Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets Review - Outdoor Fresh Scent

by Karen
(Athens, GA)

Karen has shared her Bounce fabric softener sheets review, in the Outdoor Fresh scent.

Karen says:

I have used Bounce Outdoor Fresh dryer sheets for many years. I think that they have the best scent and last the longest for the lowest price.

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When I was first living on my own and trying to save money I tried using a generic dryer sheet. I would have to use several sheets at a time to get the scent to be on my clothes even when I took them out of the dryer.

I finally realized it was better to spend a few extra cents and use the Bounce sheets I had used growing up. It only takes one sheet and the amazing scent will stay on your clothes for a long time.

I never have a problem with static when I use Bounce and it doesn't leave any greasy feeling to your clothes like I've encountered with other dryer sheets.

I have incredibly sensitive skin and so do my children. Bounce is one of the few fabric sheets that we have used that does not cause skin irritation on any of us. It is a great product.

I have even started using the dryer sheets when I store my clothes for the season. I place a single sheet into each storage bag and my clothes come out the next season smelling fresh as if they had just been washed.

Taylor says:

Thanks Karen for your Bounce fabric softener sheets review.

Has anyone else used Bounce sheets in the dryer with their clothes? If so, you can share your Bounce dryer sheets review here.

In addition, you can share your review of other dryer sheets brands here, telling me what you think about them.

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Bounce With Febreze Left Dark Spots On Clothes

by Crystal
(Tracy CA)

Crystal shared her experience with the Bounce fabric softener sheets containing Febreze.

Crystal says:

These leave spots on dark clothes.

My machines are only two months old and this started happening when I switched from Snuggle.

I switched back and no more problems. So annoyed!

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your experience Crystal, too bad it wasn't a good one though.

Has anyone else had this problem with these Bounce dryer sheets? If so, please share your experience here, including any way you removed the spots or stopped them from forming, if you ever figured this out.

In addition, you can get some tips for removing those dark stains, assuming they are caused by the softener, on my fabric softener stain removal guide page.

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Comments for Bounce With Febreze Left Dark Spots On Clothes

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question about Bounce and toddlers
by: Steve

We had placed a number of your fabric softener sheets on our carpet to reduce the smell of urine from our dog. Our daughter came over with her 19mo old toddler and insisted we pick them up so our granddaughter wouldn't touch them. Would there be any harm to our grandkids if they touched/handled them?

Thank you for your time.

causes allergic reaction
by: Andrew Boehm

Every time I use Bounce dryer sheets I get red itchy spots that resemble acne. Bounce smells so good I wish I could use it without breaking out.

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