Scotch Pet Hair Remover Roller Review - Hair Gone In One Swipe

by Victoria

Victoria has shared her Scotch Pet Hair Remover Roller review, sharing her favorite product for pet hair removal.

Victoria says:

This is the best pet hair remover I have ever tried.

I have tried every other brand of pet hair roller, but nothing holds up as well as the Scotch brand. Every other roller it seems you have to keep on going over the surface again and again to pick up the hair, but not with this one. One swipe and the hair is picked up.

I use it on our suede couch since nothing else seems to do the trick. One roll with a fresh piece is all you need! I've also used it on clothing and a knitted quilt with a lot of success.

My dog, a Beagle, even likes the roller in the spring when she is shedding. She likes it like she is getting brushed. It is actually kind of weird. I will roll her like I would brush her to remove the extra hair she is shedding. She loves it.

I think if Scotch came out with more products relating to pet hair, I would definitely try them!

Taylor says:

Thanks Victoria for sharing your Scotch pet hair remover roller review.

Has anyone else used this product, or something else that has worked well for them for removing pet hair from various surfaces? If so, please share your pet hair removers review here, to tell us more about it.

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Scotch Pet Hair Roller Gets Dog & Cat Hair Off Clothes And Furniture

by Misty

Misty has shared which pet hair remover she likes best.

Misty says:

I really like the Scotch Pet Hair Roller for getting hair off clothes and furniture.

It is lightweight, has a nice handle for gripping, and it’s easy to peel the used section of tape off to reveal a fresh piece underneath.

I used it a lot in the past, when I had a white haired cat, and now we have a blonde haired German shepherd so I still need to use it a lot. Light colored hairs were all over our dark furniture and if ever I wore dark colors, the hair would stick all over me.

This product is very sticky, but safe for clothes and furniture. I just roll it back and forth over the furniture or my clothes and it picks up hair like a charm. You can get quite a bit of hair up with just one strip of tape, before needing a fresh piece of tape. I also use it on our car upholstery.

It doesn't cost too much, and is very handy to have around. I keep a couple of them in a kitchen drawer, ready to use before I head out the door and want to make sure I’m not covered with pet hair. Any pet owner should have this product.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your uses and review of the Scotch pet hair remover roller Misty.

I would love to hear how even more people remove unwanted pet hair from things around their home. You can share your own product review here, or read other reviews already submitted.

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Scotch Pet Hair Roller Picks Up Even My Dog's Small Fine Hairs

by Jen
(North Dakota)

Jen has shared her review of this product too.

Jen says:

I have a short haired Weimarner, and while this breed of dog is usually considered hypoallergenic due to lack of dander, they still shed little short hairs about the size and thickness of a typical eyelash.

I, myself, can tolerate the shedding until it starts to build up. One day I decided to invest in a product called Scotch Pet Hair Roller. This product was a wonderful tool to get fine hairs off furniture and clothing.

I used it on my furniture at home, like my couches and chairs, as well as the upholstery in my vehicles. With one quick swipe it collects the hair just like a lint roller would. I would even give my clothing a quick swipe down on the way to work just to remove any hair that had collected on my navy blue uniform shirt. It works twice as well as a regular lint roller and is more effective, in my opinion.

Taylor says:

Thanks Jen for your review of the Scotch pet hair remover roller.

I have gotten quite a number of reviews for this product, so obviously people seem to like it. I was wondering, however, how long it lasts since you need to keep removing the old piece of tape once it is covered with hairs? In addition, is it easy to find refills for it?

I note that Amazon has both the product, and refills available, so if you can't find the refills in stores this may be a good way to get more without having to buy a whole new roller too.

Do other readers have a favorite pet hair remover? If so, please share your review here, or read other reviews already submitted.

***Update: This isn't the only pet hair remover product that is made by Scotch. I've also now got several quick reviews of Scotch Fur Fighter pads, so click the link to read these as well.

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