Swiffer Sweeper Review Of Both Wet And Dry Cloths

Below you'll find quite a few Swiffer Sweeper reviews from readers, some of whom have use the dry sweeping cloths, which replace a regular broom, and others who use the wet mopping cloths, which replace a regular mop, and some of whom use both.

Samantha says:

I love my Swiffer 2 in 1 Sweeper.

It is very quick and easy to use. You just put on either the wet or dry wipes and wipe the floor and you are done.

The dry dust wipes are great to do precleaning, like sweeping the floors before you use the wet wipes.

We use the dry wipes that are scented with Febreze so even if we just sweep the floor with them it smells like it has been totally cleaned.

The wet wipes also smell really good and they are scented with Febreze too.

The wet wipes clean up floors really well, even if the floor looks clean, if you run the wet wipes over it, it is amazing what it picks up.

Also, it can clean a large floor surface and not dry out.

I use mine to clean the bathroom floors, kitchen floors, and hardwood floors and I would never go back to a broom or mop again.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your review.

As you can see I've got even more reviews of this product below, but I'm always wanting to hear even more opinions and reviews. If you've used this or any other Swiffer product you can share your review here, and I'll add it to the site!

I'd also love any hints or tips people have for how to use this product in a more frugal fashion, such as making homemade reusable pads for the product. If you've got any homemade remedies, you can share your tips here.

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Spot Cleaning Sticky Messes On Floor Is Breeze With Lavender Scented Wet Cloths

by Jill

I love my Swiffer for quick cleanups when my son spills juice, or other sticky substances on my tile or linoleum floors.

I also love the lavender smell of the little wet pads that you buy for it.

I have noticed that if you only do a small area with one pad it tends to leave a sticky feeling which I'm assuming is from the cleaner that is in the pad, so before I put it on the mop I rinse it out a bit just to where their is still the lavender sent and then clean the floor.

There is no sticky residue left over after rinsing it out a bit first and it works like a charm.

It's also great for getting under furniture and appliances if you have non carpeted surface.

It hangs up nicely in the linen closet as well and doesn't take up any space like other cleaning products. Great Product!

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Dry Cloths Works Much Better Than A Broom For Picking Up Pet Hair

by Crystal

Crystal says:

I use the Swiffer Sweeper in my home on a weekly basis.

I have allergies and I live with a cat and a dog that lose hair at an alarming rate.

Every Saturday morning I take out the Swiffer and start on the room that they are in the most.

If the cloth gets “over-full” I take it over to the vacuum and take off some of the hair.

The refills for this product, which are available everywhere, are cost effective as I only have to use one a week.

It picks up hair way better than a broom and I use it on my hardwood floors and my tile floors.

Since I live in the southwest we have no carpet and one cleaning cloth does all of my 1700 square feet of floors.

By the time I am done my kids like to joke that I am pushing around a kitten but all that means is that the hair is no longer on my floors.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing with me how you use this product Crystal.

Pet hair can be a real problem for people. If you've got pets check out these pet hair remover reviews or share your own for this, or any other product you use in your home.

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Great For Use On Both Hardwood & Tile Floors

by Marcia

I use the original version of this product in my home.

The sweeper itself is relatively inexpensive and I actually purchased just it in the place of a mop and a broom.

I have all hardwood floors except a little tile in the kitchen and bathroom, so I need something that I can just go from room to room with.

I use the dry cloths and make a round with them, and then I use the wet cloths.

It doesn't take very long to use the product since I'm not having to constantly sweep things into a dustpan or re-dip it in water.

I have a dog and it does a great job picking up all of the hair she sheds.

I used a lot of the wet cloths when she was a puppy because of her accidents and they were perfect for that!

I get the Febreeze scented refills and they do wonders for eliminating odors.

I don't find the refills to be overpriced. They're actually very moderately priced.

I go through the wet cloth refills in about two weeks, so I wouldn't be able to afford it if they were too pricey.

Sometimes I even use the wet cloths and mop my floor just to freshen up the smell in my home when my floors don't actually need cleaned.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing how you use this product Marcia.

If you've got some tile floors like Marcia does check out these tile floor cleaner reviews if you're looking for a new product, or share your own review of this or any other brand.

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2 In 1 Pink Edition Sweeper Works Great In Our New Home

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

Recently we moved into a new home with beautiful hardwood floors in the kitchen and hallway and a tile bathroom.

Moving into a new house gave us reason to throw out the old mop and pick up a Swiffer Sweeper.

It is fantastic not having to fill buckets, waste water, and worry about what cleaning chemicals I am pouring into our septic tank.

Years ago I had an early model Swiffer and I am glad to see they have improved on them since.

The cloths now curl up over the edge of the sweeper letting you get into corners and along trim, where grime used to hide.

If there is anything I wish the sweeper had it would be more refill cloths in the starter set. They can be a little pricey, but you get a nice supply that will last you quite a while.

Our new house also came with a new dog, so you can be sure I am getting a lot of use out of this product.

With autumn rains here our dog, Lucy, has been tracking in mud on a daily basis.

With so much mud being tracked onto our floors I do have to rinse the wet cloths every few days. However, they do seem to stand up well to a few rinses, letting you get a little more use out of the cloths when you need to.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review.

I like the idea of reusing the wet cloths a couple of times before disposing of them, since this could definitely save you some money over the long term. I would love to hear from others sharing whether this has worked for them or not.

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I Like It But The Refills Are Expensive

by Jim

Swiffer Refills Are Expensive!

Swiffer Refills Are Expensive!

Jim says:

I have used my Swiffer Sweeper for a year now.

I like that the little pads pick up all the dust that my broom would otherwise leave behind.

The design is absolutely fabulous. I like how light it is and how it can reach under the couches and small tables that I have in my home.

I like changing the pads and seeing all of the dirt that is clinging to them; it makes me feel like I cleaned my house!

The only thing that I don't like about the pad refills is that they are a little on the expesive side.

I have had to purchase the generic brand because of my budget.

Other than this my wife and I are extremely satisfied with this product.

It is easy to use, light to carry, and slim enough to store anywhere.

I especially recommend it for people with little children who like to play on the floors. You want to make sure you give them the cleanest playing areas as possible and this will help you do this.

Taylor says:

I hear you Jim about the refills being expensive.

There's a couple of ideas that have been shared by readers to try to reduce the expenses of these pads, including both the dry and wet versions.

Here's an idea shared by a reader, Colleen. She uses microfiber cleaning cloths for her Swiffer. These are washable and reusable and she explained they work just as well for her, without the high cost!

Another alternative, suggested by another reader, Tammy, is to use used dryer sheets in place of the dry cloths.

Dryer sheet uses around your home

For the wet cloths, an alternative is to use baby wipes.

10+ alternate uses for baby wipes around your home

I hope some of these ideas make it less expensive to use this cleaning equipment!

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Pros & Cons Of Swiffer Sweeper Wet Cloths On Hardwood Floors

by Faith

I received this as a first home gift, and it's awesome.

I found using it is easy. It is light weight and doesn't leave as much of a mess as mops and pails do.

Until recently I used it weekly on my hardwood floors. It worked really well and it left my floors shining. After using the wet cloths my floors would always get so clean and smell good (I used the lavender scented wet refills).

However, the reason I don't use this product anymore is that the refill pads are quite expensive.

I recently quit my job and now I found it hard to keep on paying for these refills, so I bought a mop and a bucket for cleaning my floors.

However, I have all wood floors in my home and the mop and bucket hasn't worked out as well as I'd hoped. I tend to walk back to the sink to rinse out the mop I have and it is very annoying.

Besides I still have to pay for mop heads, and the regular mop always leaves the floor too wet. Therefore, I'm thinking of going back to these wet cloths again for the Swiffer.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review Faith.

I read some information about these wet mopping cloths, and they do appear to be safe for most wood floors, but not all. It cautions to never use them on unfinished, oiled, or waxed wooden boards, but it does appear it's fine for sealed hardwood floors.

I've collected lots of hardwood floor cleaner reviews here, so check them out if you're looking for a new cleaning product for this surface, or share your own review of this or any other brand.

Photo courtesy of heschong

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Dry Cloths On The Pole Great For Reaching Cobwebs

by Marlene

For use as a floor sweeper I find the pole of this product a bit difficult to use because it is somewhat flimsy.

It works well in some areas but can also cause the unit to be less reactive to pressure.

The area that I find the sweeper most useful is for the ceilings - specifically the area where the ceiling meets the wall.

I am petite and I find it works well to put a sweeper pad on the sweeper and use it to remove cobwebs from the line where the wall and ceiling meet, as well as down the corners of the room!

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The Swiffer Sweeper Has Changed The Way I Clean My Home

by Janet

Janet says:

This product has changed the way I clean my home.

Cleaning floors has never been easier and Swiffer has saved me so much time and effort.

I purchased it about a year ago, and it was one of the best purchasing decisions I have made in a while.

Once a week I use it to give my kitchen and bathroom floors a good clean.

It takes only about seven minutes for me to clean my kitchen floor, which used to take an hour to do on my hands and knees. Now I can just walk around the kitchen.

I love the wet cloths. They really do get all kinds of dirt up off of the floor.

It is evident when you pull the cloth off of the Swiffer and it is gross looking!

I have used the lavender scented dry cloths as well, and love them. When I am done the rooms smell fresh and clean.

The Swiffer was a great purchase.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your review of this product, and how you use it in your home.

I would love to hear from even more people who'd like to share your mop or broom review here, telling me either about this or another brand of product you use for your floors.

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mop leaves streaks
by: Maryanna

Swiffers leave streaks immediately. Doesn't matter if it's a brand new pad, or even if you replace the pad halfway through the job! Just a plain sponge mop and Mr. Clean for me, thank you.

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