Resolve Instant Eraser Pet Stain Remover Review

by Erica

Erica has provided this Resolve Instant Eraser Pet Stain Remover review.

Erica says:

During a bout of my cat being sick and another bout of trying new foods out for my felines, they ended up vomiting more times than I could count.

The result was that we went through a lot of different products, trying to find one that worked well but didn't stink to high heaven or take forever to use.

I ended up going to Wal-Mart several times during this period, nabbing up different products here and there and spending more money than I was really willing.

I had just moved into my mother's house though, and I was expected to keep the carpets looking nice.

Eventually, I stumbled upon Resolve Instant Eraser Pet Stain Remover, and I loved it. It's in a spray can form, and the liquid foams up when it comes in contact with the carpet.

Leave it for a few minutes, grab a paper towel, scrub, and poof! Stain gone!

It has also worked for other mistakes my cat had also, like peeing on the carpet every once in a while.

It didn't stink either, which was a plus. It is definitely a product I would recommend to anyone. Plus, it is unlike a lot of other Resolve carpet cleaner products in that it won’t stain or hurt your carpet.

It was the first thing my boyfriend was wary of, having experienced that with other Resolve products, but it was a pleasant surprise to find how effective it was on the stains and how it didn’t discolor the carpet in any way.

Compared to other products I have tested it is by far my favorite.

Taylor says:

Thanks Erica for your Resolve Instant Eraser Pet Stain Remover review.

Has anyone else used this product, and liked or disliked it? If so, tell me in the comments.

In addition, you can share your own pet stain removers reviews here, or read others already submitted.

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doesn't work
by: Anonymous

This stuff does work as indicated, don't waste your money on it!

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