Spray N Wash Stain Stick Review - A Staple In My Laundry Room

by Neena

Neena says:

The Spray N Wash stain stick gets just about any stain out.

***Update from Taylor: I just wanted to mention before we get too far into Neena's review that this product is still around, but it has changed names. It is now known as a Resolve stain stick. Now, back to the interrupted review. :) ***

Years ago, when my youngest was a baby - he was wearing an all white outfit.

I was carrying him and a cold cup of coffee.

As wiggly as toddlers are - he bumped the cup and some cold coffee spilled on his shoulder.

We were away from home visiting friends so I wasn't planning on doing laundry for a few days. My friend let me borrow her Stain Stick - but I was doubtful that a coffee stain would come out of an all white cotton outfit.

Well, when I got home I threw it in the wash, but I wasn't holding my breath.

Imagine my surprise when the outfit came out looking just like new.

The Spray N Wash stain stick has become a staple in my laundry room.

Taylor says:

Thanks Neena for sharing your results with this laundry stain remover.

I should note that one of the things that make this pretreater so popular is that you can pretreat a stain with it the same day you get the stain, for example, and then wait several days before laundering the item without fear that it will remove the dye from the fabric. That keeps the spot from setting in the mean time, without requiring you to do a load of laundry when it's not convenient.

Does anyone else have a favorite laundry stain removal product for coffee or any other stains? If so, you can share your laundry stain removers review here, or see even more reviews already submitted.

You can also read more about other coffee stain remover products here.

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Spray And Wash Stain Stick Review - Convenient, Small And Long Lasting

by Nikki S.
(Merrick, NY, USA)

Nikki has shared her review of the Spray And Wash Stain Stick, and why she thinks it is the best laundry stain remover.

Nikki says:

By far, the Spray n Wash Stain Stick is the best product I've tried thus far.

The reason I originally purchased it was just to try it because it was on sale and I had a coupon. However, once I actually used it I was hooked!

It looks like a very large tube of chapstick, with the Spray n Wash logo.

The first thing that appealed to me about it was that you do not have to wash your clothes right away after you put it on a stain! Instead, you can rub this wax like tube on the stain, and leave it in the laundry for up to seven days!

As I first purchased this in college, that was a huge relief and a big time saver!

In addition, because it is a little stick, which is smaller than a bottle of spray laundry stain remover, it also saves space.

I've never had a problem with it in terms of irritating my skin, or leaving any type of residue.

As far as I can remember, it has always removed stains, except for dried paint (which I wouldn't expect it to).

I was able to remove food stains, dirt, blood, you name it. My first tube lasted me for about one year.

When I ran out I had to hunt for another tube, and found it surprisingly difficult to find! I finally found it at the local Stop and Shop Supermarket for $2.99.

I love the convenience, small size, and how long it lasts.

It has no scent, and I always hated how the sprays seemed to get on everything sometimes. The stick is much easier to control the amount of area you want to get at. I would recommend this to anyone!

Taylor says:

Thanks Nikki for your Spray And Wash Stain Stick review.

I did not know this until recently, but apparently all Spray N Wash products are being re-branded to be Resolve stain removal products now, so if you have trouble finding it as Spray and Wash, look for Resolve laundry stain removal products and you will most likely find the same thing, just with a different name.

So, does anyone else have a favorite laundry stain remover? If so, share your reviews here, telling me why you like, or don't like, a product (or read many other reviews already submitted).

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Spray 'N Wash Stick At Walmart

by LaundryMom

A reader has shared where you can find the new version of this product, which contains "Resolve" now.

LaundryMom says:

I've been looking for the Spray'n Wash Laundry Stick for months, and discovered it has been discontinued from this website.

I found it today at Walmart.com. It is still called Spray'n Wash, but it has "Resolve power", whatever that is.

I ordered 4 bottles at $2.48 plus .92 shipping each and will hope that it cleans just like the old formula.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing this LaundryMama. Once you give this new version a try I would love to know what you think about it.

Many readers don't like the new version, but I always like to hear additional opinions about new formulations before I make up my mind.

I would love to hear from others who have tried the newer version too, telling me how it worked for you, and what stains you got out (or tried to get out) with it. You can share your laundry stain removers review here for this or any other brand, or read other reviews already submitted.

Plus you can read more reviews of the Resolve stain stick here.

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Comments for Spray 'N Wash Stick At Walmart

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by: Anonymous

Why? Is the question. We need to know why is was stopped. Was there a harmful ingredient that they weren’t telling us about, a forever chemical maybe or the way they made it they were violating some sort of rule for the environment? There’s got to be something when it was literally the best stain remover. Maybe they make more money off the spray because you have to use it over and over in order to get it to work halfway as good so it’s more money for them. Maybe it is pure greed on their part because they make more money with you having to spend lots of it on bottle after bottle of the spray to get stains out? That’s probably what it is. It’s always about the money, it’s always about the money. Shame on them if it is that. So the only way it could change if that’s why is to boycott the sprays and all the other stuff until they bring it back but if it’s a harmful to humans or environmental something like that then well that’s too bad and they need to figure out how to do it better. It’s an open market for a copycat. I hope someone is working hard trying to bring their version. That’s my two cents.🤷🏻‍♀️

Stains caused by stain stick
by: Arian

I used a stain stick on two pairs of hiking pants, put them in the wash, then my husband dried them.
Unfortunately, they are both marked by oily looking stains everywhere the stain stick was applied. I tried rubbing alcohol and it made no difference. I'd really like to have some options.

What was the reasoning for this?
by: Anonymous

I have been using this for many years and nothing else even comes close to removing all kinds of stains. I never start my laundry without it near. I usually buy it by the case. As I am now down to one stick I wanted to order some more. Couldn't believe it had been discontinued. What was the reasoning for this? A product this good should never be discontinued!!!!

by: Lu

I've used Spray N Wash Stick forever. It was the best hands down. Please bring it back!!!

Stain Queen
by: Anonymous

I have been using this for so many different stains for years, especially cooking stains and grease. Please bring it back.

Please Bring Back Stain Stick
by: Anonymous

I am so upset that Resolve has discontinued the Stain Stick. It was the BEST!

Hope for Stain Stick return at reasonable price
by: Anonymous

I love spray n’ Wash Stain Stick but WHY has the price gone out of sight. Not affordable. WHAT HAPPENED???

I even gave my grandson one when he went to college - so effective & easy to use!!!

Hope it comes back at the reasonable it had been instead of $30 per stick!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!

Everything else is awful!
by: Anonymous

Stain stick was the best product. How could you stop making it??? There is nothing like it and all your other options do t work at all.

Why Did They Stop Spray'n Wash Stain Stick???
by: Sharon

As many others have said, this IS the very best product for stains ON THE MARKET!!!

I've tried every stain remover out there, trust me, and NOTHING compares to Spray 'n Wash Stain Stick. I've wondered why it hasn't been available anywhere.

boycott until bring back the stick!
by: Anonymous

Best stain remover ever. Have used it for over 30 years. It even works on blood without having to rinse with cold water first. I have used it on oily stains and even mustard stains. Why has it been discontinued?? This is highly disappointing and means I won’t use any other Spray n Wash product until the stick is brought back.

Why is my stain stick (spray-N-wash) gone?
by: Jennifer Van Patten

I don't understand why I can't find my one and only stain stick that worked every time? Now I looked it up on line and they want INSANE prices for it. What the heck is going on? Bring back my original spray-n-wash stain stick PLEASE!

Bring Back Stain Stick!!
by: Anonymous

I can't believe they discontinued Spray 'n Wash Stain Stick! It was THE BEST product for removing stains -- plus you could travel with it! The gel is a mess and doesn't work as well, and you can't travel with it. UGH! I had been using the original Stain Stick for 20+ years, literally every single day. PLEASE bring it back!!!!!!!

by: Rhonda

Spray N Wash discontinued their only pretreatment product that works???!!!!! I have been using the Spray N Wash stain stick for years! It is the only product that works. I have tried the spray, which does not work, and get the same lousy results with their Spray N Wash Max Gel. Oxyclean gel doesn't work, Tide spray removes color from your clothes. Why oh why can't you bring back the best stain removal product ever?! I have been a loyal spray N Wash customer for years! No longer. What a disappointment!!

Huge mistake to discontinue
by: Becky

I just read that Spray and Wash Stain Stick has been discontinued! I am so upset! Why not advertise it more instead of giving up so easily? I have used it for years and it is positively the best stain stick ever! I don’t think I have ever had a stain it would not get out! On a trip when you have no laundry facilities, you just wait til you get home and it works. If you forgot to rub it on the stain and you wash the clothes and see you still have a stain since you forgot to use it, just put in on it then and rewash and mine has always come out! It does not damage your colors. It is great! Now I am going to have to spend a small fortune to buy 3 stain sticks. Thanks a bunch! I have to be your most dedicated supporter! I have told all my friends. Tide took the color out of a top. Spray and Wash never did that! Please, please, please don’t discontinue it! We need it!

by: Valerie

Spray and wash stain stick was by far the best stain remover I've ever used in all my many years!! It didn't matter if the stain was already washed in and dried. If I put stain stick on the old oil stain or whatever and left it in my hamper for a week and then washed it, it will come out!!!!! It was amazing!!!!! I am devastated that I can't find this anymore😔

Discontinued best stain and color fade remover
by: Linda

I used the original Spray and Wash Stain Stick which was formerly manufactured by Texize, then Dow Chemicals, for YEARS! This was the BEST stain remover but it was phenomenal for removing colors that faded on your clothing articles! Honestly, it totally removed faded on colors! The Resolve version doesn't do anything, nor does Oxiclean Gel!!! I AM SO DISAPPOINTED!!!

why fix if not broken?
by: SG

This Resolve is terrible. Does not take out most stains. The stain stick with Spray N Wash was a miracle. Why fix it if it is not broken?

Old spray n wash stain stick ROCKED!
by: Anonymous

The new Resolve is a joke. I never use it now. Haven't found anything that works as well as the old stuff. :( End of review.

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