Essential Oil Recipes For Homemade Cleaning Products

Below I've listed 15 different essential oil recipes or blends that can be used in homemade cleaning products for both their cleaning power, and also for their aromatherapy scents.

15 essential oil recipes for use in homemade cleaning products {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

In the whole section of this site giving homemade cleaning products recipes I suggest adding essential oils as an ingredient in the recipe, either for its scent or for its cleaning properties, or both.

15 essential oil recipes for use in homemade cleaning products {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

To help you figure out which essential oil, or blend of essential oils, to choose I have also explained how to use essential oils for cleaning your home, and created an essential oil use chart for cleaning, to help you make your own decisions about what blends to create and which essential oils to buy.

Now, since I've had so many requests, I am also providing these suggested essential oil recipes for homemade cleaners, to give you ideas for blends of essential oils that can be used for cleaning your home.

(I also have provided recipes for using essential oils in homemade laundry supplies here.)

Each of the recipes and blends suggested below does best with one essential oil as the main scent, and the other oils that accompany it as a backnote, unless I suggest using equal parts. However, the number of drops of oil used for a formula will depend on how much liquid it is being combined with as part of the recipe.

Therefore, instead of trying to tell you the number of drops to use for each essential oil recipe, since this will vary, rely on the individual recipes of various cleaners to do that. Then, look at the ratios listed below to know how much of each oil to use.

For example, one of the homemade dish soap recipes suggests using 1 drop of essential oil per ounce of soap made. Therefore, if you make 16 ounces of soap you will use a total of 16 drops of oil. If you use citrus fruit blend #1 below, you would use 9 drops of lemon essential oil, 4 drops of lavender essential oil, and 3 drops of bergamot essential oil, based on the ratios given.

Nice Blends Of Essential Oils For All Purpose Cleaners And Dish Soap Recipes

I suggested in my articles about homemade all purpose cleaner and homemade dish soap that you could use essential oils in several of the recipes provided.

A natural choice for both types of recipes are citrus essential oils, because not only do they smell nice, but in addition they are natural degreasers which can come in handy in both an all purpose spray, and while washing dishes.

Of course citrus oils can be combined in many ways, and into lots of blends with other essential oils also.

If you are at a loss for which essential oils to use, here are some suggestions of essential oil recipes and blends you can use.

  • Citrus fruit blend #1: 3 parts lemon essential oil, 1 part lavender essential oil, and 1 part bergamot essential oil (with lavender being a slightly stronger note than the bergamot)
  • Citrus fruit blend # 2: 4 parts lime essential oil, 2 parts sweet orange essential oil, and 1 part grapefruit essential oil
  • Citrus fruit blend #3: 5 parts lemon essential oil, 3 parts bergamot, 2 parts lavender essential oil, and 1 part sweet orange essential oil
  • Herbal blend: 5 parts lavender essential oil, 4 parts rosemary essential oil, 2 parts eucalyptus essential oil
  • Flowery and fresh blend: Equal parts lavender and lemon essential oils

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Suggested Essential Oil Mixtures For Floor Cleaners

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Many people enjoy a nice scent while cleaning their floors. Using essential oils can provide this, and also some added cleaning power to your homemade floor cleaners.

Some common essential oils that are used to clean floors include pine, sweet orange, peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils.

Here are some recommended essential oil recipes you can use in your floor cleaner that smell great, and help you clean:

  • Pine fresh blend: 2 parts pine essential oil and 1 part cypress essential oil
  • Fresh citrus blend #1: 2 parts sweet orange essential oil, 1 part lemon essential oil
  • Fresh citrus blend #2: Equal parts lemon, lemongrass, and tea tree essential oil
  • Minty fresh blend: Equal parts eucalyptus, peppermint and sweet orange essential oil

Essential Oil Recipes For Carpet Deodorizers And Scented Scrubbers

One of the ways essential oils can be used is combined with baking soda or other powders, to make a scented powder.

Then, these scented powders can be used as a homemade carpet deodorizer, or for scrubbing counters, sinks, bathtubs, and other hard surfaces, either sprinkled directly onto the surface, or made into a soft scrubber.

These same blends will also work well in any homemade carpet cleaner recipes you may use.

Here are some popular recipes and mixtures of essential oils you may like to try:

  • Flowery sweet blend: 2 parts lavender essential oil, 1 part vanilla essential oil
  • Flowery savory blend: 2 parts lavender essential oil, 1 part rosemary essential oil
  • Romantic blend: Equal parts rose and geranium essential oils
  • Herbal lemon blend: 2 parts lemon essential oil, 1 part lemongrass essential oil, 1 part chamomile essential oil
  • Spicy orange blend: 2 parts sweet orange essential oil, 1 part cinnamon essential oil (or you could add ground cinnamon to the powder instead)
  • Bright peppermint: Many people like just peppermint essential oil, by itself, as a bright refreshing scent

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