I Gave Up On Resolve Stain Remover For My Laundry

by Connie

Resolve stain remover for laundry used to be called Spray N Wash.

Once Resolve took over the brand, and reformulated it, there has been a mixed reaction of whether this change was for the better or not.

Here's some opinions from readers about this new version of an old product:

Connie says:

Don't waste your money on the traditional Resolve spray.

It is definitely not the same product that I was used to when it was the Original Spray N Wash, and that was used on my clothes when I was a kid.

I can't comment on any of the other versions like the Max or the stick.

It is no wonder why there are always sales on this product. Walmart even sells it in double packages.

I have switched to Shout and get much better cleaning power. Shout has different versions similar to Resolve.

All of my friends have switched to either Shout or Zout.

It is easy to tell that something is wrong with the formula Resolve is using now since some of us encounter the same stains on a regular basis (kids, work uniforms, etc.) and a product that once worked really well no longer can handle the job.

Some examples are baby formula, grass, blood, coffee, tea, and tomato sauce.

The last thing I want to do is waste time and money on the laundry, and that is why I gave up on Resolve.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review of this product Connie.

I would love to hear from even more people who've used this pretreater (or one of the other versions of it) to share how it has for you, good or bad. You can share your review here, or read reviews of LOTS of other brands as well.

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I Liked The Resolve All Stain Formula But It Is Discontinued Now

by Teri

Teri says:

It looks like the Resolve All Stain is no longer available, as Walmart was the only store I was able to find it. I no longer see it there, but there is some other product in a small green bottle that has a sponge type of cloth that is for stains.

I don't see where it would contain the OXI formula that worked well for me when I was able to buy the All Stain form.

I always used All Stain for stains that I was not able to treat in advance of wash day as it had a way of breaking them down right before I loaded the clothes in the washer.

Taylor says:

Teri I did some investigation and have confirmed that yes, this All Stain version of this product is discontinued.

That's too bad because in general, at least the reviews I've seen so far, have not been favorable for this brand of pretreater. Ironic that they would discontinue the one you liked to use.

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Comments for I Liked The Resolve All Stain Formula But It Is Discontinued Now

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MAX power - furious can't find it
by: Karen

I love this product! I can treat the stain as soon as possible after it happens OR I can treat it just before I put it in the washer and let it sit for seconds or at least less than a minute and the stain is GONE!!! Period.

I cannot understand what people are doing that they can't get stains out with this product. I personally am furious that I haven't been able to find it.

And who on earth has ANY product that removes baby formula stains unless you're using something that even after multiple rinses should never be put on a baby.

Before this product came out I used a Resolve stick which worked just as well. I defy anyone telling me that Shout or other products I see on shelves now got out grass stains, or tomato sauce. That requires a thick paste of powdered laundry detergent and water and a good long time to sit and work its magic, it will likely still require some elbow grease.

Resolve Max Laundry Stain Remover
by: Karen

A few years ago I read abut Resolve laundry stain remover in a Shop Smart magazine. It had been tested and deemed their favorite, so I tried it. I absolutely agreed that it worked better than all else. It even worked on stains that had been washed/dried in, it would take it out.

I recommended it to others; like my mom and my daughter, and they said that's what they already used!

It is a great product, and now I can't find it in the stores. What happened to it??

by: Anonymous

I read that the Resolve laundry stain remover was discontinued because people were confusing it with the carpet cleaner.

Best ever old version.
by: Kathy Dallen

The older version was great, never had a stain left after washing. I couldn't find it and when I thought I had it is way too expensive. I've tried the Resolve stain spray but it is lousy. I've tried other brands, but the stain doesn't come out. Even when I let it sit for several days. I don't understand why you had ruined it. Why, why, why?

why discontinue what works best!!!
by: Anonymous

I have used this stain remover for years with EVERY wash and have a small amount left in my last bottle. It has saved several items from being discarded and I hope you will respect your customers who, as you see, are being very vocal here - not to mention the many who haven't the time to go online to express their dismay and disappointment in your company! This is disrespectful and we all hope you will reconsider your decision. I just realized a short while ago that it was no longer available since I always had a stock of these, and showed my four children (now adults) how to remove stains from their clothing using this product. If you won't bring it back, at least publish a good reason why it won't be available- it certainly wasn't because sales were low!!

now leaves a stain, instead of removing one!
by: Anonymous

Used Resolve for years. Now it leaves a stain where I sprayed to remove one.

Dual power discontinued
by: Anonymous

This was the best pre-treater I've ever used. I hate that it is discontinued! I haven't been able to find anything that comes even close to working as well. Are they going to bring it back? Why was it discontinued?

T R A G I C 😞


Resolve Oxi Dual Action
by: Anonymous

Resolve Oxi Dual Action was the best stain remover for blood and red wine. I’m so disappointed it has been discontinued. I’ve written to the manufacturer twice. They wouldn’t say why they discontinued.
There is no substitute. I’ve tried other Resolve products which were a waste of money. I agree that some years ago, Spray N Wash was great but not longer. I read somewhere that there were chemicals in it, that could be used for drug making. I have no idea if this is true. It would be great to hear what the real story is.

Resolve Dual Power Oxi Action
by: Anonymous

Best ever! Please brink it back!

Not cool
by: Pamel

Who do we complain to!!! I have a son the had poison ivy and bled all over his sheets. I used my last bottle to save one set and I have used tons of different brands and home made solutions and NOTHING works!! Help us get it back!

Dual resolve
by: Anonymous

This was the best stain remover I have ever used and I’ve tried a lot of different ones, please explain why you’ve discontinued it!

We have to complain to the company
by: Anonymous

I think we have to complain to the company. It was the best stain remover. Expensive but excellent.

Why discontinued?
by: Anonymous

This was the best stain remover! Do not know why it was discontinued! Please bring it back!

Resolve Dual Action
by: Anonymous

I brought back a bunch of antiquated (used long ago, over 60 years) clothing from relatives in Ukraine. Nicely embroidered, national costumes, some in linen, but mostly home spun cotton. The purpose was to sell them and send the money back. But the stains were a real challenge, especially on the middle back of the skirts. I tried with diluted beach and water, but didn’t want to use much bleach on the old fabric. I tried borax, baking soda, vinegar, all kinds of combinations. Not successful. A friend saw my problems and said that there was a new product that she started to use on stains on fabrics. It’s called Resolve Dual Action and you can only find it at WalMarts. I followed the directions and was so estatic with the results and grateful that all stress left me. That has been about 15 years ago. I tried the bottle of spray Resolve, negative. Disappointed. I always have 2 bottles of the Resolve Dual Action on hand. I use it for cleaning small stains. It’s absolutely a stress free stain remover but I must stress, pun intended, it’s functional mainly on spots on any kind of fabric, larger sizes, not practical for kiddies. Also super for linens, tablecloths, etc.

I’m in a wheelchair for the time being, do not use the side handles, am very active. The sides of my dresses get dirty from riding on pavement, parking lots, wherever. To remove stains I spray with Fantastic which has some bleach in it. I buy the big jug. Been using it for years and years but cannot remember how I got started on it. An excellent product.

Resolve Gold Is that Best!!
by: Karen

I totally agree wth lLoretta. Resolve GOLD is the best stain mover ever. I can't find it anywhere......bring it back.

Resolve "GOLD" stain remover for laundry
by: Loretta

Resolve "GOLD" stain remover for laundry is the best I have found and now they have discontinued it. WHY? Please bring it back. I ran out and have been looking for a few months now. So I went on line and amazon has it for $59.00 a bottle. Sorry but I can't afford that. Stop messing with things that work. I have heard so many complain about it being discontinued. PLEASE BRING IT BACK.

by: Anonymous

why would they discontinue Resolve All-Stains with the oxygen and enzymes split in the bottle. It was the best thing ever made for stains. Now they have a dozen other stain removers that are useless. I won't buy spray and wash products. Please bring back your resolve all stains.

Bring back Resolve Gold
by: Anonymous

Please bring back Resolve'Gold'. One spray got out the grease from our tops, it was wonderful. But all of a sudden it disappeared. I saw some lame excuse about people confusing it with carpet cleaner. Phooey-- it stated laundry right on the label. Plus it was with the other pre-treaters in the laundry section not by the carpet cleaners .Why is it still being sold on amazon for $49.50 a bottle????? And not on market shelves for $5.00!

only online now?
by: Sue

I always used this and loved it. Then all of a sudden the stores stopped carrying it. Found it online at 3 times the original price. What the heck?

Put old Resolve back in stores
by: Anonymous

Put old Resolve back on shelves in stores. I've tried Spray and Wash and Shout and new Resolve Gold. You can't see any stain removed. The old Resolve took out all my stains. I'll never buy any of the others again, waste of money. Cheaper to just buy new clothes. Every time something works they take off shelves, water down and sell for more. Shame on them. There just ruining their business.

Loved Resolve.
by: doubleot

With Resolve I had better luck getting grease, spaghetti stains, and mustard stains than any other product. I can now only find Spray and Wash and Oxi Clean both of which are useless when I use them. Resolve was the only product that worked for me.

anyone else getting holes in blouses after using?
by: Carol

Used Resolve stain remover several times, and then started noticing holes in my blouses. It happened to 4 blouses, ruined, can't use this anymore for stains on my clothes. I don't know if anyone else had this problem?

I love this product, but hard to find!
by: Debora

I started using Resolve spray and wash about 2 years ago....love it. I stopped using bleach and Clorox, too harsh on my clothes. I like Resolve spray and wash because I can use it on all my clothes not just the white ones. I like the smell, etc.

Recently I have not been able to find it at Costco, Fred Meyer, Safeway or Walmart. Did Resolve stop making it? I found often times certain products stop selling in Portland, Oregon, either because the demand is too low or government restrictions. May have to travel 7 miles north to Vancouver, Washington.

Why, oh why!
by: Farmer's Wife

Spray & Wash was a farmer's best friend. It removed grease, grass and Virginia clay. Spray, toss it in the washer and the clothes always came out clean. But alas, the makers decided to ruin a good thing with Resolve which is about as useful as spraying stains with water. Please, oh please, go back to the original formula.

by: TBizz

Even though the Resolve Laundry Spot/Stain remover is branded through Spray and Wash, it worked BETTER than Spray and Wash! Now, I can't find it. Hmm, it was a best seller and Spray and Wash wasn't? Looks that way when ALL I see is Spray and Wash on the store shelves! I'm NOT happy!

It worked really well for us
by: Terry Lynn

It's interesting to read all of the comments because for our family of 5, which includes a 2 yr old, ranchers and well drillers, it was the best!! If we missed a stain and caught it, we'd shoot it, let it sit overnight, wash the next day and it was gone. We've tried other brands available to our market (one was OxiClean) with no success. In fact, I'm having to buy new clothes because my shirts were the worst from grandchild creaking on me with dirty/sticky/boogery hands. We won't even discuss the time she used my shirt for a tissue!! Anyway, maybe the key for us is to use the OxiClean spray with the OxiClean laundry additive? I guess that will be our next step...

Does not get grease out
by: Barbara

I kept wondering why grease spots no longer came out of my clothes when I used Resolve. While still damp and straight from the washer, grease spots don't show up. Only after coming out of the dryer do I discover the spot is still there. Now it is too late. The greasy mark has been set by the dryer heat. Grease was certain to come out when I used the product formerly named Spray'n Wash. I think there must have been a formula change, because Resolve is useless. I will search for something better.

Did not work on blood
by: Ann

Spray n wash worked great. I tried Resolve, it was okay until I tried it on blood. It did not work. I tried 3 times, still didn't work. I am looking for another laundry stain remover. Shout seems to be getting a good review.

Made my decals desolve
by: Anonymous

I thought Resolve worked pretty good, but the overspray ate all the decals on my washer and dryer. I don't know how to get new decals for my GE washer and dryer?

Waste of money
by: Susan

I had bought Resolve and not only was it super drippy but it didn't budge ANY stain I tried it on. So disappointed that Spray and Wash was replaced by such a poorly made substitute. Don't waste your money on this product. Now I see there are other "Resolve" products but once bitten, twice shy. I'm not wasting a penny on any of their products. I'm going looking for Shout.

All Stain worked best on ground in dirt and grass
by: Anonymous

The All Stain was the best on my son's football practice pants with several days of ground in dirt and grass. I haven't found anything that works as well, it's a shame.

The All-Stain was the best
by: Deb

This was the best stuff. Don't waste your money on the spray, it doesn't get out half the stains as the other.

by: Pam

You no longer have the cleaning handle. I love mine. I wanted to purchase one for my daughter. It is perfect.

doesn't work
by: Anonymous

Bought this and have used it on the same stain more then once with no results stain is still completely visible.

I miss Spray & Wash
by: Anonymous

Since I can't find it, I tried Shout and it doesn't work as well. I just bought some Zout but haven't tried it yet. This is very discouraging!

Don't Waste Your Money
by: Sara

Really, don't waste your money. Shout is far superior to Resolve. The old Spray n wash was terrific.

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