Zote Soap Review & Uses For Laundry, Stains & Cleaning

by Sat
(Silver Spring, MD)

Sat shared her Zote soap review and uses. This is a laundry soap bar which is very popular in Mexico, but can also be found many places here in the United States, typically in the laundry products aisle.

Sat says:

This laundry bar soap can be found at some ethnic groceries, online, Lehman's catalog, and sometimes regular supermarkets.

I pay $1.39 per bar, but some other places you will pay more.

Many of the products you can clean your home with are highly toxic, but this is not.

I use this soap to make laundry detergent, hand soap, oven cleaner, degreaser (mixed with borax and/or washing soda which have minimal environmental effects) or you can let it sit and it will dissolve the grease.

The bars can be used to wash dishes, scrub bathtubs, bath fixtures, anything.

They do not cause damage and dissolves body scum, grease, and dirt away.

Use it as a laundry stain remover - wet the clothing, scrub, rubbing the material against itself, rinse and white sport socks release all that dirt that builds up after detergent washing that does not get them clean.

Laundry stain removers reviews

Use on diapers, white clothes, many types of stains will be removed by these bars.

There is no end to the cleaners you can make with this product.

I boil the soap down to make hand soap, for dishes and the bath, just rub the bar on
your cloth to use or make a solution by letting the bar sit in water for an hour or so and melt, shake well-then remove the bar and you have soap solution.

This is the cheap safe way to clean your house and the bar smells clean.

I cut the bar into pieces for different areas of the house since you get a 400gm bar which is 14 ounces, a large bar of soap.

You can eliminate a whole lot of cleaners using this basic addition to your supplies.

Sometimes our grandmothers knew best.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review and uses for this laundry bar soap.

You can use this product as mentioned for things beside laundry, but do be aware that it contains optical brighteners.

Therefore, the FAQ page for the Zote website (***update: this appears to no longer be available *** end update) explained that many people in Mexico use it for washing dishes, even though it is not specifically formulated for that purpose.

Further, the page explained you can bathe with this soap too, although the soap is specifically designed for clothing care, but to check with a dermatologist first if you've got sensitive skin.

Who else has used this product for laundry, stain removal or cleaning? I would love to hear from you. You can share your uses or recipes using this product here, and I'll add them to the site.

Top photo courtesy of Adrian Flores, from Flickr CC

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Great For Collars & Cuffs On White Shirts

by SR101 Reader

If you wash a lot of white shirts Zote is an inexpensive and excellent pretreater for collars and cuffs, as well as many small stains.

One bar lasts a long time.

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Zote Laundry Flakes: More Convenient For Making Laundry Soap

by Rochelle aka laundry diva

Rochelle says:

I've found at Wal-Mart it carries Zote has flakes already, instead of having to shred it yourself when making homemade laundry soap. Saves lots of time.

I don't have any problems with it dissolving.

Every box of flakes = 2 bars of soap.

It's about 75 cents more than 2 whole bars.

Taylor says:

Thanks Rochelle, I've seen this lately in Walmart myself.

I think this is a great convenience since shredding or making soap flakes from a bar can be a pain, and some people have even complained that it has caused their food processor (if they choose to shred it that way) to make all their food taste soapy. Yuck!

I'd love to hear from even more people that have used it to say if this is worth the extra cost when making your own liquid or powder detergents.

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Pink Zote Is Great For Stains Including White Baseball Pants

by Sissy

Sissy says:

I love the bar of pink Zote. It says for whites and I use it on my sons baseball pants!

It gets that red dirt out and he has the whitest pants on the team.

If there is a lot of ground in dirt I usually run them through the washer first then I put them in my shower and scrub them while I'm in, throw them in the wash and bright white pants come out.

He also has a lot of dry fit shirts that don't seem to release stains very easily and the Zote gets them right out.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for the tips and review Sissy.

I'd love to hear even more reviews and uses for this product. You can submit your reviews of laundry pretreaters here or read others already submitted.

Photo courtesy of Robin Hastings

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Comments for Pink Zote Is Great For Stains Including White Baseball Pants

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Okay for HE washers??
by: Anonymous

Will this work with HE washers?

by: Noel Copeland

I absolutely love Zote. I use it on everything. I use it for my laundry detergent, carpets, furniture,
sinks, stove, shower, cleaning car interior, kids blankets, towels, stuffed animals, outside porches, washing hands, etc. It is incredible. Stains are huge for my family. I swear by this Zote soap. Share it with everyone! Because it is a life saver, cheap and smells great!

Clothes So Bright
by: Dee

Since using Zote I have nothing but great things to say about this product. Since using Zote my white clothes are so bright. I love using it on the collars of shirts and blouses. Thank You Zote!

Zote soap great!
by: Sheila

Used to wash bathroom towels, clothes, dishes, and even baths. I just threw it in my top loader and allow it to Sud really good, then removed it before rinse cycle. Also used it for my stove top- Cuts grease like a champ. BEST SOAP EVER! I'm sold!

Zote Flakes
by: Anonymous

I use Zotes Flakes from Walmart to make my own homemade laundry detergent. I mix it with Borax, Arm and Hammer Washing Soda and some OxiClean. All ingredients are all natural products.

I think the bar is still best for spot treating stains.

Two colors -- which is for stains?
by: roborose

I just received a bar of this soap ordered from Walmart. The color is off white, and the label says "will not harm delicate fabrics." I wonder if this is the right soap, because I see it also comes in pink. I haven't seen a way to contact them without calling Mexico -- so does anyone know if either color is so good for stains, or just the pink?

Zote pink soap
by: Anonymous

¤ LOVE THE PRICE $1.49 14oz;

☆ Just put the instructions (diy) on back of label.

white converse
by: Anonymous

I have these white converse that I haven't cleaned in like 2 months or so and today I used the Zote soap and I was a little skeptical about it but I cut a piece of the soap and got a brush and brushed it really hard and it made my shoes white again. I've heard that baking soda helps but not as much. This saved my life. 😊

Use as a shampoo
by: Anonymous

I have super thick curly hair and use Zote as a shampoo bar. It rinses out so much quicker and better than regular shampoo and leaves my hair soft and clean. I love it.

Flakes don't dissolve well
by: Anonymous

I used the Zote flakes in my washing machine and they didn't dissolve very well. I used hot water.

Generational family soap
by: Brenda Monrreal

I remember having a big portable tube full with dirty clothes, and hand washing all of them with this soak! This soap is actually originally for delicate, but my family has being using it for many generations for laundry. It has an amazing smell, and leaves your clothes softer even with out fabric softener.

Sneakers and lunch boxes
by: Stacie

I use it to clean sneakers. I wipe them down with the lather and rinse. I also use to clean our lunch boxes.

Another use
by: Claudia

This is really good on white clothes. Try it.

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