Tide Laundry Detergent Works Best For Us

Tide laundry detergent is the number one selling brand in the United States. It is also one of the most expensive laundry soaps on the market.

My question that I've posed is whether it is worth this high price. Anecdotally it would appear the answer is yes, because after all it is the best selling brand.

And there are definitely people who swear by this stuff, saying it is the only product that actually gets their clothes as clean as they should be.

But others just can't stomach the high price.

What side of the fence do you fall on, and why? Below I've gathered responses from readers on this topic, plus general thoughts about this detergent.

SR101 Reader says:

When me and my husband both got skin rashes from using laundry detergent we decided it was time to take action.

We bought three kinds of detergent and used each for 1 week. It turned out Tide worked the best and the scent is still not getting old and its been 3 years!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review of this detergent.

If you're suffering from laundry detergent allergies another option is to try a hypoallergenic detergent, if you need something scent and dye free.

Of course, it sounds like you've already found something that suits you, so that works too! Just remember, if you want to stick with Tide and still try something scent free you can always try Tide free and gentle.

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Some Say Tide Too Expensive But If You Buy On Sale With Coupons I Don't Think So

by Monica

We are a family of 6 (one being a two year old), and it doesn't seem to compute when other families speak of doing laundry 2 or 3 times a week, and sometimes daily.

Including towels, we do laundry once a week, 6 loads AT MOST.

Stacked with coupons I tend to get the 32 load Tide for around $4-5. That computes to a minimum of 5 weeks that our $5 stretches.

For my part I make sure every family member has at least 2 weeks of underwear and socks in "inventory" so there is hardly ever a need to do an out-of-turn load, unless there's an accident.

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Tide Laundry Detergent With Original Scent Doesn't Seem To Smell The Same

SR101 Reader 1 says:

We have always used Tide original scent, but in the last few years at least 3 times we have bought the same brand at the same store and it smells very fragrant.

I don't know if Tide messed up on the smell but I sent them an email and they never responded.

We have tried other brands of scent free but it doesn't seem to get the stink out of teenager clothes.

So next I am trying Tide Free and Gentle, since the latest box of Tide original scent smells like someone dumped Downy in it.

SR101 Reader 2 says:

I have been a loyal Tide liquid consumer for many years, as was my Mom.

My laundry doesn't smell clean to me if I use anything other than the original Tide.

I have been beside myself with disappointment with this previously dependable product. The last 3 bottles of Tide (original scent) have a decidedly different scent.

Reminds me of something left overnight in the washer. Very upsetting.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with this detergent.

I don't personally use the original scent of Tide detergent, since I always use scent-free detergents myself. Therefore, I'm not aware of whether they've changed the scent of the formula or not.

I'd love to hear from other readers who have used this brand to share your opinion about whether the scent has stayed the same over the years, or not. You can share your review here.

I know that Procter & Gamble, the makers of this brand, also make Gain, and many people have complained about the new scent of the original version of it, saying it stinks.

I also know that Tide does have a version of its detergent which is called Tide with a Touch of Downy, and I would suspect that it does smell like the fabric softener, on purpose. I'm wondering if you accidentally grabbed this version of the detergent. Who knows?

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Tide Is Not What It Used To Be: Now I've Turned To Oxiclean

by Barb
(Pewaukee, WI)

Barb says:

I have used Tide exclusively for many years, paying a premium price for the "brand" since I believe it cleaned better than others I tried.

Since the removal of phosphates from cleaning products my laundry started looking worse and worse.

Liquid forms did not clean as well as powdered forms. Whites are gray. Adding bleach didn't help.

I contacted P&G about the brand, when it stopped cleaning like it used to. They hoped I had a good product experience. Told me to use more product. Sent me coupons.

Used up the coupons and decided to try other brands like ALL, Arm & Hammer, ERA, etc. They cleaned just as "well" as Tide but were far less expensive.

However, I recently started using Oxyclean in every load of whites or lights, in addition to liquid laundry detergent.

I normally wash on "Hot" or "Warm" setting, never cold unless the garment directions specify that.

I found there was no perceptible difference in cleaning between the brands, when boosting with Oxyclean, which did make a noticeable difference in the whites and colors.

So now I buy whatever is on sale and use Oxy in every load.

Cleaning still not as good as in the past but I see no reason to pay more for Tide when I still have to add Oxy and there's no difference in cleaning.

Taylor says:

Oxi Clean uses
Thanks for your review Barb.

There are a lot of people who like Oxiclean, including me! It is one of my recommended stain removers.

There are lots of uses for this product around your home. I've collected some Oxi Clean uses around the home. Click the link to check them out, or to share your own!

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Comments for Tide Is Not What It Used To Be: Now I've Turned To Oxiclean

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how I save money on this brand
by: Anonymous

I'm partial to this brand. I usually wait for a deal, use my coupons and stock up so I don't have to pay full price.

I'm picky, so this is my pick
by: Pamela

Tide all the way. I get it when it is on sale. Very picky when it comes to my laundry.

nothing works as well
by: Adrienne

I have to have my Tide. I've used lots of brands but nothing works as well as this one.

this is my go to detergent
by: Anonymous

For teenage stink I also add a fistful of baking soda to the wash. It helps with musty towels too. Tide is my go to and I always seem to return to it. When the kids were young I never varied or I was disappointed or had to do it a second time. As they age I still like it the best!

tried homemade because Tide so expensive, now use Wisk HE
by: Jamie

My old stand-by detergent was Tide HE. It has gotten so expensive that I've tried using homemade detergent, using several different soaps (Fels, Zote). After about a month of using the homemade detergent, my laundry starts looking dingy. I would love to be able to use it though. We have hard water and an HE washer. I've been using Wisk HE which is somewhat cheaper than Tide HE, and does a good job. With 2 teens and 2 little kids, and an outdoorsy husband, we have "challenging" laundry, and tons of it! I SO wish I could find a homemade detergent recipe that would work for me!

I add vinegar
by: Teresa

I've had great results by adding vinegar to the wash to get teenage boy smells out of the laundry. This also works well on musty towels. I just add vinegar instead of bleach to the bleach dispenser.

Tide #1
by: Julie J

Family tradition. Grandma swore by Tide.

I would never change!
by: Mom of 3 boys

As a mother of 3 boys who play football, I would never change. I LOVE my Tide with bleach! Everything else I've ever tried did not get my clothes as clean and even my husband could see the dinginess of our whites. I don't care how much it costs.

Era works just as good for less
by: Shirl

I use Era and I think it works just as well at much less money.

Tried every brand
by: Anonymous

I've used every detergent on the market including making my own, but Tide Coldwater is all I will use now. I have a small washing machine and dilute Tide Coldwater 50/50 with water and only use 1/4 cup (diluted with water). Clothes always clean and fresh smelling. I air dry them inside for a day and then pop in dryer for 5 minutes the following day to fluff and soften. I started using it because my apartment's water heater is small and I couldn't wash in warm water and take a shower same day. Plus, I'm not paying to heat water. I'd be willing to bet that all Tide products could be diluted 50/50 with water. Good stuff.

Prefer other brand
by: Anonymous

I personally do not like Tide. It is way too expensive and does not do any better at cleaning clothes than many of the cheaper brands. I prefer Purex.

by: Maria

I have been using tide for over 15 years and would never dream of buying a new brand. Until now. Tide isn't the same. It doesn't have the same thick consistency that it once had. It doesn't smell the same. It doesn't make any suds at all. It doesn't clean my clothes like it once had. I actually don't know what else to do or what else to use.

by: Nancy

It's not SUPPOSED to make suds. None of them do, that's part of HE (high efficiency). Even if you don't have a high efficiency washer, it's better for the environment.

Tide Approval
by: Anonymous

I remember when I was young, Tide was the only detergent that my mom would use. Now that I'm a mom, it's the only detergent that I use for my family. I swear by it. No other detergent works as well.

container leaks, what a mess
by: Anonymous

The last couple of times I have purchased Tide original liquid 48 loads 2.21 L the container has leaked out of the edge as well as the spout causing it to get very messy when trying to pour. @hat's going on? I thought I'd share my irritation with you while I mopped up the spill yet again.

the best!
by: ohc

It's the best detergent I have tried.

by: Bre

My family has always used Tide. Recently moving in with my boyfriend I started using Gain (no problems). Then deciding to go back to Tide original scent I notice my asthma is going beyond crazy out of nowhere along with hives on the soles of my feet, legs and hands. At first I think maybe a reaction to some medication I had just started taking until I start the process of elimination. Decide to see what happens if I go back to using Gain. Wash my clothes put them on and to no surprise I have no itch! And hives are slowly going away and breathing is back to normal.

forget it, won't use this detergent
by: Anonymous

This detergent is junk. It doesn't remove stains and it smells horrible. It leaves residue behind along with stains and stink. It has balsam of Peru in it which is a sticky tree sap from a fir tree that over half the people in the world are allergic to. If you like walk around smelling like a rotting pine tree then this is the detergent for you. As for me forget it.

cleans my sons dirty clothes and stains
by: Rose

Tide might be expensive and you might thinks it's not worth it when there's other brands around here. I recommend Tide to anyone who wants a liquid detergent that's good for the price. It's worth it for the price because it get's all of the stains off of my sons clothes. When my son gets home from school he has dirt all over him and then I hear Tide call my name. Saying, "Come, get your butt over here and clean you son's disgusting clothes." Right when I take the clothes out of the drier they're spotless.

damaged my shirt
by: Gerard

My wife bought front load detergent and while using the Tide detergent on a small stain on a white Polo shirt, the detergent left a larger and darker stain which we cannot remove even after many wash. DO NOT USE that detergent to do spot clean, the detergent will damage your shirt.

Love Tide
by: Brenda

Have been using regular Tide for over 30 years. I've tried the ones with Febreeze and all, but always go back to regualar. My husband is a long haul truck driver and it's the only detergent that gets the stains out of his and my son's clothes. If the stain is oil or grease I put Tide on it, let it set 24 hours and then wash. Always gets it out. Regular wash you have to make sure not to use much. I never go all the way to the line.

Disappointing Product
by: Judy Ghent

I have been a Tide user for over 50 years until recently that is. I called a washing machine repairman to find out what was wrong with my washer thinking it was not filling with enough water. I paid $100 to find the washer was working good. The repairman said he has had similar calls in the past months and the only common denominator is Tide. It seems there must have been a change in the formula. I will not be buying Tide anymore. A great product is now a bad investment.

Would not use anything else!
by: Dolores Coloyan

I have been using this detergent since I was 9 years old. By the way I am now 83. Lol

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