I Love Gain Dryer Sheets In The Apple Mango Tango Scent

by Kimberly F
(Tiverton, RI)

Kimberly has shared her Gain Dryer Sheets review, along with her love of the Apple Mango Tango scent of Gain products.

Kimberly says:

I first bought Gain's Apple Mango Tango (AMT) Dryer Sheets and I absolutely loved the way my laundry smelled.

It was the only dryer sheets I have ever used that keeps my clothes and home smelling exactly as it does from inside the box.

Most dryer sheets smell a little different on the laundry then it does in the box, and isn't anywhere where near as strong and beautiful of a smell as Gain's AMT.

I am getting the detergent and softener tomorrow as I have been dying to have the set to make my clothes smell even more like AMT.

And now that I see there are other products with this scent, like the febreze & dish detergent, I will be purchasing those soon too.

I'm just worried about Lisa's review saying the scent has changed and hope my laundry smells the way I hope for it to smell. I will keep you posted.

Thank You Gain for a GREAT scent!

Taylor says:

Thanks Kim for your review of Gain dryer sheets in the Apple Mango Tango scent.

As I've said with other reviews of this scent (see many links above to other reviews of the detergent in this scent), those that love it REALLY seem to love it.

I would love to hear from you Kim (or anyone else) when you try these additional products to find out how they smell (and also how they work to clean!)

Does anyone else use Gain fabric softener, either in the liquid or dryer sheets? If so, you can share your Gain fabric softener review here.

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Original Scent Gave Me Terrible Eye Allergies

by Anonymous

My eyes started tearing and became itchy and pinching terribly. I didn’t know what to do, I even got styes in my eyes.

I never suffered from anything like this, it took me a while to realize it was the Gain dryer sheets!!

My husband had a skin rash from it.

Thank God I realized it after 6 months of agony!

I now use the reusable dryer balls, they work pretty good.

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I Love The Scent On My Blankets

by Cynthia Defeo
(Mahopac, NY)

I have been using another brand of dryer sheets and decided to try Gain. Well, not only did I love the scent on my blanket, I took a picture of how much my dog loves it too 😊

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Moonlight Breeze Dryer Sheets Caused Allergies

by SR101 Reader

SR101 reader says:

I recently tried Moonlight Breeze dryer sheets.

My whole family has broken out in a horrible itchy rash which causes pain and sleepless nights. Its very uncomfortable.

I will never use them again.

Taylor says:

I'm sorry to hear you've had allergy problems with these dryer sheets.

Unfortunately, laundry allergies are not as uncommon as some imagine.

You can learn more about laundry detergent and other laundry supplies allergies here, with recommendations of how to deal with them.

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Comments for Moonlight Breeze Dryer Sheets Caused Allergies

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itching like crazy
by: Lily Brandon

The Gain dryer sheets have gotten my husband and I itching like crazy. This is so awful, I can hardly take it.

I loved the original scent, until it changed
by: PJ Perdue

What happened? I bought a box, then I bought another hoping that the first one was a fluke. The new "original" smells disgusting. I would pay 2X the list price for original Gain sheets. This was a massive misstep by P&G.

making me itchy
by: Anonymous

I have been using Gain dryer sheets for over a year. I just bought a new box two weeks ago or so. I have broken out in itchy skin that I can't stop scratching. Now, I have hives in spots where fabrics touch close to my skin (like thighs and buttocks). I wear loose clothing and it is summer time. I have changed nothing else in my routine of what I consume or purchase. I purchased the dryer sheets at Family Dollar because I ran out and it was the closest store. I have no new medications or anything else. I took a benadryl and it worked for part of a day. It started right back up. I cannot stand the itching. I am done with Gain. I just washed my sheets and I am not adding the dryer sheets to the dryer.

original scent sheets make clothes smell like urine
by: Sue

I purchased a box of dryer sheets, Gain original scent, 120 sheets. I used a couple and my clothes smell like dog urine. I will never purchase them again.

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