60 Stain Removal Clothes Tips
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See 60 stain removal clothes tips below for all the most common stains, to keep your clothes clean and stain free. You can also submit your own tips here too.

I have organized the tips alphabetically, by the type of stain on the clothing, to help you find what you need.

After all, the type of stain effects how you should remove it from your clothes.

You can click on one of the letters below to jump to the part of the page with those stains listed. You can also share your own tips here.



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There are almost endless ways to get a stain on your clothes.

In addition, there is an almost endless amount of possible items that can stain your clothing.

However, no matter how you get the stain or what type of stain you get you know you want to get it out, and fast, before it sets.

Here is your chance to share your own tips for removing stains from clothing, giving us your best hints and tricks to keep your clothes looking good, and stain free. You can skip down here to share your own tip.

Because there are so many types of stains possible, make sure you tell us what stained your clothing, if you know. Further, share what type of fabric the stain was on, because that also can impact how you must remove the stain.

You can also see over 50 stain removal tips for clothing already submitted below.

If you have used a commercial stain remover product to get rid of that clothing stain, you can share your laundry stain remover review here.

"A" Clothing Stains

apple cider
Apple Cider

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"B" Clothing Stains

ballpoint pen
Ballpoint Ink
fels naptha laundry soap
Fels Naptha For Ballpoint Pen
barbeque chicken
Barbeque Sauce
beer bottles

Berries, Multiple Varieties
pigeons on a ledge
Bird Droppings
blackberry stains
Presoak Blackberry With Oxiclean
blood drop on fingertip

Bodily Fluid
salt shaker
Salt For Bodily Fluids

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"C" Clothing Stains

birthday candles
Candle Wax
applying chapstick
Charcoal Dust
melted chocolate

spilled coffee
WD-40 For Crayon

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"D" Clothing Stains

woman applying deodorant
Deodorant Remover To Rub Away Marks
deodorant containers
Built Up Deodorant
cloth diapers
Cloth Diapers
dirt stains

clothes dryer
Dryer Stains

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"E" Clothing Stains

No stain removal clothes tips for this letter have been submitted yet.

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"F" Clothing Stains

fruit juice
Fruit Juice & Beets {Home Remedy}
food coloring
Food Coloring & Dye
baby drinking from bottle
Baby Formula & Spit Up

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"G" Clothing Stains

pumping gas
Gas {Plus Smell}
grape juice
Grape Juice
standing in grass
Grass {Home Remedies}

cooking oil
Grease & Oil {From Food}
mechanic's hands
Grease {Mechanical & Electrical}
melted gum on fabric
Chewing Gum
blowing bubble
Gum: Fight Sticky With Sticky

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"H" Clothing Stains

woman applying hair dye
Hair Dye
christmas lights
Holiday Spots & Spills

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"I" Clothing Stains

ice cream
Ice Cream {Home Remedies}
ink stains
Ink Spots

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"J" Clothing Stains

No stain removal clothes tips have been submitted for this letter yet.

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"K" Clothing Stains

ketchup bottle

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"L" Clothing Stains

lipstick stain

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"M" Clothing Stains

applying make up
Makeup {Home Remedies}
3 types of homemade mustard

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"N" Clothing Stains

spilled pink nail polish
Nail Polish

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"O" Clothing Stains

No stain removal clothes tips have been submitted for this letter yet.

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"P" Clothing Stains

Peach Juice {Home Remedy}
perfume bottle
Perfume {Home Remedy}
permanent markers
Permanent Marker
lily pollen
Lily Pollen

boy with popsicle

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"Q" Clothing Stains

No stain removal clothes tips have been submitted for this letter yet.

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"R" Clothing Stains

red wine spill on tablecloth
Red Wine

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"S" Clothing Stains

Salsa {Home Remedy}
self tanner
Self Tanner
spaghetti sauce stain
Spaghetti Sauce Set In Dryer
sticker residue on clothing
Sticker Residue

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"T" Clothing Stains

tea with lemon

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"U" Clothing Stains

Pet Urine & Odor

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"V" Clothing Stains

No stain removal clothes tips have been submitted for this letter yet.

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"W" Clothing Stains

inside washing machine
Washing Machine Stains: Causes & Cures
white wine
White Wine
wine stain removal
Wine Spills {Home Remedies}

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"X" Clothing Stains

No tips have been submitted for this letter yet.

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"Y" Clothing Stains

removing yellow stains from clothing

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"Z" Clothing Stains

No tips have been submitted for this letter yet.

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Do You Have A Stain Removal Clothes Tip?

When something drips or spills on your clothes, whether they are washable or dry clean only, how do you successfully remove those clothing stains?

Feel free to explain your clothes stain removal method, and any laundry supplies or stain removers that work for you.

Please also say whether the tip works only on washable fabric, or will also work on fabrics that must be dry cleaned.

Finally, please tell us what hasn't worked for you, so we can all avoid pitfalls in the stain removal process.

Submitted Stain Removal Clothes Tips

Click the links below to see stain removal clothes tips already submitted by others.

Feel free to comment on any of these submissions, to tell us whether you had a similar experience or not.

How To Remove Self Tanner Stains From Clothes 
I've collected several tips for how to remove self-tanner stains from clothes, which can happen quite frequently when you put clothes on too soon after …

How To Remove A Food Coloring Stain 
You can encounter a food coloring stain from lots of different items, since an inescapable fact of modern life is that many foods now contains dyes …

Remove Beet And Fruit Juice Stain With Boiling Water 
Fruit and beet stains can be difficult to remove, with their bright colors dripped on tablecloths, linens, and clothing. However, sometimes the simplest, …

Removing Yellow Stains From Clothing: Tips From Readers 
A frequent type of question I get here on the site is about removing yellow stains from clothing and other fabrics. This can be rather complicated to …

How To Remove A Gas Stain And Smells From Clothes 
It's fair to say that many of us pump gasoline on a regular basis, and when doing this it is all too easy to get a gas stain or odors from this flammable …

Baby Formula Stain & Spit Up Removal Tips 
Below I've gathered several tips from readers, as well as a video from the web, which share spit up and baby formula stain removal instructions and tricks. …

How To Remove Cloth Diaper Stains 
Below I've collected tips from readers sharing how to remove cloth diaper stains. I think we all know, although this is gross, that it partially depends …

Martha Stewart's Stain Removal Guide: Book Review Plus Video Tips 
Martha Stewart's stain removal guide is included in her book called Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook . I actually own a copy of this book, in …

Makeup Stains: Tips & Home Remedies For Removal 
Below I've gathered some tips for removing makeup stains. Typically, it is best to know exactly what type of makeup you need to remove, and then tailor …

Pants Stain From A Fun Kids Night - Now Ideas For Getting It Out? 
Jenevieve sent me this picture, along with a short and sweet question on SR101's Facebook wall . What follows is our discussion back and forth, along …

How To Remove Sticker Residue From Clothing 
I've gotten several questions about how to remove sticker residue from clothing, so I'm answering them here. Julia asks: Hi! Any tips on how to …

Post Wash Stain Removal Of Unknown Stain 
Here is a question of trying to remove a stain of unknown origin after it has gone through the wash. Natalie's Question I have a white cotton dress that …

Apple Cider Stain Removal - Help For A Reader 
On my stain removal help portion of the site I invite readers to submit questions to me to answer. Here is one regarding apple cider stain removal. Debbie …

Clean Perfume Stains With Baking Soda And Ammonia 
Here are some instruction for how to clean perfume stains from your clothing. Perfume can cause yellow stains on your clothing. This yellow color comes …

Charcoal Stain Removed From Bone Microfibre Jacket 
A reader, David, has provided this stain removal tip for removing charcoal stains from a bone microfiber jacket. David says: Step 1. Liberally wet stain …

Bodily Fluid Stain Removal From Clothes 
Below is a video giving general tips for bodily fluid stain removal from clothes. These tips work on many types of bodily fluids, all of which include …

Ice Cream Stain Removal Tips & Home Remedies 
Here are some tips for ice cream stain removal. Of course, part of determining how to remove these stains depends on what flavor the ice cream is. Below …

Freeze Pop & Popsicle Stain Removal Tips 
Popsicle stain removal is something every parent seems to need to know about in the summer months. That is because kids (and adults too) love to eat …

How To Remove Chapstick Stains On Clothing 
Knowing how to remove chapstick stains on clothing is a must if you accidentally run your clothes through the wash without getting that chapstick out of …

Gravy Stain Removal From Linen - Video And Instructions 
Removing a gravy stain from linen or other cloth can become a priority, especially around a holiday when you and your family pass around that gravy boat …

Bird Dropping Stains - Video And Tips For Removal 
Here is a video giving stain removal tips for removing bird dropping stains from clothing. This gives basically the same advice as I do in my page about …

Beer Stain Removal From Clothing - With Video 
I found this video which gives some tips for beer stain removal from clothing. This video gives an alternative pretreating solution for treating beer …

Removing Salsa Stains With A Lemon - Video 
The video below gives some suggestions for removing salsa stains from fabric with a lemon , and some salt . It seems to me this method will work best …

How To Remove A Grape Juice Stain 
The video below gives instructions for how to remove grape juice stain from clothes. The method described in the video gives some alternative methods …

Click here to write your own.

Removing Dirt Stains From Clothes: Tips & Home Remedies 
Below I've gathered a couple tips for removing dirt stains from clothes. The first of these is a video. The methods suggested include using either …

Removing Peach Juice Stains With Dishwasher Detergent 
Ever gotten peach juice stains all over your clothes when you ate that almost overripe peach? I saw one of the greatest tips at Because I'm The Mama …

Click here to write your own.

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