Homemade Shower Cleaner Recipe For Daily Use

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I've gathered several homemade shower cleaner recipes below. The first of these is my own, but I've gotten some really good ones from readers as well.

You can keep hard water spots and soap scum at bay in your shower with some simple ingredients.

All you need is vinegar and water.

Mix a solution of 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water to place in a spray bottle that you keep under the sink in the bathroom when not in use.

After each shower quickly spray down the shower walls with the solution, and then squeegee the shower walls or wipe them down with an absorbent towel.

The vinegar, which is mildly acidic, will help cut down soap scum and hard water spots, both of which can make showers look grimy and dirty.

This recipe works best if used on a daily basis, as part of a shower cleaning routine.

If you have a major soap scum or hard water build up on your shower doors you will need to use another method first to get them clean, and can then maintain with this recipe.

So, how do you keep your shower clean on a daily basis?

I am especially interested in hearing how you keep you glass shower doors looking their best. You can share your tips here, or read others that have already been submitted.

In addition, if you make any of your own homemade cleaning solutions I would love to hear your recipes. You can share your homemade cleaners recipes here.

Homemade shower cleaner recipes for everyday use and for heavy duty use when you've got lots of hard water build or soap scum buildup {on Stain Removal 101} #HomemadeCleaners #BathroomCleaning #CleaningTipsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Heated Soap Scum Cutter Cleans Like Crazy!

by Jessica

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Jessica says:

This recipe will clean shower soap scum like crazy.

Ingredients: Equal parts vinegar and water, plus two to three Tbsp of your favorite dish liquid.

Directions: Warm the mixture in the microwave in a Pyrex or microwaveable dish until hot (around one to two minutes, depending on the amount of liquid).

Then pour in a spray bottle.

When you're done spraying it in your shower grab a damp cloth and the soap scum will wipe completely clean!

Extra hint: After heating in the microwave you can use the solution to clean your microwave as well.

***Update: A reader wrote in specifically to comment on this recipe. Lisa said:
I tried this and it worked great. The best at removing the soap scum and hard water stains. And the best part was no terrible fumes. Will never go back to other cleaners again!
***End Update

You can learn even more about how to clean and remove soap scum in this article here.

How to clean and remove soap scum

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Ladybug's Daily Shower Cleaner

by Jenni
(Omaha, NE)


Add ingredients to bottle and fill bottle with water.

Spray doors or curtain, all walls in the shower and the tub floor.

This will keep a clean shower clean and prevents mildew or mold build-up.

I scrub the tub once a month. (I would do it twice a month but I can't stand to be on my knees.)

***Update: DebbieG29 commended:
Thank you Ladybug! This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!
***End Update

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For Bad Soap Scum On My Shower Doors I Use Baking Soda

by Ellie

Ellie has also shared her homemade soap scum removal remedy for her shower doors.

Ellie says:

When there is bad soap scum build up on my shower doors I use a paste of baking soda and water, and rub this on the shower door with a sponge.

Then I rinse with vinegar and rinse well with water.

It really does seem to get rid of all the build up, and it uses non toxic products!

Taylor says:

Thanks so much Ellie for sharing your recipe with me.

I would love to hear from even more people who have made their own homemade shower cleaner, for either all of their showers, or specifically for their shower doors.

You can share your tips for how to clean a shower door here, or read other tips already submitted.

Tips for how to clean shower door

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Homemade Green Glass Shower Door Cleaner Recipe

by Dana
(Katy, TX)

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Dana has also shared her own homemade shower cleaner recipe for that notoriously hard to clean portion of your shower, glass shower doors.

Dana says:

I stumbled upon your site this evening and I love it!

A little background on my journey to find a shower door cleaner, we bought our house about 3 years ago and at I'm confident in saying the previous owners NEVER cleaned the shower and the doors were so caked with soap scum they looked white.

I started experimenting with different commercial products to no success. Then began a "natural" approach and all I would see was vinegar, vinegar etc...

Words cannot express how much I hate the smell of vinegar. This limits my ability to use most peoples homemade cleaning products recipes for everything from laundry to shower door cleaning, so I've become pretty creative in my recipes.

To clean my shower doors became a personal mission. Even when my husband suggested we buy new ones I refused. I was going to find a cleaner that worked if it killed me!

So here's what my 3 years of trial and error taught me... supplies needed are:

All you do is mix the powdered lemonade with approximately half the recommended water on the package and spray the doors liberally. Then, let it sit about 30 minutes.

Then, slice the lemon and begin to scrub the door with it.

Next, sprinkle the salt on your nylon scrubber for added abrasives, and scrub the door.

After you have covered the whole door with your lemon take the scrub brush and go over it once again for good measure and you're done.

The acid in the lemon and lemonade literally ate the scum off my shower doors. My doors have been crystal clear since.

Good luck and I hope you continue creating new recipes for the site!

Taylor says:

Wow, thanks Dana for this awesome homemade shower cleaner recipe.

I know what you mean about vinegar. I don't personally dislike the smell much, but my poor husband HATES the smell of vinegar. He even complains when we dye Easter eggs.

I've had lots of experiments with homemade cleaners using vinegar, so I can write pages for this site, so he has been quite indulgent with me. :)

This is an awesome use of citric acid to clean your home. Citric acid is, of course, the main acid found in lemons and other citrus fruit (and often found in high amounts in lemonade).

Citric acid is also generally mild, as acids goes, just like vinegar, so for those who hate the smell of vinegar it is a good alternative.

Does anyone else have some more ways to use lemons or lemon juice for cleaning their homes? If so, you can share your tips for cleaning with lemon juice here, or read other tips already submitted.

In addition, you can share your uses of salt for cleaning here, or read other ideas and tips already submitted.

Homemade shower cleaner recipes for everyday use and for heavy duty use when you've got lots of hard water build or soap scum buildup {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Homemade Green Glass Shower Door Cleaner Recipe

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Dry it down each time
by: Anonymous

My shower was tiled over 10 years ago. I never have to clean it and it looks like the day we had it remodeled. Just dry it down each time - walls and floor (you only have to drag the towel around with your foot for the floor). It takes 30 seconds and it removes the soap scum, prevents mold, and says I love you to whomever usually gets stuck cleaning it.

How to clean shower screen glass?
by: Jacqueline Turner

I have a badly stained shower screen glass. I have tried almost everything to remove it.

regular body soap cleans the tub just fine
by: Monika Horsley

I use regular soap. The same soap that I use on my body with a fly lady rag. Works great.

Another vote for Blue dawn as bathtub cleaner
by: Melissa

I clean everything with white vinegar, baking soda and Dawn dish washing detergent. Tubs and showers look so good after a little dawn and vinegar and I don't have to scrub!!!

Blue Dawn + Vinegar = Awesome Tub Cleaner
by: Nicole

Vinegar works awesome. Mix it with blue dawn and it makes an awesome tub cleaner.

Favorite dish soap?
by: Anonymous

I heard it had to specifically be BLUE DAWN!

USE CAUTION if you have asthma!!!
by: Anonymous

If you have asthma be cautious if you make this! Heating vinegar can trigger an asthma attack. If you have asthma & attempt to make this, WEAR A MASK!

O. M. Geeee!!!
by: BoldOne

THIS worked like a charm!!! I’d bought 3-4 different cleaners and ALL was sitting there in my bathroom..TRIED AND FAILED!!

But THIS HOMEMADE HEATED concoction of half water, half vinegar, and a few tablespoons of dishwashing liquid was THEE BEST!!

Thank you soooo much!

Dish soap tub cleaner
by: Anonymous

Yes!!!!! I recently began using Dawn liquid for many things such as cleaning the shower and tub and i also use it in the laundry as a pre-treater and stain remover. It is amazing. I love Dawn because it is used for sea animals who have been affected by oil spills. I just love it. I also mix it with vinegar in the laundry too. I save a ton of money by using Dawn instead of various cleaners.

Shower walls
by: Anonymous

After cleaning shower last adult in shower step out, dry off, step back in with squeegee or just old all cotton towel and dry walls. That's it. I've learned liquid soap is easier to deal with. If you have doors leave open a little for air movement.

"Off-label Use" for heated recipe
by: Anonymous

I bet the same solution would work like magic on antiperspirant stains too. The deposits from antiperspirants are similar to the deposits from soap + hard water.

Vinegar and dish detergent shower cleaner
by: Anonymous

I use the dish detergent and vinegar solution. I started using it a year ago and won't go back to the chemical strong smelly stuff ever again. It does a good job, and I never felt or heard of heating it either. Just spray on and wipe down once a week. Just my husband and I are at home. It's kind of my go to cleaner in general now.

Shower Scum Cleaner
by: Anonymous

I also used the part vinegar, part water with a few drops of dish soap. Warmed in the microwave. I gotta say, it's the best / EASIEST way to clean (and I mean REALLY clean!!) the shower that I've ever used. Very inexpensive too.

Warning for those with pet birds!
by: Linda Rydn

As a bird owner what triggered flags was the heating up of vinegar. Warming or heating up vinegar releases fumes that can and will harm/kill your birds. The fumes are not noticeable to humans but are to birds.

does the heat from the hot recipe hurt the spray bottle?
by: Anonymous

Do you have to use it hot to work? Wondering if the hot liquid will melt my spray bottle as I pour it in! Do I have to reheat it each time?

Tub floor
by: Anonymous

Question: the floor of my tub is textured. Though I clean the tub everyday the floor never looks clean. Any suggestions?

Scrubbing tubs or floors
by: Alice

Age has finally taken a toll on my knees, and I now find it impossible to kneel down to scrub my tub or floors. I bought a Libman angled broom (referral link) specifically for these jobs, and it works very well. Just sprinkle your tub with whatever cleaner you desire, wet the broom and scrub away. Be sure to rinse the broom well when you rinse the tub. To scrub the kitchen floor I fill a bucket with hot soapy water, dip the broom in it, and scrub the floor in small sections. Rinse the floor with plain water from a second bucket by using an old hand towel, dipped in and wrung out. Throw it on the floor you just scrubbed and push it around with the broom. Using this method, I can scrub my entire kitchen floor clean as a whistle without kneeling.

brass shower door frame
by: Anonymous

Is it safe to use citric acid or vinegar on a glass shower door with a brass frame?

travertine tile
by: Caribbeanpam

Love DIY cleaning products however they say not to use vinegar or citrus on travertine tile. Suggestions?

also wipe down surfaces with damp or dry towel
by: Anonymous

While white vinegar cleans most anything, you may want to wipe surfaces with a damp or dry towel. Faucet fixtures including drains, metal surfaces, mirrors / windows especially.

lemon oil for shower doors
by: Joan

I have had success with the lemon oil like you use for furniture.

Hard water spots
by: George

Heavy duty vinegar works much better than regular vinegar.

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