Stewart's instructions for using double-sided tape to iron them on.

Unfortunately, some of the tape got ironed onto my iron. I didn't want to scrape or scrub it off so I tried Faultless.

I was skeptical about using it when the iron was hot, so first I tried it when it was cold, then when it was warm. It definitely did not work at those temperatures. When they say it is a hot iron cleaner, they mean it.

Then I tried it when the iron was hot. It was really wonderful. It comes in a tube and I squirted a little bit on the hot iron and just "ironed" the gunk off it.

I especially liked the fact that it is non-toxic, because I have some sensitivities to many household cleaners. The smell was not unpleasant. It was not really scented.

The only problem I had was that I was not certain what kind of fabric I should iron the gunk off onto...I finally settled on an old terry cloth towel, which worked very well.

The instructions could be a little more precise, but otherwise, this is a great product.

Taylor says:

Thanks Audrey for your Faultless iron cleaner review.

Another person has also reviewed this product (see above) and they also used a towel to iron the yucky stuff onto, from the iron.

One thing I would love to know from one of you, or from another reader, is what you do with that towel afterward? Is the towel ruined, or can you wash it and get it clean again? Just wondering, since I have not personally used the product myself.

If you have used any brand of iron cleaner I would love to hear your review. You can share your iron cleaner review here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

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Comments for Faultless Iron Cleaner Review - Saved My Iron After A Girl Scouts Project

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Save your iron
by: Dottie

I love this product. Removes the gunk from the soleplate with such ease and no damage. I have recommended it to family and friends who were ready to purchase new irons. I keep extra on hand. I can iron my white and light colored items without getting any gunk on my garments.

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