Arm and Hammer Total 2-In-1 Dryer Cloths Review - Lavender & Vanilla Scent

by Samantha
(Aurora, IL)

Samantha has provided her Arm and Hammer Total 2-in-1 Dryer Cloths review.

Samantha says:

I used the Lavender & Vanilla scent of the Arm & Hammer moist dryer sheets, which I think are a wonderful product.

I bought these simply looking to replace my beloved Tide Simple Pleasures Vanilla Lavender scent dryer sheets and laundry detergent. Tide discontinued this product and my laundry hasn’t been the same since.

As I said I was looking to replicate the lovely fragrance of Tide Simple Pleasures Vanilla Lavender scent when I stumbled on this product.

I was intrigued for several reasons the first being this product is a “wet” dryer cloth not a “dry” dryer sheet and the other was it offers to also condition your fabrics, not just soften and remove static cling.

The dryer clothes come in a plastic airtight box and inside is sealed plastic pouch containing the dryer cloths. These resemble a “diaper wipe” when you first remove them from the package.

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I was a little worried at first that they might cause spotting on the laundry but, so far that has not been a problem.

They work wonderfully, and all though they aren’t as strong as I would like in the fragrance department the cloths are otherwise great. They do soften, remove static cling and leave a slight fragrance. It doesn’t smell quite the same as my Tide Simple Pleasures but they will do.

The only
down side is that these are a little expensive. I had a dollar off coupon, and that was my final persuasion. However, without the coupon they would have been $3.99 for 40 dryer cloths. If you do a lot of laundry this could get expensive.

Another concern is you have to be very careful when resealing the plastic box that the lid snaps and stays shut. More than once I thought I had closed it only to find it popped open again. If left open for extended periods of time they would dry out and likely be ruined.

Taylor says:

Thanks Samantha for your Arm and Hammer Total 2-in-1 dryer cloths review.

Like you said, this is a different type of product because typically dryer sheets are dry, not moist. I am always intrigued by new types of products, to see if they are any good and will catch on more widely, with more brands following suit with similar products. As far as I know, I haven't seen anything similar from another company yet. Has anyone else?

In addition, I would love to hear from more of you about these moist fabric softener sheets. How have they worked for you?

You can share your Arm and Hammer dryer sheets review here, of these moist sheets, or of their more traditional fabric softener sheets.

In addition, you can share your dryer sheets review here, of any brand, telling me what you like, or don't, about it.

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Arm And Hammer Dryer Cloths Are Awesome

by La Dawn Ahlborn-Smith
(Roseville, CA)

La Dawn says:

These are AWESOME!!!!

My neighbor even came over to ask me what smelled so good coming from my dryer exhaust at night: )

I turned her on to a few of them but neither of us can find them now.

I can order them on Amazon but would prefer to buy them locally.

Does anybody know what stores carry them?

They have a WONDERFUL fragrance, are long-lasting and leave my clothes feeling soft and unbelievably I had dried them on an outdoor line amongst a wild flower bed : )

***Update from La Dawn: "GOOD NEWS!! CVS Pharmacy carries them!

I bought the last box yesterday at my local store here in Roseville, CA (much to my neighbor's dismay) but I called the manager when I arrived home and told him what a FANTASTIC product he had.

He assured me he'd order more and thanked me for the head's up on this new and remarkable product : )" ***End Update

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for your review La Dawn.

I know what you mean about not being able to find these locally. I can find the regular Arm & Hammer sheets, but not the two-in-one variety.

As you said though, they can still be purchased on Amazon, so at least you can find them somewhere. Maybe someone will be able to give some hints on where they find them in stores.

Has anyone else used these, or another brand of A&H fabric softener or dryer sheets? If so, I'd love to hear your review. You can share your review here.

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