Over 90 Homemade Stain Removal
Recipes For Your Clothes

Below are over 90 homemade stain removal recipes for your clothes. You can also share your own recipes.

You can skip down the page to see the A-Z list for clothes here.

If you're looking for home remedies for surfaces other than clothes and laundry though, I've moved those things to other pages because this page was getting long enough, as is.

There are now separate pages for homemade recipes for cleaning carpet, upholstery and pet stains.

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homemade carpet cleaning solution
Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution Recipes
Home Remedies For Upholstery Cleaner
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Home Remedies For Pet Stains

Below are the stain remover recipes that have already been submitted for clothing and laundry stains. There are a lot of them, so they have been organized in alphabetical order, by the type of stain you want to remove. You can click on one of the letters below to skip down to that part of the page, since it is rather long. You can also skip down to share your own stain removal recipe here.



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homemade stain removal

When a stain happens you need to treat it quickly, but what if you don't have a commercial product available?

Or, some people don't want to spend the money on stain removers from the store, or they want to use more natural and eco-friendly treatments.

Whatever reason you may want to use a home remedy for stain removal, it seems like just about everyone has favorite household product that they use to remove stains from washable fabric.

If you do too, please share your recipe below.

Make sure you tell me what stains the remover is designed to remove, and all the ingredients. The best recipes submitted will be featured on the site! You can skip down here to submit your recipe, or scroll down to see the recipes already submitted.

General Recipes For Laundry

hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen Peroxide For Laundry
Ammonia For Laundry
the best homemade laundry stain remover
Best General Recipe

"A" Stains

No homemade stain removal recipes submitted for this letter yet.

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"B" Stains

ballpoint pen
Ballpoint Ink {Use Hairspray}
pen and writing
Ball Point Pen {Use Hand sanitizer}

Blackberry {Using Lemon Juice}
blood drop
Blood (1)
giraffe crosstitch
Blood {Use Own Saliva}
blood stains
Blood (2)

Blood {Use Shampoo}
hydrogen peroxide
Blood {Use Hydrogen Peroxide}
Blood {Use Ammonia}
unseasoned meat tenderizer
Blood {Use Meat Tenderizer}

blueberry parfait
Blueberry {Boiling Water}
Blueberry {Use Vinegar}
Blueberry {Use Lemon Juice}
running woman
Bodily Fluids

salt shaker
Bodily Fluids {Use Salt}

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"C" Stains

melted candles
Candle Wax
chocolate torte
Chocolate {Dish Soap & Hydrogen Peroxide}
chocolate cupcake

Chocolate {Use Milk}
coffee beans in mug
coffee beans in mug
Coffee {Use Glycerin}

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"D" Stains

panty hose
Deodrant {Use Panty Hose}
dryer sheets
Deodorant {Rub Away With Used Dryer Sheet}
wire hangers
Deodorant {Use Foam From Wire Hangers}
secret deodorant
Deodorant {Rub It Away}

arm and hammer ultra max deodorant
Deodorant (1)
deodorant stick
Deodorant (2)
citric acid and vinegar
Deodorant Build Up {Vinegar & Citric Acid}
cloth diapers
Diapers {Bleach With Sunshine}

dirt stains
Dirt {Use Ammonia}

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"E" Stains

No homemade stain removal recipes submitted for this letter yet.

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"F" Stains

fruit juice
Fruit Juice & Beets {Use Boiling Water}
baby bottle
Baby Formula
Formula {Use Borax As Presoaker}
Formula {Use Dishwashing Liquid}

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"G" Stains

pumping gas
grape juice
Grape Juice
grass topiary
Grass {Use Digestive Enzymes}
basket in grass
Grass {Use Items In Pantry}

grass on playground
Grass {Use Denatured Alcohol}
Ivory dish soap
Grass {Use Ivory Dish Soap}
rubbing alcohol
Grass {Use Rubbing Alcohol}
dishwashing liquid
Food Grease & Oil {Use Dishwashing Liquid}

mechanic's hands
Mechanical & Electrical Grease {Use Baby Oil}
Coca Cola bottle
Grease & Oil {Use Coca-Cola}
bubble gum
Gum {Use Ice}
girl blowing bubble
Gum {Use Mounting Putty}

duct tape
Gum {Use Duct Tape}

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"H" Stains

hair dye
Hair Dye

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"I" Stains

ice cream
Ice Cream (1)
ice cream cone
Ice Cream (2)
ink pen on fabric
Ink (1)
ink spot
Ink (2)

ink spot
Ink {Use Denatured Alcohol}
Aqua Net hairspray, unscented
Ink {Use Hairspray}
Ink {Use Milk}

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"J" Stains

No homemade stain removal recipes submitted for this letter yet.

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"K" Stains

Ketchup (1)
Ketchup (2)

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"L" Stains

Lipstick {Use Denatured Alcohol}
Lipstick {Alcohol Or Acetone}
lipstick on napkin

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"M" Stains

little girls with makeup on
Makeup (1)
applying make up
Make Up (2)
homemade mustard
Mustard {Tannin Remover Recipe}

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"N" Stains

spilled nail polish
Nail Polish {Use Acetone}
painted toenails
Nail Polish (2)

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"O" Stains

hand sanitizer
Grease & Oil {Use Hand Sanitizer}

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"P" Stains

Peaches {Use Dishwasher Detergent}
Perfume {Use Baking Soda & Ammonia}
permanent markers
Permanent Marker
running woman

Perspiration {Use Aspirin}

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"Q" Stains

No homemade stain removal recipes submitted for this letter yet.

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"R" Stains

Raspberries {Use Boiling Water}
red wine
Red Wine {Use Milk Or White Wine}
red wine spill on carpet
Red Wine {Dish Soap + Hydrogen Peroxide}
boiling water
Red Wine {Boiling Water}

club soda to remove wine stain
Red Wine {Use Club Soda}
borax powder
Red Wine & Grape Juice {Use Borax}

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"S" Stains

Salsa {Use Lemon & Salt}
spray tan sign
Self-Tanning Lotion
baby bibs
Baby Spit Up {Use Baking Soda}
sweat stains

Sweaty Gym & Jogging Clothes {Use Borax}

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"T" Stains

tea with lemon and sugar

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"U" Stains

No homemade stain removal recipes submitted for this letter yet.

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"V" Stains

No recipes submitted for this letter yet.

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"W" Stains

white wine
White Wine {Club Soda}

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"X" Stains

No recipes submitted for this letter yet.

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"Y" Stains

yellowing stain removal recipe ingredients
Yellowing Clothing
blueberry yogurt
Blueberry Yogurt

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"Z" Stains

No recipes submitted for this letter yet.

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Do You Have A Homemade Stain Removal Recipe To Share?

There are lots of homemade stain removal recipes floating around out there, especially here on the Internet. Have you used a recipe that worked well for you? If so, please share the recipe and instructions with us here.

In addition, if you have tried to make your own homemade stain remover and the recipe you used didn't work as well as you would like it, you can also tell us about that, so we can steer clear of these recipes.

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