Jet Dry Dishwasher Rinse Aid Review - Works Great But Expensive

by Evelyn

Evelyn has shared her Finish Jet Dry Dishwasher Rinse Aid review.

Evelyn says:

Our area has extremely hard water and leaves our dishes looking horrible, especially plastic and glass items.

We had to buy a dishwasher rinse and tried Jet Dry, by Finish. It works beautifully, leaving our silverware and glass items virtually spotless and shiny.

I didn't expect it to work so well, given the hard water that we have, but it did a fantastic job. Plastic items were still a little dull, but I was really pleased with the way the glass and silverware came out.

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I just wish the rinsing agent lasted longer, and wasn't so expensive. It definitely works, so there are no complaints about that, but it seems a little expensive, on top of the cost of dishwashing detergent, but it’s something we have to have for our dishes.

It also seems to help cut down on hard water deposits inside our dishwasher, which will hopefully keep it running smoothly for a long time.

Taylor says:

Thanks Evelyn for your Finish Jet Dry dishwasher rinse aid review.

I had never really thought of it before, but I guess rinse aids do help cut down on hard water deposits in your dishwasher, since they are designed to alleviate water spots on dishes. To that extent, I guess you wouldn't have to use dishwasher cleaners as often if you use a rinse agent regularly. Is that true for others?

You can share your own dishwasher rinse agent review here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted. I would love to hear what product you use, and how it works for you, good or bad.

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Finish Jet Dry Liquid And Other Rinse Aids Just Cost Too Much

by Kim

Kim has shared her opinions about Finish Jet Dry rinse aid, and similar products on the market.

Kim says:

I have used both Jet Dry (Finish) liquid and also Cascade Rinse (samples) on several occasions at other people's homes during visits, holidays, etc.

I don't remember what scents, if any, either one was. They both did work very well.

I always check to see if they work because I have hard water at my house and I am always frustrated with the spots left on everything. I get water spots on my Teflon coated frying pans, plastic cups, bowls, storage containers, metal utensils, AND glassware.

However, I never buy rinse aid for myself because it's just too expensive. In fact, I looked at it two days ago in the store because lately the spots have seemed worse than usual. I think the $4 (and some odd cents) seemed very high because it was such a small bottle placed right next to a big box (the actual detergent).

The little bottle was $2 more than the big box! I just couldn't justify an extra $4 for an extravagance. Maybe I will over the holidays when I don't have time to wipe spots.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your opinions and experiences Kim. I know what you mean about rinse agents costing a lot of money.

I've actually bought the generic version of the dishwasher rinse aids at the store and have been using it how for a while, and I have been quite pleased with it. I need to write a review for this site, and I promise I'll get around to it! ***Update - I've now written my Great Value Rinse Agent Review here.***

In addition, a substitute for Jet Dry, or another rinse aid, can be vinegar. You can learn more about how to use vinegar as automatic dishwasher rinse aid here, if you are interested in trying this instead. If you do, I would love it if you wrote again to tell me how it has worked for you!

What do other readers think? Is rinse aid just a luxury for you, or a necessity? You can share your dishwasher rinse agent review here, for this or another brand, or tell me if you just live without it.

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Jet Dry Dishwasher Rinse Agent Gets Rid Of Water Spots On My Dishes

by Brianna

Brianna has also shared her Jet Dry review, in the original scent.

Brianna says:

When I moved to my new apartment it was the first time I'd ever had a dishwasher, and I didn't know what all you needed.

I started out using just liquid dishwasher detergent and found that if I let the dishes dry in the dishwasher they came out with white water spots.

I researched and found that this was happening because I was not using a rinse agent. I decided to try Jet Dry Rinse agent in the original scent. It cost about $3.50 for a very small bottle (about 4.5oz) that lasted about 4 months.

I would often forget to add it to the dishwasher, since you don't add it every single time, and wouldn't realize it needed to be refilled until I noticed the white spots again on my dishes.

This was a great product, worth the money and I would recommend it to others having issues with water spots.

Taylor says:

Thanks Brianna for sharing your Jet Dry dishwasher rinse agent review.

Jet Dry most commonly comes in the liquid form, and there are actually two scents, the original scent and also the green apple vinegar scent. In addition, there is a solid rinse agent, which comes in a lemon scent. Finally, there is a product called Turbo Dry, which is designed to speed the drying time of dishes in your dishwasher, so you have to spend less time drying them off when you unload it.

I would love to hear even more reviews of this product from other readers, especially for some of these other varieties where I haven't received a review yet. You can share your rinse agent review here for this, or another brand, telling me what you like, or don't, about it and why.

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Jet Dry for panning gold
by: Anonymous

Yep, I use Jet Dry when I am panning gold it breaks the water surface tension and keeps gold from floating. This product is used by most gold prospectors.

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