Gain Laundry Scent Families Reviews: Which Is Your Favorite?

by Taylor

Gain laundry detergent has a classic original scent that lots of people love, but in addition they have "scent families" of lots of different other smells.

What is nice about Gain, if you like scented laundry supplies, is that they make coordinating scents for the laundry detergent, liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets. In addition, Gain just came out with two new types of products, Gain dryer bars (similar to the Bounce dryer bar) and Gain Fireworks, an in wash scent booster (similar to Downy Unstopables).

In addition, for some of the most popular scents Gain has expanded beyond laundry supplies and also has things like dish soap, home cleaning products with Mr. Clean, or Febreze air fresheners products.

What I've found is that Gain fans are very passionate about the scent that they like to use, and they get mad when it is discontinued or changed in any way. I've already made a collection of reviews about Gain Apple Mango Tango scented products.

In addition, below is a collection of reviews of various other "scent families" from other readers sharing what scent they like, and why. I would love to hear what your favorite Gain scent is too. You can share your Gain review here for the detergent or any other product which you enjoy using to tell me why, and your experiences with it.

So, without further ado, check out the reviews below of various scents.

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Gain Spring Lavender Liquid Detergent Review - Use It For My Babies Clothes

by Jacquie

Jacquie has shared her review of Gain Spring Lavender scented detergent.

Jacquie says:

When I had my daughter about a year ago I purchased Gain Lavender Liquid Detergent. The smell is light and soft.

I used it on everything in her room. The bedding, blankets and her clothes. I loved the smell and it filled her room with the sweetest smell every time I walked in.

I chose Gain because it removes stains for all of her little messes while keeping that sweet baby smell. I still use the Lavender scent even now, a year later, because it still reminds me of that first day we brought her home. Thanks Gain!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review of this detergent scent Jacquie.

Does anyone else use any of the lavender scented products? I know they have not only lavender scented laundry supplies, but also a lavender and vanilla scented dishwashing liquid.

If you've used one of these products and want to share your own review you can share it with me here.

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Hawaiian Aloha Liquid With Febreze Freshness Gain Review

by Kim

Kim has shared her review of the Gain scent, Hawaiian Aloha, which also has Febreze added to the formula.

Kim says:

I have been an avid user of Gain for many years. My mother used it while I was growing up, and when I became an adult, I started using it myself. It has been the only brand that I have used that not only has gotten out most of the stains in my clothes, but it's one of the few that I am not allergic to.

When they came out with the Hawaiian Aloha scent I got excited, but I was leery at the same time, because of my allergic reactions to certain perfumes.

Against my better judgment I grabbed the bottle of Hawaiian Aloha liquid Gain. I must say I am glad I picked it up. Not only did it clean like the same old Gain I have been used to all these years, but my clothes had a fresh new scent that I loved. But best of all, I didn't have any allergic reaction to it at all!

It wasn't overpowering and had a nice light tropical smell. My family and I loved the scent so much that we wanted to try the fabric softener and dryer sheets too. Unfortunately, they don't make these extra products for this scent family -- but I sure hope they start soon, because I know I'd buy them.

Gain Hawaiian Aloha Products {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review Kim. I guess this scent isn't as popular as some of the others or they would have more coordinating scent products for it.

I would love to hear from others who has used it. I am thinking it sounds like it may be similar to Gain Island Fresh (see a review below). Is it, or is my assumption incorrect? If it is similar perhaps you could use the fabric softener and dryer sheets for that scent with this detergent. Just an idea, but not sure it would work for you.

Has anyone else used this Gain laundry scent family? If so, please share your review and experiences here.

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Gain Floral Fusion Detergent Review - Great For Removing Pet Smells From Laundry

by Patricia

Patricia shared her review of the Gain scent family called "Floral Fusion."

Patricia says:

Living with pets can be a laundry challenge, especially when one of the cats sometimes does a "protest pee" on the dog's bed.

I knew I needed a nice smelling detergent to meet this challenge. I bought regular liquid Floral Fusion after smelling it in the store. "Nice and strong, that will cover it up," I thought.

I took my dirty clothes and dog bed to the laundromat and chose the "pre wash, warm" setting. I didn't use detergent booster or fabric softener. What a surprise when I was done and my clothes and dog bed came out of the dryer. Everything was clean and smelling great. What was more, Gain didn't cover up the odor, it actually removed it. No residual smells, no cover ups, and nice smelling laundry!

I love the fact that Gain makes so many different scents, and I wonder what I will be in the mood for next time I bring home a bottle.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review Patricia. It is always good to know about a good laundry pet odor stain remover, especially that can get rid of cat urine smell. That can be difficult to do.

I would love to hear from even more people who have used this Gain laundry scent, telling what you think about it, and how it worked for you. You can share your experiences here.

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Gain Island Fresh Liquid Laundry Detergent Review

by Rose

Rose shared her review of the Island Fresh scent of Gain detergent.

Rose says:

I have been buying Gain laundry detergent for many years and recently tried out the Island Fresh scent. Not only is the scent fabulous but the detergent itself leaves clothes looking brighter.

I can't use powder detergents due to allergies and I've found that when I use other brands, if my clothes don't get all the way dry they get that damp smell to them. With the Gain I did not have that issue.

It's enough of a hint of smell, and it is not too overpowering. In addition, you don't have to use a lot per load. I highly recommend it. I love this scent!

The price of Gain is also typically about $3.00 less than Tide, so I first came across purchasing it due to its slightly lower price. Then I started sniffing caps and just love that they have fruity smells, and not just floral ones.

Gain Island Fresh Scented Product {Referrak Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review of the Island Fresh scent of Gain.

If others have used this product, in either the detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets, I would love to hear what you thought of it too. You can share your opinions here.

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Gain Detergent Scents I Like In Order Of Preference

by Ina

Ina has shared her favorite Gain scents, in order of preference.

Ina says:

Sorry to say that nothing can compare to the original (from back in the 70's) Gain scent!!!!!

That being said, "cotton fresh" came close to being as pleasing a scent that could be found in laundry detergent.

I am now using floral fusion. It's okay, if its all there is.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your preferences Ina. Seems like Gain keeps taking away the scents you like most though, since they've tweaked the original scent of the product and discontinued the Touch of Softness Fresh Cotton scent.

The floral fusion scent is still available, however, but too bad it is your least favorite.

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Gain Ocean Escape Liquid Detergent Review

by Mary

Mary shared her review of the Ocean Escape scent of Gain laundry detergent.

Mary says:

I have used Gain Ocean Escape (regular formula) on several occasions. I really like this detergent. It has a fresh, clean, and crisp scent that lingers on my clothes but isn't too strong.

I love how it makes my laundry room smell when I'm washing, very fresh and natural. I also love how my clothes smell when I take them out of the dryer. I find that I don't need any fabric softener or dryer sheets when using this product.

I do still have to use pretreaters (I use Shout) however, as I don't find that the detergent gets out all stains on its own (even with a short soak before washing).

I've had particular difficulty when it comes to some food stains. Ketchup and grape jelly seem to be particularly difficult to get out, as are any blood stains.

The detergent does work well on its own with grass and dirt stains though.

Gain Ocean Escape Scent {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your observations about what stains this detergent does and does not easily remove on its own Mary. I always find this information very helpful for other readers! :)

What about others? Have you tried this scent of Gain and want to share your own review and opinions about it, or do you have any observations about what stains any scent of this detergent cleans well, or not well on its own?

In addition, this page, as a whole, is all about Gain laundry supplies scent families. There are obviously additional scents that I haven't received reviews for yet. If you've used another scent and wish to tell me about it I would love it. You can share your reviews, experiences and opinions here.

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Comments for Gain Ocean Escape Liquid Detergent Review

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Stinky Detergent
by: Anonymous

Loved Island Fresh but they changed something and now it stinks. Have changed to a different brand of detergent. Wish they would bring back the old Gain. My daughter switched for her family also.

Island Fresh broke me out
by: Taylor

Been using the island fresh gain did not think about it but since I started using it I have broken out in an itchy rash on my arms back wrist stomach legs and toes. I itch all over. I thought maybe at first it was our mattress. Dust mites and my husband traveled so possibly bed bugs. My husband does not itch. I itch so bad at night especially my toes. Drives me nuts. We got a new mattress 2 weeks ago so we ruled that out. It has to be the gain detergent. Years ago I had allergic reaction to tide. I switched to all and cheer. Never had problems with either of those. I switched to gain because it smelled so good. Never again will I use Gain. Glad I think I finally figured it out. I'm not the only one that itches like mad.

Lavender lover!!!
by: Lacy Mashburn

All other washing detergent makes me itch, but Gain doesn't bother my sensitive skin and best of all it smells awesome!!! The lavender is my favorite but it all makes me a happy mommy!!!!

I’m itching like crazy!
by: Juan

I washed everything with the Gain tropical scent and I sure regret. I’m up itching, afraid to go to work in the morning due to all the scratching. This is insane. The most uncomfortable situation I’ve been in.

allergic reaction to Tropical Sunrise scent
by: Anonymous

I began having swelling of my eye lids and lips and cheeks after using a washcloth and towels and then sleeping in my bed at night that had been washed in the new Gain formula. Couldn't figure it out until 6 days later and a Dr. visit to tell me it was not a food allergy. I had hives all over my body on day 5 and after taking benadryl, it helped calm it down. Wife didn't realize she had switched over to the new Gain Tropical Sunrise scent until sitting at the Dr. office with me. She had used regular Gain formula with no problems but had a coupon for the new scent and tried it. Whatever is in this new formula is a chemical nightmare. I have never had any allergic reactions like this before. Using a steroid and benadryl to get over this reaction.

Stop it with the vile strong scents!!!
by: Trina Kizer

Your newest and strongest scent yet sends me into a coughing fit when I encounter anyone that uses it. A young lady in my office now uses it and I can not be near her. Needless to say, this makes my workday quite uncomfortable these days rather than the nice atmosphere experienced prior to this nastiness! Of course she loves it because it smells so CLEAN! No, it doesn't smell "clean", it smells like someone fell into some nasty country meadow cheap wanna be scent and couldn't get it washed off. However, the scent isn't really my problem, it is the chemicals used. Whatever it is, is vile and causes an immediate reaction to my throat. I would venture to guess I am not the only one that experiences this life threatening issue and I will ask that you please remove this from the market shelves. What on earth is the reasoning behind this???

by: Brenda

I've used Gain for years! I loved opening my closets and drawers smelling the freshness of clean clothes and linen. Now I'm embarrassed when I have company from out of town and my towels don't even smell clean!!!

I buy the scent booster beads for bedding and towels but that doesn't work either.

Even leaving Gain products open in my small laundry room you can't smell it.

You have lost a loyal customer with me and my adult children who have already switched to another brand.

touch of softness Cotton Fresh liquid
by: Ina

I truly miss the Cotton Fresh scented gain. The smell of freshly washed sheets in Gain Cotton Fresh liquid, hanging on the clothesline to dry was one of life's greatest pleasures. There is nothing more pleasing. I wish they would bring that scent back. It made me WANT to do my laundry. In my opinion none of the other scents compare, and I have tried them all!

I like the original the best
by: Tiffany Baker

I like the original scented Gain the best. Please don't get rid of it. The purple one is not the same!!!

no fragrance in newest bottle
by: Anonymous

My new bottle of Gain liquid original has no fragrance at all. Very disappointing.

The scent is gone
by: Anonymous

Gain was my favorite detergent because of it's scent. Now if I want the scent it is sold separately for a whopping $15 for the scent beads to add to my wash. Just another way to cheat the consumer.

Unfortunate scent left in clothes post-wash
by: John

Been using Gain + Aroma Boost Laundry Detergent Liquid Soap, Lavender Scent for some time now. In the last year or possibly longer I have noticed a rather potent and repellant scent in any clothes recently washed (up to 2 weeks after) with this product. The scent in the bottle seems fine but post wash it is Mr. Hyde to the intended Dr. Jekyll. One possibility if not everyone is having the same experience is our move to an area (West Virginia) that has slightly hard water with a lot of shale and limestone along with some clay. I wonder if the content in the area water supply could have a negative affect mixing with the chemicals in this detergent?

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