Resolve Stain Stick No Good: I Want Spray N Wash Version Back

by Patsy

Patsy provided her Resolve stain stick review, and compared it to the previous version of this product, known as the Spray N Wash stain stick.

Patsy says:

I have been using the Spray N Wash version of this stain remover for about 15 years and now I cannot find it anywhere, which makes me very angry.

It is the only stain remover I have ever found that really works.

The new one with Resolve is comparable to using nothing.

All of a sudden I have a pile of clothes that I can't get stains out of.

Help, I need an original Spray n Wash Stain stick!

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear how frustrated you are Patsy.

I know what you mean -- why do they "improve" products when they don't need improvement, especially when it seems to make them worse, not better.

I had lots of readers raving about the Spray N Wash stain sticks (click the link for the reviews) so I know they worked well on a large variety of spots and spills.

Has anyone else used this newer version and want to share your experience? I know Patsy didn't like it, but perhaps there are some differing viewpoints out there.

You can share your review here of this or any other laundry pretreater, or read other reviews of a large variety of brands that have already been submitted.

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It's Amazing! It Got Out 5th Wheel Grease

by Julie

I drive truck and when I got 5th wheel grease (tacky lube), a black thick gooey grease, on a favorite shirt and my wranglers I thought they were ruined.

I tried the Resolve stain stick and it washed out...EVERY last bit of it! I'll never live without it!

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This Was Not An Improvement As Compared To The Old Stain Stick

by Carole

The Resolve version was definitely not an improvement, in fact it was a detriment.

I now use the Shout Gel with the brush to pretreat stains that will not be washed for several days.

I also like the Whink Wash Away pretreater but many times I can't find it in the store.

Both of these pretreaters can be left on for several days prior to washing, and what could be more accommodating for a busy mom with lots of laundry stains!

They work well on fruit juice, grass, blood, tomato sauce, really dirty shirt collars and cuffs, and for the coffee that lands on at least one of my shirts each week.

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I Found A Secret Cache Of Spray 'N Wash Stain Sticks!

by Sharon

The New Resolve Version Of The Stain Stick

The New Resolve Version Of The Stain Stick

Sharon has shared what she has done now that this product has gotten a new formula, with the addition of Resolve. She doesn't like the new formula, so she came up with this alternative.

Sharon says:

Thank God for the Internet to help you find long lost, secret caches of discontinued products.

After several corporate buys and sells, the infamous Spray 'n Wash Stain Stick now contains Resolve and by many reviews, apparently doesn't work as well as the old original.

Well, I found a place in New York, called Bargain Side, and they actually have it in stock without Resolve in the ingredients.

It is still by the same manufacturer in the USA, but imported from Canada. (Don't ask me why it is made here, shipped to Canada and then imported back to the USA!)

The label is in English and in French, but everything else is exactly the same. At $3.79 each I stocked up. Shipping on four was $9, for a total of $24.15, making them cost $6.00 each.

I know how well the original formula stain stick works, so it was worth it to me, and it may be to you as well.

And no, I don't have stock in Bargain Side, but I hope I will have the last remaining Spray 'n Wash Stain Stick on this planet when the world ends!

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your solution to this problem Sharon.

I get frustrated when a product changes formulations, and actually becomes worse than it was before. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

***Update: I got an email from a reader saying that now even these stashes of the product have been sold, and now it is near to impossible to find the original version of the product.

Now that it appears only the new version is available for sale, I'd love to hear from even more people who've used it, sharing how it's worked for you, positive or negative.

You can share your experience here and I'll add it to the page.

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Comments for I Found A Secret Cache Of Spray 'N Wash Stain Sticks!

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Bring back the stick
by: Anonymous

I agree with everyone, BRING THE OLD STAIN STICK BACK!!!!!!!! It is the only product that you can treat your stain and wash later. You cannot wash one article of clothing each time you have a stain. I never had a problem with Spray and Wash getting out a stain, even if I didn’t catch a stain and washed and dried the clothing, then applied Stain Stick and washed the item and the stain would come out. I have had to buy several products on the market and THEY DO NOT WORK!!!!!!!! We need this exact product back on the market!

by: Anonymous

I am totally frustrated about the demise of Spray & Wash laundry pretreat stain stick!! As noted by others, it actually works, and you can pretreat up to several days in advance of washing your clothes. And after visiting this site I learned that the replacement - Resolve pretreat stick - is no good. Bummer! And with the liquid version of Spray & Wash you must wash the clothes in five minutes or less after applying the liquid, which is not nearly as convenient as the stick. The stick was perfect for shirt collar pretreat to remove skin oil stains - easy to apply, excellent coverage, and stains were removed completely with no loss of color or harm to fabric.

Why would they cancel a product that actually works?
by: Wendy Roth

Why would they cancel a product that actually works? I can’t find anything else that works like stain stick.

I really need something that you can treat and wash later that is good on colors and whites.

lost a customer when switched to Resolve
by: Anonymous

I don't understand why you would change a great product, the Spray and Wash stick is the best on the market.

I have used it for years and now you come out with some new crap that doesn't work, WHY?

Just lost another customer. Just STUPID!

bring back the Spray N Wash version!
by: Mary Lynn

Resolve is terrible. Bring back Spray N Wash stain stick. It always worked. I have been using for years with great results. What’s wrong with these companies? They have something that works, has loyal consumers and they ditch it. Terrible.

Stain Sticks
by: Anonymous

I ordered the new stain sticks and then figured out I was paying about 3 times what I used to pay. That's ridiculous, and I'll never buy them again at that price.

New and Improved- What a joke
by: Martha

Super upset 😠 Had to throw out 2 tablecloths, place mats, dish towels, dish rags and 3 blouses because NOTHING else works like Stain Stick. Can’t afford to replace everything AND buy so called new and improved cleaning products that don’t work. Whatever happened to the customer is always right?

Why can’t I find Spray and Wash stain stick
by: Anonymous

Why can’t I find Spray and Wash stain stick?? Best product ever for stain removal!!

PLEASE bring it back
by: Carol Goss

I have used the original Spray N Wash stain stick since my children were young. It used to be a round stick for years, then they turned it in the wide / thin, green with red top. That is the only thing I could use that took out EVERY stain I put it on.
My husband and son always had a vehicle they were working on and had oil and grease all over them. The kids always had grass stains, red soda, Kool aid, food stains of every kind. I tended bar for over 30 years and it is the only thing that worked on my clothing. Chocolate syrup, strawberry sauce, bbq sauce, ketchup, mustard, and anything else.

I got my 3 sisters and all their families and my grown family, co-workers, and so many others using it. I can’t believe you have discontinued that product. PLEASE bring it back.

cannot find it now
by: Anonymous

I cannot find either the Spray and Wash stain stick or the Resolve stain stick. Is there any thing like this product?

Needs to be back on the market
by: JTH

I also found Resolve Stain stick was the best stain remover because I could wait a few days before doing my laundry.

It needs to be back on the market. Please.

OxiClean ruined my colored tops, didn't get grease out
by: L. D.

I have searched for my Spray & Wash Stain Stick!! How could they stop making it! Nothing else works for me & some even ruin my colored tops even though it's supposed to be color safe! I WANT MY OLD STAIN STICK BACK!! Where can I find the original stain sticks? Would I really be getting the original left over stain sticks from Amazon or knock offs? Has anyone tried the ones at Amazon?

I want Spray n Wash stain stick back
by: Joyce

I agree with Patsy, I have always used it Spray n Wash stain stick.I am a slob and spill on myself, I would rub stain stick on stains while wearing it, throw in hamper, never a stain after washing.

Resolve Gold Stain Stick STINKS!
by: Mary

The "New and Improved" Resolve Gold is terrible!! It does absolutely nothing for grease stains.

I used the original Resolve stain stick for many many years and the original removed every bit of oil or grease on a variety of fabrics. The new Resolve Gold stain stick STINKS1

Does anyone know where I could buy the original version?

About that wonderful 'Stick'
by: Clare in Montreal, QC

I just called the company that used to make it. Spoke to Daniel. He said "We don't make it anymore & we won't be making it in the future. You may be able to find it on line at
Date: Nov.14, 2016. 11 am.

Thank you Taylor for this helpful web page.

Old stick coming back
by: Anonymous

I called the company and they said we should be able to find the old one back in the store very soon.

Worked great
by: Anonymous

Have been using this forever. When I could not find it in the stores I tried multiple others and none of them worked like RESOLVE stain stick. In fact they all were horrible. HELP!!

I love it
by: Denise

I started out using Spray & Wash spray on stain remover but found that it did not work as well as I needed. I switched to Shout & used it for many years. But then in recent years I began to notice that it was not working as well as it originally did in the beginning. I looked around the grocery store & noticed Resolve Stain Stick. I was really sold on the idea of being able to treat the stains "now" and wash later (unlike other brands on the market). It has never disappointed me. I have had difficulty in the last year finding this item on the shelf at my local grocery store but am overjoyed that I have access to it online. I highly recommend this product.

Was not broke
by: Sherry T

I was furious that they changed the product, someone always trying to fix something that isn't broke. I wish there was some way they could just come back with the original. I'm sure that they must have received complaints about this because I was one of them.

Why the change?
by: Arly

I agree. The original Spray & Wash stainstick was great. The product went just where you wanted it to go so none was wasted, it did a great job & lasted me about 2 months.

The resolve product requires more product each time & doesn't do as good a job. Why couldn't they just keep it the way it was?

Resolve vs Spray N Wash
by: Anonymous

Absolutely a HUGE disappointment! Resolve does NOT work! Bring back Spray n Wash, please!

Where to find
by: Anonymous

Publix and Walmart both carry the stick.

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