Downy Fabric Softener Review - Paying For Water, Not Downy

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 reader provided this Downy fabric softener review, and it wasn't too positive.

SR101 Reader says:

I have used Downy for years. I decided to use the newer version of Downy.....The first version was ok.

My clothes smelled nice and they were soft. It was thicker than the 2nd version I bought only a couple weeks later.

Downy may think it is pulling the wool over my eyes, but they added more water to the 2nd bottle I bought just 2 weeks later. I am frustrated to say the least.

I WAS devoted to Downy, but I am not now!!!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with this liquid fabric softener.

When you say that you tried the newer version, are you talking about the addition of "SilkTouch" that was just added by P&G recently?

In addition, since you say the second bottle was much more watery I am wondering if you accidentally bought the non-ultra Downy the second time? The Ultra version is, of course, more concentrated than the non-ultra variety.

Of course, it really could have been more watery the second time, even if you bought the Ultra version. I would love to hear from others who have been using this fabric softener to share whether you have also noticed any problems with it being watery.

The ultimate guide to fabric softener

You can share your review here, or read more information about this brand, and other reviews which have already been submitted (I've gotten so many reviews I had to start this second page of them!)

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Downy Ultra Fabric Softener Free & Sensitive Review

by Taylor

I have used about half my bottle of Downy Free & Sensitive so far, which is an unscented version of this product.

Overall, it seems like a good choice for those who wish to use a liquid softener, but don't want to have scent added.

When you just open the cap and smell it, it has a slight chemical scent (not strong, you have to be really smelling it to notice) but by the time the clothes are both washed and dried you don't notice any scent at all.

Honestly though, I'm not personally that into using this product, and more often than not the only time it gets used is when my mother-in-law is visiting and throws in a load of wash to help me out.

She swears by using liquid softener in just about every load, which is fine since she's doing me a favor, so I won't be complaining.

However, I really don't like to use any softener in the wash, personally, especially right now in the summer when my family is going through athletic clothes like crazy, because it causes me to have to do more sorting.

If you aren't aware, you really shouldn't use oil based softener on athletic clothes since it coats the fibers and makes the fabric less able to wick away moisture and to dry as quickly on the skin.

Therefore, if you need a scent free product this is a good choice, not only because it works well, but it can be readily found in stores (unlike many types of scent free laundry products). However, I will probably pass just because we don't use it much in our house.

If you are in the market for scent free products, check out my page about hypoallergenic laundry products here where I share lots of brand options, and reviews, where available.

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April Fresh Scent Caused Allergic Reaction

by SR101 Reader

I have been affected for over 5 weeks because of this fabric softener. It directly has affected my lungs and has given me asthma.

We are now on our 3rd wash to rid of any smells or leftover chemical residue as although my asthma has cleared a bit it's still sticking around.

I urge everyone to not use this. There are many healthier options out there.

DO NOT USE THIS. I've always had slight asthma to some allergens like cat hair, etc., but this chemical has turned my whole house upside down. I know it gets better but it is frustrating.

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Downy April Fresh Scent Softener Review

by Tracy
(Reading, PA)

Tracy says:

I prefer using Downy April Fresh because I love the fresh scent, and my clothes seem to retain the scent much longer than with some of the other softeners that I've tried.

The smell permeates throughout my entire house.

I have also observed that with liquid softeners, often times some can stain your laundry with what looks like "wet spots," causing you to have to re-wash your entire load. Downy has never done that to my laundry.

I find the price to be comparable to most household names, and slightly more expensive than generic versions, but in the long run I'm saving money because I'm not having to use more by washing my clothes multiple times because it has left spots.

Taylor says:

Tracy, thanks for your review.

You are right that many liquid fabric softeners can cause fabric softener stains. I'm glad you've not had that experience with Downy, but I do know that even Downy's manufacturer, Procter & Gamble, warn that Downy can cause stains, like any other brand, when it is not added to the wash properly.

If anyone else is having trouble with these types of stains from your softener, follow these instructions for using fabric softener properly, to avoid them in the future.

Has anyone else used Downy, in any scent, and wants to share their own review? If so, you can share your review here, telling me what scent you like (or don't) and why.

Similarly, you can share a fabric softener review here, of any brand, telling me what you like (or don't) about it.

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Comments for Downy April Fresh Scent Softener Review

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I switched from it
by: Anonymous

I used to only use it for years but it is too expensive now and not for a front load washer. So I've changed and I'm just as happy if not more so.

makes it hard for me to breathe
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't recommend using this product if you have any lung issues at all. It made it very difficult to breathe along with nausea. Still trying to get the smell out of towels after 3 washings.

Used many years & still love it!
by: Barb M.

I've used liquid Downy April Fresh for umpteen years, probably as long as it's been out and love it! It works well against static, smells wonderful but not overbearing, and the scent lasts on clothing and fabric. I have sensitivities to strong scents (no candle department or Pier One for me!) and it does not bother me in the least.

I put it in my automatic fabric softener dispenser and have never had a problem with it staining anything. I also wash in a 1950's Maytag wringer washer outside in the summer and hang clothes up--and do know that you need to put it in the water first before the clothes--ANYTHING that has color to it needs to be added to water before clothing. I have temporarily spotted things pouring some of the very dark blue laundry detergents onto clothes (before I learned) but it takes care of itself during the wash.

Downy has never given me a problem with it's pale blue color. I've tried other scents and other fabric softeners, but always come back to the original April Fresh Downy. I use Mrs. Meyers fabric softener sheets if I forget to add it to the washer. They are strong to sniff, but not on the clothing after using them.

Don’t use
by: Lorie Carmickle

I have tried several different ways in my washer to use this product. I got the big bottle and don’t want to waste. DOWNY WILL STAIN YOUR CLOTHES WITH THE BLUE DYE! It has ruined several things of mine and my families.

Response to Lorie re staining issues
by: Taylor

Fabric softener stains are actually pretty common. Make sure to check out my article about fabric softener stains here for tips on how to remove these spots and stains from your clothes.

False advertising
by: Gina

I have two bottles of Downy. One I bought previously. The first one says 164 fl oz and the second one is 140 oz. They both say 190 loads. How can that be when there’s less in the bottle and the measuring cups are the same?

April Fresh scent has changed
by: Anonymous

I have used this product for "years", and until recently have been very pleased. I can't place a time factor on my objection, but I have noticed within the last few months the fragrance "April Fresh" has been changed. And, as a result, I object severely enough to this change that I am going to have to change to another product for my laundry.

I categorize this change as an added "odor" and not a fragrance. As a result I had to get up in the middle of the night and remove my pillow case so that I could sleep. Only one objection given!!

I agree with other reviews and would like for the original Downy with "April Fresh" fragrance to return. Why change this product??

Were the dryer sheets changed as well??

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