Bounce Free And Sensitive Dryer Sheets Review

by Ellen
(Fort Collins, Colorado)

Ellen has shared her Bounce Free and Sensitive dryer sheets review.

Ellen says:

I do not usually use liquid fabric softener when I do my laundry because I have a detergent that is supposed to soften clothes too.

I do use Bounce Free though, in the dryer, because I love the way it makes my clothes feel. They come out feeling soft and warm and very comfortable to wear, not scratchy like when I do not use the dryer sheets.

The clothes also are not staticky when I use them, so they are easy to fold and put away.

I use the Free ones because I do not like having really strong scents on my clothes and also because my laundry detergent has a light lavender smell.

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I like these dryer sheets and would recommend them to anyone who uses dryer sheets.

I have also found some other ways to use them around my house. For example, I use them in all of our shoes to prevent them from smelling funny, and also in between our folded clothes to make sure they do not get static when it is cold.

You can also use the dryer sheets to freshen clothes that you do not wanna wash full way by sprinkling them with water and putting them in the dryer. They act like a steamer and freshen clothes up.

There is nothing that I do not like about them which is why I
keep using them over and over again.

Taylor says:

Thanks Ellen for your review.

It is interesting that you don't use a scented dryer sheet, when many people actually use a dryer sheets just as much for the scent it imparts as well as the softening and anti-static properties they have.

However, you are right, if you want to keep the scent of your clothes that is imparted by your laundry detergent, you don't want to have something else compete with it in the dryer.

I actually use scent free dryer sheets myself, because one of my kids has an allergic reaction to scented products.

If you use non-scented products, however, I've found that generic dryer sheets work just as well because the main complaint people have about them, usually, is that they don't impart enough scent.

I end up buying the Bounce Free sheets a lot though, just because it is often difficult to find a store brand that sells a scent free version of dryer sheets. It can even be difficult to find name brand scent free dryer sheets in stores, I've found. I guess that is just because they are less popular.

If you use this brand of dryer sheets you can share your Bounce dryer sheets review here, telling me what you like, or don't about them, and why.

In addition, you can share your dryer sheets review here for any other brand, to say what you like or don't about this laundry staple.

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Bounce Sheets Free Of Dyes & Perfumes: Easier To Find Since It Is A Big Brand

by Taylor

I've been using scent free products for a long time, since my family has laundry detergent allergies.

I find that I must use both scent and dye free laundry detergent but also other hypoallergenic laundry products as well, from stain removers, and fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Otherwise, one of these products will have a scent that will also bother allergies.

The main complaint about limiting myself to scent free products is that they can be hard to find, except in expensive name brand varieties such as those shown above.

Sure, they work well, but they cost a lot. That is exactly what I think about Bounce Free fabric softener sheets -- they work well, but are expensive because of paying for the brand name.

I used to use them pretty much all the time and just paid the premium price for them because that was the only option available. That's because some type of dryer sheet is essential, at least in the winter where I live, to keep static cling from becoming overpowering.

They reduce the static cling and make the clothing softer, without any scent.

For a long time I couldn't find store brand dryer sheets without a scent, nor lower-cost brands. It just didn't seem like they thought there was enough demand for them.

However, in the last couple of years things have become better and I now see more scent free options available. Since many of those options were cheaper than Bounce I tried them, and I've been overall pretty happy with them. Yes, some store brands are better than others, but I realized Bounce was not so much better that it was worth the extra cost.

The big advantage of the name brand is that most stores actually carry them consistently, whereas finding the the other scent free cheaper versions is hit or miss.

If you'd like to see my reviews (along with other readers) of hypoallergenic dryer sheets, along with other scent free laundry products, check out my page collecting all the scent free laundry product reviews.

I'd love to hear from others who've used this scent free version, or one of the scented versions of this brand, sharing how it has worked for you. You can share your Bounce review here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

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any idea of a connection?
by: Anonymous

I used to use these but became suddenly allergic. I can't use Downy Free either. Also I can no longer use Tide Free or Oxiclean Free. I don't know what the connection is. I wish I did. I now use ALL Free and Clear detergent without any fabric softener. Any suggestions?

response re allergic to everything all of a sudden
by: Taylor

It can be frustrating to have laundry detergent allergies, and they can develop suddenly and with a vengeance. Here's my article on what to do if you think you might have had an allergic reaction to laundry detergent. You've basically already done it though - you kept switching until you found something that worked for you and didn't bother you. There are other hypoallergenic fabric softeners available on the market if you really want to use one, or you might try a homemade fabric softener such as just rinsing with either vinegar or baking soda! Hope this helps!

Bounce Free is NOT FREE of scents
by: Anonymous

Bounce free contains Linalool ...

I'm so angry I've been suffering with hives, my throat closing, high blood pressure. As soon as I stopped using the dryer I was fine.

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