Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Cap Doesn't Dispense Correctly

by Mary Beth Day

Mary Beth shared her experience with Lysol's toilet cleaner.

Mary Beth says:

I love Lysol products, don't get me wrong, but I've got a complaint.

I have a small cleaning service and use Lysol products in homes, offices and construction clean ups, but what is with the caps on the Lysol bottles for the toilet bowl cleaner?

I have purchased many 3 packs and single bottles, all with the cap that you push in and turn, and as soon as you pour it into the bowl it comes out the side...GRRRR, it's soooo aggravating not to mention if it gets on my customers' carpet it could be disastrous!!

Please Lysol, change your bottle caps so I don't have to look for another brand!!!!

Taylor says:

Sorry Mary Beth to hear you are having trouble with the caps. I can see how it coming out the sides would not be a good thing.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with the Lysol toilet bowl cleaner bottles they have used?

Please share your experiences here, with this or any other toilet cleaner, or read other toilet cleaner reviews which have already been submitted.

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All Toilet Cleaner Caps Are Hard To Open!

by Carolyn
(SR101 Reader)

Carolyn responded to the review above, sharing her experiences with the toilet bowl cleaner caps.

Carolyn says:

Yes!!! I have so many problems with these new caps that all the toilet cleaners are using!

They are VERY hard to open and then they come almost all the way off and leak down the sides of the container!

I have to keep several paper towels handy to keep from getting it all over my floors or counters! Please change back to the old style!!

Taylor says:

Thanks Carolyn for sharing your experience.

I know why the toilet cleaner caps have changed, at least partially, which is as a child safety feature. While I appreciate that, I wish they could design a cap that was both safe for children and pets, while also useable by adults.

I know that may be a tall order, but it I can dream, can't I? It brings up a good point though -- who else has issues with these caps and what have you done to fix the problem, if anything?

In addition, have you found any particular brands to be better or worse for ease of dispensing the cleaner? I'd love to hear your thoughts about this issue. You can share your toilet cleaner reviews here, for Lysol or any other brand, or read others that have already been submitted.

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Lysol's Toilet Bowl Cleaner Needs Bottle Redesign

by CAM

The blue cap on the duck neck bottle of this product is difficult to open.

The primary bathroom cleaner in this house is male, and after he tried to open the bottle he gave it to me (female) to open.

Since I'd previously had trouble opening the bottle I succeeded but it wasn't quick or simple.

The primary bathroom cleaner said in a loud voice "Don't ever buy this stuff again!"

We're stuck with 4 bottles because we purchased from Sam's Club.

The product is fine but the frustration trying to get the product out isn't worth it.

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Neither Lysol Nor Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner Bottles Dispense Correctly

by SR101 Reader

I have tried multiple bottles of both Lysol and Clorox toilet bowl cleaners and while I like the products all of them have disasterously flawed dispensers.

Every bottle I have tried has ended up squirting out around the neck of the bottle--to heck with a spout--it never gets that far.

I've given up. I will never buy their good products again because I cannot get the product to the dirty surface.

Back to using dishwashing detergent and a rag, followed by bleach.

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Cap Is A Nuisance And Caused Leak On Carpet

by Rick

Rick shared his experience with this brand's cap, which seems to be a big pain for lots of people.

Rick says:

I have used Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner for years. The cap is a nuisance and you have to be careful not to turn it too far open.

If you do the cleaner leaks out of the sides of the cap when you squeeze the bottle.

I have always been careful with the cap, until yesterday.

I opened the cap too far and it leaked out the side. I didn't notice and it dripped on my carpet.

I haven't been able to remove the blue stains. Any one have any ideas/experience?

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear about your troubles with this product Rick. I hate it when you buy something to help you clean and it makes more of a mess than you had already!

You aren't the first person, by far, to ask me this question, but my problem is that I'm still searching for a solution to toilet bowl cleaner staining the carpet.

While I'm doing more research on this issue, I'd love to open this question up to readers to see if they've got any suggestions, especially if you've experienced this problem yourself and fixed it.

You can share your cleaning tips with me here, and I'll add your ideas to the site.

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Cap Wasn't Secure And Spilled On My White Pants

by Sue
(Bath, Michigan)

Sue has also had a similar problem with the cap, which also caused a spill of this cleaner causing a stain.

Sue says:

The cleaner worked fine on the toilet, but there are issues with the cap.

It is hard to get off and hard to get completely back on.

I tipped some over and though I thought the cap was secure it wasn't and spilled some on my new white pants.

How can I get out the stain????

Taylor says:

Sue, as I told the reader above, I'm still researching how to remove toilet bowl cleaner stains from surfaces.

In the mean time, I welcome tips and suggestions from other readers, sharing what has worked for them! You can share your stain removal tips here.

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I Got Lysol Toilet Bowl Blue Cleaner Out Of My Carpet!!

by Penny Ginn

I have no idea which of these steps did the trick, or if it was the combination. But I was able to get the blue stain off my carpet from Lysol toilet bowl cleaner.

Granted, it was fresh when I went to work on it; so maybe that was the secret.

But, maybe this will help someone else.

We started with using Simple Solution Triply Oxy stain & odor remover. It didn't seem to do much of anything.

Then we used Resolve Pet High-traffic Foam cleaner. We still had blue after that.

Then I sprinkled baking soda over the stain and let it set about a minute. I took a wet scrub brush and scrubbed the baking soda into the carpet. Then wiped up what was left with a wet rag. Then I vacuumed it.

It looks pretty good!

I won't surprise me, when it dries, to have some blue tint left. But it looks like it did well.

(I wanted to go ahead and post this, before I forgot! I'll try to remember to follow up in a couple days and let you know how it looks.)

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Serious Problem With Lysol Professional Toilet Bowl Cleaner Bottle

by Judy

Judy shared her problem with Lysol Professional toilet bowl cleaner, and has unfortunately joined the ranks of those who have had staining of their home surfaces because of malfunctions with the bottle design.

Judy says:

I have had serious problems with the product rushing out the seams and sides of the bottle.

It got on my hands and I set it down on the vanity/counter so I could clean it up. In no time it left a deep blue stain in the center of my long counter top.

The stain will not come out.

This container is inadequate and unstable.

The warnings about this problem are in fine print.

Lysol will not take any responsibility or compensate me.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear about this Judy.

Now I've gotten reported problems with the cap or bottle of this product causing stains in their carpet, clothes and now countertop.

Obviously this is a stain I need to figure out how to remove -- but I feel everyone's pain. I still haven't come up with a great solution yet.

If other readers have suggestions I'd love to hear them. You can share your tips and ideas with me here.

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Can't Even Open Lysol Power Toilet Cleaner

by SR101 Reader

I can not even open it.

I even squeezed and twisted the cap, nothing came out of it at all.

Could there be a seal between the top and the bottle itself?

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OMG The Cap Is So Bad!

by Nahia
(Fort McMurray)

The cleaner itself is good but the cap!!!! Omg! It's sooo bad!

It cleans real good but I can't stand the spills!!!

I stained my toilet rug last night due to the side spills!!

I'm still wondering how I'm going to get it off because it's tough on rugs or any fabric : (

The caps need to go!

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The Bottle Makes A Dangerous Mess

by Kim

YES! I had this problem today.

I squirted cleaner in the bowl and turned it upright and it gushed all over my hands and marble tile floor which is now full of dull etched spots.


I have filed a complaint via email but I'm doubting I'll get any compensation from the manufacturer after reading these comments.

Makes so much sense to put a toxic chemical in a bottle that spills all over the place, including your skin.

Thank you Lysol.

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Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner With Bleach's Cap Is Exasperating

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 reader wrote me a quick comment about the dispenser for Lysol toilet bowl cleaner with bleach.

SR101 Reader says:

I agree with the first review--Lysol product is good, but it is exasperating when the cleaner doesn't dispense as it should.

And short of putting the cleaner in another bottle (no easy task), there isn't much a person can do to correct the situation.

Taylor says:

It is interesting that I've gotten so many comments and people writing in about Lysol's toilet cleaner caps and dispenser.

Does anyone else think this is a particular problem with Lysol's design, or is this a problem for toilet bowl cleaners across the board?

You can share your opinion or review of toilet cleaner here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

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Comments for Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner With Bleach's Cap Is Exasperating

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yes, they Lysol bottles are unusable
by: Anonymous

We can't open the bottles at all. There are no instructions at the Lysol website, and no way to open the bottles. I can't tell if the contents are any good, since nothing will come out. We will ultimately just use a razor knife to cut the tops off and refill an old bottle. Terrible product and customer service.

by: Anonymous

I can't even open mine. Then I tried to saw off the pin at the end
then I had to burrow a hole in the bottle. Eventually it leaked all over my blouse. Terrible.

Blue spots dripped from bottle on carpet
by: Lisa

This was the kiss of death! Spots were dry before we saw them. We moistened with water and then used paper towels to get up the moisture. Tried "Spot Shot"-nothing! Then we read about using a bleach mixture with a bleach neutralizer (our carpet is dark). Thought to try the club soda and baking soda but then thought about OxyClean. I read box and we followed the instructions . . . .WORKED PERFECTLY . . . WHEW!

Double Cap on Bottle?
by: Jo O'Farrell

We bought a bottle of Lysol Toilet cleaner today. When I finally resorted to using pliers to loosen the cap it came all the way off, revealing a plug that completely stopping any product from coming out. My husband finally managed with a knife to cut the tip of the plug so I put the cap back on and cleaned the toilet. But when I tried to tighten the cap it continued to leak if the bottle was tipped over. It wouldn't tighten enough to actually close the bottle. It did a fine job of cleaning the toilet but next to impossible to use.

Max Coverage Complete Clean dripped on carpet
by: Jan

My house cleaner has dripped some of this product in a stream across my beige carpet. Any idea how to get the stain out or lessen the stark blue color?

spilled in cupboard
by: Michele

I love this product for the toilet. Unfortunately it spilt all inside my cupboard. Now I cannot clean the blue residue stain. This made me really upset.

I won't buy it again
by: Anonymous

Having a horrible problem with the caps as well!! I've returned at least 3 to the store and struggled with several others over the year. Because of this, the last bottle I bought spilled all over my carpet and ruined it after ACCIDENTALLY dropping it. (Yes it was my fault it dropped). However, had the cap not been loose due to breakage, it would not have spilled. I will NEVER buy the toilet bowl cleaner again! definitely switching products, cause of the CAPS, not the product!

I thought it was just me
by: Judi

I have had the same problem with it running down the sides. I have thought that I have gotten the drips only to look a little while later and see a puddle on the floor. Also I find some of the lids really hard to open and close.

I thought it was just me having this problem. Glad to see it isn't. Sorry.

Not a happy camper with this. As this has been the cleaner that I have used for years.

version with bleach
by: Gerry Thalen

I had the same problem with the cap leaking. I am highly educated, mechanically inclined. I fix all kinds of things in my home as well as create solutions for small problems on my own. I could not get this product to work. I bought a three pack in Costco a few years ago. I wasted two of them trying to use them. I had to resort to Clorox toilet wands, which I now use.

I don't like throwing away extra "stuff" but the Clorox wand refills work great and never miss. I recently found an unused bottle of your Lysol cleaner with the angled neck and I tried again. I felt like Charlie Brown with the football. Curses...foiled again. And it leaked on my granite countertop. Just hoping that clears itself up.

Either the product package was flawed on all three, or I am just too stupid to use the product. In any case, I've thrown away my last bottle of unused cleaner.

Blue bowl cleaner on carpet
by: Juanita

I spilled the blue toilet bowl cleaner on my red carpet in the bathroom. How do I get it out of the carpet? I have used water on it. No luck..

stained our light green rug
by: Karin Klassen

Blue toilet bowl cleaner spilled onto our light green rug, leaving a huge and deep blue stain. We tried Bissell upholstery cleaner and Spot Shot on it to no avail. Do you know of anything that might remove this? HELP!

stained carpet in car - HELP!
by: Melinda

I spilled Lysol blue toilet bowl cleaner on my carpet in my car. It was in a bag of trash and leaked through. Can you please help?

Cap Issues
by: Sandi

I will never buy Lysol again as I just cannot get the cap to work. It is SO frustrating. There is another product - 'Duck'? It is way better. Goodbye Lysol until you sort the cap out!

how I removed Lysol stain from counter top
by: John

Try "Spray Nine". It just worked for me.

Granity vanity countertop stain
by: Bobby Brown

Have you determined how to remove the Lysol stain to a granite countertop?

Arthritis prevents me from opening
by: Anonymous

I'm a 81 yr female with rheumatoid arthritis in both hands. I CANNOT squeeze the cap with either thumb or any other finger to open it. I tried to open it with pliers & of course the product shot out the sides ruining my rugs. I use (or try to use) the Lysol Power & Free toilet bowl cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide. It's the best cleaner I've found but the caps are impossible for me to use & I live alone & do my own cleaning. Please remember that MANY people have this painful disability & cannot possibly use these containers! Why not a screw cap instead?
Thank you for your attention to this matter!

Cap problems made me switch
by: Taylor

Have purchased both brands(Lysol and Clorox). Have changed from Lysol do to the fact that the blue cap was so hard to get open and it would leak all over the floor. Started to use Clorox cleaners & I'm having the same problem. Cap hard to turn and get open. When I finally get it open it starts to leak all over the side of the bottle. I will not buy these products any longer. I will go back to the store & buy products that I don't have to work so hard to get them open or have to clean the floor and bottle when I'm done with them. Please Lysol and Clorox fix the problem.

Just too hard to open
by: Anonymous

Can't get them open. Can't read any of the stuff on the label, it is printed so small and also in a color that doesn't show up. May have to go back to Clorox or some other brand.

Cap just awful
by: Susan

I have 3 plastic bottles of toilet bowl cleaner. Got one (black bottle) open once and cannot get it open now even with pliers. First time opening I got on counter and stained counter. Wonder how much they tested this (easy) cap. May have to take them out on the gravel and cut top off with knife and put in a glass bottle. Very disappointed with this product, just the miserable cap, otherwise contents are good.

Baking soda works
by: Anonymous

Thank You!! I was able to get the cleaner out of my carpet thanks to your advice. I like you used many different combinations of cleaners, but nothing seemed to be working until the Baking soda. Thanks!

cap difficult to open
by: Karen

I don't have a problem with the cap leaking, as others here have. My problem is the child-proof nature of the cap. It is so difficult to open that I've had to leave the cap only partially closed so that the child-proofing portion doesn't "click."

Leaking from under the cap - always
by: Anonymous

What is up with this? At first I thought it was because at one point I was using an off brand. But now it is Lysol as well. Every time. This has been going on for some time now. It oozes out onto the floor, or counter top from underneath the squeeze to open cap. What can be done?

Stay away from this brand - cannot even open the cap
by: Anita Sands

NO MATTER which way I turn the cap, clockwise or counter clockwise, nothing comes out. I don't have the receipt. The bottle is new, untouched, never used. FULL. Do I go BACK to the market and get a new one? ANOTHER BRAND? Ask the market manager to clean his market's toilet as we try to get it to work? Or even go make a whole trip to and from the market for this problem? Gas is same as I spent on product! Gas and time now. And no receipt. What a headache. Stay away from Lysol blue bottle toilet cleaner.

wool wash
by: Anonymous

I have always put the shower curtain in the washing machine with woolwash. The one containing eucalyptus oil. It cleans and disinfects at the same time.

Very easy to open the cap
by: Anonymous

Press the red tip down and twist the blue cap anti-clockwise with a slightly more pressure. The cap will then move a bit more and you will hear a "click" sound.

leaking caps!
by: Leo

I also purchase Lysol products but have found the same problem with Toilet Cleanser caps. They leak. A lot. After each use. It drips down the sides and is not only aggravating but a mess! I know something can be done but it seems not to be a priority.

Lysol blue cap does not work
by: AZ Kat

Lysol needs to redo these caps. I also cannot open the 6 bottles I own. Time to find a new product.

dangerous and corrosive
by: Glenda M.

Lysol toilet bowl cleaner has faulty tops. The product dribbled out onto new carpet and bleached out the color. After I noticed it had dribbled on newly painted (900 dollars) bathtub and removed the colour in dribbled fashion.

The company was very poor. They lost all records of our first contact. They promised to send box to study bottle. Nothing came from then. I phoned them back. They had lost records.
The first call had said to wait for a box. The second representative was much worse. This is the worst customer relations I have ever experienced. That and they had me on hold for so long.

Well they owe me for my time, carpet, and bathtub repair. She offered a 2 dollar coupon for more Lysol. After the damage it had done it was a horrible joke.

Agree with "Anonymous" comment above
by: Diane

I was frustrated too, but I followed the advice of "Anonymous" to twist the blue cap counter-clockwise with slightly more force than you think necessary. The cap will then move a little bit more in a counter-clockwise direction and you will hear a "click" sound. At the same time the tip of the nozzle will move downward and you will be able to squirt the cleaner out.

This is somewhat counter-intuitive because you would expect the liquid to come out when the nozzle tip is in an "up" position but in my experience it comes out only when the tip is in a "down" position. I did not have to press the red tip down as "Anonymous" suggests, though - it moved down by itself.

Opened finally
by: Anonymous

Thank you. I bought the Costco supply of cleaner. Read through all the comments concurring with each one. Finally some one said turn the cap left then right. I've spent a month trying to just open the bottle well this worked, but I did have to use pliers both ways to create enough force. Last time for this product. Too bad.

opening a Lysol squeeze cap
by: Anonymous

I have weak fingers, and this cap reduces me to tears. After trying & trying w/ thumb and forefinger and then pliers (won't open wide enough) finally tried something that worked instantly and easily. Nothing short of a miracle. (Hope I can repeat on the second of the two-pack.)

Take ordinary cheap, scissors-type kitchen tongs. Grasp the cap on the squeeze lines, but hold tongs vertically instead of horizontally (intuition would suggest horizontal would be better for leverage, but what you need is the pressure, not the torque).

Hold bottle with one hand and with the other, squeeze the tongs (gently at first) and try to twist counter-clockwise. If it doesn't budge, press and bit harder. I was gobsmacked how little pressure I needed using the tongs.

struggled for 20 minutes to open
by: Anonymous

Hi I am a fan of Lysol products, but I will not buy this product again. I am a 71 year old widow, so only me here to clean my bathrooms. I have struggled for 20 mins now trying to get this open and I cannot. So frustrating, not to mention my hand is now very sore from squeezing and trying to get this thing open.

by: Anonymous

I like this product but dread it every time I have to open a new bottle. The caps are very hard to open. I have been working on trying to open the cap for 20 minutes now and have given up. I am going to the store now to buy a different brand and will not be buying the Lysol product until the caps are more "consumer friendly."

Caps hard to open
by: Anonrymous

Why are the caps so hard to open? Shouldn't there have been quality checks to ensure the product was completely functional before putting it on the shelves for consumers to buy? I'm about to give up and just get my money back. Too bad though, I really like Lysol products.

Lysol cap
by: Anonymous

So annoying. No matter how careful you are after you dispense the cleaner it comes out around the cap and gets on everything. Stains on the cabinet will not come out. Love the product but will not purchase again because of the cap.

Cap is very hard to open
by: Rich

Bought a couple of bottles. Fist one, had used a hammer to open. Second, trying now, will need the hammer again. Wont have this issue going forward, as I will not buy this Lysol product.

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