Swiffer WetJet Review: Pros & Cons

I've gotten several Swiffer WetJet reviews from readers, some positive while others are negative. Here's quite a few to help you decide whether this product is right for your home.

Debbie says:

I bought the "Wet Jet" after viewing a television advertisement.

I had been seeking a product that was light weight, easy to use and would clean my tile floors.

I wanted a product that I did not need to come in contact with dirty water or the unpleasant task of wringing out a mop.

It seemed like the perfect product on initial purchase. No wringing out a nasty mop and I wasn't "cleaning" my floor with dirty water or a dirty mop head.

The product was easy to use and seemed to clean fairly well.

I liked it because it was easy to get behind tight spaces in the bathroom.

When one area was cleaned I simply changed the mop pad by disposing of the old one and applying a new one.

It had a clean crisp smell too.

The downside was that if one wanted to clean a large area, say several rooms, the refill pads are quite expensive to purchase frequently.

Plus, the pads get dirty quickly so unless you change them often, you'll just be moving the dirt around.

So realistically this product is best for quick pick up and clean up sand certainly not for large scale cleaning on a regular basis.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your review Debbie.

I have not personally used this product so I appreciate you sharing your experiences with me about it.

I'd love to hear from more people sharing their opinions of this or other products for cleaning your floor. You can share your mop reviews here, or read others that have already been submitted.

Plus, you can share how the various Swiffer floor cleaner products worked for you here, or read other tile floor cleaner reviews already shared.

There are more reviews below of this product as well!

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Jumped On The Wet Jet Bandwagon But I'm Hopping Back Off

by Jenn

Jenn says:

These things are everywhere now so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and give it a shot by purchasing the Wet Jet at my local Walmart.

Seems like a great design and super easy to use except the pads get dirty very quickly and I found that with my large home it was a real pain always having to replace the pads.

Dust is a real problen here since there has been major construction going on across the street from my home.

My previous mop used microfiber pads and they seemed to last much longer than these disposable things.

I also notice that when the Swiffer picked up a small rock or sand grain it would drag it across the floor thus causing scratches, whereas with my old mop it had a microfiber mop pad that had a deep nap to collect this kind of debris without causing scratches.

This was a problem since I used it both on my tile floors, but my hardwood floors as well.

Also the Swiffer does a poor job of cleaning in the tile grout lines but with my old mop the microfiber pads had no problem picking up dirt from the grout lines of my ceramic bathroom tile floors.

Anyway, the Wet Jet seems like a great idea but it's not ideal for my situation.

I also found it expensive and inconvenient to have to keep buying refills for this thing.

I'm going back to my microfiber mop if I can find a replacement pad for it somewhere.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review Jenn, sorry this didn't work well for you.

I do see the fact that you must buy both replacement cleaner and cleaning cloths for this product all the time as a major con, especially if you're trying to save money.

I know some people have hacks for making their own cleaners, refilling the bottles of cleaning solution, and making their own cleaning cloths so if you've got any tips like this which make this product less expensive to use I'd love to hear them. You can share your homemade remedies for Swiffer refills here!

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Swiffer WetJet Mop Cleaned Up My Party House

by Jeff

Jeff says:

When I was single and in college we had what is referred to as a "party house."

In this house we threw parties mostly involving my beerpong table.

The next morning there would be multiple spilled beers and beer everywhere, namely from bouncing ping pong balls everywhere.

In response I purchased a Swiffer Wet Jet and several extra pads.

It was reasonably priced compared to the competition and saved me the time of actually mopping everything traditional style.

I found it easy to use and did a great job cleaning.

My only complaint is that the cleaning pads quickly became filthy and I had to use many, many pads to clean the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom.

I liked the smell when I was done and it made the house much more enjoyable to live it.

I bought several refills of the cleaning solution and pads throughout my year at this house and finally got rid of it when I moved and got married.

Overall it was convenient and easy to use, I'd buy it again.

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My Complaints With This Mop Plus The Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaners

by Gina

Gina says:

I recently purchased the Swiffer Wet Jet starter kit and have been less than satisfied.

The best thing I can say is that it has a light weight aluminum shaft.

On the other hand here is a list of problems I have had after two uses.

1. The cleaning solution and cleaning pads didn't last long enough to finish my floors.

2. The trigger should be on the bottom instead of the top. I can't tell you how many times I sprayed the wall not meaning to.

3. The price is too high for such a disposable product.

4. The multi purpose cleaner left my hardwood floors with a haze over them and my tile floors were rather sticky.

For the $20 I spent I feel like I have to keep using it, and now I have buyer's remorse that I didn't just buy a different mop.

Maybe it works great on linoleum floors, but I don't have any in my house.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with me Gina.

You're right, this product isn't cheap, especially when you need to keep buying refills for it.

When you first said you used the cleaning solution on both your tile floors and your hardwood floors I thought maybe that was the problem, since often such a multi-purpose cleaner can't do well on both types of floor. I don't know this for a fact though, never having personally used the product myself.

I did confirm, however, that the multi-purpose version of the cleaners are at least safe for hardwood, as well as for glossy ceramic tile and laminate floors.

I did note that Swiffer has a cleaning solution made specifically for wood floors. I am wondering if that would have given you a better result, at least for the hardwood?

I would love to hear more reviews from people not only of this spray mop itself, but also of the cleaning solutions since they've got several varieties and scents to choose from. You can share your hardwood floor cleaners reviews here, and your tile floor cleaners reviews here, or read reviews from other readers for lots of other products as well.

Further, I'd love more reviews of this or any other Swiffer products. You can share your house cleaning tools and equipment reviews here for this or any other brand!

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Comments for My Complaints With This Mop Plus The Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaners

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unusual use
by: DeeAnn

I wash the Swiffer mop, then wrap with an old white t-shirt. Spray cleaner on cabinets or windows and rub it off. Fast and I can reach higher.

cleaner makes my feet feel sticky
by: Patricia

Hate this with a passion. I like to walk barefoot and hate my feet sticking like it does using this stuff.

don't like it
by: Melissa

I can't stand the Swiffer. I had one for years and I never felt like my floors were truly clean. They are also clumsy and the cleaners are not pet friendly (a cat walking on them then cleaning themselves can get a build up of it in their systems and get sick).

old-fashioned sponge mop works best
by: Sarah

Not a fan of the Swiffer either. I have found that the old-fashioned sponge mop that you squeeze out is the simplest, cheapest, and does the best job.

pushed dirt around
by: Shirley

I hated it. Just pushes the dirt around. Make more of a mess than anything.

prefer a steam mop
by: Michelle

Steam mop works best for us. We have hard wood floors and tile throughout the whole house. Three kids and two cats. I felt like the Swiffer mop left behind a film that attracted dirt almost. I like the steam mop just leaving behind a clean, quickly dry floor. I love Swiffer dusters for quick surface cleaning, but the mop, not so much.

prefer Swiffer with wet pads
by: Lora

I've used the WetJet but actually prefer just the Swiffer with the wet pads.

going back to old fashioned mop
by: Jessica

I've been using the Swiffer but I think after I run out of cleaner and pads I'm going to go back to an old fashioned mop. The handle on mine broke after the first couple times I used it and now it's being held together with leopard print duct tape. And my floors just look dull since I started using it.

dulling after a while
by: Leslie

Have used a swiffer in the past and liked it but after a while I noticed a dulling film. Recently started using a Libman sponge mop with water and vinegar or water and ammonia.

love mine
by: Marilyn

I love mine for laminate floors.

great for spot cleaning only
by: Leslie

The Swiffer is great for spot cleaning or when something is spilled. Use a mop & cleaner for the entire floor cleaning.

love mine!
by: Robyn

I absolutely love my WetJet!!! I honestly wouldn't use anything else. Our living situation now makes this the easiest thing to have and it's worked great when I've needed to clean something. I'm a huge Swiffer fan.

sticky floors from this cleaner
by: Teryl

I get a sticky floor when using that swifter jet thing. I got a spin mop with the bucket and can choose what I want to use on my floors! Yay no going back having to rinse to remove the tacky feel from the floor cleaner.

I like the disposable pads
by: Jamie

We love our Wet Jet. The disposable pad is a selling point for me and my floors have never been sticky.

sticky floors
by: Billie Jo

I tried it and it made my floors sticky. I love my steam mop.

use mine happily on my laminate wood floors
by: Cathy

I have used this product for many years. I sweep my floors first to remove any dirt, dog hair, etc. I put a clean refill before each use. I Swiffer my laminate wood floors and they come out shiny and clean. I use one pad and only a small amount of liquid so I don't find it that expensive. I don't use it on my tile floor, however. I use a regular mop because of the grout. Swiffer does not get the grout.

Another alternative
by: Anonymous

I have a Libman mop similar in style to the WetJet but it has washable pads and I can use any cleaner. Since we have puppies I usually have a light bleach water solution but I can also use natural cleaners. It is so simple and no waste.

best thing I ever bought!
by: Allyson

BEST thing I ever bought! The cats sometimes miss the litter box so this WetJet has come in very handy. I am more likely to use the WetJet since it is very convenient. Pop on a pad and away I go! I purchased mine from Walmart online along with the pads and cleaner. I could never find the item in the store, any store! Plus, why go out? $50 or more gets you free shipping. Easy enough to do and I am not going to the store and overspending.

Love my WetJet!

Wash the pad
by: Anonymous

I found that after your wet jet pad gets dirty you can wash it. I have only hand washed and it came clean.

stained linoleum
by: Anonymous

My wife purchased the wet jet because my sister liked it. The problem is that when she used it on the kitchen floor it left some big stains that I couldn't get out! Customer service asked if we tried water to get rid of the staines. I used clean water and tried Mr. Clean also. To no avail. I had 2 professional dealers come to my house and said the stains would not come out. I have a claim to P & G for a new floor. They are very slow to respond. Be very careful when people use this product. My wife will not use this again!

by: Linda

The solution from Swiffer Wet Jet has left my vinyl floor stained. Does anyone know how to remove the stains? Thank you.

Left residue
by: Kristina

We bought the Swiffer Wet Jet after moving into our new home. I wanted to be able to clean the kitchen and bathroom floors regularly but also wanted something that was easy enough for my teenager and husband to use. I found that the solution left a residue that dulled the floors over time and also seemed to attract more dirt. There is no way to use your own solution with this product sadly. After scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees to remove all of the residue from the Wet Jet solution, I purchased an O-Cedar Pro Mist Microfiber mop. It's design is similar to the Wet Jet but I can use my own solution and the microfiber pads seem to clean better and pick up the stuff that the disposable Wet Jet pads didn't. I can wash the pad by hand easily in the sink or toss in the washer.

Not economical
by: Valerie

I thought this would be a great thing, easy to use and light weight. I am disappointed in the operation and, the huge amount of batteries it uses to get the job done. I needed to put new batteries in for every use. Mine went curb side in less than three months.

Great for smaller spaces
by: Kristina

The Swiffer is great for smaller spaces, like my bathroom. It gets expensive having to buy the pads so I prefer to just use a mop when mopping my whole house, but do continue to use my Swiffer for spot cleaning and the bathroom!

by: Lyn

You can go to YouTube and see a video of how to safely take the top off of the cleaning solution bottle and refill it with whatever cleaner you want to use. I have used the same bottle for the past year and a half. You can also re-use the cleaning pads by letting them soak in a kitchen sink filled with very hot water. The dirt comes right out. Just rinse them out, squeeze dry, and hang on a coat hanger/bar to dry. I have used and re-used one box of cleaning pads for the same year and a half. It doesn't have to be expensive to use a Swiffer WetJet.

Changed solution now leaves residue
by: Teresa

I have owned a Swiffer Wet Jet for years and used to really like it. The last several times I tried to use it, my floors were let with a sticky film. I can only guess that they have changed the cleaning solutions lately. I have changed to using my steam mop. The steam mop also addresses most of the things mentioned in this article. You don't have to touch dirty water and the cleaning pads are machine washable. The new steam mops even have cleaners that can be used with the steam.

Caused reaction
by: Karen

The cleaning products that are sold for the Swiffer Wet Jet irritated my skin and caused allergic reactions for others in my household. I replaced it with a Leibman Refillable Mop, which you fill with your own cleaning products and has machine washable, reusable pads.

Left stain
by: Anonymous

I used the Swiffer Wetjet on my linoleum floor. I had to run out soon after. I left the Swiffer leaning against the wall. Two days later, I got around to put away, I had a stain left on the floor from the Swiffer. I can't seem to remove the stain- any suggestions?

swiffer hack
by: Cathleen

I use a plain Swiffer for mopping floors (the one for dusting/sweeping). I tuck a wet microfiber cloth into it and spray the floor with whatever cleaner I am using at the moment. It's a tad less convenient not having the attached sprayer, but it's simple to do and I don't have to buy any type of refill.

my thoughts
by: Colleen

A few points -

1 - trigger is in a poor position, I've accidentally hit it numerous times

2 - generic refill pads are available, but don't seem to hold on as well. I'm considering making my own out of microfiber dishtowels.

3 - ran out of cleaning solution & looked up alternatives online, found the bottle could be opened & refilled with cleaning fluid I already had in the house - which cleaned the floors FAR BETTER than swiffer fluid - won't be buying their refills anymore!

4 - with a bad back it's much easier to not have to lug a pail of water or lean over to squeeze out a mop, so this has allowed me to "keep up" the house a bit better, so I will keep using it despite its flaws.

question about the battery
by: Anonymous

Where is the battery inserted on the wetjet? How do I insert it and what type of battery is needed?

wash between uses
by: Anonymous

I wash mine after it gets dirty. Does just as good as a new one. After washing by hand, hang out or lay out in sun to dry.

the sprayer ends up getting things beside the floor wet
by: Edith

Along with the obvious cost of replacing the mop heads and having to use their cleaner I strongly object to the inability to spray the floor without getting the cabinets wet. I have a book case for my cook books in my kitchen and the first time I used the wet mop I got all the books on the bottom shelf wet.

Bottle collapsing
by: Anonymous

The solution bottle is collapsing when using WetJet, have to remove it and try to get air back in the bottle.

by: Tom

Every time I use this product on a darker floor you can see a milky film. Then I have to go over the floor with a real mop. Extremely disappointed. Suggested cleaning floors the old fashion way. Plus their cost for pads and solution bottles are pricey.

disappointed in the product
by: Jean

I bought the Swiffer for my porcelain floors thinking I would get a smooth shine. But all I get are streaks which are very noticeable. I used a brand new pad and got horrible results. Plus the product puts a slight film on the floors. Ended up wiping the floor on my hands and knees anyway. I am very disappointed in the product.

More Batteries
by: Anonymous

More stuff to buy and toss out. Too bad these inventions don’t do something new, such as reduce waste. Not just pads to dispose of into land fill but 4 four batteries too. I long for the Clorox original spray mop. I loved it. Wish I still had it.

They Break and Break and Break...
by: Mark In Florida

If another company made a similar product, I would go with them.

Unfortunately, the Wetjet is a great cleaner for some of my floors, so I keep purchasing new ones or getting replacement coupons.

5-6 handles broke on me. Then I trained myself to hold the mop below the handle curve.

The last 6-7 Wetjets have just quit on me, and from reviews I've read, it's a common problem.

The Wetjet will run maybe 10 - 20 times, then just quit. Button no longer works.

I'm wondering if it would not shut down if I would push the button every couple of days. Maybe when sit sits too long, the button dies.

Question about wet jet refills
by: Holly

I was given several bottles of the Swiffer wet jet refill, the multi-purpose and a couple for laminate flooring. Been asking about the multi-purpose, is that good for cleaning anything else? Can I pour that into a spray bottle perhaps and use it like a 409 type spray cleaner? I'm not going to buy a Swiffer WetJet because I'm perfectly happy with my shark steam mop and I don't need anything for it, but I hate to waste these and I'd like to know if they're usable that way.

rusted motors
by: Anonymous

I have had 3 Swiffer wet mops and all three have quit due to rust in motors. There is a fix but I'm done using this cheap device.

Don't like it
by: Anonymous

Bought this today and was excited to use it. BUT, it skips spots on my floor, and makes the floor look dull. Waste of my money.

by: Anonymous

The Wet Jet leaks when not in use. I lost two bottles.

stops working
by: Anonymous

It worked well at first. I bought a Swiffer cleaner replacement from Lowes. Put it on as per instruction and nothing sprays out even though it seems to fit snuggly on the unit. Seems I will be throwing my Swiffer into the trash because it's only taking space in my garage. I will never get a Swiffer again.

Not happy with the cleaner
by: Deb

I purchased the wet/jet for my laminate flooring and the cleaner leaves a cloudy sheen to the floor. I have tried diluting it with water and cleaning the floor first but the cloudiness is still there.

Price vs quality
by: Holli J.

My issue is after a month they stop spraying. If they would just last say 90 days it might make them worth 30 bucks. I can handle 15 but 30 to throw it away after 30 days, come on, y'all can sell better quality than this.

Environmental Concern
by: Anonymous

I have not used this product as I have concerns regarding the necessity of having to purchase additional cleaning pads. I would be more open to purchasing this item if it came with cleaning pads that could be washed and reused. Each WetJet could come with 2-3 pads and these could be an additional purchase down the road should the pads need replacing.

In this society of disposable products, it would be an environmental plus. Just saying.

Mop pads
by: Anonymous

Mop pads won’t stick on mop. Numerous pads. As soon as I start to mop they come off. WILL NOT STICK!!!!!

I'm pissed off
by: Claude Bouchard

Love the product, been using it for years, but I just bought a new container of pads and they are pre-soaked with something and they will not adhere to my mop. I tried one side and the other. I'm ready to throw them out. Tell me what I'm doing wrong please.

my own recipe using commercial ingredients
by: Eva

I don't mop with a standard bucket of water and Wet Jet refills are expensive so I use a mop with refillable terry cloth pads and spray the floor with a mix I made (take an old, cleaned out old Windex bottle and fill with 2 capfuls of Lysol, one drop of Dawn and fill the rest with hot water). Spray and wipe. It's great for spot cleaning - not to mention a little goes a long way.

Pads Don't Stick to Floor Head
by: Jon

Like Debbie said, I also expected big things. But when the pads that came with the Wet Jet kit ran out I bought more. But they didn't stick to the bottom of the head. So, I bought another box at a different store. I've purchased four boxes at about $35 worth and I still don't have one pad that will stick to the bottom of the head.

motor stops working
by: Deb

This is the second Swiffer Wet Jet I’ve purchased. The first one lasted 1 yr. The second lasted 2 weeks. For some reason the motor stops working. I tried all the suggested quick fixes to no avail. Although I like the convenience of not having a bucket and having to wring out a mop I’m not impressed with having to buy a new one over and over because the motor stops working. Anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

Quits working
by: Anonymous

Love the ease of a quick cleaning job but I’m on my second mop and haven’t had it but a month. Spray button has quit working.

I won’t be purchasing a third one.

Use it to clean your ceiling
by: Tiffany C

I use Swiffer Wet on the ceiling. I rinse it off with spray bleach cleaner on it. Clean in minutes.

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