Purex 3 In 1 Laundry Sheets Review - Causing Greasy Spots

by Billye

Billye has provided her experiences with Purex 3 In 1 Laundry Sheets.

Billye says:

I have been using these laundry sheets for over a year now and was pretty satisfied.

However, for the last 3 or 4 months, I have been noticing oily-looking spots on several pieces of clothing that definitely did not have stains on them when I initially washed the items.

Before putting clothing in for washing I am very careful to look items over for any stains and apply Shout where needed to aid in stain removal.

I recently even got a brand new washing machine and am still noticing these oily stains on new garments.

I am switching back to my liquid detergent. If anyone else has experienced this problem, could you please post on here?

Taylor says:

Thanks Billye for sharing your experiences with this product.

For those of you who don't know, these sheets are a detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheet all in one, which are designed to be thrown in with the wash and do all three jobs for you.

You are actually not the first person who has written me to complain about oily spots. You can see the other complaint I have received about greasy spots here. At first, I wondered what they were, and gave some suggestions in that post about what could be done.

The more research I've done into the issue though, the more I think (but cannot be completely certain) that this sounds like a fabric softener stain. These types of stains can occur either from liquid fabric softener, which is
contained within the sheet itself, and would potentially spot on the clothes while in the wash, or from dryer sheets, which can cause such a stain from the dryer.

If the greasy or oily spots and stains are coming from the sheets, fortunately it is easy to fix the problem. Follow the instructions I've provided for fixing a fabric softener stain.

However, I can understand why you would not want to use the sheets anymore, because you do not want to go through that stain removal process every single time you wash items.

Please note I've received so many reviews of these Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets that I've started this second page of reviews, since the first one was getting so long. You can read additional Purex laundry sheet reviews here.

In addition, you can share your own Purex laundry detergent review here, or read other reviews already submitted for many of their different products. I'm especially interested in if anyone else has experienced this spotting problem with these sheets, and how you fixed the problem, if you could.

Purex Insiders
Remember, I am a Purex Insider, meaning that I have been selected by the company to do product reviews, provide input, and get some behind the scenes information about their products. I do not let this relationship, however, get in the way of reporting the good and bad of these products, but instead I have chosen to do this so I can provide more accurate and in depth information to my readers.

You can also share your laundry detergent review here, for any other brand, telling what you like (or dislike) about it, and why.

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I Got Greasy Spots Too From These Sheets

by Cheryl

Cheryl has also shared the problems she's experienced with the Purex 3 in 1 sheets.

Cheryl says:

I too had problems using Purex Complete 3-in-1 sheets.

I am a house-keeper and do laundry for my client. After my client's dress shirts came out of the dryer there were greasy spots all over the shirts.

I had to use a stain remover to get the spots out. I had to rub the spots out.

The worst part for me is that it cost me my job. This product should be taken off the market.

Taylor says:

I'm getting so many reviews sharing that this product has caused fabric softener stains, that I would definitely steer away from using it now.

I am always looking for more reviews though, since I still occasionally get a review of this product which is positive (such as the one below).

You can share your Purex laundry detergent review here for either these sheets, or any other type of Purex detergent.

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I Am Getting Grease Stains Now Too From The Purex Sheets

by Karen

Karen shared her experience with this product.

Karen says:

I thought I was very happy with this product but I now notice it looks like I have grease stains on all of our clothing.

I will not buy this product anymore. Hopefully some of the stain removing advice you've provided on this site will help remove these stains. I am on dissatisfied customer.

Taylor says:

Thanks Karen for sharing your experience with this product. I would love it if you wrote back to share if my advice does work, to help me make sure I'm giving the best advice to fix these fabric softener stains.

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Greasy Stains From Purex 3 in 1 Laundry Sheets

by Kim K.

Kim also shared her experience with this laundry supply.

Kim says:

I also like the convenience of these sheets, but I am also getting "greasy spots" on my clothes.

I also spoke with a co-worker about this and she also said that she has had the same problem.

I have a front load washer and these sheets work great with it. It is disappointing about the grease spots.

Taylor says:

Kim, thanks for sharing your experience. You're right, it seems like such a great idea for a product, but no one wants to get stains on their clothes from washing them!

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I Too Have The 3 in 1 Stain Virus

by Barry

I was a single father for many years of 1 boy and 1 girl. I used Purex liquid all these years.

Now that I am just single and my lil nest is empty I have been using these 3 in 1 sheets for about 3 years?, ever since they came out on the shelves.

I loved them too, until about 4-6 months ago.

I'm sure we will find that this is when they tried to improve something that was already working without staining our clothes.

It is soooo aggravating to check each item for stains, spray the stains and wash my clothes just to find this greasy furry stain all over several items per wash.

I have tried cleaning my machine, rearranging my clothes and where I put the sheet inside the machine to now simply giving up.

I have a theory since I hate to throw anything away that I have used my hard earned money on to purchase.

I'm going to cut the next sheet I load into my washer into many pieces. I feel like these newer sheets are sticking to items during the wash cycle and making the stains.

These sheets DID NOT do this in the past, only as of about 6 months now.

I have ruined several shirts and now I rewash them before drying them without any extra detergent and they seem to go away, but I shouldn't have to wash my clothes twice.

Being a Man one would think I don't know much about washing clothes, well I do know a lot about washing clothes and I take pride in having cleaned clothes. They smell and feel just like moms did and she taught me how to wash my own clothes when I was in college.

I missed the part about stains coming from the wash though, so it makes you think there is another problem at hand until you have damaged more clothes.

Purex should be responsible for this. It doesn't take a washing scientist to figure it out once the cats out of the bag.

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I Love These Purex 3 In 1 Laundry Sheets!

by Elizabeth
(Vancouver, BC )

Elizabeth has a different opinion of these Purex sheets than many of the other reviewers who've written into me.

Elizabeth says:

I LOVE the 3 in 1 Purex laundry sheets...

My problem is 2 of the grocery stores that were carrying them are not getting them back in!! (Safeway and Thrifty's)

Is this product coming off the market?? I HOPE NOT!

I love the washing sheets because of convenience but also they are environmentally friendly in the amount of packaging they use as compared to laundry soap and softener bottles and boxes. LOVE IT!!

Taylor says:

Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your opinion of this product.

I am wondering, have you ever had an issue with the sheets staining your clothing, like several of these other reviewers have.

I wonder if there is a certain way to use them which works better, and is less likely to cause stains? If anyone has any tips about this, I would love for you to share them with me.

I haven't personally heard anything about Purex taking these sheets off the market, and the last I checked they were still featured on their website. Is anyone else having any trouble finding them in their store now? If so, please tell me about it.

***Update: I got a comment from another reader saying this:
I, too, have recently been having trouble finding them in stores - including Wal Mart.
I've checked, and these are just not readily available anymore, although they can be purchased online, through the links below.

I am always looking for more reviews of various detergents and fabric softeners. You can share your laundry detergent review here, and your fabric softener review here.

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Comments for I Love These Purex 3 In 1 Laundry Sheets!

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Won't use again
by: Karen

This product left greasy stains on my cotton shirts - 2 different loads. I will not use them again.

This Cost Me Money!
by: dissatisfied user

These sheets have left stains on several of my shirts! Now I must replace the shirts at a significant cost.

Avoid this product, it will ruin your clothes.

avoid this product!!
by: Anonymous

If you can't find them or haven't used them, congratulations--you've avoided ruining your clothes with nasty greasy stains caused by these "sheets".

Don't Buy!!
by: Anonymous

We used these for convenience when we temporarily had to go to a laundry mat. Several items of clothing were ruined with grease spots. Will never buy these again!

put clothes in dryer immediately after washing to avoid greasy spots
by: Anonymous

I have used this product for years. If you put clothes in dryer right away after washing you won't get greasy spots on your clothing. I had experienced the same problem.

Never Experienced A Problem
by: Anonymous

My entire family was very pleased with Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets. We never had any problems with clothes not being well cleaned. Nor with oily stains/softener stains.

It won Product of the Year. How could that happen if it wasn't an excellent product?

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