Bounce Dryer Bar Reviews: Not Impressed

by Barb Browning
(Spruce Grove Alberta)

Barb is one of many people that has sent me their Bounce dryer bar reviews. In fact, so many people have sent me reviews that this is my second page of them.

Barb says:

White, greasy, sticky mess. The bar ruined a new pair of black jeans.

I have washed the jeans many times to remove, and unfortunatley, they no longer look new!

I have been a loyal user of Bounce dryer sheets for many years, but no more! I will switch to another brand, if only for peace of mind.

The residue is obviously all over all clothes dried while using this product, however being lighter in colour, the residue is simply not detected.

I cannot remove the bar from the drum of the dryer, and because the dryer is not more than 4 years old, I hesitate to pry it off and risk damage.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your Bounce dryer bar review Barb, and I'm sorry you had a bad experience.

I'm sure you're aware, but I am not affiliated with the company that makes this product, which is Procter & Gamble. You aren't the first person to share their problems with this product with me though.

I understand removing the bar holder is a big pain in the bottom, but it can be done. Several people have written in with tips for how they removed the bar from their dryers, plus Bounce has shared some video tips telling how they did it too. You can find more information about removing the bar here. I hope this can help you!

Photo by _rockinfree, from Flickr CC

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This Dryer Bar From Bounce Is A Misfire

by SR101 Reader

This SR101 reader was none too impressed with this laundry supply.

SR101 Reader says:

I bought this item thinking it would be a good investment for the price and because of what it promises..

I attached it as directed and got very little softness or scent with my dried cloths.

Furthermore, removing the bar was not particularly easy and trying to remove it damaged my dryer's surface.

I don't believe that this company should make such promises on something that is a sure misfire.

I will never by another Bounce product again.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear that the Bounce dryer bar so disappointed you, but thanks for sharing your review with me here.

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The Holder Keeps Falling Off In My Dryer

by Robin

I had the problem of the holder falling off.

I contacted P&G and got a coupon for a free one since I really like the product otherwise.

Guess what - the new one didn't last 1 load.

I followed ALL the instructions, cleaned the spot on the dryer which I carefully selected and held it there for well over the 15 seconds.

It is really a shame since I'm not a fan of dryer sheets and the bar really makes the clothes nice, but it isn't cost effective this way.

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Outdoor Fresh Bounce Dryer Bar, Two Month Variety Quick Review

by Shan

Shan shared her quick review of this product.

Shan says:

This bar smelled great for the first couple of loads and now smells horrible.

I will not be using anymore. I will be going back to Downy sheets.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear you don't like the smell anymore Shan. Has anyone experienced this, that with time the bar begins to change scents?

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Bounce Dryer Bar Reviews From Stain Removal 101 Facebook Fans

I posted some of the reviews above and from other pages of this site on the Stain Removal 101 Facebook fan page, and commented that, at least so far, the reviews on this page were negative and asking for anyone who liked the product to also chime up.

This sparked some discussion amongst readers, and I'm sharing it with you below, just so you can see some additional opinions about this product.

Christine says:

Am I the only one who actually loves mine? If you want a really strong scent, use the sheets as well, but this works great for my clothes and the fabric for my shop.

Jessica says:

We use them and they work great for us!

Heather says:

I haven't tried them yet, but love the concept if they have a free & clear version. ***Taylor's note - Yes, they do have a scent free version!***

Sharon says:

The bar would leave white on our clothes. Love the concept but was disappointed.

Frances says:

Love it! No white marks, just enough smell, and I can take it out if I wanna use fabric softener (when it's nice I hang clothes outside, sometimes unforseen rain means they must be dried in a dryer). Win Win!

Jennifer says:

I use the bounce free bar because of allergies and we love it. Never forget to put the dryer sheet in anymore just have to remember to replace the bar.

Taylor says:

None of these comments was really long enough to make their own submission, but I found them all helpful since they gave so many great points of view!

I would love to hear your opinions about these dryer bars too, since some people love them, while others well, don't. Make sure to share your own review with me too!

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Bounce Bar Caused Streaks And Stains On Dark Clothing

by Paul

Paul shared his problem with this product, and asked for help in removing the stains it caused.

Paul says:

I started to use the dryer bar and I found that it puts streaks on dark clothing like pants and shirts, and I need to use them for work.

Please, if someone has had this same problem how do I solve it? Do I just go back to the sheets?

Taylor says:

Sorry you've experienced this problem Paul, but I think I can solve it for you.

First, I would remove the dryer bar from your dryer (you can follow the instructions and suggestions in my article about this dryer bar, as well as suggestions from other readers who've also removed the product from their dryers). And yes, I would go back to using dryer sheets since that didn't cause you any trouble before.

Next, you've got to remove the stains and streaks from the clothing that got messed up. Basically, you've got fabric softener stains on your clothing, most likely. Fortunately, these are not too hard to remove.

Follow the fabric softener stain removal instructions here.

Fabric softener stain removal guide

Good luck, and I hope that helps!

By the way, the picture above is actually from Eric, a user who also used this product and had a similar problem. He complained about the streaking that this product did to his black pants. (The photo is courtesy of

***Update: I got a similar complaint from another reader about this product, stating:
It left white marks on all my clothes. This is very upsetting, and I must replace most of the clothes which is costly.
***End Update

I've answered this question as part of my site where I answer people's laundry questions. You can share your own laundry problems with me here too, if you have any. Or, you can read through other answers I've provided to readers already as part of this site section.

Ask your laundry questions here

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Complaint: It Left Stains All Over My Duvet

by Julie

Julie says:

I have a complaint about this product. I put my duvet in the dryer along with the dryer bar and the bar melted and left stains which were candle wax like on my duvet.

I need some assitance on how to remove all of the stains and/or a refund to replace my duvet!!!!!!

Taylor says:

Thanks for contacting me Julie.

I wanted to respond to you personally to explain that I am in no way affiliated with the company that makes this product, and therefore I cannot help you get a refund for the damages you suffered.

However, I have added your complaints about this product here, where hopefully it will help others avoid these problems.

I would suggest you send a similar complaint to the one you sent me directly to Bounce, either through their official website or calling their customer service, which number is presumably on the packaging for the product. They should be at least able to address your request for a refund.

In regard to removing the stains, another reader, Paul, above, had a similar problem with streaking and staining, so read my directions above to try to fix the problem. Good luck!

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It Leaves Sticky Dark Residue On My Clothing

by Janice D.

I have had my dryer for about 3 years now.

From time to time I am finding the sticky residue all over articles of clothing.

It only began after the first bar was installed.

I know of no other reason than the Bounce Bar holder backing that could cause the problem.

And it never really leaves the fresh scent or the soft feeling.

I will be going back to sheets as liquid uses too much blue coloring which grays the laundry.

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May Have Caused Holes In Delicates From The Bar Holder

by Tim
(San Antonio, TX)

This product worked well in my electric dryer.

However, our delicates appeared to have a few new holes in them, so I removed the dryer bar holder.

It was simple to remove and the adhesive cleaned up using alcohol or a light oil or Goo Gone type product.

My dryer is good as new, the adhesive did not damage the paint or anything.

Despite the problem with our delicates we were overall happy with the product. We will test the theory about the delicates and replace the bar holder.

Most of our clothes are cotton and I liked the dryer bar, although once in a while, we still had some static cling, not sure why.

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I Won't Be Using The Bounce Dryer Bar Anymore

by Jo Ann

Jo Ann says:

I have been using the dryer bar for a while and it seemed to work well. However, yesterday the bar and the holder came off and made a terrible mess in the dryer and on my clothes.

It took over 1/2 hour to clean the dryer and the clothes had to be washed twice to get them clean.

I will be returning the other bars which I had on hand and will not use the bar in the future.

Taylor says:

Jo Ann, thanks for sharing your experience, but I'm sorry it was so negative.

Has this happened to anyone else? I can imagine this would make a mess if the bar came off, since as it tumbled around I would imagine it would crack and break, and melt on everything.

Has anyone experienced this problem? If so, how did you clean up the dryer and the clothing? You can share your review or experience here.

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Comments for I Won't Be Using The Bounce Dryer Bar Anymore

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I love them - but hard to find refills
by: Peggy

I don't see why people here are complaining about them. I've used them for years and love them! I hated trying to remember to put the softener sheets in the dryer and then finding them up a sleeve or pant leg at work. When the bar wears down I just remove it and slip a new one in the holder. I need to buy the refills again this week and am having trouble finding them in the stores. Did they stop making them?????

I love this product
by: Anonymous

I don't know how anyone dislikes this item. I love it, and have never had an issue with it.

No change in scent - but can't find refills easily
by: Marlene

I guess I lucked out? My dryer bars never changed scent (why would they?) I LOVE the BOUNCE Dryer Bar and am upset that I cannot find replacements for a reasonable price (Amazon wants $15 for one bar). I have never had a problem with ours; in fact, one bar lasts more than 4 months for a two-person household. I would like to know where I can get more bars. I hate using dryer sheets (fire hazard notwithstanding).

Best product we use in our bed & breakfast in four dryers
by: Jim at Westview Bed & Breakfast Lincoln NE

We used dryer sheets with all the commented problems. We never had the stated problem of staining with the dryer bars but we do not run our dryers on high temperature, but the next setting down to prevent fabric and elastic deterioration from excess heat. Probably stains come from too much heat as well as release of the bar holders from the drums.

The engineers who designed the holder need some help. Since these are designed to fit on curved surfaces the adhesive backs need to be curved and equalized attachment points or have a foam contouring backing pad as most double stick tapes do. Curving the backs to fit the curved dryer drums and holder back clearces for drum interior circumfrencial ribs would help the holders stick better.

The solvent based Goo Gone should loosen the adhesive by rotating the drum with the bar to the bottom and applying Goo Gone generously.

We placed two to three bar holders in each dryer to increase the freshening effect and where they did not stick we placed a few bars on the leading edge of the drum paddles instead of the drum.

The P&G company was a fool for not improving and offering the product with prominent user instructions and warning about excess heat.

can't find replacement bars
by: Anonymous

I love these bars. Never had a problem with them, the scent or the bracket. Now I'm upset because I'm having a a hard time finding replacement bars in my local stores.

LOVE it, but hard to find refills
by: Anonymous

I love the dryer bar. But am finding it hard to find refills. I'd dry my sheets on the line (they smell so good) but I'm disabled now and can't handle them.

I LOVE mine!
by: Kellie Johnson

I LOVE mine! The comments so far seem very petty!

Same problem - streaks and stains
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem. I contacted "Bounce" about the issue and heard that "We've never heard of anyone having that problem before," and they sent me a coupon for any item of my choice and a preloaded VISA to pay for my brand new damaged dress pants. I tried the Gain bar and had the exact same problem. The people at Bounce suggested that maybe my dryer wasn't hot enough or all sorts of other things. I had one in my previous dryer and never had an issue. Lesson learned, just buy the dryer sheets.

leaves white smudges on clothes
by: Anonymous

This product leaves white smudges on clothes which then have to be rewashed to get the smudges off. This should not be on the market. P&G, you should do more/better testing before releasing a product.

by: Barbara

Used for years no problem. Used from day one absolutely no problem! Stocked up at one time, now I need more and can't find them. Was told to look on sites so this is what I shall do because I can't find in the grocery stores. Hope to find them!

Can't find
by: Crystal

This would have been a great product IF they continued making them! I loved it, it worked perfectly. Then I got a brand new expensive dryer and stuck one of these to the inside of the drum. NOW I can't find them except on Amazon for over $40 a bar! So, I don't want to remove it and have a sticky residue and it's sitting in there being used, especially in my $850 dryer! So annoyed!

No problems
by: Anonymous

I NEVER had a problem with this product and used both Bounce and Gain several times. My suggestion is you either had a problem with your dryer being too hot or something. As for the issue about the "removal" of the clip and it leaving a sticky residue. You either have never removed a residue like this from anything in your entire life. Anyone knows that WD-40 removes it very easily. There are TONS of people who not only want this product back, but never incurred any problems with it. I suggest you see if you use a gas fryer or what temp your dryer is running at before blaming the product.

Come back
by: Lee

I have to say that now I am disappointed because I can't find the Bounce Dryer Bar anywhere! Is it discontinued? It never left any residue on our clothes and was so convenient! Hate dealing with the dryer sheets as they end up all over the house! And mine has never came off. Wish the stores near me would get them back in stock!

Great product
by: Kayleigh

PLEASE bring the dryer bar back! I have never ever had any of them issues with the black garments, jeans etc. I love the bar and its so easy and never have to worry about remembering to have a dryer sheet because the bar is already in the dryer and the smell is just wonderful! I have been using the bounce dryer bar for yrs and never ever has anything happened like these people are saying. I wish you would reconsider bringing back the dryer bar! Maybe put on the label what this could happen and what to do if it does cause white marks. I have never had that issue and I just love the bounce dryer bar!

by: Brenda

Love the dryer bars. I see all the negative comments but I have been using these since they came out and absolutely love them. I also toss in a dryer sheet for added smell. I think they are great. I now know why I am unable to find them anymore. But I will not pay amazon or ebay prices for them. Now people are just putting the screws to people who really like them. I'll just sit back and patiently wait to see if they come back.

No problems
by: Benda Rees

I love the dryer bars and have not had a single problem. Some people say they don't have a long enough fragrance, personally I use it strictly for static and I don't have to worry about putting a sheet in every time. Plus fabric softeners are horrible on washing machines. Now you can only get them online and have doubled in price.

Great but no smell
by: hillbillydad

Mine has never given me any issues. oddly I've had same bar in my dryer for over a year. However i can't see getting another unless its got something called scent. Its never come loose or anything but yea no smell. That's ok though it wasn't really advertised as such. I add some dollar store lavander dryer sheets. As for removing the goo from the bar holder i used good old vinegar and a non scratch pad and sometime.

No issues
by: Debbie Neitch

I have never had any problems with my dryer bars. I have used them since they first came out and was upset when the stores no longer carried them. But, as soon as they come back to the stores I resumed purchasing them. And will once again if and when they choose to bring the product back.

No worries
by: Daniel Harden

The bounce Dryer bar is awesome for the simplest reason. How many times have you or anybody forgot to put in a fabric softener sheet into the dryer with the bar? You don't have to worry about it! The Bounce Bar is awesome and I would like the real reason they discontinued this product. Users who have complained about them not sticking maybe you got a bad one or defective one but if it wouldn't stick then why are so many people complaining about they cant remove it from their dryer cause it is stuck on so well? Great product in my opinion.

Love it
by: Julie

I love the Bounce dryer bar and I have never had any of the problems that some are saying, but have noticed that the Bounce bars have been removed from many stores! I love the Bounce bar because its saves me time and not having to use a dryer sheet and then throw them away! I like the fact that once the washer stops and just toss the clothes in the dryers and clothes smell wonderful and also not having to find the dryer sheets and throwing them away and its such a waste. I have washed black jeans and a lot of T shirts that are black and not once have I got any white marks from the Bounce bar! I wish the bounce bars were put back on the shelf at stores. I have been using the bar for over 2 yrs and just LOVE IT!!!!

Used for years
by: Jean

I have used them for years. I love them. I just found out they were discontinued and I am very upset. They never left anything on my clothes. Unfortunately I will have to go back to the pain in the butt sheets that you find hanging out of your clothes in the most inopportune times. If Bounce has any extra bars left, I will for sure take them.

So convenient
by: Shawnda

I love the Bounce bar! Not only did this product always keep my clothes smelly fresh and feeling soft, it was completely convenient for my busy house. It was nice, I only spent $5 for fabric softer for 3 months. Sad that I can't find it any where.

Great for static electricity
by: Pat Fitzgerald

I really like the bounce dryer bars. They give my cloths a fresh clen smell, and the reason I started using them was because of static electricity. It stopped it and believe my I would get it bad. Only trouble I have had is that I havent been able to find them in local stores and not on Gonna check out amazon.

Bring them back
by: Robin

I cannot believe that these dryer bars are discontinued. I've had nothing but positive experiences with this item. Of course these are sticky items that need to be placed securely so the bar doesn't fall out or move around. I've replaced several bounce holders in my dryer many times with no issues. You have to look at dryer cool off and heal slowly. If there's any remaining sticky residue Kama a little alcohol will take it right off. These were very effective to me and my household and save me a lot of time by not adding sheets constantly. I really hope they bring these back very soon.

Loved dryer bars
by: Rose

My Aunt & I loved the bounce dryer bar refills. They were much cheaper than fabric sheets. Don't understand why they were taken off of the market. But it seems like if a product works, and saves consumer money it goes away.

too expensive
by: Anonymous

I loved using the dryer bars, but in no way am I going to pay the prices your company is asking. Are you people out of your minds?? Please go back to the beginning of your product and ask those prices.

Where did they go?
by: Debra

I love these dryer bars, no issues with them at all. I love the convenience. The issue, I can't find them here in Phoenix, none of the stores carry them any longer. Thought they were taken off the market for some reason. Guess I have to order them on-line.

Love the bar
by: Thelma

I am so sad I can't find this amazing dryer bar any where except at Amazon for such a high price. I wish I could still buy it at Target where a got supply until I ran out try every where only in Amazon. Best dryer softener ever.

I've used for 3 years without an issue
by: Ainsley Bouillion

I have no idea what everyone is talking about. I have been using Bounce dryer bars for at least 3 years and I have NEVER had an issue. We can't use dryer sheets because of how it affects my daughter's eczema, so I'm completely disappointed that they've been discontinued. I wish there was still a way they could be ordered.

nothing but praise for these bars
by: William Russell

I have been using the Bounce Bar since the product came out. And that has been for a number of years. Quite frankly I have nothing but praise for it. I have not had one major problem with it since using it. The sheet did not seem to work near as good as the bar, plus the sheets always got in the way and I would find them in the most inconvenient places. The bar got rid of all of that for me. No matter how long or short the bar lasts, it is much easier to use and replace the bar than using the sheets and sometimes forgetting to use them.

are they discontinued?
by: Jan Herrington

I absolutely LOVE Bounce dryer bars and they are all I have used for a few years now. I never had a problem with them staining my laundry, or with them falling off my dryer drum. I prefer them to the dryer sheets because they last way longer. They leave my laundry static free and smelling great. I can't seem to find them in any stores. Are they discontinued?

I miss the dryer bars.
by: Gerard

I used the bars from the time they were introduced till about 6 months ago when I couldn't find them anymore. I never had any problems with them and I felt they were more convenient than dryer sheets. I'm surprised so many customers had problems with them. I wish they brought them back!

I love them
by: Anonymous

When ever I would find them I would buy all I could get especially when they started getting harder to find. I think at one time I had around 10 of them. I am on my last bar now and have gone to the stores that I have gotten them from before and they did not have any so I just went on Amazon and eBay to see if they had any and I couldn't believe what I saw some of the bars were over $100. I only payed around $6 for the ones I had. I couldn't believe my eyes so I started looking at other sites and I still can't believe my eyes and the price people are asking for them. I COULD HAVE BEEN RICH. I am going to miss them. I think they were nice and they made a few less things I had to worry about since I didn't have to remember to put a dryer sheet in the dryer or nonchalantly pull one out of my pants legs.

Loved mine! Sad it's gone!
by: WisconsinLaundress

I loved the dryer bar from the start. I never had trouble with the holder staying in place on the drum, and also found it very easy to remove the bar when it needed replacing. As for those so unhappy with it - just remove the bar and leave the holder attached. I don't understand what the big deal is - there's a tab to press, it releases the bar, and voila ... all that's left is the holder. I just moved and have looked everywhere locally and when I found online prices of $65+ just for a refill, I knew they must've been discontinued. So sad, really. LOVED the way my clothes smelled after they came out of the dryer.

by: Anonymous

People that didn't like this product, apparently did not know how to wash clothes! I hope this comes back on the market, for those that appreciate its convenience, quality and savings! There is no residue if you don't put clothes in the dryer dripping wet. Using a high heat/very hot dryer temperature is the worst thing to do to clothes with or without Bounce! Many complainers just wanted to gripe about something, anything. Then there are those people that want to get their money back because they should never have spent it on this, in the first place!

bring it back R&D department
by: Cindy

Ok R&D dept. You came up with this product that some of us really loved. Let's face it, no one can please everyone. But you created this really good product the dryer bar that helped make doing laundry a whole lot easier. And then you took it away. Come on, bring it back, I'll bet even the loudest complainers will come back and buy it again once they really follow the directions and give it a try again. Once they realize it makes doing laundry so much easier. And face it more people dislike dryer sheets. They are a mess. So, if it's not coming back my challenge is to you R&D Department. Top it. Come up with something better or fix those little tweaks and become our heroes. There are too many people just left hanging waiting for the product we loved. Reinvent, the challenge is to you, make it better, make it fresh and new. And then talk to someone about a moxie award.

I rather liked the dryer bars
by: Carolyn M.

I had none of the aforementioned problems with the dryer bars. I did have some sticky residue on the drum of my dryer after removing the bar holder. But I was able to get that off with some elbow grease and a goo removing product. All I want from a dryer bar/sheet is softness and static removal. I use scent boosters in the wash for that fresh smell. I am pretty busy and sometimes leave laundry in the dryer for extended periods, and I NEVER had bar residue on any of my clothing. The convenience of not having to remember to add a dryer sheet means so much to me, i would be grateful if they brought them back.

Use the bar as a subtle air freshener
by: Jo Ann

I stuck it to the side of the reservoir of the toilet. Out of sight. It leaves a subtle fresh scent.

Not a happy camper!
by: Toni

I'm just finding out that the dryer bars are no longer available because I had several multi-packs. I thought they were fabulous. I have been using them since they first came out with NO issues. I have never had white spots or greasy spots on darks even the many many times I have left the clothes in the dryer after they were dry. Without the dryer bars, my clothes will forever from this day forward be full of static because I am lucky to remember to start the dryer let alone put a dryer sheet in. What a sad day for laundry.

Love them
by: Darlyn

I really like this product. In fact it's been off the market for a while now. Two years! I had put one in my towel closet, to keep it smelling nice. Well, I decided to wash all the towels in that closet and was surprised to find that bar in great shape. I immediately put it in my dryer. Unfortunately, it had dried out a bit and only lasted one month. But that month, I was in heave, so if anyone has any bars they don't want, I will take them off your hands. I will pay for shipping also.

Bring back the bar
by: Martin

Positive First: Love the bar. Put one retainer in and just used refills. Warm up dryer tub just a bit 3 min. Then peel stick hold for 30 seconds; then let tub cool down to room temperature. Ours has been on for 2 years, running out of refills I stocked up on.

Big positive is even if kids are helping with clothes NO static cling. Also good for those with sensitive skin. And yes no strong smell for those of us that prefer a clean smell. Finally it is environmentally friendly, with no sheets that need to be thrown away.

Bring them back please, for those of us smart enough to use them.

bring them back!
by: Anonymous

I have used the dryer bars for years. I love the option of putting the bar in the dryer and never forgetting the sheet that just piles up! I never had the problem of it falling off the dryer tub, never had a problem of it staining my clothes. It is insane you have to pay $175.00 to buy another one on-line. Can't find them in the grocery store. Never heard anything about discontinuing the use of them. I would like them back and not for $200.00's

Please bring back bar
by: Tina

Please bring back the bounce dryer bar, I cannot find it anywhere, I miss it so bad. There are people that say they did not like it. So what? They do not have to buy it pointblank. But there are so many consumers that are looking for it and we should have the option of buying it. Please please please bring it back if only for a trial to see if people truly want to buy.

removed sticky residue with peanut butter
by: MJ Ludwig

I used the bar and liked how it worked. I didn't like using liquid. But since I couldn't find replacements for the unit I decided to remove it. It did leave a large amount of "goo" behind and I was loathe to use WD-40 because of the smell. So I used my fallback plan, something I use to deal with gluey substances. PEANUT BUTTER!

I covered the goo with peanut butter and let it sit overnight and VOILA! The goo came off just using a paper towel and no horrible smell in the drum. :)

by: Barb

Are there any dryer bars that can be removed after every dryer use? I go to the laundromat and I think I'm allergic to dryer sheets.

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