Natural Fabric Softener
& Other Eco-Friendly Laundry Products

If you want to be more eco-friendly when doing laundry you need to use all green laundry products, from natural fabric softener, bleaches and more. Here's a list of brands available to try.

Lots of people want to use natural laundry soaps, but that really does the environment no good if you then don't also use other eco-friendly products as well.

However, not all such products are made the same. Some work better than others, for example.

In addition, the ingredient lists are obviously different, and some people may differ on how really green some of these products may be since the terms "natural" and "eco-friendly" aren't regulated in any way for advertising purposes.

I've compiled a list of lots of available products you may like to try. There are more traditional versions of products that have just had their formulas tweaked to be more green, while others are more innovative in their approach.

natural fabric softener reviews

Available Liquid Fabric Softeners & Dryer Sheets

Here is a list of the available products in alphabetical order, plus reviews of them provided by readers, where available.

Not all of these products are available for purchase online, but when they are I've linked the image to a place you can purchase them, if you want. (Please note I've used affiliate links, meaning if you purchase the product through them I get a small commission.)

Arm & Hammer Essentials Dryer Sheets

Arm & Hammer Essentials dryer sheets, mountain rain scent

Arm & Hammer has a line of products called "Essentials" which are derived from natural ingredients.

It used to be that they also made detergents to go in this line, but all that is left now are these dryer sheets, in either the Mountain Rain or Lavender & Linen scents.

The ad says that the softeners added are eco-friendly, but nothing is said about the composition of the actual sheet, so it is unknown how good for the environment that part of the product is.

You can read more, in general, about Arm & Hammer dryer sheets here, although I don't have any reviews of this type yet. If you've used them, please click the link to share your review.

Attitude Liquid Softeners & Dryer Sheets

attitude baby fabric softener

attitude reusable dryer sheets

This brand has several liquid softeners available, in Citrus Zest and Wildflowers scent, as well as a scent free version which is hypoallergenic (pictured on the left).

They can be used in either regular or high efficiency washing machines.

Also, not pictured, Attitude has one laundry detergent plus softener available, in Mountain Essentials scent.

In addition, the brand also has a dryer sheet, but it is a bit unusual compared to some others.

Instead of using the sheet one time and then throwing it away, each of these sheets is reusable, up to 300 times to soften and reduce static cling.

I don't currently have a review of this product, so if you've used it please share your review here.

Babyganics Dryer Sheets

babyganics fabric softener sheets

Babyganics brand makes bleach and dye free dryer sheets, with a "baby fresh" scent.

Although these are marketed as being safe for babies they could be used on any clothing.

I don't currently have a review of this product, so if you've used it please share your review here.

Caldrea Liquid Softener & Dryer Sheets

Caldrea fabric softener, lavender pine scent

Caldrea dryer sheets, blue basil sage scent

Caldrea is a high-end brand with highly scented products which it calls "aromatherapeutic." The scents come from essential oils, mainly.

The liquid softener is plant derived, but there are no such claims for the dryer sheets (plus they contain some synthetic scents, as well), so I question whether the sheets are as eco-friendly as some of the other products in the line.

There are a wide variety of scents available, with more scents for the softener than the sheets.

I haven't received any reviews of these products from readers, so if you've used one of them please share your opinions here.

Dropps Softener Pacs

Dropps fabric softener pacs, lavender scent

dropps fabric softener pacs, scent free

Unlike some of the other fabric softeners which are on this list, which you pour into the fabric softener dispenser, Dropps fabric softener is contained in individual pacs. There are several scents available, as well as a scent free version.

Further, this softener is mineral based, instead of oil based as some of the other products on this list (even if the oil is plant-derived, instead of synthetic.)

You can read more about Dropps fabric softener pacs here.

I haven't got a review of this product yet though, so please share your review here, telling me what you thought of this product.

Ecover Fabric Softener

Ecover fabric softener, morning fresh scent

This plant-based softener comes in two scents, Morning Fresh (shown on the left) and Sunny Day.

I have not received any reviews of this product yet, so if you've tried it please tell me how it worked for you here.

Grab Green Wet Dryer Sheets

Grab Green wet dryer sheets

Grab Green is a green company, and they've made a wet dryer sheet that is both scent and dye free.

These sheets are reusable, with each one being able to be used twice.

I don't have any reviews of this brand, so tell me about them here if you've used them.

Honest Company Dryer Cloths

Honest dryer cloths

The Honor Company's dryer sheets are not dry, like many sheets are but instead wet.

They are scent free, and also each sheet can be used two times.

I've not received any reviews of this product, so if you've used them please share your experiences with me here.

Martha Stewart Clean

martha stewart clean fabric softener

Martha Stewart has come out with a line of cleaning and laundry supplies, which includes a liquid softener which is unscented.

I don't currently have a review of this product, so if you've used it please share your review here.

Method Liquid Softener & Dryer Activated Softener Spray

Method fabric softener, fresh air scent

Method dryer activated fabric softener spray, lavender lilac scent

Method has a couple of different green softener products, including a liquid softener for use in the washer as well as a dryer activated fabric softener spray.

The company bills this spray as basically a dryer sheet, but without the sheet. This is certainly a different way to soften clothing, and it will be interesting to see if it catches on.

Method used to have dryer cloths, but these appear to have been discontinued in favor of the spray version now.

You can learn more about Method cleaning products here, since they have a wide line of both cleaning and laundry supplies, although many are scented.

I don't currently have a review of any of these products, so if you've used it please share your review here.

Mrs. Meyers Liquid Softener & Dryer Sheets

Mrs. Meyer's fabric softener, lavender

Mrs. Meyer's dryer sheets, basil scent

These softener products from Mrs. Meyer's all have a strong scent, which the company calls "aramotherepeutic."

The products are scented with essential oils, and there are quite a few scents available in both the liquid version and the dryer sheets.

You can read more about the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day brand here.

However, I haven't gotten any reviews of these products yet, so if you've used one share your experiences with me here.

Purex Natural Elements

Purex Natural Elements fabric softener, linens & lilies scent

The Purex brand is known for its low-cost laundry products, and this fabric softener is no different.

That makes it quite distinctive from many other natural and green alternative products on the market, which are typically more expensive.

The liquid is available in two scents, linens & lilies and apple & melon.

I don't have any reviews of this product so be sure to tell me about it here.

Further, some people might classify Purex Crystals as an eco-friendly product, since it is advertised as 87% natural. I wasn't sure I'd classify it this way, but if you're interested in it, click the link to learn more about it, plus read lots of reviews my readers have shared of it.

Seventh Generation Liquid & Dryer Sheets

seventh generation fabric softener, free & clear scent

seventh generation fabric softener sheets, free & clear

Seventh Generation has both liquid softener and dryer sheets, both of which are available in either free and clear scent, or blue eucalyptus & lavender.

The sheets are made from unbleached paper which can be composted after use in your dryer.

You can learn more about Seventh Generation cleaning products here.

I don't currently have a review of the liquid product, so if you've used it please share your review here.

Here are reviews of Seventh Generation dryer sheets from readers.

Sun & Earth Liquid Softener & Dryer Sheets

Sun & Earth fabric softener

Sun & Earth fabric softener sheets, unscented

The Sun & Earth brand has both liquid softeners and dryer sheets.

The liquid version is mainly found with a light citrus scent, from essential oils, but there is also a rarer unscented version as well.

The dryer sheets are completely biodegradable in 21 days, making them quite eco-friendly. They come in citrus, lavender or unscented varieties.

I don't have any reviews of these products, so if you've used on share your review here.

Available Natural Laundry Products

Here is a list of other available products in alphabetical order, plus reviews of them provided by readers, where available.

Again, the images link to places you can purchase these products, when available online.

Amway Legacy Of Clean Prewash

Amway Legacy of Clean prewash

Amway has an entire line of laundry products known as "Legacy of Clean" which they call "Planet Positive products."

One such product is their prewash stain remover. It comes from plant-derived ingredients, and contains enzymes.

I've gotten a positive review of Amway's prewash stain remover here.

Attitude Stain Fighter & Booster

Attitude laundry stain remover, citrus zest scent

attitude stain fighter and booster pacs

There's a laundry pretreater, which is advertised to be carcinogen free as well as eco-friendly, and which has a Citrus Zest scent.

This brand also has a scent-free laundry pretreater (not pictured) designed for baby clothes, but that could also be used for adults.

In addition to the pretreaters there is also a non-chlorine bleach pouches.

I don't have any reviews of this product at this time, but you can share your non-chlorine bleach review here.

Babyganics Stain, Stain Go Away

babyganics stain remover

Babyganics also makes a stain remover, called Stain, Stain Go Away.

It is fragrance free.

I have not received any reviews of this product yet, so if you've used it please share your review with me here.

BioKleen Oxygen Bleach Plus

BioKleen Oxygen Bleach Plus

This brand has an oxygen bleach powder available, but it has added certain additional things to it.

The "plus" part of this product includes fabric and water conditioners, as well as stain, mildew and corrosion fighters.

I don't have a review of this product, so if you've used it please share your review here.

Caldrea Stain Remover

Caldrea stain remover, sweet pea scent

This laundry pretreater comes in one scent, Sweet Pea, which is a combination of several essential oil scents.

I don't have any reviews of this product so share one here if you've tried it.

Charlie's Soap Pre-Spray & Hard Water Booster

Charlie's Soap laundry pre spray

Charlie's Soap booster and hard water treatment

Charlie's Soap makes a scent free green laundry pretreater.

In addition, it has created a laundry booster and hard water treatment, which uses "biodegradable phosphate" to soften wash water. The company tries to expain how this is safe for the environment, but I have my doubts about phosphates ever being safe, so you be the judge of this particular product.

You can learn more about Charlie's Soap products here, but I don't have a review of these products so click the link to review one.

Earth Friendly Products Oxo Brite Powder & Pods

Oxo Brite powder

Oxo Brite pods

This green company makes both a scent free powdered oxygen bleach, called OXO Brite, and also a version contained in pods.

I've not received any reviews of these products, so please share your experience here so I can learn more about this brand.

ECOS & Earth Friendly Products Stain Removers

Earth Friendly Products odor & stain remover

ECOS baby stain & odor remover

Along with the bleaches shown above this brand also has a couple of stain and odor removers.

They are both safe not only for use on fabrics, but can also be used on carpet and upholstery. Both the regular version, and the one designed for babies has a lemon scent.

I don't currently have any reviews of this product, so if you've used it I would love for you to share your experience here.

Ecover Stain Remover & Bleach Powder & Liquid

Ecover stain remover

Ecover laundry bleach powder

The Ecover brand also has a stain pretreater, which has a built in brush applicator.

In addition, the brand has both non-chlorine bleach powder and liquid, which I believe are scent free, although I cannot tell for sure from the description.

You can share your reviews here, since I don't have any yet for these products.

Grab Green Bleach Alternative Pacs

Grab Green bleach alternative pacs

This brand has created these bleach alternative pacs which are both scent and dye free.

They are also dual compatible, so they work in both HE and standard machines.

I don't have any reviews of this product so please share them with me here.

Greenworks Chlorine Free Bleach Liquid & Oxi Powder {From Clorox}

Greenworks non-chlorine bleach liquid

Greenworks oxi stain remover powder

Greenworks is a brand from Clorox, which uses plant derived and natural ingredients to make cleaners.

It has created both a chlorine free liquid bleach (which is scented), as well as a free and clear powdered oxi stain remover that you can add to your laundry loads, or for presoaking or pretreating.

I haven't received a review of these products yet, so please share one with me here.

Honest Company Stain Remover & Oxy Boost

Honest stain remover

Honest oxy boost pacs

This natural laundry pretreater is designed to work not only on fabric, but also upholstery (and car seats) and carpet, and has a French Lavender scent.

The oxygen bleach pacs are scent free, and are designed as a general laundry booster for severely stained clothes.

I don't have any reviews of this brand, so share them here if you've used it!

Nellie's All Natural Oxygen Brightener

Nellie's all natural oxygen brightener

Nellie's is a company that makes several all natural laundry products, ranging from detergents, bleaches and dryer balls.

Their natural oxygen bleach comes in powder form.

I don't have any reviews of this product yet, so if you've used it please share your review here.

Seventh Generation Bleaches

seventh generation natural oxy stain remover, free and clear scent

seventh generation chlorine free bleach, free and clear scent

Seventh Generation has both a powdered oxygen bleach and liquid chlorine free bleach, both of which are scent free.

I haven't received any reviews of either of these products, so please share your reviews here.

Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Stain Remover

seventh generation natural laundry stain remover, free and clear scent

seventh generation baby stain spray

Further, this brand has a laundry stain pretreater which is scent free, as well as a baby stain remover.

The product contains enzymes to help fight stains.

I haven't received any reviews of these product yet, so if you've used it please share your review with me here.

Shout Free Stain Remover

shout stain remover, fragrance free

Shout has recently come out with a dye and fragrance free version of its laundry stain remover, which is also 99% natural.

I have tried this product and was pleased with it, as have other readers. You can read these Shout Free laundry stain remover reviews here.

Sun & Earth Stain Remover Pen

Sun & Earth stain remover pen

Sun & Earth makes a stain remover pen, which you can carry in your purse.

Stains don't just happen at home, and this is the only natural and eco-friendly stain removal product I've found that is portable.

I haven't received any reviews of this product yet so please share your thoughts about it with me here.

What Is Your Favorite Eco-Friendly Laundry Product?

I would love to hear from you about which of the products I've listed above is your favorite (or introduce me to another brand or variety I'm not currently aware of). You can share your reviews here. I will feature your reviews on this page, along with my list of available products, to allow everyone to find a green detergent that works well for them.

natural laundry detergent reviews

Don't Forget To Use Natural Laundry Detergent Too!

If you go to all the trouble to find eco-friendly and natural laundry products, you should not ruin all your good efforts by then using a detergent that isn't as good for the environment.

Fortunately, many of the brands mentioned above also make laundry soaps that are also good for the environment. If you're interested, I've compiled a similar list of natural laundry detergents you can reference! Hope you enjoy it.

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