Gain Detergent Review - Great Smell And Cleans Well

by April
(Cantonment, FL, United States)

April has provided this Gain detergent review.

April says:

I have used many many different laundry detergents. Having a toddler and working primarily with children makes it key to use a good one.

Out of all the laundry detergents I have used Gain is my favorite. Gain is well priced, something that I look for when shopping.

I love the smell of Gain, not too strong, and not too weak, makes laundry smell fresh when its washed, and the scent stays on the clothing after they have been folded and hung, which is a nice surprise.

It is gentle enough to use on delicates and toddler clothing.

The best thing about it is how good it is at getting even the tough caked on stains out of clothing of all kinds. It removes all odor's and stains out of everything I have used it on.

I also used a little bit with water in the carpet cleaner, and it made the carpets smell great. I did a once over with water afterward, and the carpets smelled so much better then they do with the regular carpet cleaner.

I don't see myself changing brands anytime soon.

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Taylor says:

April, thanks for your Gain detergent review.

I think it is especially interesting that you used this laundry detergent for cleaning your carpets. That is an interesting homemade carpet cleaning solution.

I would love to hear other people's opinions about this detergent too. You can share your review here, or read other reviews already submitted for this product.

In addition, you can share any other laundry detergent reviews here, telling me your experience with the detergents you've used, whether good or bad.

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Original Gain Liquid Caused Staining On My Clothes

by Cathy

Cathy wrote in with a problem she's been having with the liquid detergent, which is green in color.

Cathy says:

Although I love the scent of Gain and was glad to see it come back, I have had terrible issues with staining from the green liquid.

Is there a reason why it's green?

Can the color be removed from it as an option?

What can I do to get these stains out?

I have tried everything and have not been successful with removing these stains - any suggestions?

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear you're having this trouble Cathy.

First, to diagnose why you're having this trouble in the first place with this detergent.

What are the order of steps you're using to add the detergent to your load? If you add the clothes and then the detergent you're more likely to get staining than if you add water and detergent first, and let it dilute some, before adding the clothing.

I also would love to poll the other readers -- anyone else having this problem? I have researched whether Gain has come out with a formula change recently, and have not seen any advertisement of it. However, that doesn't mean there was not a problem with a batch having too much dye added to it, or something like that.

If anyone else is experiencing such an issue, please share your experiences here so I can understand how wide-spread (or not) this issue is.

Cathy, I would definitely encourage you to call Procter & Gamble (the manufacturers of this laundry soap) to complain about this issue. They may have more guidance for you. The customer service number is: 1-800-888-4246.

Now, for your other laundry question, which is how to remove the laundry detergent stains from your clothes.

This is a weird situation, since normally laundry detergent is designed to remove stains, not cause them. However, I would suggest a long soak in a color safe bleach for the clothing, such as Oxiclean. Presoaking stains is one of my favorite stain removal techniques, and hopefully it will work for you here.

However, I would love to hear other people's suggestions for removing laundry detergent stains too. You can share your stain removal tip with me here, as well as read over 100 tips already submitted.

I hope this helps you Cathy! If you do call Gain, or try my stain removal method, I'd love to hear your results.

I've answered this question as part of the stain removal help section on my site. Come on over to that section to see what else I've been asked and answered, or to ask your own question!

***Update: Another reader, Elizabeth from Rapid City, SD, wrote in to share a similar problem with me. She says, about what she refers to as "purple Gain" (which I can't figure out what exact scent she means):
I recently switched to Gain detergent because I loved the scents, they have with Febreze. I am noticing on my lighter clothes that I have purple stains!!!
Therefore, this problem may be more wide-spread than I originally thought. I would love to hear from even more people sharing if you've had this specific problem! ***End Update

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I'm A Gain Laundry Detergent Fan

by Mary

Mary has shared her Gain detergent review and opinions.

Mary says:

I have been using Gain Liquid in Original Scent for about two years now.

I am one of those Gain fanatics that also uses the Gain dryer sheets and have graduated onto the marriage of Febreze products with Gain scent.

My attraction to the Gain scent is purely based on not being fond of flowery scents and Gain smells more fruity.

I know that many consumers have complained about the new FreshLock, saying it smells too much like green apples, but because I am a relatively new Gain user, the change in the scent did not affect me as strongly.

Gain cleans clothes very well; stains too. I do not feel I need to use the Gain fabric softener because the detergent alone renders the clothes soft and fluffy.

I've not tried using Gain to remove odors because I have always added a half cup of Borax to any laundry in need of odor removal.

I also add a few tablespoons of Gain, in addition to the Clorox I use, for my whites to add a hint of the Gain smell.

I agree that Gain is one of the more expensive brands, but having clean, fresh and good smelling laundry is very important to me. So many of our memories are attached to smells we recall from childhood and my children (and family) always compliment the smell of our laundry. I am hoping that they will associate the Gain scent with a time in their lives when they were loved and taken care of....yes, that is a lot to attach to something as simple as laundry, but as a wife and mother - the simple things are what make my world go round!

Taylor says:

Thanks Mary for your Gain laundry detergent review.

I completely understand what you mean about wanting to show our children and other family members we love them, not only with words, but with actions. It is one of the primary motivations I have for working so hard to keep my house looking nice -- to keep them (and myself too) comfortable and happy.

Has anyone else used Gain for washing their clothes? If so, you can share your Gain laundry detergent review here, or read even more reviews already submitted.

I am especially interested in receiving more reviews of other scents of Gain besides the original. I have a couple reviews of Gain Apple Mango Tango, but I would love to hear what you think about some of the many other scents too!

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The Odor Of Clothing Washed In Gain Is Offensive

Raphael from Toronto, Ontario says:

I can't stand the smell of the clothing washed in Gain. It is rancid and offensive.

I have had to wash the clothes six or more times to get rid of the odor.

My husband socializes with a family on our boat that use Gain and the smell is an overpowering unpleasant soap smell.

Chris says:

I've been a Gain user for a long time.

I bought a large jug of the HE version and could not stand the sour smell it left in everything.

The manufacturers either needs to fix the stink issue or I guess I'm stuck with using a different brand.

Not going to advertise which brand in this forum, but sure wish they would fix the problem.

Taylor says:

new Gain scent stinks
Lots of people love the smell of this detergent, but many others hate it.

Some of the people who now hate it used to love it. Unfortunately (at least for some) Procter & Gamble decided to change the scent of the original version of this laundry soap, and many people hate the new smell.

You can see lots more complaints about this issue here from other readers, who have been very passionate about this topic.

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Gain's New Commercials Bug Me!

by Linda

Linda says:

Whoever wrote the Gain commercial needs to go back to school because "GOODER" is NOT a word.

It is good, better, best.

The only time I hear that word is from my 6year old grandson and I have to correct him.

Taylor says:

Linda, you're definitely not the only person who has gotten really aggravated by the bad grammar in this commercial.

Here it is, in case anyone is interested in watching it to see what Linda's talking about:

Annoying, huh?

Plus, this commercial discusses Gain Freshlock. While the company acts like this is a great new thing, I know lots of readers absolutely have hated the changes to the scent which have occurred.

You can read lots of submissions saying that New Gain with Freshlock stinks here.

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Terrible Bleached Out Spots With Gain Liquid

by Marissa
(Troy, MI)

I tried using Gain after Consumer Reports gave it good reviews, but it has left terrible bleached out spots on clothes and sheets even using cold water AND letting the tub fill before adding clothes.

I'm going back to Tide.

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I Love Gain Laundry Detergent - Original Scent, Liquid Review

by JoAnn Elkins
(Cropwell, Alabama)

JoAnn has shared her Gain laundry detergent review.

JoAnn says:

I love Gain. I always try to find the original scent, as I think it's still the best.

I always use liquid detergent so there's no chance of powdered detergent clumping or leaving spots on our clothes.

My husband is a painter, and works around all types of chemicals. No matter what I put in the wash, original scent Gain always give his clothes a clean, pleasant scent, without smelling flowery or like it's been sprayed with perfume. There's no trace of any of the odors he brings home from work on his clothes.

Gain may not get out every stain my husband encounters, but it comes very close. Usually, if I pre-treat, then wash with Gain, almost all of the stains are removed. The only exceptions are, of course, the permanent paints.

But when it comes to other chemicals such as paint thinner, sulfuric acid, etc., Gain never lets me down.

I've never experienced any problems with Gain detergent breaking down or damaging any of the fabric.

Another thing I love is that we've never had any problems with any skin allergies or reactions to this detergent.

Taylor says:

Thanks JoAnn for your Gain laundry detergent review.

I have actually gotten so many reviews of this detergent that I have multiple pages of reviews about it!

You can share your own review of Gain laundry detergent here, or read other reviews already submitted.

You can also share what you think is the best laundry detergent here, telling me about your favorites or those that have disappointed you.

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Stains from Gain HE
by: Alisha

I am having the same problem as mentioned above. My Gain HE detergent is staining my clothes. With my washer you add the detergent and the clothes and the washer senses how much water. I am currently using the Gain HE original. Help please. Have stained my son's school shirts and my work uniforms.

Leaves soap stains on khaki slacks!
by: James Jones

Bought 2 containers at Dollar General on sale, buy one get one free. After I used it to wash a load of my work clothes I found out why it was on sale. It left soap stains all over my khaki slacks. I tried washing them again and again, looks like they're ruined. I'll never buy Gain again.

Gain does stain
by: Stephanie

I also wonder why detergents add coloring to their formulas. I was a Gain user but after a bad experience and reading other posts I realize that apparently Gain's formulas need some twerking.

My white 100% cotton jacket came out of the washer with a green haze from Gain original scent that did not come out even after another wash and rinse cycle without detergent.

What's worse is Gain's customer service. I filed my complaint through their website and got an email with a form to fill out. It was pretty basic, asking for the UPC and batch number of the product, type of washer and washing procedure. After returning the form I did not hear from them. After a couple of weeks I called and the call center woman asked for my case number and name. She asked me to hold and never returned to the phone. On my second call I was told by a second woman that I probably had not washed my garment properly. When I asked for her supervisor, she also put me on hold and no one came to the phone. On my third and fourth calls, no one answered.

Next day I called again and this time spoke to a lady who found my complaint form. She said it would be best if her supervisor spoke with me and that I would receive her call in a few minutes. No one called. On the following day I received an email saying that Gain would send me a prepaid card worth $50 even though my jacket was over $150. Gain is definitely not worth the risk of using.

Bleach spots
by: Anonymous

I use Gain Mango apple scented, love the fresh fragrance but I have had trouble with bleach spots on sheets and some shirts. I never use bleach so have to blame it on this product. I have also had some staining on several of my lulu lemon shirts which was very disappointing.

Less in bottle
by: Anonymous

I have been using gain for sometime now. But it seems like the more I buy it the lesser they put in the bottle. I went to Walmart tonight and grabbed a bottle. When I lifted it to put it in my shopping cart it was VERY lite. So since i was purchasing it anyways i opened it and it was probably 3/4 full. I lifted about 3 or 4 more and they all felt the same. I'm going to try other stores before i decide to switch brands. Hopefully its just the Walmart I go too.

Container leaked
by: Frank

Used Gain for quite some time. Happy with the detergent but extremely unhappy with the container. The last three that I purchased leaked from the bottom. Really irritating.

Stuck together
by: Dawn

I like Gain Pods but my last bag I bought they were stuck together and some leaked out so I had to throw the whole new bag away. That was 18.99 down the drain but I do like the product.

by: Paula S.

I used Gain for the first time on my husbands white socks. I have NEVER heard of a laundry detergent leaving dark stains on the laundry! The socks are ruined. I will never use this detergent again. How can this product stay on the market?

Stains from Gain
by: Loree

I also have ruined three to four loads of white clothes, not sure what was making the stains. And I am not able to get the stains out. My washing machine requires me to put in clothes then pour on laundry detergent the lid locks and then the cycle begins I am not able to do water then detergent very upset about the ruining of my clothes. Will not use Gain ever again.

love the smell
by: Cassandra Barnes

I love the smell of Gain detergent and fabric softener, and the feeling after I wash and dry my clothes. I will forever buy their products.

Stains from Gain
by: Beth

I too am getting green stains. Unfortunately, my washer does not allow me to fill with water then add clothes. It locks and uses sensors that will not allow me to reopen with any water in the basin. So I am sadly going to have to switch my detergent. I have ruined many white tees and towels due to this.

Is it me or you?
by: Anonymous

Gain liquid detergent or the fabric softener is staining my clothes a dirty greenish color. I'm using the proper amount of the liquid and it isn't my washer because this wasn't a problem when I used a different brand. I changed brands because I like the scent of Gain. Any one else experiencing this or is it just me?

Gain detergent stain
by: Anonymous

I had the same issue. Some detergent splattered on a black pair of pants I had sitting in the dryer. Left little blueish spots on the pants and I cannot get them out.

Container drips
by: btabor

I do not like your new container. You get the soap out and it drips all over the place. My laundry room looks green. Go back to the other one.

NO Suds
by: PM

I purchased a large bottle of Gain liquid laundry detergent. This product does not clean and certainly have not noticed any 'suds'. I will not buy this product again.

Gain is great!
by: Leah Holman

I have always been a Tide consumer. Now that I have to pinch my pennies further, I've tried some cheaper brands. I found that the cheaper brands just don't clean as well. They left what seemed like a 'film' on my clothes. My clothes didn't smell clean and it seemed to me the cheaper brands were tearing up my clothes. I tried Gain since it was a couple of bucks cheaper than Tide. I found Gain cleaned my clothes very well as my clothes were brighter and smelled clean. I don't have a particular fragrance that I prefer. But I always use a HE liquid.

love it
by: Joyce Sirene

I have used Gain for around 3 years and love it. My son does the laundry and tried putting Shout in the Gain (half and half). It works great, for stains and greasy spots.

removed blood stains without pretreating
by: Maxine Barr

I'm a person who usually read reviews, I never usually add my opinion, but I was reading how some people said Gain was not good for stain removal. Now that is bull poop. I am a woman and as you know we have a monthly cycle. I happen to have some blood stains on my pants and wasn't able to wash it for 4 days. When I put it in the laundry I totally forgot about it and wash my clothes in hot water, which I usually use to get rid of most of the dirt, and to my surprise when I noticed the pants that were stained were in that laundry I looked and the stain was gone. Blood stains are the worst, especially monthly cycle stains for women. Gain is great. I love it so much.

I really hope the company sees and reads this, as this detergent is great and all my laundry smells great. Thank you so much because my kids love to roll in the mud and I cannot complain. This is the first time that stains were removed and it smells great also. Thanks gain.

Thicker than it used to be
by: Barbietart03

I have been using Gain liquid detergent for years! I love the results. BUT I have noticed that the liquid is much thicker than previous bottles. It pours much slower and doesn't rinse out of the measuring cup very easily. Why is this so much more concentrated, and is it leaving a residue in my clothes? Should I continue to give them an extra rinse? This seems needlessly wasteful of water. Why did you do this? I hate when a product that is selling well and working well is changed for the worse in the name of improvement. It never is. Although I would look at your R & D people to see if they are in the pay of Tide. That was my alternate brand and I guess it will be my permanent one now. Silly people just trying to justify their phoney, baloney jobs. Mel Brooks knew what he was talking about!

too much focus on fragrance
by: Mary

Gain focuses on its fragrance much more than on its ability to get the clothes clean. The purpose of a laundry detergent should be clean clothes.

does not clean ... even simple dirt remains
by: Mark Loos

I have used several different detergents to wash my clothes. Gain was the absolute WORST performer. Can't even say it performed at all. I have dirt in a pair of gray pants soiled with just ordinary dirt, not oil, not tar, not grease, DIRT!

The product I bought also stated ADDED AROMA, clothes did not smell bad, but there was absolutely NO scent of LAVENDER.

I want my money back. Will not waste another wash cycle with this company's products!!

Ruined my clothes!
by: Shannon

So upset right now. Bought Gain detergent recently and loved the scent. Had no idea it would ruin my clothes.

However, my teen daughter washed her rather pricey sweater that she had saved her Christmas money to buy and when it came out of the wash it appeared to have bleach stains. I actually thought there was a flaw in the dyes in the sweater!

Tonight I washed a higher end sweatshirt of my own for the first time. Same issue!

This is so upsetting!

Gain scent does NOT stay
by: Anonymous

I use original Gain liquid and Gain dryer sheets and Gain scent beads. Still the scent lasts couple hours at its best. Why spend the high $$ for Gain's scent when it NEVER lasts 1 day even?

Terrible product leaves after wash stains
by: Anonymous

Every time I use Gain I get terrible marks showing on darker items after washing. I tried diluting the soap, I tried turning all my clothes inside out, nothing helps. We don’t have hard water. I will never buy it again.

Laundry stain on clothes
by: Hope Pate

I am having the same trouble with Gain staining my clothes. I've tried it 2 different ways, one putting it in first before clothes and 2nd, putting in after clothes and it stains both ways.

Love but hate it too - because of staining
by: Susan

I also love the smell of this laundry detergent but have had issues with staining clothes. I have began to wait for the water to fill and then add the detergent placing the cap under the water as it is filling the washer but diluting the detergent as I spread it over my clothes. I’ve also been turning things inside out. I have two large bottles of the Gain which I will use up but once they are gone, I don’t know if I will continue to buy it.

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