Downy Softener Review - My Favorite Is Clean Breeze Scent

by Linda
(Durham, NC)

Linda has provided her Downy softener review.

Linda says:

I always use liquid softener in the Downy brand. I prefer the bottle with the blue cap (Clean Breeze scent) and if that's not available I like the one with the pink cap (April Fresh scent) second best.

I also always buy the Downy in the concentrated bottle, called Ultra, because of the thickness of the liquid. It is easier to lift, and I get more for my money this way.

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I use Downy because it leaves my clothes smelling so good and feeling so soft and all it takes is that one little cap full. Plus there is really no need for any dryer sheets afterward because liquid Downy really does a great job.

One thing I don't really like, however, is that if you put Downy in your wash and there is not enough water, it can leave a stain on your clothing, but other then that to me it is an excellent product that leaves your laundry smelling wonderful.

Downy also comes in dryer sheets that also work just as well as the liquid.

Some times I use both the liquid and the sheets just to get that strong scent of the Downy as the clothes come out of the dryer. I like how you can get the same scent in both the liquid and the dryer sheets, so it just makes the scent stronger, instead of getting competing scents between the two products.

I have tried liquid softeners before and there are none in my opinion that come close to being as good as the Downy brand.

Taylor says:

Thanks Linda for your Downy softener review.

If you are having trouble with any fabric softeners staining your clothes, you can read these instructions for how to use liquid fabric softener, to reduce the risk of that happening in the future.

So, does anyone else use Downy to soften their clothing? If so, please share your Downy fabric softener review here, to tell me what you think about it, good or bad.

In addition, if you prefer another brand of fabric softener you can share these reviews here.

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Downy Liquid Softener Keeps Nice Smell In Clothes Longer Than Dryer Sheets Alone

by Diana
(Akron, OH)

Diana has shared her Downy review.

Diana says:

Downy liquid fabric softener is among the staples in my family's laundry regime.

Every time my mom would wash my clothes, it stayed smelling fresh for up to a week! So finally I asked her what she used and Downy was one of the secret ingredients. It leaves our clothes soft and fresh smelling for days.

I used to only use dryer sheets, but the fresh smell would last only for a day and then fade away (great smelling towels is a must!).

Now I use Downy liquid softener in every load along with the Downy dryer sheets (for extra softening) in the dryer, and my kids love folding, smelling and then putting away their nice clean clothes.

I guess, it's also helped my kids complete chores too. Bonus!

Taylor says:

Diana, thanks for sharing your Downy review.

I love that you get your kids involved with chores, since this is such an important life skill to learn. Making the job more pleasant, in any way you can, such as having fresh smelling clothes to fold, always make the tasks seem easier.

Does anyone else used Downy for softening their clothes? Do you have a favorite scent you like to use? You can share your Downy fabric softener review here, or read others already submitted.

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New Downy With Scent Pearls Has Strong Scent - I Want My Old April Fresh Back

by Heidi

Heidi has shared her review of the new Ultra Downy softener in the April Fresh scent, which has what Downy calls "scent pearls." Basically, this is more strongly scented than the previous version, and therefore has changed the April Fresh scent to something similar, but different than it originally was.

Heidi says:

As for performance this liquid fabric softener does a very good job, even when line drying clothes, which I do.

However, since they made the scent stronger, I cannot use it if I put my clothes in the dryer. The scent is just too strong, but it is great for line drying. It helps the clothes get a little softer and the perfume is reduced significantly.

I have tried almost every scent and they all pretty much work out the same for me.

I do miss the smell of the old Downy April Fresh. I wish they would bring it back.

Taylor says:

Thanks Heidi for your review of this fabric softener.

Once you sent this in I looked online to find out more about the "scent pearls" and found people are complaining about them changing their favorite scents.

I saw that obviously the April Fresh scent had been effected, but it was unclear what other scents, if any, had also received this "pearl" treatment.

I would love to hear from even more people sharing their experiences and opinions about the scent pearls, and whether any of the other scents have been effected, or only April Fresh.

In addition, Heidi has provided a couple of other reviews for this site too (thanks Heidi!). You can read her additional reviews here:

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Downy Ultra Is As Thick As Mud

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

I have recently switched from generic brand Suavitel BACK to Downy due to some very nice coupons I obtained. I must say I am very disappointed in this new "ULTRA DOWNY" P&G product.

I purchased 2 bottles of 103oz size. The softener pours from the bottle like THICK MUD, in almost clump-like fashion.

I poured out about 20% of the bottle and added water. The water does not even want to mix with this blue mud...

I have for many many years used the "Downy Ball" for use in the washing machine. Sure every once in a while it will get stuck in a pant leg or under a shirt, but I have never had a problem with staining/softener spots until this bottle of the Ultra MUD Downy.

Ultimate guide to using a Downy Ball

If ANY clothes item is "trapped" by the spring hinged lid of the downy ball, I am 100% guaranteed to be washing that item again in the next load.

I don't know what to do....I added more water last week and REALLY THINNED it out, and now this week, it is pouring like MUD again. I have had this bottle for MONTHS now and still it is over 50% full!!! It's just like a bad thing that just won't die....

Sorry Downy, you are out, once I finally get rid of these two bottles....and to think, I still have 1 to go! UGH!

Have any other Downy Users experienced this MUDDY situation?

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear this bad experience. Have you tried watering it down some once it is in the ball? That may help, at least to a certain degree.

In addition, if you're getting stains from this softener, here are instructions for removal.

Fabric softener stain removal guide

Photo courtesy of dno1967b, from Flickr CC

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Ultra Downy Softener Review - I Love All The Traditional Scents

by Elizabeth
(Montgomery, AL)

Elizabeth says:

Downy Liquid Fabric Softener comes in a few wonderful scents such as April Fresh, Mountain Spring Scent, Clean Breeze, and Ocean Mist. I have had wonderful success with all of the scents that I have ever tried.

The clothes come out smelling wonderful and soft even after they have been heat dried.

Downy also offers dispensers that are conveniently filled and placed directly in the washer when starting the clothes. The softener releases at the perfect time to help keep your clothes soft.

I've had the best success with Downy Liquid Fabric Softener on cotton items such as towels and sheets. I have not had to use dryer sheets when using it in the washing machine.

They offer concentrated versions of the softener that work just as well but isn't as heavy if you have problems lifting items at the grocery store. If you want the concentrated version, just look for the items that have "ULTRA" in the title. I generally get these myself.

Taylor says:

Thanks Elizabeth for your review.

If anyone else uses Downy, I would love to hear what you think about it, good or bad. You can share your review here, telling me what you think about the product, and whether it should be a staple in a busy Mom's laundry room, or not.

Downy Liquid Fabric Softener {Referral Links}

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Comments for Ultra Downy Softener Review - I Love All The Traditional Scents

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Yes, way too thick
by: Anonymous

I like the lavender scent of the version I use, but I have to clean out the dispenser nearly every wash. Like others I've tried to thin it down with warm water, to little avail.

Too thick
by: Anonymous

I have purchased downy for as long as I can remember, never had any problems. Loved the product, until, about 3 months ago. The last 2 bottles that I purchased were so thick I couldn't even get it to come out. Afraid to use it. What will it do to my front loader? Tried to water it down, doesn't work. Will not buy this product anymore, unless P&G fixes this issue. Never had this problem before, they have changed this product, very disappointed in P&G.

Stains on clothes
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry to hear others are having trouble with the Downy Ultra. I am SO GLAD to hear they are experiencing staining because I thought I was suddenly doing my wash wrong after 40 years! I also ruined several of my son's dress shirts and active wear and a pair of my year old Capri pants with the new product. I have always used Downy fabric softener and just noticed in the last several months the staining problem. I too have experienced a bottle of 'MUD" Downy in these last months and bought new bottles which were a bit thinner substance but they still stained the clothes. I am no longer using Downy to rinse the "good" clothes in for fear of staining.

purple stains
by: Anonymous

This product ruined six white turtlenecks from Penneys. It put purple stains all over them and it won't come out. I've tried different products to remove stains, they are ruined. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

very expensive
by: TR

This is my favorite but it is very expensive. It needs to be more affordable to everyone.

Very thick indeed!
by: Dustin

It's so thick infact, that when pour it in my dispenser, it sort of just sits there in a lump without seepinng down the small drains like a liquid should. It's actually a semi solid look.

I had to shake the bottle rapidly to get it out even. Like a glass bottle of ketchup.

Despite this I've manually been adding during the rinse cycle and the product works efficiently as you expect from Downy. It was on sale for a great price.

Overall, I would buy it again if on sale. The price was worth the minor inconvenience.

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