Spot Shot Review: Worked To Remove Urine Stains On Mattress

by Ellie
(Wickenburg, AZ)

Ellie provided this Spot Shot carpet stain remover review, along with an experience of how she used it in her own home.

Ellie says:

I hope I have that name right. It was in a spray can under pressure.

In January, our miniature schnauzer, grieving over the death of his "dad," my husband, pee'd on the couch. Dog urine went right through the center cushion of our hide-a-bed sofa and stained the supporting canvas and mattress of the bed.

The cushion itself was sent out to an upholsterer. The couch had to be cleaned in place.

The spray manufacturer wisely suggested putting down a plastic sheet on the carpet under the part of the sofa to be cleaned, in case of drips.

This was invaluable, since the canvas was not color-fast. I sprayed, scrubbed, and blotted, first the canvas, then the mattress cover.

I was just amazed at how fast this spray worked and how well it took care of the problem. "Spot-Shot." I think I got it at Safeway.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me Ellie, and condolences to you regarding your husband.

I've definitely heard of Spot Shot carpet stain remover before, but you're the first to share your experience with me about it.

I'd love to hear from even more people who've used this, or any other carpet stain remover, sharing what you think about it, and why. You can share your carpet stain remover review here, or read other reviews already submitted.

In addition, you can share your urine stain remover and cleaner reviews here, or read even more reviews from other readers.

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Comments for Spot Shot Review: Worked To Remove Urine Stains On Mattress

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by: Anonymous

Spot shot is the most amazing stain fighting product I've come across.

In college, this was a staple to remove wine and coffee stains from the carpets. Heck, even today I still use it for that (except far less frequently.) I even used it on counters, sometimes, if the stains were stubborn enough. But it works for a myriad of other things: removing stains from mattresses, removing hair dye stains from the walls or floors, removing blood from pretty much anything, etc. I pretty much use it on any stain possible. The only thing I haven't tried it on is clothing, but that's just cause it never occurred to me until now. Once our dog peed on the couch, so I thought I'd try something new. I got an actual pet stain remover spray for upholstery and carpets. It got rid of the stain, but replaced it with an even larger and more prominent discoloration. We had some juice stains on the carpet and our local store doesn't sell spot shot and we were out, so I hastily bought something else. Same thing. our dark grey carpet now has a white spot. I will stick to spot shot for now until forever because it has never let me down. I've never had spot shot discolor anything, and it somehow manages to get rid of every stain. It's my go to.

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